Issue 95 – November 2010

This issue contains information on Casa Pia Portugal child abuse case, pedophile rings, human trafficking, Pentagon employees child porn purchases, clergy abuse, Pope visits UK, Vatican accountability, Boy Scout cases, Craigslist adult ads, Pedophiles – Facebook, Village Voice, prostitution rings, Wikipedia – pedophilia – pornography, West Memphis 3, human experimentation, US Guatemala STD experiments, recovered memory

Issue 94 – September 2010

This issue contains information on clergy abuse, the Legionaries Of Christ, the Pope and Vatican, Cornwall, the Statute of Limitations,, the DOJ fight against child pornography, modern slavery, sex trafficking, Polanski, Wikipedia and pedophilia, Pentagon workers and child pornography, Craig’s list and child sex ads, child prostitution, USA swimming, human experimentation, Conspiracy of Silence, the CIA’s Experiments on Children, mk-ultra, polygamy, rape and denial, sexual abuse’s detrimental effects, child abuse books

Issue 93 – July 2010

This issue contains information on clergy abuse, the Vatican, the Pope, Legionaries, Connecticut and New York child abuse bills, Roman Polanski, USA Swimming Coaches, Boy Scouts, Wikpedia/Wikimedia porn purge (Bomis connection), ritual abuse articles, mk-ultra, Franklin Scandal, government torture, trauma myth, memory and trauma articles, Developmental Trauma Disorder

Issue 92 – May 2010

This issue contains information on clergy abuse around the world, including alleged cover ups by the Vatican and Pope, Boy Scouts, Franklin Scandal/Gosch, Ritual abuse, mind control, mk-ultra, CIA experiments, West Memphis 3, Afghanistan, MPD/DID. Child sexual abuse and its traumatic effects, Scientology and a similar Milgram experiment on French TV.

Issue 91 – March 2010

This issue contains information on clergy abuse cases, including the Paul Shanley recovered memory case and information on the rejection of his appeal by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, the West Memphis 3, The Amirault – Fells Acres case, human experimentation, dissociative identity disorder, recovered memory research, Satanic ritual abuse and retractor validity.

Issue 90 – January 2010

This issue includes information on the Roman Polanski Case, Mohler case, Alamo case, Pedophile ring allegation Plymouth, England, Irish Catholic Church coverup, ritual abuse podcasts, books, conference presentations, articles and laws, mk-ultra, child abuse research and effects