Issue 23 – November 1998

Govt. Mind Control (McKenna), “MK” review, P2 Masonic Lodge Nov. 1998

Issue 22 – September, 1998

Voices Conference, Survivor/Therapist Article, Resource List Sept 1998

Issue 21 – July 1998

Scott vs. Mormon Church, Survivor Article, AFF letter July 1998

Issue 20 – May 1998

Mormon RA (E. Rhoton), N. Brick (Masonic RA), C. Mullen, E-Weapons (E. White) May 1998

Issue 19 – March 1998

CIA, Masonic RA (L. Moss-Sharman), RA Story (K. Sullivan), “Mormonism, Masonry…” book review (C. Burns), Mormon RA (E. Rhoton) March 1998

Issue 18 – January 1998

Mormon RA (E. Rhoton), RA Article (Anna) January 1998

Issue 18 – January 1998

For many survivors, this is a very difficult time of year. The constant triggers of Christmas time programming can be very unnerving. At the same time, it can be a time of tremendous growth. Since it is almost impossible to avoid seasonal triggers at this time of year, it may be best to uncover those triggers and process their accompanying memories. For me, each December gets easier.