Issue 10 September 1996

The purpose of this newsletter is to help stop secret societies from abusing others and to help those who have allegedly been abused by the Masons and other affiliated groups.

This newsletter is not a substitute for other ways of recovery from ritual abuse. Readers should use caution while reading this newsletter. If necessary, make sure other support systems are available during and after reading this newsletter.

Important :
Resources mentioned in this newsletter are for educational value only. Reading the books cited may or may not help your recovery process, so use caution when reading any book mentioned in this newsletter. Some may have a religious or other agenda that may be separate from your own recovery process. Others may have valuable information on the Masons and other organizations, but have triggers or be somewhat sympathetic to that organization. Resources listed, quoted and individual articles, etc. and their writers do not necessarily support all or any of the views mentioned in this newsletter. Also, the views, facts and opinions mentioned in this newsletter are solely the opinions of the authors and are not necessarily the opinion of this newsletter or its editor.

“The Greatest Revenge is to Heal,
then Turn Around and Help Someone Else. “
– from The Grapevine

“The Greatest Revenge is to Stop Abusers
from Making Victims in the First Place”

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Neil Brick, editor of S.M.A.R.T. will be speaking at LINKUP conference, at the Clarion International Hotel, Rosemont, IL., September 2nd, 1996, in the morning. For more info, write LINKUP, 1412 W Argyle St. #2, Chicago, IL. 60640 or call 312-334-2296.

SMART is looking for more articles on alleged Masonic ritual abuse. These articles can be based on research or personal accounts. Articles may be sent on floppy disk in word perfect format. Pen names may be used. Therapists may also send in case studies with their patient’s written permission. Please send written permission with all articles. Also if you’d like, please include permission to put the articles on our Internet home page.

The following is a partial outline of the workshop Neil Brick (S.M.A.R.T. editor) gave at the VOICES in Action 14th International Conference, August 2nd, 1996. Information on how to receive an audio tape of the workshop is in the resource section at the end of this newsletter. Note: Some of the information here has been presented in previous newsletters. This article is a good review of the material and helps tie together many of the elements showing a possible connection between secret societies and ritual abuse. Please use caution while reading, it may be triggering.

1) What is ritual abuse? “…is methodical abuse, often using indoctrination, aimed at breaking the will of another human being. In a 1989 report, the Ritual Abuse Task Force of the L.A. County Commission for Women defined ritual abuse as…: Ritual Abuse usually involves repeated abuse over an extended period of time. The physical abuse is severe, sometimes including torture and killing. The sexual abuse is usually painful, humiliating, intended as a means of gaining dominance over the victim. The psychological abuse is devastating and involves the use of ritual indoctrination. It includes mind control techniques which convey to the victim a profound terror of the cult members …most victims are in a state of terror, mind control and dissociation” (Pg. 35-36) “Safe Passage to Healing”, by Chrystine Oksana, 1994, HarperCollins, 1-800-822-4090

What are secret societies ? “Cults practicing ritual abuse exist as a secret society….Secret societies compete for membership with established organizations. Therefore, they have to offer something not accommodated by the establishment: wealth, power, fame, sex, drugs, security, promise of salvation or eternal life….There can be secret societies within secret societies. (Pg. 48) “Safe Passage to Healing”

The Connection: Secret Societies and Ritual Abuse – ‘Violent cults that ritually abuse children use a variety of belief systems to justify their acts. Some belief systems are based on the idea of needing to understand both good and evil in order to reach spiritual enlightenment….members engage in all evil acts imaginable in an attempt to understand the nature of evil.

Some violent cults believe in supreme evil powers…to gain supernatural power…people practice ritual abuse …to worship the evil forces….other belief systems …of creating a superior white race….these cults believe they must torture and ritually abuse children …to create a “stronger” breed of humans…some…are based on worshipping the cycles of nature…” (Pg. 123) “Ritual Abuse” – Margaret Smith, 1993, HarperCollins

When trauma alters brain chemistry, perceptions of reality change. Ancient magicians believed a victim’s response was a mystical or magical experience. Now this is called “dissociation”.

Some Gnostics believed that Satan was the God of the Old Testament. “In the Middle Ages, some secret societies and fraternal organizations were accused by the Catholic church of practicing a violent, sexualized mass.” (pg 135, Smith) The Cathars and Knights Templar were two of these groups. The Knights Templar were accused of desecrating the cross, and anointing it with parts of infants. Some confessions were obtained by torture.

The Illuminati, a dualist philosophy (associated with Satanism) developed in the 18th century. They allegedly infiltrated secret societies including Freemasonry. 67% of survivors in M. Smith’s study said their alleged ritual abuse perpetrators belonged to either secret societies or fraternal organizations (33% of perpetrators were allegedly Masons).

In “Cult and Ritual Abuse” by J. Noblitt and P. Perskin, 1995, Praeger Pub, 1-800-225-5800, there is a discussion in Chapter 10, Investigating Western Occultism about Gnosticism and its connection to secret societies. Alchemists might have created alter personalities, to “stay young” (child alters) or “become immortal”, pass down their traits to others in their alters.

Luciferian cults (where God is capable of good and evil) are described by some of their patients. Many of these patients have reported ritual abuse where alleged Masonic ceremonies, items or members were there. A symbol for The Order of the Eastern Star (female branch of the Masons) is an inverted pentagram.

Masonry has allegedly promoted Gnostic thinking. Albert Pike (33 degree Mason) ties the Masons to Jacques de Molay of the Knights Templar. Masons allegedly helped create the Hell Fire Club (Black Masses) and the Illuminati. The KKK can allegedly be traced to a group made up of some Masons and allegedly derived rites and symbols from the Masons. “Many survivors of ritual abuse allege traumatic experiences associated with what they believe to be KKK activities, and many of these describe the KKK as a cult.” (Pg, 103, Noblitt and Perskin) Other Masons include: Aleister Crowley (ritual human sacrifice, O.T.O., Golden Dawn), Dr. W. W. Wescott (Golden Dawn), Karl Kellner and Theodore Reuss (O.T.O.).

“Understanding Ritual Abuse” a study of 33 R.A.’s, (from R.A. Project, 431 Auburn Blvd #215, Sacr, Ca. 95841), survivors named two groups alleged perpetrators belonged to, Masons (27%), Knights of Columbus (9%), other groups mentioned were: Rosicrucians, Eastern Star, Shriners.

In “The Egyptian Masonic Satanic Connection” by David Carrico, available from Followers of Jesus Christ, 5220 Ashley Dr. Evansville, In. 47711, Nimrod (Tower of Babel) is great according to the Masons. Masons’ mystery religion allegedly comes in part from Ancient Babylon, borrowing occult symbols, paraphernalia and candles. The Masonic history book has pictures of Ashtoreth, Dagon, Baal (human sacrifices) and the Satanic Goat of Mendes. In the 1st degree (Masons move up by degrees), 1st degree Masons are allegedly threatened with the loss of life if they divulge any secrets.

Albert Pike, “Father of Modern Masonry” Pike discusses connections of Masonry to the occult in “Morals and Dogma” (pro-Masonic book).

Eastern star – founded by a Mason, only women related to Master Masons may join. The degree system is connected to changed Biblical stories, where in two stories, torture or human sacrifice are allegedly alluded to. The pentagram is Eastern Star’s symbol. Youth groups, Job’s Daughter, Rainbow girls, DeMolays are allegedly “feeder groups” for the Masons. Source: “The Masonic Connection: Hidden Secrets of the Eastern Star” by Cathy Burns, available from: Sharing, 212-S E 7th St, Mt Carmel, Pa. 17851-2211.

From another book of Cathy’s, “Hidden Secrets of Masonry”, Albert Pike allegedly states that Masonry intentionally misleads Masons (hidden agenda). J.S.M. Ward (A Mason) writes that Osiris (Egyptian God, human sacrifices, Egyptian God of the dead) saved mankind. She mentions that the gods of Masonry allegedly represent SATAN in different costumes. Albert Pike talks about Lucifer bearing the light.

The word “Illuminati” is derived from Lucifer. The Illuminati were dedicated to a “New World Order”. The back of the dollar bill has a pyramid with the all seeing eye on it, Roman numerals with the starting date of the Illuminati and the words “New World Order” in Latin.

Professor Stephen Kent discusses ways the Mormons could possibly misinterpret Mormon literature in “Deviant Scripturalism and Ritual Satanic Abuse Part Two: Possible Masonic, Mormon, Magick and Pagan Influences”, Stephen Kent, (pub. in Religion) U of Alberta, Dept of Soc, Faculty of Arts, 5-21 Tory Bldg, Edm. CANADA T6G2H4

The Utah Lighthouse Ministry, P O Box 1884, Salt Lake City, UT 84110 has excellent information on the Mormons and their alleged ritual abuse. In “Evolution of the Mormon Temple Ceremony 1842- 1990” by Jerald and Sandra Tanner it is shown that Joseph Smith was originally a Mason. Many parallels are shown between the two groups (Mormon and Mason) and many rituals were borrowed.

In “Satanic Ritual Abuse and Mormonism” (Tanners), 60 victims in the Mormon church discuss seeing or participating in alleged ritual abuse activities (this number could include 800 people, the number of people in each survivors’ story).

The stories of Betty Rhoton and Merradyth McCallister describe alleged ritual abuse in the Mormon church, the Mormon church’s alleged attempt to cover up McCallister’s story, and her ex-communication from the church. Their stories allege torture, ritual abuse, and mind control. McCallister also had relatives in the Masons and Eastern Star. For more information, see S.M.A.R.T. Issue #6.

The following article is an essay by a subscriber. She inserts at the beginning of the article: Please note: I do not feel in any way that one cannot fight ritual abuse if they are not integrated; integration is one of my choices/goals in my own personal healing process. And we are all fighting ritual abuse simply because we are alive.

An Essay, by Cara (Part One)

(Please use caution while reading, it may be triggering)

Yesterday morning my therapist honored me by coming to my home to look at my sacred place, my study, with the pictures covering the walls, all expressing parts of me, or having meaning to me, and I invited him into my safe room too, and showed him everything, all the pictures and toys and coloring books and story books and trinkets that my kids and I love.

He took off his shoes and stood in stocking feet with those blue socks on that I love so much because they are the best color blue I have ever seen, the kind you can rest your eyes in, like that lovely blue suit he wears sometimes that he must have bought in Europe. I wonder if he gets all his clothes in Europe. The fabrics are all natural, linen, cotton, fine, elegant fabrics. When he holds me, I love to feel the fineness of the fabrics he wears, nothing synthetic, nothing that has not come from nature itself. These fabrics are comforting to me. It is like being held by the forest, or an ocean, or a field of wildflowers. So he stood in his dear stocking feet and swayed back and forth and read my poster of “Reasons Not to Kill Yourself” for ritual abuse survivors, and he was really taken with it. I was so pleased when I found the order form for the poster in my resources folder, so pleased that I had something to give him that would give him access to what he really wanted, for himself, for his patients.

I was very at ease with him in my home, so at ease that I lost sight of appropriate boundaries and led him right into John’s and my bedroom to introduce him to two more of our cats, Charlie, and Black Cat. I know how my therapist loves animals because he has told me, so I purposely kept as many of the cats in the house until he arrived so that he could meet them. He met Alex and Lee-Shu and Mookie also. So he has not yet met Henry and Willow. Someday, perhaps, if there is another therapeutic reason for him to come to our home again.

He was so silly, standing in our kitchen, offering me his half full carton of orange juice before he left, not knowing that I had just bought it the day before, with some butter, cat food, and laundry detergent, bought it especially for him, only for him. As a gesture of welcoming to our home and as a way of showing him that I notice that he too is human, that he drinks orange juice like the rest of us. I never read the label on his cartons of orange juice in the office, of course, but when I went to the Price Chopper, I looked for the image of colors and shapes and letters imprinted in my mind, and matched them intuitively, and this gave me great pleasure. When we were in my safe room I told him that it used to be a closet, and that when I cleared out all the shelves and junk and bars for hanging clothes on, I discovered this magic, beautiful cedar closet.

I showed him my photo album, the first that I know I will be able to keep, and honor, even though, and especially, because the photos within show all sides of me, even shots in which I think I look physically unattractive; this represents growth on my part, growth from the times when I was obsessed with being “beautiful,” believing that if I was “beautiful” no one could ever hurt me with their criticism, foolishly thinking “beautiful” somehow made me invulnerable. There was one photo to which he exclaimed “That’s not you, is it?!” And I told him yes it was, when I was 19 years old and in the hospital.

I neglected to tell him that the photo was taken at the end of my ten month hospitalization as I was preparing to go into a half-way house, a time in which my (then) psychiatrist, felt I was well enough to leave, although he told me I had a long road ahead of me. I also didn’t tell my therapist that at the time the photo was taken, I thought I looked good! Oh my. Good compared to when I entered the hospital.

The only thing that I forgot to show my therapist in my study was the teddy bear that I held onto the night I was allegedly raped when I was nineteen years old, allegedly raped by a man I loved but did not want to have sex with. I held this bear after I finally got into bed around three in the morning, and I told myself I mustn’t cry or I would wake up my college roommate. I didn’t cry. Before I made it to the bed, I went into the communal bathroom and stood in the shower, lathered in soap and shampoo, flailing my skull against the hard, cold tile wall of the shower stall, crying as quietly as I could and praying that no one would come into the bathroom and hear me. Mostly I moaned, but at times a wail would escape from my mouth, from deep within me, a wail of grief, a sound foreign to me then but practically a daily occurrence with me now, due to abreactions and flashbacks and therapy sessions.

S.M.A.R.T. wants to thank Cara for the first part of this article. Part two, will be in the next issue.


The following article was sent in by a current subscriber. Please use caution while reading, it may be triggering.

Those of us who are Star Trek fans will remember the electronic shock restraint/torture devices used on Enterprise crew members and prisoner/slave populations in various episodes. Some of us who were allegedly rented out by the Masons to the military may remember similar devices used on us in secret “experiments”, as well as alleged electroshock at the Masonic lodge/temple itself. Those of us who are animal and human rights activists know about the shock devices used on cattle and other animals when they are being herded, transported and slaughtered, and on human beings as “therapy” in hospitals and torture in “totalitarian states”.

Past and current technology is not fantasy, foreign, psuedomemory, false memory, therapy or used exclusively on animals. “Amnesty (Int’) has had records of torture with low-voltage cattle prods since the 1970’s, but new varieties of electronic devices – the taser, the stun gun, the electroshock baton, the electric riot shield, and the stun belt – function at significantly higher voltage…”

“Although the physical evidence of electrical modern torture may eventually disappear, the real trauma is psychological – the experience of being shocked into incapacitation and severe pain again and again. Post traumatic-stress syndrome describes the reaction to electrical injury, as well as other forms of torture, says Donald Shenson, Director of Human Rights at Montefiore Hospital and North Central Bronx Hospital. Shenson claims that 11 percent of the patients he sees at the Human Rights Clinic report electrical torture.”

“Amnesty now has cases of torturers shocking children, as well as men and women, with hand-held, high voltage devices in the most sensitive areas of the body…” (The Progressive, July 1996)

I have always remembered sunbathing in the backyard, lathered with Baby Oil, and reaching out to turn the dial on the radio, forgetting that the knobs had been broken off and I would be grabbing bare (low- voltage) electricity-conducting metal. I remember the terror I felt at the mild shock. I also remember allegedly running away into the woods from the Masonic lodge and being chased and caught when I was young, and being electrically tortured, especially the last time when I was 18 and they allegedly tortured my brain to shut down my memories which they incorrectly thought were surfacing and my will which was growing stronger.

These memories both validate and are validated by the news of law enforcement technology, including the R.E.A.C.T. (Remote Electronically Activated Control Technology ) stun belt which U.S. prisoners are being forced to wear and which, when activated (accidentally as well as on purpose) shocks the wearer for 8 seconds with 3 to 4 milliamps and 50,000 volts of “continuous stun power”. A 1990 study by the British Forensic Science Service found that, since the shock is delivered via electric currents throughout the entire body, a one- to two-second shock would probably cause the victim to collapse, a three- to four-second shock would have an incapacitating effect for up to 15 minutes.

“Although a blast of one to three seconds is enough to paralyze almost anyone temporarily, the manufacturer set the timer (which cannot be turned off) at eight seconds in order to account for the difference in bodily resistance to the belt….Even if, as often happens, the belt knocks its wearer to the floor after a half-second, the wearer must endure the entire eight-second stun. “

Called non-lethal and less-lethal technology, the manufacturer of the electronic riot shield insists that the heart failure of a guard required to endure two 45,000-volt shocks as part of his training in the use of the shield – “was mere coincidence”. At the University of Nebraska, a single doctor Robert Stratbucker conducted a series of safety tests using the Stun Tech Ultron II – a stun gun – a version of which forms the shock component to the R.E.A.C.T. belt…on anesthetized swine!

Stun Tech president Dennis Kaufman says his promotional video for the R.E.A.C.T. has graphic footage. “It makes great party viewing.”

S.M.A.R.T. wants to thank Kim for sending us this article and encourages others to send in articles, especially about alleged Masonic ritual abuse.

The following letter was written in response to an article in Mother Jones.

July 25, 1996

Mother Jones
731 Market St.
Suite 600
San Francisco, Ca. 94103

Dear Editor,

I am a subscriber to your magazine. I have also been a supporter of your foundation for many years. However, when I read the article, “A Question of Abuse” in your July/August 1996, I was very disappointed. Having worked with children for many years, I can assure you that Tony’s alleged behavior is not normal. I also know that it is very rare for children to be removed from a home unless there is something severely wrong in that home, and due to the high number of cases per social worker, it is very rare to see this happen.

On page 34, Judith Levine mentions “inappropriate” behaviors, in quotes, as to say these behaviors are not inappropriate. As a teacher and researcher of child abuse, I can assure you that “diddling, licking, putting things inside genitals, flashing, mooning, or masturbating” are inappropriate behaviors for children and are strong signs something may be wrong. Also, coerced sex play between children is never normal.

You also mention “the satanic ritual abuse scare”. Satanic ritual abuse does occur in this country, there are many well-documented case studies proving this. If you doubt this, I can refer you to numerous newsletters, books and organizations.

It is very frightening to see a magazine such as yours that often times takes the side of the “little guy” take a pro-establishment stance on this issue. Almost all of the people fighting against child abuse and satanic ritual abuse are small, grass roots organizations, as opposed to those spreading disinformation about child abuse, such as the false, pseudo-scientific premise that recovered memories are not real. There are many case studies showing that recovered memories are real.

It is sad to see Mother Jones, the champion of those struggling for justice, promoting and condoning those fighting against justice and children. Child abuse, including Satanic Ritual Abuse, creates fear in the victim, making it difficult for the victim to participate in our society and think for themselves. It is surprising to see your magazine on the wrong side of this issue. I hope that in the future you will be able to look at the other side of the issue (stopping child abuse and believing people when they say they have been abused), so that we can end the cycle of child abuse once and for all.

Sincerely, Neil Brick

The author of the previous letter is no longer a subscriber to Mother Jones.


The following letter came from a person that receives our newsletter. Please use caution while reading, it may be triggering.

The Gathering –

Truth, or Fiction? Fact, or Fantasy? A story of threat, or an actual event? The setting is so clear in my mind – yet the horror of it all is missing. I just stared wide-eyed in disbelief of what was taking place. Everyone seemed to be having such a good time. WHAT ABOUT THE WOMAN? I think she must have been drunk or drugged. She didn’t seem to know what was happening either.

We were in a clearing in the woods. It was dark. There was a big moon. Everyone was standing in a circle around a stone, paddled, pedestal. The pedestal was illuminated. They were all men – maybe 10 to 12 or so in number. I was on Daddy’s shoulders. I was the only kid there. HOW OLD WAS I ON THAT NIGHT? There is a dark-haired woman tied onto the pedestal. She is wearing a black, skimpy nightie. She’s smiling. She does not look upset. All of the men take turns doing something to the woman, who doesn’t seem to mind at all. This went on for the longest time! It seemed like hours. I was mesmerized. After that the woman was all wet and sticky, but she still did not seem to care. Then they brought snakes to the woman. She did not like that! Then they brought a black horse to the woman. She screamed. Then everyone was quiet. Then everyone left. Not the woman, though. I don’t know what happened to her, but I think she died because she was bleeding.

by B’Lust 07-SEP-93

S.M.A.R.T. wants to thank B’Lust for sending us this memory and invites others to do the same.


Neil Brick’s VOICES in Action, Inc. conference workshop “Ritual Abuse and Secret Societies” (8/2/96 – 90 min.) is now available on audio tape. Please send $9.00 (US, Canada, Mexico, includes S & H), or $9.90 (other) to Infomedix 12800 Garden Grove Blvd, Suite F, Garden Grove, CA 92843 USA or call with credit card, 1-800-367-9286 or 714-530-3454. Please ask for tape “J184-15.”

“Memory and Abuse – Remembering and Healing the Effects of Trauma” by Charles L. Whitfield M.D. Using clinical truths and laborious scholarship, Dr. Whitfield brings his clinical experience and knowledge about traumatic memory to examine, explore and clarify this important issue. S.M.A.R.T. highly recommends this book. It is excellent. The book is available through Health Communications, Inc 3201 S.W. 15th St, Deerfield Beach, FL.33442-8190.

S.M.A.R.T. wants to thank Beyond Survival for printing the article “Surviving (alleged) Masonic Ritual Abuse” by Neil Brick in Issue #18 (Mind Control), July 1996 on Pages 23-24. This article is an edited version of the article in Issues #1 and #2 of S.M.A.R.T.

Beyond Survival is a magazine on ritual abuse, trauma and dissociation. For more information: Beyond Survival, P O 85, Annandale NSW 2038, Australia

Incest Survivors Resource Network International (ISRNI), has an international help line answered by incest survivors from 2-4 PM and 11-12 PM Mon. – Sat. ISRNI has a variety of resource lists for incest survivors and professionals, including books, articles, organizations and phone numbers.

For more information, call or write, ISRNI, P O Box 7375, Las Cruces, NM 88006-7375, 505-521-4260 (during the same hours).

Vision’s Gateway is changing its name to Courage Journal. For more information about this ritual abuse newsletter write: P.O. 7208, Olympia, WA 98507-7208.

Linkup’s newsletter, the Missing Link, on page 11 (Vol. 4, No. 2), has an article about the alleged Mormon Sex Scandals. It is charged that the Mormon church leaders allegedly “contributed to the repeated sexual abuse of two children by failing to tell authorities the children were mistreated. The children’s father, James Adams, told three leaders in 1989 he (allegedly) abused his daughter …and son…. Adams pleaded guilty to 37 counts of child sexual abuse and was sentenced to 75 years in prison….A year and a half ago a Phoenix reporter compiled a list of at least 35 recent cases of molestation (allegedly) involving the Mormon church.” For info: Linkup, 1412 W. Argyle #2, Chicago, IL 60642, 1-800-LINKUP6.

Satanic Ritual Abuse and Secret Societies is an 88 minute video tape researched by David Carrico (Followers of Jesus Christ). The existence of Satanic and alleged Masonic Ritual Abuse are fully supported by facts, dates and court convictions. The video is Christian based with selections from the Bible.

S.M.A.R.T. has decided to sell this unique video. S.M.A.R.T. is non-sectarian and has no religious affiliation. It’s information is invaluable in the fight against ritual abuse and the backlash against the incest recovery movement. To order, write SMART P O Box 60577, Florence, Ma. 01062 and send a check (US funds only please) for $20 + $3 (US S + H) or $6 (non-US S + H).

Songs of Life, Love and Ritual Abuse is a 20 minute tape of songs written by a survivor of alleged Masonic Ritual Abuse. Two songs are about alleged Masonic ritual abuse. The tape was digitally recorded and mixed. The style is primarily folk/rock and it is primarily a solo effort. To order, write: SMART, P O 60577, Florence, Ma. 01062 and send $3.50 per tape + $1.50 (US S + H), or $3.00 (non US S + H), US funds only please, make all checks payable to SMART.

Ritual Abuse Consultancy has audio tapes workshops on Ritual Abuse/Organized Sadistic Abuse. For more information, write RAC, P O Box 94, Warrawong NSW 2502 Australia, Fax-Phone 044-488351.

Stop it Now is researching the characteristics of child abusers by asking survivors for information about their abuser(s) in questionnaire form. For more information: Stop It Now, P O Box 495, Haydenville, Ma. 01039, 413-268-3096

STARSHINE – One Woman’s Valiant Escape from Mind Control – by Brice Taylor “offers a fascinating glimpse of one survivor’s struggle to overcome mind control and ritual abuse.” (Beth Vargo – BTC) “So much of what we have learned over the past decade in regard to victims of mind control is in STARSHINE. The way torture is used to create alternate personalities who respond with robotic compliance to the demands of one or more organized groups….Most important of all, her message of hope is firmly grounded in truth; victims can break the chains of mind control and be free…” (Catherine Gould PH.D.)

This 350 page book is available for $14.95 plus $3.00 S + H from Brice Taylor Trust, P.O. Box 2474, Carbondale, IL 62902.

New Hope Healing Institute is a non profit organization devoted to providing services to adult survivors of abuse. Newsletters are available on the topics of eating disorders, DID, addictions, men, women, Christians, etc. For a sample copy send a SASE with 55 cents postage to New Hope Healing Institute P O Box 570431, Miami, Fl 33257-0431, or call for referrals about abuse 800-422-4453, domestic abuse 800-333-7233, rape 800-FYI-CALL.

The Survivors Forum is available to anyone who holds a Compuserve account. Once in Compuserve type GO SAFEPLACE. It is available to non-offending survivors, family members, and friends. There are a variety of sections and resources available. There is a library, message board and conference room. All you need is a computer (PC or Mac), modem and telephone line. Free software kits are available. For more information, write: The Survivors Forum, SurvivorSynergy, Inc., P O Box 223, Hull, MA 02045, USA or e-mail 104047, (Specify Mac, Windows or Dos when requesting a kit).

Survivors and Victims Empowered now has a resource data base for survivors and survivor advocacy groups. For more information, write SAVE, P O Box 10756, Lancaster, PA 17605-0756, phone 717-569-3636, fax 717-581-1355.

For those of you who have a computer and access to the Internet, there is a ritual abuse home page at It contains several different sections:

1. Frequently asked questions about ritual abuse
2. Survivor poetry
3. Survivor art work
4. Links to home pages and other Internet resources on ritual abuse
5. A virtual library card catalogue of books, articles, dissertations,etc.
6. The text of a hot line training
7. Resources
8. Some important articles on programming

Please note that the library section and the Internet links contain references to sources that are skeptical of and/or hostile to the existence of ritual abuse. They are clearly identified as such.

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