Clergy Abuse

Clergy Abuse

We are SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. We are the nation’s largest, oldest and most active support group for women and men wounded by religious authority figures (priests, ministers, bishops, deacons, nuns and others).
Documenting the abuse crisis in the Roman Catholic Church

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$300M Priest Abuse Suit Filed AP 4/14/03 from SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

Abuse allegations surface against ex-Roxbury priest by Robin Washington 2/28/03 from SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

Abuse cost Twin Cities archdiocese $3.1 million Warren Wolfe 2/21/03 from SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

Accused molester no longer a priest – Vatican defrocks notorious Hanley 3/14/03 by Brian T. Murray, Star-Ledger Staff from SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

all accusations are alleged – Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust – New evidence that United Church destroyed documents…: ‘Operation Clean Sweep’ 4/4/03 “A highly placed, confidential source within the British Columbia Conference of the United Church of Canada has confirmed the existence of a program to systematically destroy documents related to (alleged) crimes committed against native people in that church’s Indian residential schools and hospitals.” from SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

Assault Charge for Teacher With H.I.V. By Robert Hanley Paterson, N.J., 4/4/03 (must register to view) from SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

Bishops Urged to Back Measure on Abuse Cases From Times Staff Reports (must register to view) from SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

Calif. diocese sues Boston Archdiocese – Alleges officials hid Shanley’s past By Larry B. Stammer, Los Angeles Times, 4/2/03 “The Roman Catholic Diocese of San Bernardino, Calif., sued the Archdiocese of Boston yesterday, alleging that Boston officials hid the history of sexual molestation by former priest Paul Shanley when he moved to California. The lawsuit, filed in San Bernardino County Superior Court, is believed to mark the first time that one US Catholic diocese has sued another in civil court, according to both dioceses.”

Camden Diocese agrees to settle sex abuse lawsuit for $880,000 3/14/03 By Mary Jo Patterson Star-Ledger Staff, New Jersey from SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

Church hires a psychologist who doubts repressed memories By Wendy Davis 3/5/03 A controversial psychologist who has authored studies challenging repressed memories of sexual abuse is expected to present testimony for the Archdiocese of Boston when the first civil lawsuits against church officials go to trial. In papers to be filed today in Suffolk County Superior Court, church lawyers will notify Judge Constance M. Sweeney that they intend to elicit testimony from Elizabeth Loftus, a professor at the University of California, Irvine, to defend the church against charges that the Rev. Paul R. Shanley molested plaintiffs Gregory Ford and Paul Busa.” from SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

Church offers $4m payout for abuse 3/17/03 from SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

Conn. bishop’s resignation OK’d By Sacha Pfeiffer, Globe Staff, 3/12/03 from SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

Dioceses Resist Releasing Names of Accused Priests By Laurie Goodstein – Cleveland 2/26/03 (must register to view) from SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

Franciscan order sues LA archdiocese over priest accused of abuse 4/5/03 Los Angeles (AP) from SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

God’s Banker One of the world’s most notorious holy men is quietly giving Mass in Sun City by Robert Nelson “Archbishop Paul Marcinkus was president of the Vatican Bank from 1971 to 1989. As such, he held the purse strings for the international church.” from SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

Indian priest gets four months jail in US for sex abuse case Indo-Asian News Service 3/28/03 from SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

Iowa Briefs by AP 3/30/03 Priest faces federal child-porn charges – Davenport from SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

Judge Rejects Boston Archdiocese’s Motion to Dismiss 500 Suits in Abuse By Pam Belluck Boston, 2/19/03 (must register to view) from SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

Kelly knew of abuse, kept priest in post – Memos show Creagh admitted molesting boy By Peter Smith The Courier-Journal from SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

LA cardinal fights document release after vowing openness 3/30/03 Los Angeles (AP) from SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

Law: Probing priest dad was not my job by Robin Washington 3/14/03 from SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

Marchers protest at cathedral – Catholic critics want bishops accountable for priests’ actions By Peter Smith 2/24/03 from SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

Mount Cashel fight nears end – Abused students offered $15.5M – Richard Foot CanWest News Service 4/12/03 “Survivors of Canada’s most infamous child-abuse scandal learned…that $15.5 million has been raised in compensation for the crimes of the Roman Catholic teachers who raped and beat them at the Mount Cashel orphanage in St. John’s up to 30 years ago.” From SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

New Priest Sex Scandal “In the latest church sex scandal, a Catholic pastor in Florida has just been stripped of his duties after church officials learned that the reverend had placed a personal ad – complete with a naked photo of himself…” from SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

Paul VI School Dean Resigns Over Photo On Lurid Web Sites By S. Mitra Kalita 2/26/03 from SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

Priest sought help, instead was assigned to youth work By J.M. Hirsch, AP 2/15/03 Concord, N.H. (AP) from SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

Priest told N.H. boy his father died for reporting alleged abuse By Larry Laughlin Concord, N.H. (AP) from SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

Priest, 80, arraigned on sex charges By Tera Camus / Cape Breton Bureau 3/26/03 Sydney from SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 ( also see Priest faces sex assault victims in his first court appearance Louise Dickson – Times Colonist; with files from The Canadian Press 3/26/03

Priest’s crimes hushed – Admission at trial By Sam Pazzano – Toronto Sun 4/15/03 from SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

Priests suspended for blessing brothels and sex shops from SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

Report Details Sex Abuse by Priests and Inaction by a Diocese By Fox Butterfield Concord, N.H., 3/3/03 (must register to view) from SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

Retired Kentucky priest pleads guilty in church abuse cases as trial about to begin Lori Burling, 3/31/03 Louisville, Ky. (AP) from SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

Sexual Abuse & Misconduct in the Catholic Church Selected Cases from Media Reports Through 2002 from SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

Six American Indians sue government for alleged abuse at Indian schools By Chet Brokaw 4/11/03 Pierre, S.D. (AP) “Six members of Sioux tribes have filed a $25 billion lawsuit against the government for alleged mental, physical and sexual abuse of students at Indian boarding schools nationwide…. The six plaintiffs allege they were beaten and sexually assaulted by priests or nuns who ran the schools.” From SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

States Follow California’s Lead on Priest Abuse Los Angeles Times By Larry B. Stammer 2/13/03 from SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

Victims of Priests’ Abuse Seeking Redress Outside Church By Alan Cooperman 3/3/03 “victims have appeared before grand juries in Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Ohio, Arizona, California, Pennsylvania, Missouri, South Carolina, Maryland and New York.” Washington Post from SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

WARNING: This may be very heavy for survivors-Abused seeks $4M Priest in prison for ’80s assaults By Sam Pazzano, Toronto Sun from SMART Issue #50 -May 2003 (

$1 million penalty is at issue in church suit The Pa. Supreme Court heard lawyers in a closely watched negligence case against the Altoona-Johnstown Diocese. By Joseph A. Slobodzian 9/10/02 Pittsburgh from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

400 March for Cardinal Law’s Resignation By Bipasha Ray 12/8/02 from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

A list of Protestant clergy and news articles alleging child abuse are at : from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Archbishop admits new errors 12/17/02 – (must register to view article) from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Archbishop faces new scandal after accused priest worked with children By Kim Sengupta 12/17/02 (must pay in Pounds Sterling to view full article) from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Archbishop Resigns, Begs Forgiveness Denise Lavioe AP 12/13/02 Boston “…Law became the highest-ranking church leader to be toppled by the furor over decades of lurid behavior by rogue priests, tendering his resignation Friday to a “deeply saddened” Pope John Paul II” From AOL from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Bishop cites 50 sex claims – Broadest account yet of abuse cases – by Joseph A. Reaves 11/10/02 from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Bishop Knew Priest Comments on Boys By Denise Lavoie – Boston (AP) from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Boston church personnel files include allegations priests abused girls, drugs – Ken Maguire, 12/3/02 Boston (AP) from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Boston Documents Show Failure to Oust Accused Priests By Pam Belluck Boston, 12/3/02 (requires registration to view) from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Boston Globe wins APME Freedom of Information Award for coverage of clergy abuse – 10/26/02 from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Boston’s Law Hushed Ex-Altar Boy on Abuse – Lawyer – 10/31/02 — Boston (Reuters) from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

British priest allowed to continue in ministry after admitting sexual abuse By Robert Barr, London 11/26/02 – from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Bruins’ Nilan Sought Abuse Answers By Ken Maguire AP 10/22/02 “Ryan was vice chancellor under Cardinal Humberto Medeiros, making him the highest-ranking Boston archdiocese official accused of sex abuse since the wave of allegations against priests began this year” from AOL from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Catholic activists compile Internet database listing hundreds of accused priests Richard N. Ostling, AP 11/12/02 Washington from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Child abuse ‘hotspots’ uncovered in five Catholic dioceses By Helen Studd, Ruth Gledhill and Claire McDonald – 11/21/02,,2-487601,00.html (requires paid subscription to view) from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Chilling study blames Catholic Church for the Holocaust Reviewed by B. R. Boylan 12/1/02 review of “A Moral Reckoning: The Role of the Catholic Church in the Holocaust and Its Unfulfilled Duty of Repair” By D. Goldhagen from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Clerical abuse roils Ireland’s church…By Charles M. Sennott 11/11/02 from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Cracking the Silent Citadel On the Trail of God’s Bankers by David Montero with the Center for Investigative Reporting – from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Criminal Investigation – Church impedes state probe into abuse, Reilly says By Walter V. Robinson and Sacha Pfeiffer, Globe Staff, 12/11/02 from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Depositions Show Cardinal Was Notified Early of Abuse By Pam Belluck – Boston, 11/19/02 (requires registration to view) from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Diocese spends $2m in claims AP 11/17/02 Manchester, N.H. from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

DSS official says his own claims of abuse by priests ignored by Law by Robin Washington and Tom Mashberg 11/20/02 from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Ex-nun guilty of assault in spanking case – The Canadian Press – 10/25/02 – Charlottetown from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Experts: Financier Was Murdered ROME (AP) – “Roberto Calvi, the Vatican-connected financier implicated in Italy’s biggest postwar banking scandal, was a murder victim and not a suicide” AOL 10/25/02 from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Ex-priest preyed on teen boys, court told – 5 victims relate abuse to boost bid for long sentence By Matt O’Connor 12/10/02 (in Trib archives) from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Ex-Priest to Be Released From Jail Detroit (AP From AOL – 11/29/02) from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Church culture of shame ‘feeds abuse’ Hadley Freeman 12/4/02,2763,853411,00.html from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

FBI exec to monitor church’s abuse Cases… Washington – The U.S. Roman Catholic bishops…named the FBI’s No. 3 official to monitor the church’s new policy on clerical sex abuse and help prevent future scandals…” from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Fifteen sue seven priests from Oregon – The alleged abuse victims seek more than $70 Million. Alan Gustafson 11/19/02 from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Judge orders church lawyers to produce priest files By Robert O’Neill, AP, 11/13/02 Boston from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Law, 7 Bishops Subpoenaed in U.S. Criminal Probe 12/12/02 – By Greg Frost – Boston (Reuters) – from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

List of Catholic bishops who resigned over church sex scandals – 12/13/02 “Nineteen Roman Catholic bishops, nine of them Americans, have resigned since 1990 in the context of sex scandals.” from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

List of Priests removed from duty Since early February, the Archdiocese of Boston has removed 24 priests from active duty as the church investigates sexual abuse allegations against them. from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Long term eyed for ex-priest…Matt O’Connor 12/4/02 (in Trib archives) from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Mandate to report clergy is altered Policy on abuse appears undercut By Michael Rezendes and Thomas Farragher 11/5/02 from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

More clergy abuse, secrecy cases – Records detail quiet shifting of rogue priests By Thomas Farragher and Sacha Pfeiffer, 12/4/02 from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

N.H. bishop apologizes over silence on priest 11/4/02 Manchester, N.H. (must look in archives and pay for article) from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

N.H. bishop reportedly coached priest on abuse reply By Stephen Kurkjian, 10/30/02 Jaffrey, N.H. from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

N.H. diocese admits likely violations – Signs agreement with AG’s office By Stephen Kurkjian, 12/11/02 from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Nation’s Leading Attorney for Clergy Sexual Abuse Victims To Begin Filing Cases in Milwaukee Jeffery Anderson, Attorney: 612-817-8665; St. Paul, MN Office 651-227-9990; Jim Smith, Attorney: 262-783-6633; Peter Isely (SNAP) cell: 414-429-7259; office 414-778-6020, ext. 3014 from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

OC officials issue arrest warrant for missing priest – 10/29/02 Santa Ana, Calif. (AP) from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Priest flouted ban, continued duties after child-porn case By Chris Gray 12/18/02 from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Priest probe here hits 6 states – Number of abuse claims stun Cuyahoga prosecutor 11/23/02 James F. McCarty from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Priest says paedophilia was good for children – 9/4/01 Aix-en-Provence, France Sapa-AFP>=3&art_id=ct2001090417400733_1623670 from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Priest Sentenced to Prison in Iowa Davenport, Iowa (AP) 11/7/02 from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Priest, Miami diocese named in clergy sex abuse lawsuit By Knight Ridder, 11/10/02 Fort Lauderdale, Fla. from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Priest’s arrest over ’sex acts’ stuns Argentina – Sophie Arie in Buenos Aires from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Prosecutor: Phoenix bishop advised family not to talk of abuse Ananda Shorey 12/3/02 from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Shame, Sin and Secrets by Michael Sallah, David Yonke “….Rev. Robert Thomas…his arrest reports disappeared, his record was expunged…was sent by the diocese to four more parishes…this spring that the Tucson diocese says it learned of his arrest….” (in Blade archives, must pay for article) from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

The Beginning of The End of The Bernardin Legacy – Introduction by Stephen Brady All accusations are alleged NOTE: this is fyi only and SMART does not necessarily agree with this or linked pages. from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Vatican panelists named, examined – 2 have advised bishops not to report abusers; some fear a stacked deck 10/24/02 By Reese Dunklin and Brooks Egerton (requires registration to view) from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Victims – Attorneys release records on 10 more priests, brothers By Michael Rezendes, Matt Carroll 12/17/02 from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

WARNING: MAY BE HEAVY FOR SURVIVORS-A Survivor’s Story by Maggie Mulvihill and Robin Washington “…John Allan Loftus and Robert Camargo at the Southdown Psychiatric Center in Waterloo, Ontario, in 1992, looked at the records of 1,300 Catholic priests and Brothers over 25 years, finding 2.7% had sex with children under 13…” from SMART Issue #48 – December 2002 (

Money Scandal in Florida Diocese Adds to Church Woes by Sam Dillon – Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. (must register first) from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Former altar boys write Filipino cardinal about abuse by priest – Cedu City, Philippines (CNS) from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002

5 Resign From Va. Sex Abuse Panel – By Maria Sanminiatelli Richmond, Va. (AP) – “The Diocese of Richmond lost all five lay members of its sexual abuse panel when they resigned to protest the reinstatement of a priest accused of abusing teenage boys” AOL 8/17/02 from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Insurance a Worry for Catholic Church Edward Walsh 7/10/02 from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Betrayal: The Crisis in the Catholic Church by the investigative staff of the Boston Globe published by Little, Brown and Company, coverage of the priest abuse scandal from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Records depict Mahan as high-risk sex abuser By Kathleen Burge 8/23/02 “Former priest and accused child molester…Mahan…” from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Text of Cardinal Law’s deposition – June 5, 2002, Suffolk County Superior Court from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Woman’s alleged abuse by priest ‘personal,’ Law wrote – By Stephen Kurkjian, Sacha Pfeiffer, Globe Staff, 8/15/02 from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Minnesota abuse law may lead to prosecution of more priests – Randy Furst – Star Tribune 7/1/02 from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Joliet Herald-News 8/11/02 Joliet – “….several men in their 30s and 40s know a different side of St. Ray’s, one where priests preyed on boys to satisfy their sexual desires” from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against High-Ranking Church Official – Boston – 08/16/02 from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Boston Priest Handling Abuse Cases Sued, Report Says – 8/17/02 Washington (Reuters) from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Magazine says German church covered up abuse, moved priest-abusers – Cologne, Germany (CNS) from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

German Priest Scandal Likely to Widen by Geir Moulson – Berlin (AP) from AOL 7/22/02 from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Nuns’ order in secret payouts – 7/18/02 By Yvonne Martin “A group of 14 women who were beaten as girls at a Christchurch orphanage have been secretly paid out by a Catholic order of nuns.” from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Nuns take sex-abuse stand vs. church by Robin Washington 8/20/02 “The headline…”Vatican admits priests raping nuns” from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Suffer the Children – Sex scandal death knell for Church? Catholics take matters into own hands after Bishops’ ‘band-aid’ solution 7/17/02 By Toby Westerman from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Director of Rehab Center for Priests Suspended Over Sex Abuse Allegation – 7/18/02 – Boston – from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Priest Is Pressed for Names in Pornography Case – Anthony DePalma – (must register first) from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

‘Betrayal’: Covering the Church Crisis – By R. Scott Appleby 7/14/02 from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Boy’s Death Follows Priest – Alleged Abuse Victims Questioned About A 30-Year-Old Homicide 8/8/02 By Roselyn Tantraphol, Courant Staff Writer Springfield
from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Catholic dioceses find insurance falls short in sex abuse cases – Bob von Sternberg 7/27/02 from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

(Religious) Orders have let abusers remain…08/08/02 – By Reese Dunklin and Brooks Egerton (must register first with personal information) from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

WARNING: This may be very heavy for survivors – Devotion and Deceit – 8/7/02 “Over the last decade, more than 100 nuns have been accused of molesting children.” from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

More Allegations of Abuse at St. Mary’s Probed….By Annie Gowen 8/22/02 from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Priest receives probation for false carjacking report – Ex-pastor lied to cover up his night with prostitute By Dennis O’Brien 8/9/02 from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Priest: Bishop Derailed My Career – Concord, N.H. (AP) – “A priest claims the Roman Catholic bishop of Manchester derailed his career to avoid a scandal about pornographic videos and images…” from AOL also see – Lawsuit says Roman Catholic church leaders destroyed child porn at dead priest’s home – by J.M. Hirsch AP from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Suit claims priests ran sex ring – 7/24/02 – By Kathleen A. Shaw – Worcester from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Bishops Select Lay Board on Sexual Abuse Review By Laurie Goodstein “The only psychiatrist on the panel is Dr. McHugh, who was a founder and board member of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation…” from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Strange bedfellows – Judith Reisman and Dennis Jarrard 8/21/02 “…Catholic bishops are getting their “expert” advice on pedophilia from people who have covered up or even defended sex between men and children. The bishops recently chose Dr. Paul McHugh…”

also see Member of Sex Abuse Panel Upsets Some By Anthony DePalma, Laurie Goodstein from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Researchers say what’s known and unknown about abusive priests By J.M. Hirsch “Portsmouth, N.H. (AP) 8/02 from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

R.I. Diocese Must Hand Over Evidence – By Amy Forliti – 7/1/02 – Prov., R.I. (AP) from AOL from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Catholic Clout Is Eroded by Scandal – Church Is Dealt Legislative Defeats By Michael Powell 7/6/02 NY from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Convicted priest helped abusers stay in ministry – After assault, he supervised clerics at treatment center 07/13/02 – by Reese Dunklin (must Register with personal information to access) from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Tough Talk – D.A. Steve Cooley says he’ll take his investigation of Cardinal Mahony’s pedo-priests “wherever it leads.” by Ron Russell from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Archdiocese for Years Kept Claims of Abuse From Police – 8/18/02 – from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Bishop Alerts Three Dioceses to Pornography Case by Anthony DePalma from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

4 on Va. Diocese Review Panel Quit Richmond, Va. (AP) from AOL 8/6/02 from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Canada Catholic Schools to Pay $12M – Toronto (AP) From AOL 7/26/02 from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Filipino Catholics Address Sex Abuse – By Jim Gomez Manila, Philippines (AP) 7/8/02 on AOL

Boychoir School Cannot Be Sued Under N.J. Child Sex-Abuse Act – Statute does not apply to corporations, only to individuals – Mary P. Gallagher NJ Law Journal from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Two New Jersey Priests Arrested Newark, N.J. (AP) from AOL 7/27/02
also see-Priests busted in crackdown – Male prostitution ring had U.S. clientele – Sidhartha Banerjee 7/28/02 from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

5 women sue a Massachusetts diocese over abuse in childhood by priests – Los Angeles Times 7/2/02 Boston from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Sexual Abuse Scandal Hits Orthodox Jews By Alan Cooperman 6/29/02 Freehold, N.J. also see from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Which bishops have made the worst decisions about abusive priests? from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Duplessis orphans seek papal support – Letter demands public inquiry into allegations of abuse Mike King 7/4/02 from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Rome backed sex-case priest By Martin Daly 6/6/02 from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Australian archbishop takes leave during abuse probe – Sydney Catholic leader denies accusations of molesting 12-year-old boy Sydney, Australia (AP) from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

Catholics lift secrecy veil on sex abuse – 6/22/02 By Eugene Bingham and Catherine Masters from SMART Issue #46 – September 2002 (

The Real Odessa (US edition) How Peron Brought the Nazi War Criminals to Argentina By Uki Goni “The Nazi-smuggling operation to Argentina run by Father Draganovic from his church in Rome lies at the heart of the allegations that there was full Papal cognizance of such a network. P.341-342 Pub. Granta Books, London – New York – ISBN 1 86207 552 2

An Injustice That Still Lingers – Gary Rosenblatt 1/31/03 Ellie Hiller, then in his mid-20s and an employee of Rabbi Lanner for several years at NCSY, the youth arm of the Orthodox Union, wrote a letter in the summer of 1989 to members of the Orthodox community of Teaneck recounting Rabbi Lanner’s abusive behavior. Hiller cited numerous examples as proof that Rabbi Lanner was unfit to assume the pulpit of the local Orthodox shul that was considering hiring him….Hiller was forced to write a letter of apology – apparently drafted and edited by Rabbis Willig and Lanner – saying that his initial letter’s characterization of Rabbi Lanner was “false.”

Rabbi’s Odyssey Reflects Struggle on Sexual Abuse Jews Begin to Confront Silence That Hid Clergy’s Misdeeds By Alan Cooperman Washington Post 2/2/03

Shine The Light: Sexual Abuse and Healing in the Jewish Community by Rachel Lev. Northeastern University Press “Sexual abuse and resistance to dealing with it occur in all cultures. Rabbis, community leaders and survivors discuss some of the difficulties the Jewish community faces in acknowledging incest and sexual abuse.”

Lawyers for Boston Archdiocese Subpoena Alleged Victims’ Therapists – Boston 1/17/03 “Lawyers for the Boston Archdiocese, which offered to pay for counseling for people who say they were abused by priests, have begun issuing subpoenas to the therapists to get details about the sessions.

Ex-vicar of Boston concedes he erred By Michael Rezendes and Thomas Farragher, 1/14/03 Banks wrote to his parishioners….But Banks never said – either in his 1990 letter or his more recent letter to his parishioners – that he had personally reviewed 1985 correspondence from a Rochester, N.Y., woman who said she had a tape recording of a speech in which Shanley endorsed sex between adults and children and said that children were typically the seducers in such relationships.”

The Boston Files By Rita Ciolli and Joseph Mallia Bishop William F. Murphy, then the second-highest ranking official in the Archdiocese of Boston, faced a grave problem: One of his priests was accused of sexually molesting a boy at a church-run juvenile detention center. Murphy decided to allow the Rev. C. Melvin Surette to remain active and then gave the cleric $14,000 to start a job bank to find work for other priests accused of abusing children.,0,3547218.story

Lennon tied to priest probe: Foster case memo shows bishop was at meeting by Robin Washington and Tom Mashberg 12/26/02 Boston Herald “Church records show Bishop Richard G. Lennon, the interim leader of the Archdiocese of Boston, attended a two-hour meeting on the fate of an accused priest- even though Lennon publicly denied having any role in the case. A memo in the file of Msgr. Michael Smith Foster places Lennon and six other clerics at a Sept. 13 meeting .

A ‘classic misuse of power’ Children of woman who died in affair with priest speak out By Stephen Kurkjian and Walter V. Robinson, 12/29/02

Priest details longtime affair Tells four children of the woman who died that he’s sorry By Stephen Kurkjian, 1/31/03 two of whom he may have fathered ….Foley disclosed the affair and the fatal overdose to Cardinal Bernard F. Law and the Rev. – now Bishop – John B. McCormack in 1993.

1,200 Priests in Sex Abuse Cases (AOL) New York AP 1/12/03

A survey conducted by the Times through Dec. 31 found that 4,268 people have claimed publicly or in lawsuits that priests abused them in the past six decades. The Times survey, relying on court records, news reports, church documents and interviews, found that 1,205 priests, or 1.8 percent of all priests ordained from 1950 to 2001, had been accused of abuse.”

Trail of Pain in Church Crisis Leads to Nearly Every Diocese “But the research also suggested that the extent of the problem remains hidden.

Lawyer says US bishop destroyed records of abusive priest J. M. Hirsch AP Manchester, New Hampshire 1/7/03

Videotape shows priest in northern Mexico having sex with his secretary 1/4/03 Mexico City (AP) “Roman Catholic officials are calling for the dismissal of a priest in northern Chihuahua state after a newspaper published excerpts of a videotape showing him having sex with his secretary.

Sins of the Fathers – Grand jury says LI diocese protected abusive priests By Rita Ciolli 2/10/03,0,1364761.story?coll=ny%2Dtop%2Dspan%2Dheadlines also see L_I_ Diocese Tricked Victims of Sexual Abuse, Panel Says by Robert D. McFadden

Cash Offered for Silence on Abuse, Priest Says By Daniel J. Wakin “Long Island priest who sexually abused a 13-year-old boy has charged that a church official pressured him a year ago to keep quiet about his own claims that he was fondled two decades ago by a prominent monsignor.

Nuns as sexual victims get little notice by Bill Smith 01/04/03 A national survey, completed in 1996 but intentionally never publicized, estimates that a “minimum” of 34,000 Catholic nuns, or about 40 percent of all nuns in the US, have suffered some form of sexual trauma. also see ‘Catholic sisters are being violated’ 40% of nuns sexual victims: 1996 U.S. survey Bill Smith

Court Upholds Naples Cardinal Acquittal 1/16/03 Potenza, Italy (AP) –

Cardinal Michele Giordano, 72, became the highest-ranking church official to stand criminal trial in Italy when he was prosecuted in 2000, accused of taking part in a massive loan-sharking ring.

IRS has eyes on priest’s ministry INS seeks removal of certification; fees from poor spent on leaders 01/24/03 By Brooks Egerton

Judge rejects most charges in suit against former priest By Michael Shaw Of the Post-Dispatch 01/30/03

Woman alleges priest fathered her child By Andrea MacDonald The Daily News “Somewhere in Nova Scotia – possibly Halifax – is a woman who accuses her priest of not only raping her repeatedly, but also of fathering her child.

Center for the Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence – Clergy Ethics & Sexual Abuse web site CPSDV 2400 N 45th Street #10 Seattle, WA 98103 Phone: (206) 634-1903 Fax: (206) 634-0115 Email:

Second grand jury scrutinizes Phoenix diocese Legal maneuvering delays priest sex abuse inquiry By Joseph A. Reaves and Kelly Ettenborough 1/31/03

State appeals panel in Arizona rules that diocese must hand over documents 2/8/03

After One Cardinal Resigns, Catholics Ask: Who’s Next? Other Bishops Under Scrutiny for Handling Sex Abuse Cases By Pamela Ferdinand and Alan Cooperman 12/23/02

Former priest faces extradition 2/7/03 Bronwyn Sell in London “A former Catholic priest and teacher should be extradited to New Zealand to face charges of indecently assaulting 11 boys and young men

Visiting Priest Arrested on Sex Charge – Visiting Roman Catholic Priest From Poland Arrested in Conn. on Sexual Abuse Charge AP New Britain, Conn. 12/26/02 “A visiting Roman Catholic priest from Poland was charged with sexually assaulting a teenage girl he was counseling about a previous sexual assault.

LA archdiocese to negotiate more than 100 abuse claims 1/1/03 Lawyers for alleged victims of priests in Los Angeles and Orange counties agreed…to try to mediate claims instead of taking them immediately to court, said attorney Katherine Kay Freberg, who represents nearly 80 alleged victims.

Flood of suits on abuse seen in California By Tatsha Robertson 1/1/03 The new law lifts the statute of limitations for one year and specifically allows alleged victims to sue institutions that employed and protected alleged abusers.

The veil of silence – Sexual abuse of nuns by priests a dirty secret Habits and vows of celibacy didn’t protect them Trish Crawford Toronto Star 2/1/03

Accused priests were often on Law’s calendar By Michael Rezendes, Sacha Pfeiffer 1/10/03 The entries do not indicate whether Law kept every appointment, but they do show Law had scheduled meetings with more than 35 priests who had been, or would be, formally accused of sexual misconduct – a pattern that seems to contradict pretrial testimony in which he repeatedly described his role in supervising accused priests as limited.”

Albany Diocese Quietly Paid Man Who Pressed Abuse Claim by Daniel J. Wakin

15 Men Reach Settlement on Abuse Claims AOL 1/10/03 Boston (AP) – “Fifteen men who said they were abused by clergy who taught at two Jesuit-run high schools in New England have settled their claims

Molester priest Paquin cuts deal to testify in abuse civil lawsuits by Tom Mashberg 1/1/03 Archdiocese of Boston

Former Law aide was concerned about Geoghan’s future, not past By Kathleen Burge, 2/5/03

Church board dismissed accusations by females By Thomas Farragher and Matt Carroll 2/7/03

Bishop often sided with priests in abuse cases – Records show McCormack brushed aside accusations By Thomas Farragher and Matt Carroll, 1/26/03

Bishop tells of shielding priests – McCormack says aide’s plea ignored By Michael Rezendes and Stephen Kurkjian 1/9/03

Boston Church Leaders Refused to Tell Parishioners of Abuse By Pam Belluck Boston, 1/8/03

Priest resigns amid theft probe – AP, 1/13/03 Merrimack, N.H. The Diocese of Manchester said it accepted the resignation of Rev. Steven Kucharski.

N.H. Bishop: Some Priest Sex Less Serious 12/23/02 Concord, N.H. (AP) ôNew Hampshire’s bishop suggested that it is less serious for a priest to have sex with someone from outside the parish than with a parishioner. In depositions this fall, Bishop John B. McCormack said he knew the Rev. Roland Cote had had sex with a teen-age boy but noted that the boy was not a parishioner.

16 priests named for first time in sexual abuse lawsuits At least three still active; total of accused at 130 by Michael Rezendes, Matt Carroll, 1/30/03

Cardinal tried to help accused man get ordained by Robin Washington and Tom Mashberg 2/5/03 “Top aides to Bernard Cardinal Law outlined a plan to pave the way to priesthood for a seminarian hit with sexual abuse allegations, despite church rules prohibiting accused candidates from becoming ordained

New abuse is alleged at Malvern Prep – Authorities are investigating a student’s accusation of sexual misconduct against a priest at the Chesco school by Kathleen Brady Shea and Jonathan Gelb 1/15/03

Catholic Priest Involved in N.Irish Bombing – Police Londonderry, Northern Ireland (Reuters) 12/20/02

“British ministers and the Roman Catholic Church may have colluded to cover up the involvement of a priest

Ex-priest jailed for assaulting schoolboys Ananova 1/21/03

Jailed priest had spell as head of children’s charity by Helen Studd, Dominic Kennedy and Ruth Gledhill 12/27/02 “The Roman Catholic Church made the paedophile priest Michael Hill head of a children’s charity and then dismissed him after several months in the post.,,2-524572,00.html

Cardinal found job for another sex case priest By Helen Studd in Geneva, Dominic Kennedy and Ruth Gledhill 1/16/03,,2-544447,00.html

Pope given priests `sex time bomb’ warning 30 years ago by Roger Dobson and Maurice Chittenden in The Sunday Times – 12/23/02 “The present Pope was among several Catholic bishops warned in a secret report more than 30 years ago that the church faced a potential “psychosexual” time bomb in the priesthood.

Judge Voids Sexual Abuse Suit Against Vatican AP St. Petersburg, Fla., 11/28/02

Church has yet to unfrock jailed paedophile priests by Ruth Gledhill and Dominic Kennedy 1/20/03 “The convicted serial paedophile Michael Hill is still a priest.”,,2-548509,00.html

Ottawa antes $1.7B for school claims – Canadian Press 12/20/02 “The federal government has earmarked $1.7 billion to settle up to 18,000 native residential school lawsuits over seven years.

Algoma Anglicans expected to support settlement Could contribute $725,000 towards $25M fund By Brian Kelly 1/20/03 Anglican Church of Canada to pay awards to victims of sexual or physical abuse in residential schools.

St Colman’s Survivors website includes allegations of abuse

“Sex, Lies, and Rabbis: Breaking a Sacred Trust” (now available through lstBooks Library) 1(800)839-8640 Charlotte Rolnick Schwab, Ph. D. smart #47-

Christine Dolan, smart #47- Clergy abuse in the Catholic Church – “In God’s name”

South Carolina Judges Seek to Ban Secret Settlements By Adam Liptak complicit in hiding the truth about hazardous products, inept doctors and sexually abusive priests.” smart #47 –

Dubious choice for resolving church scandal Mara J. Math 9/21/02 “McHugh’s actions…pose the deepest threat to the council’s credibility. McHugh is the only therapist on the lay council. This makes his participation especially significant, because other members may rely on his presumed expertise Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine – smart #47 –

Ex-Priest Arrested on Sex Charges By Sandra Marquez – Los Angeles (AP) Cardinal Roger priest Michael Baker Sgt. Dan Scott. In 1986, From AOL 9/25/02 smart #47 –

Priest Admits Aiding Frankel – Used Vatican Bank To Launder Money 9/6/02 By Edmund H. Mahony, New Haven – Greenwich financier Martin Frankel smart #47 – also see smart #47 Vatican monsignor arrested in Ohio – 8/31/02

Group: Vatican Violates Child Treaty 10/9/02 By Naomi Koppel, Geneva (AP) – U.N. human rights Washington-based Catholics for a Free smart #47 –

Order Offers Sex Abuse Policy by Gregg Aamot – Minneapolis (AP) – The Crosier Fathers and Brothers…” from AOL 10/9/02 smart #47 –

Diocese to Pay $13.5M in Abuse Case – By Lisa Marie Pane – Providence, R.I. (AP) – From AOL 9/10/02 smart #47 –

Bishop Quinn exits abuse panel 09/10/02 James F. McCarty (Plain Dealer) “Quinn has come under attack for his hardball attitude toward sex abuse victims, for his opposition to strict treatment of clergy abusers and for a speech he gave in 1990 in Columbus. In the speech, Quinn suggested that church lawyers could avoid disclosing clergy sex-abuse documents by sending them to Vatican officials with diplomatic immunity.”

Independent inquiry clears Australia’s most senior Catholic cleric of sex abuse Allegations Mike Corder, 10/14/02 Sydney, Australia (AP) – Sydney Archbishop George Pell smart #47 –

Priest Quits After Porn Accusation – Arlington Diocese Denies Trying to Ignore Issue By Caryle Murphy 9/13/02 Arlington Bishop Paul S. Loverde smart #47 –

Retired Priest Taken Into Custody – Los Angeles (AP) -Rucker Los Angeles and Orange counties smart #47 –

also see Priest Charged in Molestations Is Arrested in Alaska – Crime: L.A. prosecutors file 23 counts, saying acts in G. Neville Rucker’s case spanned 30 years…by Richard Winton and Anna Gorman – Rucker at St. Anthony parish in El Segundo Bishop Timothy Manning – smart #47 –

Jesuits Settle Case With Abused Men – Courts: Society of Jesus will pay two mentally retarded victims, who worked at a Bay Area retreat center, a total of $7.5 million. 9/5/02 By Glenn F. Bunting -The California Province of the Society of Jesus at the Sacred Heart Jesuit Center.” smart #47 –

Priest’s abuse still haunts diocese – Bishop braces for lawsuits amid new allegations – Jonathan Martin Patrick G. O’Donnell Bishop William Skylstad Spokane Diocese – smart #47 –

Spokane bishop, next in line to head bishops’ conference, at center of abuse crisis 9/21/02 By Nicholas K. Geranios, AP Spokane, WA 9/21/02 – O’Donnell smart #47 –

NYC Suit Names Top Clergy in Coverup By Sara Kugler NY(AP) – Brooklyn’s Roman Catholic Diocese Bishop Thomas Daily, head of the diocese Cardinal Bernard Law in Boston, where the nationwide sex abuse scandal erupted in January. Daily has also been accused of failing to act promptly on complaints of clergy abuse during his tenure there.” from AOL 10/16/02 smart #47 –

British Cardinal Investigated on Abuse Cover-up Charge London, 9/23/02 ( – British Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor Brighton and Arundel smart #47 –

Bishops Conspired, Says Abuse Plaintiff – Courts: Alleged victim charges U.S. Catholic leaders with protecting pedophile priests. 9/17/02 by William Lobdell, Orange County Superior Court alleges that the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops smart #47 –

Slave Labor in Irish Convents as Terrible as Prison By Stephen Holden Sisters of the Magdalene smart #47 –

Husband and Wife – And the Father – A Man Whose Wife Married Their Priest Sues the Arlington Diocese for Millions By Caryle Murphy – Washington Post Staff Writer 8/25/02 Rev. Paul S. Loverde, Father Verrecchia and Nancy Lambert – Arlington County smart #47 –

Abusive Priest Found In Caribbean Hideaway – Trail Of Accusations Goes Back 30 Years For Clergyman Who Worked Under Auspices Of Bridgeport Diocese 8/29/02 By Eric Rich, and Elizabeth Hamilton Courant Staff Writers The Rev. Laurence F. X. Brett vanished smart #47

ines%2Dhome=20ctnow_com CONNECTICUT runaway priest

Priests Admonished in Abuse Case – Bridgeport, Conn. (AP) – Bridgeport Roman Catholic Diocese the Revs. David Howell of Norwalk and Gerald Devore of Stamford Laurence Brett from AOL 9/1/02 smart #47 –

Abusive Priest Flees Island – Facing Immigration Charges, Brett Hurriedly Quits St. Maarten 9/19/02 By Eric Rich smart #47 –,1387795).story?coll=hc%2Dheadlines%2Dhome

Punishment by former nun terrified him, boy testifies – By Kevin Cox 9/24/02 Alberta in 1995 smart #47 –

Diocese records show more coverups By Michael Rezendes and Sacha Pfeiffer 9/13/02 Bishop Thomas V. Daily the Rev. George J. Rosenkranz, smart #47 –

Sins of the father – Did Rev. Scriven’s shadowy past contribute to his gruesome end? By John Steinbachs – Ottawa Sun 8/25/02 Edmonton priest was discovered in an Ottawa park, Rev. Joseph

smart #47 –

Detroit Priests Charged in Abuses By Alexandra R. Moses – Detroit (AP) – Detroit Archdiocese from AOL 8/27/02 smart #47 –

Abuse spotlight on Australian nuns – 8/28/02 The Poor Sisters of Nazareth orphanage.” smart #47 –

When child cruelty reigned By Greg Ansley, 8/31/02 Queensland Supreme Court against the Trustees of the Poor Sisters of Nazareth and the Corporation of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane. smart #47 –

Claims nuns tortured children – Nazareth House in smart #47 –,1227,128933-1-7,00.html

Charges Reinstated Against Priest – Theo Emery – Boston (AP) “…The Hartford Courant reported that a Roman Catholic priest from Bridgeport Rev. Laurence Brett From AOL 8/30/02 smart #47 –

Group to Fight Church Subpoena 9/22/02 Worcester, Mass. Rev. Robert E. Kelley, St. Cecilia’s smart #47 –

N.H. Diocese to Settle Abuse Suits – By Stephen Frothingham – Manchester, N.H. (AP) – from AOL 10/11/02 smart #47 –

Priest Pleads Guilty to Stealing Nearly $100,000 From Queens Parish By Anthony DePalma smart #47 –

Sex-abuse documentary fuels calls for Catholic cardinal’s resignation, probe in Dublin 10/18/02 Dublin, Ireland (AP) – smart #47 –

Catholic group asks UN committee to press Vatican on church abuse crisis 10/8/02 by Nicole Winfield, AP Rome – 1989 U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child smart #47 –

Priests Seek to Assert Rights and Fight Church Abuse Policy By Daniel J. Wakin 10/4/02 Msgr. William A. Varvaro smart #47 –

Pioneering Law Allowed Filing of Priest Abuse Cases…The 1994 state statute extends time limits for serious molestation cases. by Teresa Watanabe 9/30/ 02. smart #47 –

Vatican Livid Over Moscow Brothel By Kevin O’Flynn 10/16/02 “Komsomolskaya Pravda reported that apartments owned by the Franciscan brothers had been turned into a brothel report on “Chelovek i Zakon” smart #47 –

Archdiocese Questioned On Priest – New Britain Cleric Accused Of Molestation Kept His Ministry, Disappeared 10/18/02 By Elizabeth Hamilton and Helen Ubinas, Courant Staff Writers smart #47 –

Rumors And The Rabbi – Rabbi Unnerved Students 5/27/03 By Stephanie Saul “Weinberg had enthralled and entertained them with his brilliant lectures, the former students recalled, but, they alleged, he also had shocked and confused them with sexual attacks.” Newsday from smart #51-

Tripping Up The Prosecution By Stephanie Saul 5/28/03 “Mondrowitz is living so openly, it’s hard to believe the psychologist and self-styled rabbi is wanted for allegedly sexually abusing four Brooklyn boys,….Mondrowitz will be arrested should he ever re-enter the United States, according to the office of Brooklyn District Attorney Charles J. Hynes from smart #51-

Church probing 157 abuse claims 5/8/03 The Anglican Church in Queensland, Archbishop of Brisbane Dr Phillip Aspinall has revealed from smart #51-,4057,6400684%255E2,00.html

Church abuse: the full picture 5/25/03 By Gary Hughes, Australia’s Catholic and Anglican churches have received more than 1640 complaints of sexual abuse from smart #51-

Beattie calls for royal commission on child abuse 5/8/03 Queensland Premier Peter, Dr Hollingworth to quit as Governor-General from smart #51-

Secret suppression order 5/11/03 “A Court order suppressing details of allegations that Governor-General Peter Hollingworth raped a woman almost 30 years ago was kept secret from the public.” Herald Sun News from smart #51-

Police suspect paedophile network 5/30/03 from within the Anglican Church, South Australian police commissioner Mal Hyde Courier Mail News from smart #51-

Data Base of Alleged California Priest abusers from smart #51-

Church settles lawsuit with the whistle-blower it fired – Adrienne Tanner The Province 5/7/03 from smart #51-

Priest abuse suit is allowed by David Crumm and Patricia Montemurri Knight Ridder Newspapers 6/19/03 (KRT) – Archdiocese of Detroit was aware of Burkholder’s abuse from smart #51-

Breach of Faith – 8/28/02 Supreme Court of Queensland in 1999 against the Corporation of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane and the Trustees of the Poor Sisters of Nazareth by priests from smart #51-

New Hampshire Diocese Settles More Abuse Claims 5/22/03 Concord, N.H. (Reuters) from smart #51-

Woman who claims she was molested by Catholic priest files suit 6/24/03 Baker, 55, Mahony from smart #51-

Seminary sex abuse recounted Peter Geigen-Miller, Free Press Reporter 6/17/03 civil trial in which Glendinning and the Roman Catholic Diocese of London are being sued by John, Guy and Ed Swales and their family for $7 million. from smart #51-

London Free Press News Section – Abuse trial adjourned till Sept – An accused priest admitted to “touching someone inappropriately” while serving in Windsor. Hank Daniszewski, 6/23/03 from smart #51-

Tot revealed abuse, judge told light…Peter Geigen-Miller, Free Press Reporter “A Catholic priest’s sexual abuse of children came to light from smart #51-

Ariz. Bishop Says He Hid Abuse Complaints – Phoenix Bishop Acknowledges He Hid Abuse Allegations Against Priests, Gives Up Some Authority AP Phoenix 6/2/03 from smart #51-

Bishop: No crime committed, deal signed to end investigation Phoenix (AP) from smart #51-

Text of the agreement 6/2/03 The AR Central “…the investigation developed evidence that Thomas J. O’Brien failed to protect the victims of criminal sexual misconduct of others associated with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix from smart #51-

Phoenix Bishop Arrested in Hit and Run – Phoenix’s Catholic Bishop Thomas O’Brien Arrested in Fatal Hit-And-Run Accident Phoenix – AP 6/16/03 – from smart #51-

Phoenix Bishop Steps Down By Jesus Sanchez 6/18/03 “The Roman Catholic Bishop of Phoenix, Thomas O’ Brien, resigned today after the cleric was charged in connection with a fatal hit-and-run accident.” from smart #51-

Ogden Priest Charged With Enticing Minor on the Net – Mario Arbelaez Olarte by Stephen Hunt – The Salt Lake Tribune 5/17/03 from smart #51-

Ky. Church Suit Settles for $25.7 M by Mike Torralba AP Louisville, Ky. 6/11/03 – The Roman Catholic Bishop of Louisville and Our Lady of Consolation Province, No. 02-C1-02903 Venue: Jefferson County Circuit Court, KY….Date: 06-10-2003 from smart #51-

Retired Priest Gets 20 Years For Sex Abuse AP 5/28/03 Louisville, Jefferson County Circuit Court Rev. Louis E. Miller, 72 from smart #51 –

New Jersey priest criticizes church’s handling of sex abuse allegations by Martin Finucane AP 6/4/03 Boston, Rev. Robert Hoatson, from smart #51-

St. Paul sex sting nets three men, including two pastors 5/17/03 AP St. Paul from smart #51-

Church proposes $25M settlement by Robin Washington and Tom Mashberg 4/29/03 Archdiocese of Boston from smart #51 –

$20,000 to $600,000 for Cashel victims – But payouts have strings attached – Abused could not sue Nfld., police, church 4/23/03 St. John’s, Nfld. orphanage run by the Christian Brothers of Ireland in Canada from smart #51 –

also see from LMS Some Mount Cashel victims reach deadline for compensation Decision Dene Moore Canadian Press 5/6/03 ST. John’s, Nfld. (CP) from smart #51 –

Priest ‘asked prostitutes to dress as nuns’ 5/8/03 brothel raided

More subpoenas issued in church abuse scandal 4/25/03 Los Angeles AP – District Attorney Steve Cooley, Archdiocese of Los Angeles from smart #51 –

Priest charged after child porn found on laptop – case By Marisa Schultz / The Detroit News 6/6/03 Rev. Timothy Szott from smart #51 –

“list of Catholic Church leaders who have..been through the Australian courts in recent years for sexual offences” smart 45

‘95 ruling a shield for clergy – Suits difficult in state, lawyers say By Tom Kertscher – Journal Sentinel staff 3/18/02 – smart 44

$20m accord seen in Geoghan cases – By Walter V. Robinson 3/5/02 s+.shtmlsmart 44 Boston Globe

2 Catholic Dioceses Settle Abuse Suit for $1.2 Million – Church: Woman alleges priest molested her and two other priests ignored her pleas for help. 4/2/02 by William Lobdell 44 LA Times

2nd Priest Pleads Innocent to Rape – Haverhill, Mass. (AP) – Paquin from aol smart 45

6 ex-altar boys allege sex abuse by priest – Now ages 28 to 32, the men say they were sexually abused by the Rev. Robert Schaeufele, who resigned in April. By Waveney Ann Moore, St. Petersburg Times 5/11/02 smart 45

A Cross to Bear 06/16/02 Tom Breckenridge, David Briggs The Cleveland Plain Dealer 45

This may be very heavy for survivors. Pope donates a fragment of forerunner – Rory Carroll – Rome 5/27/02,3604,722706,00.html smart 45

A revered guest; a family left in shreds – By Matt Carroll, Globe Staff, 1/6/02 smart 43

A Vatican Lawyer Says Bishops Should Not Reveal Abuse Claims By Laurie Goodstein – magazine Civilta Cattolica by the Rev. Gianfranco Ghirlanda 45 NY Times 5/18/02

ABC: Wis. Bishop Settled Sex Claim – 5/23/02 – Milw. – Weakland 45 Las Vegas Sun

ACC claims soar after sex-abuse leaflet 3/23/02 Wakefield Associates’ smart 44

Accused priest flees and a parish gasps – 5/12/02 – by Dave Newbart, Dan Rozek 45 Sun Times

Aide admits Law made molester priest a vicar – by Tom Mashberg, Eric Convey 5/18/02 45 Boston Herald

All accusations are alleged. Sipe Report – Preliminary Expert Report – A. W. Richard Sipe “The primary objective of the Catholic hierarchy was avoiding scandal.” smart 43

Anglican trust hunts for more abuse victims – 6/6/02 by Gregg Wycherly Blackwood House in Herne Bay. smart 45

Another US Catholic priest suspended on abuse charge – 3/23/02 smart 44

Apology ‘too little, too late’ 1/13/02 – By Dianne Williamson – Telegram & Gazette Columnist – Law, Geoghan smart 43

Archdiocese May Pay $30M to Settle – 3/6/02 – by Robert O’Neill, AP Geoghan 44

Area bishop discloses past sex abuse cases – By Maureen Hayden, Courier & Press staff – 6/5/02 Western Kentucky,1626,ECP_745_11890 45,00.htmlsmart 45

Bishop subpoenaed; hearing canceled 4/25/02 – By Richard Nangle, Kathleen A. Shaw Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy smart 45 Telegram

Boston archdiocese tries policy of full disclosure by Robin Washington, Tom Mashberg and Marie Szaniszlo 1/25/02 Boston Herald 43

Broken Rites Victim Support Group is a non-denominational support group for people who have been abused sexually, physically or emotionally in religious institutions. smart 45

Calif. parish says Boston kept quiet on accused priest – By Stephen Kurkjian and Michael Rezendes, Boston Globe Staff, 4/7/02 Shanley 44

Cover up: Documents: Archdiocese knew priest was a rapist – by Tom Mashberg and Robin Washington – 4/9/02 Shanley 44 Boston Herald

Can a Church Go Broke? Probably not. (6/3/02 Vol. 159 No. 22) annually.” smart 45

Canadian Churches May Face Insolvency – Child Abuse Claims Take Financial Toll By DeNeen L. Brown Washington Post Foreign Service 12/6/01 – Kamloops, British Columbia smart 43

Cantor arrested on charges of child abuse By Ralph Vigoda Inquirer Staff Writer – AP 2/20/02 smart 44

This may be heavy for survivors of abuse. Philadelphia Inquirer – Court papers describe boy’s sex-abuse trauma – 2/22/02 “Court papers describe boy’s sex-abuse trauma…By Mark Stroh Inquirer Suburban Staff – Nevison smart 44

Cardinal Law Says Pedophile Matter Was Left to Aides – By Pam Belluck Boston 45 NY Times 5/9/02

Catholic bishops and sex abuse database smart 45

Catholic priest sex scandal isn’t limited to US – Dozens of similar cases are reported worldwide – Knight Ridder/tribune – 4/28/02 England 45 Baltimore Sun

Catholic Church settles Calif. sex abuse suit for $5.2 million; monsignor leaving priesthood Santa Ana, Calif. (AP) smart 40

Catholic Magazine Reveals Pedophilia – 5/1/02 – Rome (AP) Famiglia Cristiana from AOL smart 45 Leader, Son Found Guilty – 8/31/01 – Meadville, Miss. (AP) David Earl King’s Valley of the Kings Church smart 41

Church places pastor on leave…By Sacha Pfeiffer 5/25/02 45 Boston Globe

Church judged Shanley `beyond repair’ by Tom Mashberg, Eric Convey – 5/15/02 45 Boston Herald

Shanley visited child sex havens in Thailand by Christopher Cox, Robin Washington – smart 45 Boston Herald

Church sex scandal not new, but media stick to it this time – 5/6/02 By Pete McAleer Gauthe smart 45 Press of Atlantic City, NJ

Church settled 6 suits vs. priest – Kept him in post despite allegations By Sacha Pfeiffer and Stephen Kurkjian, Globe Staff, 1/28/02 Lane Geoghan s_vs_priest+.shtmlsmart 43 Boston Globe

Church allowed abuse by priest for years – Aware of Geoghan record, archdiocese still shuttled him from parish to parish – By Globe Staff, 1/6/02 smart 43

Church paid off Chicago priest 6/18/02 by Steve Warmbir, Cathleen Falsani – McCaffrey smart 45 Sun Times

Church ID’s 40 years of alleged pedophile priests – by Tom Mashberg, Jules Crittenden, Laurel J. Sweet and Robin Washington 1/31/02 smart 43 Boston Herald

Cloak of Silence Covered Abuse at Jesuit Retreat – 3/24/02 – Religious order admits two retarded men were victimized. Talks are underway to settle $10-million suit. by Glenn F. Bunting, Los Gatos, Calif. 44 LA Times

Ex-Priest Charged in Probe of Sex Abuse of Children – AP 3/29/02 St. Louis smart 44

Confession: Ex-Haverhill priest admits he molested kids for years – by Robin Washington and Tom Mashberg 1/26/02 smart 43 Boston Herald

Conn. judge’s opinion on the release of documents by the Bridgeport Diocese – In a written opinion (released 6/12/02), Conn Superior Court Judge Robert F. McWeeny smart 45

Critics: Jewish Court Stymies Reports By Karen Matthews AP 4/16/02 New York – from AOL smart 45

Details still eerie 28 years after St. Cloud girls were slain – Curt Brown 5/9/02 “(Rev.) Eckroth has denied any wrongdoing smart 45

NOW, MURDER?: [Rod Dreher] The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports that a Benedictine priest at a local abbey who is suspected of molesting children as far back as the 1960s has emerged as a suspect in the unsolved 1974 murders of twin adolescent sisters. – 85071264smart 45 National Review

Disgraced: Church suspends 6 more alleged molester priests by Tom Mashberg, Jules Crittenden and Laurel J. Sweet – 2/8/02 smart 43 Boston Herald

Electric Chair Torture – Catholic School in Fort Albany, Ontario – (all accusations are alleged) Globe and Mail report of October 21, 1996 41

Ex-Altar Boy, Mom Win $800G in Case 6/15/02 By Joe Ruff Omaha, Neb. (AP) – 45

Excavation at former priest’s home – Mark Martin, Kevin Fagan and Jaxon Van Derbeken – 6/6/02 smart 45

Experts see familiar pattern in Hub archdiocese scandal – Analysis/by Jules Crittenden and Tom Mashberg 1/30/02 – 43 Boston Herald

Exposed: The clause that contradicts Pell By Frank Walker 6/9/02 The Sun-Herald smart 45

Pell Hush Money Offer – by Brad Clifton 6/1/02,5936,4428211%255E701,00.htmlsmart 45 Daily Telegraph, Australia

Failure to act – By the 1980s, the Catholic Church knew more about pedophilia than any other organized group working with children in the US. So why didn’t Cardinal Law protect his flock? – by Kristen Lombardi smart 41

Files show church leaders knew of abuse for decades – 05/17/02 Jennifer Levitz – Porter smart 45

Former seminarian to sue ex-Bishop; alleges molestation – By Amy Driscoll – 3/16/02 Anderson smart 44

Former Priest in Hong Kong Arrested By Helen Luk Hong Kong (AP) – From AOL smart 45

Four Sue Cardinal Over Sexual Abuse – LA (AP) Mahony from AOL smart 45

Cardinal Mahony Kept Cleric’s Abuse Secret for 16 Years – Scandal: Archbishop failed to inform police and instead reassigned priest. In a letter, he admits mishandling case. 5/16/02 By Glenn F. Bunting smart 45

Cardinal Sued Over Molestation Cases – Litigation: The civil filings on behalf of two sets of brothers accuse Mahony of running a criminal enterprise. – by Beth Shuster, Richard Winton – Mahony smart 45 LA Times

Woman asks cardinal for help in finding priestly father – 5/7/02 By Sandra Marquez, AP LA – Mahony smart 45

L.A. cardinal’s role outrages abuse victims – Mahony lacks credibility to protect kids, critics say – Don Lattin 4/19/02 Http:// smart 45

Mouth Wide Shut – Mahony 45

French bishop convicted for keeping quiet about sexual abuse By Frederic Veille, AP – Paris 9/4/01 smart 41

Geoghan found guilty of sex abuse – Boy was assaulted at Waltham pool By Kathleen Burge, Boston Globe Staff, 1/19/02

German Bishop Resigns Over Abuse by Tony Czuczka Berlin (AP) – Eisenbach…insufficient evidence for criminal charges. From AOL 4/16/02 smart 45

Grand Jury Says Churches Are Hiding Cases of Abuse – 6/20/02 – By Randal C. Archibold White Plains smart 45 NY Times

Grand Jury Weighs Case on Cardinal By Denise Lavoie AP Boston – Law – from AOL smart 45

Grand Jury Urges Coverup Penalties by Devlin Barrett AP 6/18/02 NY From AOL smart 45

Healing church’s wounds – By Pete Mcaleer 4/8/02 45 Press of Atlantic City, NJ

Hidden Evidence? Bishop Caught on Tape Suggesting Concealing Abuse Evidence By Brian Ross 5/31/02 smart 45

How a priest’s past was hidden – In 1984, the Rev. John P. Connor molested a boy. Courts and the church concealed his crime. By David O’Reilly 4/21/02 The Philadelphia Inquirer smart 45

Hundreds Of Priests Removed Since ’60s Survey Shows Scope Wider Than Disclosed By Alan Cooperman and Lena H. Sun 6/9/02 2002Jun8.htmlsmart 45 Washington Post

Illinois Priest, Five Others Plead Guilty to Making, Distributing ‘date-Rape’ Drug 5/22/02 Davenport, Iowa (AP) smart 45

Jury Tells of Abuses by Priests New York Daily News – 6/19/02 – By Richard T. Pienciak – Westchester County grand jury smart 45

Law recommended fired dean for college teaching position – By Stephen Kurkjian 5/15/02 45 Boston Globe

Lawyer: More Suits Against Church By Jennifer Peter – Boston AP – 5/4/02 – from AOL smart 45

Lost truth: Records show Church hid four decades of abuse – Tom Mashberg, Jack Sullivan 6/5/02 smart 45 Boston Herald

Mass. OKs Child Abuse Reporting Bill – By Leslie Miller, Boston (AP) 2/26/02 smart 44

DAs push bill on child abuse – Passage expected of law requiring clergy disclosure By John Ellement, Globe Staff, 4/6/02 smart 44

Missouri regulators sue Vatican – By Mark Morris – The Kansas City Star smart 45

Missouri, four other states seek to recoup losses on Frankel insurers from Vatican, bank, others – 5/9/02 – Frankel smart 45

Vatican Denies Role in Fraud Scheme – Vatican City (AP) From AOL smart 45

More Sex Abuse Lawsuits Filed in Ky – By Lori Burling – Louisv. Ky. (AP) from AOL smart 45

N.Y. cantor held for trial in sex abuse of nephew, 12 – By Gaiutra Bahadur 4/18/02 smart 45

Nearly 100 Kentucky Men Add to Accusations Against Priests – By Francis X. Clines 45 NY Times 5/28/02

Parish issues apology after priest tells congregation to report abuse only to archbishop By Judy L. Thomas – 5/14/02 – Kansas City Star smart 45

Pastor who dabbled in MPD therapy accused of having sex with his client’s 6 year old alter personality. AP – 11/3/01 Split Personality – Las Vegas – “Hough” Smart 42

Pedophile priests doing church work – Rory Callinan, Tanya Targett, – Courier-Mail Australia 5/25/02,4057,4382696%255E421,00.htmlsmart 45

Philadelphia-area priests are dismissed because of abuse 2/23/02 After a crackdown in Boston, local archdiocese officials removed several clerics who were known to have sexually assaulted children. by David O’Reilly Inquirer Staff Writer

Polish Archbishop Resigns in Wake of Sex Abuse Scandal – 3/28/02 – Warsaw (Reuters) 44 NY Times

Polish Archbishop Center Of Sex Scandal – 3/22/02 – Baltimore Sun

Pope Accepts Resignation of Accused U.S. Bishop – 6/11/02 Vatican City (Reuters) – 45

Pope Apologizes for Pedophilia, Rape of Nuns, Evangelizing Native People, Stealing Children – 11/22/01 Pope decries sexual abuses by clergy By R. Boudreaux – LA Times – Rome smart 42

Pope To Be Named In Two Sex Abuse Lawsuits – Jeff Anderson 651-227-9990 Laura Barrett 314-645-5915 smart 44 – Clergy Abuse Tracker has articles on clergy abuse. smart 45

Priest abuse cases slow to settle in R.I. Talks with church began a decade ago By Matt Carroll, Globe Staff, 3/16/02 44 Boston Globe

Priest kept working after abuse cases – 05/04/02 – By Brooks Egerton – Rogge 45 Dallas News

Priest’s sordid past shocks parish – Father Houston was declared dangerous sexual offender, sent to prison in 1962 Ed Struzik, Edmonton Journal 45

Priestly Sin, Cover-Up – Powerful Cardinal in Vatican Accused of Sexual Abuse Cover-Up By Brian Ross 4/26/02 Maciel smart 45

Priests Accused of Running Sex Ring – By Terry Spencer – Hollywood, Fla. (AP) – from AOL “law offices of Herman & Mermelstein…” also see “Lawsuit Accuses Miami Priests Of Holding Orgies” smart 45

Principal Sues the Diocese of Brooklyn, Citing Abuse By Anthony DePalma 6/20/02 45 NY Times

Prosecutors Examine Legal Culpability Of Church Officials Hiding Sex Abuse Could Bring Charges By Edward Walsh 5/5/02 smart 45

Protect the Church at all costs – Cardinal Law plays hardball with sex-abuse victims – by Kristen Lombardi – Geoghan smart 41

Reardon’s parents cling to `if only’ by Tom Farmer and Laurel J. Sweet Monday, 1/28/02 smart 43 Boston Herald

Records show Law reassigned Paquin after settlements – By Stephen Kurkjian 5/30/02 45 Boston Globe

Records: Vatican knew of scandal coverup in 1973 – by Jack Sullivan – 5/16/02 45 Boston Herald

Records: Church let loose predator priest – by Eric Convey, Tom Mashberg 5/17/02 – Mahan smart 45 Boston Herald

Records: Molesters advised other abusers by Tom Mashberg 6/6/02 – Shanley 45 Boston Herald

Reilly, DAs pressure archdiocese on priests Warn grand jury may force church to turn over data By Kevin Cullen, Globe Staff, 3/1/02 smart 44 Boston Globe

Religious Life Without Integrity – The Sexual Abuse Crisis in the Catholic Church By Barry M Coldrey – Barry M Coldrey, 7/67 Collins Street, Thornbury Vic 3071 Australia (this may be old) smart 43

Roman Catholic Church Shifts Legal Strategy Aggressive Litigation Replaces Quiet Settlements By Michael Powell and Lois Romano 5/13/02 smart 45

Roman Catholic Church pays sexual-abuse victims – 1/31/02 – Dublin smart 43 Globe and Mail

Religious Order Offers $110 Million to Irish Sex Abuse Victims by Brian Lavery NY Times Dublin, 2/1/02 43 NY Times

Settlement eyed in R.I. priest cases – 3/29/02 Boston Globe

Sex Abuse by Clergy a Global Problem – By Richard N. Ostling NY (AP) 4/19/02 from AOL smart 45

Sex Abuse by Clerics – a Crisis of Many Faiths – “While sexual misconduct has rocked many religions, leaders of some have acted far more quickly than others by Teresa Watanabe – 3/25/02 smart 44

Spreading Scandal 6/9/02 “300 civil lawsuits alleging sex abuse by priests”” smart 45

St John’s Seminary Linked to Problem Priests – 3/3/02 by Eric Convey – Boston Herald smart 44

Suits Say Vatican and Pope Are Liable in Priest Scandal By Laurie Goodstein 4/4/02 – ST. Petersburg, FL – Anderson 44 NY Times

Teacher – Archbishop Told Her to Resign By Amy Lorenstein AP Omaha, Neb. from AOL smart 45

The Last Word By Paul M. Rodriguez 05/27/02 “Report of Church Troubles Proved Prophetic – The title of the confidential report is: “The Problem of Sexual Molestation by Roman Catholic Clergy” smart 45

Therapist-priest blasted as abuser: Ex-altar boys claim Kane was molester by Robin Washington and Maggie Mulvihill – 1/30/02 43 Boston Herald

Tom Economus, President of Linkup smart 44 funeral

Two-thirds of bishops let accused priests work – Spokesman: ‘Prudent decisions’ made amid abuse allegations 06/12/02 By Brooks Egerton and Reese Dunklin” smart 45

Vatican Lawsuit Liability Could Reach $1 Billion in US – By Lawrence Morahan 5/22/02\Culture\archive\200205\CUL20020522a.html smart 45

Vatican Gold Could Be Used to Pay Sex Abuse Victims 4/8/02 “According to…Vatican Finance Minister, Cardinal Szoka, (Business Week Online, 4/5/02) smart 45

Woman says church ignored her outcries – By Sacha Pfeiffer, Globe Staff, 2/13/02 Gauvreau Shanley 43 Boston Globe

Women charge sex abuse by Portland priest – By Bruce Olson – “Portland – Ore. (Reuters) smart 42

“Secrets and sins gone by – Elizabeth McKenna has long maintained she was sexually abused by her priest. Now, the Church has apologized – 5/10/01 – Chris Eby – National Post – “McKenna, now 53, alleges Fr. Reed” National Post – smart #39

Cardinal Law sees no evil – “Sex-abuse victims of former priest John Geoghan charge that Cardinal Bernard Law was told of Geoghan’s criminal activity as early as 1984 but did nothing to stop it. Now they want to know why.”

Vatican denies ‘priests abuse of nuns’ report – also see smart #38

A farewell is absent at church hit by scandal – By Farah Stockman and Yvonne Abraham, Globe Staff, 2/24/01 – MIDDLETON – Boston Globe smart #38

Priest Allegedly Abused 2 Students During 1980s – Episcopal Rector Held on $2 Million Bond After Arrest in Illinois; Accusers Now in Their Thirties – by David Snyder -Washington Post Staff Writer – 2/8/01, Page B05

The Leadership Training Workshops on Clergy Ethics and Abuse in 2001 in Seattle, WA. For more info. 206-634-1903 ext. 14,,, Center for the Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence, 936 N 34th St, #200, Seattle, WA 98103

Minister Admits Molesting Children – by Jennifer Holland – Associated Press Greenwood, S.C. (AP) AP-NY-01-29-01

The Truth About Malarkey by Dee Ann Miller,, 1-888-280-7715, ISBN 1-58721-555-1, the novel is available as an e-book for only $3.95 through, Confronting Collusion in Churches also see smart #36

High-Ranking S.F. Priest Accused of Molesting Boy – Police found cleric, youth disheveled in parked car Jaxon Van Derbeken, Chronicle Staff Writer – 11/14/00 – San Francisco. also see smart #36

Catholic Church apologizes, settles with molestation victims 10/10/00 – PORTLAND, Oregon (AP)CNN smart #35

Enquirer Local News Coverage- 7/11/00 – “Church settles sex-abuse lawsuit – Documents reveal fresh allegations, by Dan Horn – The Cincinnati Enquirer

Catholic Pedophile Priests, The Effect on U.S. Society” by Tom Economus

A multimillion dollar civil lawsuit started Jan. 10, 2000 in Toronto against Fr. Francis Reid and Dr. Ray Leibl. The allegations include sexual abuse. E. Jane Mundy, SOS&SA (Survivors of Sexual and Spiritual Abuse), 705-841-1140,

Child Sexual Abuse and the Catholic Church: An Historical and Contemporary Review Dr. P. Isely, Ed. D.

Garlands from Ashes – Healing from Clergy Abuse S. Grace, clergy abuse. Books for Women, P. O. Box 509, Palmerston North, New Zealand.

How Little We Knew – Collusion and Confusion with Sexual Misconduct D. Miller, Lafayette, La.: Prescott, clergy abuse – D. Miller, 613 Frank, Council Bluffs, IA 51503

New York post online, “Priest’s Sex-abuse Victims Break Silence” by Allen Salkin

O’Shea’s alleged victims describe pressures from “by Jim Herron Zamora of the Examiner Staff 6/16/00

SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) PO Box 438679, Chicago, IL. 60643-8679, (312) 409-2720, SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests ) smart 44

Survivor Connections – clergy abuse, newsletters, SC, 52 Lyndon Rd., Cranston, RI 02905

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, conference – Wash, D.C. Nov 8-10, 1996. See SMART issue #12

The Linkup, 1412 W. Argyle St #2, Chicago, IL 60640, E-mail:,, 773-334-2296. Linkup’s Home Page – Information about Clergy Abuse