Issue 18 – January 1998


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Issue 18 – January 1998

The purpose of this newsletter is to help stop secretive organizations and groups from abusing others and to help those who have been allegedly abused by the Masons, Mormons, government agencies and other secretive groups.

This newsletter is not a substitute for other ways of recovering from ritual abuse. Readers should use caution while reading this newsletter. If necessary, make sure other support systems are available during and after reading this newsletter.

The resources mentioned in this newsletter are for educational value only. Reading the books cited may or may not help your recovery process, so use caution when reading any book or contacting any resource mentioned in this newsletter. Some may have a religious or other agenda that may be separate from your own recovery process. Others may have valuable information on the Masons and other organizations, but have triggers or be somewhat sympathetic to those organizations. Resources listed, quoted and individual articles, etc. and their writers do not necessarily support all or any of the views mentioned in this newsletter. Also, the views, facts and opinions mentioned in this newsletter are solely the opinions of the authors and are not necessarily the opinions of this newsletter or its editor.

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No reproduction of any material without written permission from the editor or individual authors.

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Editor’s Page

For many survivors, this is a very difficult time of year. The constant triggers of Christmas time programming can be very unnerving. At the same time, it can be a time of tremendous growth. Since it is almost impossible to avoid seasonal triggers at this time of year, it may be best to uncover those triggers and process their accompanying memories. For me, each December gets easier. The more I consciously process the memories and feelings, the freer I feel and the more successful I become in my personal life. Life is now more than survival. It is also about having fun and learning how to get close to others.

The struggle to stop ritual abuse can be frustrating at times. Many people still believe in the theory that deviant or renegade members from secret societies are the only ones perpetrating ritual abuse. These people may be sympathetic and at times helpful to our movement to stop ritual abuse. However, there are many eye witness accounts of secret societies perpetrating ritualistic crimes on a large scale. These accounts are simply dismissed as being unsubstantiated, even though the individual reporting them comes with all the accompanying symptomology of a ritual abuse survivor and can often name the place, time and participants. Most secret societies destroy all evidence, leaving survivor accounts as the major piece of evidence in these crimes.

The theory that deviant or renegade members of secret societies ritually abuse is also unsubstantiated. Most of the accounts I have heard have not mentioned this theory at all. I believe this theory is hinged on the disbelief that such large organizations could perpetrate such infamous abuses of individuals. Of course, this has been disproved in history again and again. Stalinist Russia, Nazi Germany and America’s abuse of it’s own and the world’s poor and children (be it conscious to all or not) are excellent examples of large groups and whole nations abusing, torturing and killing others.

It has been shown in S.M.A.R.T. and numerous other publications the philosophical roots for ritual abuse in these groups. It has been shown in several studies that numerous ritual abusers come from these groups. Many survivors have come forth naming these groups as abusing them. But many still cling to the renegade or deviant theory. Furthermore, these groups usually deny any involvement in ritual abuse, rather than trying to find out about it and “clean house.” I believe a legitimately moral and honest group would be trying to deal with and stop these abuses.

The theory that several of these groups are involved in participating in ritual abuse and recruiting members for ritual abuse is not only denied, but this opinion is often stifled from appearing in the “pro-survivor” press. I have mentioned numerous examples in past issues where articles, press releases and conference topics have been denied that would help promote the discussion of this issue or at least the exposure of it.

This has happened recently again in a transcript of a radio show where I asked a question at a conference, (where I was not allowed to speak), about a possible connection between the Masons and the alleged abuse of the speaker. This question did not appear in the transcript and even though I asked the speaker and producer why, no response was received.

This is why S.M.A.R.T. needs your help this summer at our conference. Some survivor groups may have been coopted by members with dubious affiliations, and will be unable to give S.M.A.R.T. their full support. This conference can be an extremely strong conference. One that will break new ground in the fight against ritual abuse by secret organizations. This is where you can make a difference. Not only will you empower yourself, but also the entire movement. Our goal is to stop ritual abuse by these groups, and with your help, we can do this. We can and will win.

Survivor Article

The following article is part one of an excerpt from an upcoming book by Elizabeth Rhoton, survivor of alleged Mormonic Ritual Abuse. The following article has been edited for length and legal reasons. Please use caution while reading. It may be triggering.

He is fine, cries a lot. L. told C. “they had to have another girl soon. She has had seven pregnancies in eight years. Her body cannot stand to have another anytime soon.”

“I know why he wants another girl. Betty, he allegedly molested my girls up until he married C.” Everything “clicked” into place. All of the many incidences I had noticed, but could not understand. In a panic I hung up the phone and called both the Rape Crisis Center and Child Protective Services. Not knowing the signs of child molestation, I asked the woman at the Rape Crisis Center to read them to me. My grandchildren allegedly had all of the symptoms.

I then telephoned my husband, R., who was buying cattle at the Auction. I told him I would leave H. with S., my son, drive to the auction, get R. and we would immediately drive to P.

My daughter’s youngest son had been born the week before at a midwifery in the City. C. told me that during the labor L. would bring her orange juice to drink, which she promptly threw up. When the nurse brought her apple juice in a small can, she could drink it and keep it down. She believed he had allegedly tried to kill her. The baby was born with an enlarged liver.

When I was at her house the week of S.’s delivery, L. would constantly berate her, do anything to keep her upset. He took the three boys and had their heads shaved. He fought with her. He told her he was selling the house and buying a large van to go on the road with her and the children. Then nobody would know where they were. She was frantic about where the money would come from to buy the van.

One time when they were having a fight, I took the children for a ride. As we passed the monastery Jn. wanted to enter. I said we had no business in there. She told me they went in there all of the time. When we returned, C.’s eyes were glazed and staring.

H., six, the oldest boy, wanted to go to the ranch with me for a visit. The day we were to leave C. told me I did not know the hell the boy was going through to go home with me. When the children, C. and I were in the living room L. entered, walked over to the stereo, took a board, jerked H. out of the room saying, “You have been a bad boy.”

C. started to tremble and jerk, “You don’t know what he will do to H.”
“Then get up and get the child.”
“I can’t. I can’t. You don’t realize what he will do,” in great fear.

Then L. came back with H. and the board. No sounds had come from the closed bedroom door. H. and I went to my car. L. was getting in C.’s car with B. and Jn. Jn. gave me the most awful look of betrayal I do not ever want to experience again. She looked so lost and so sad, her eyes spoke of fear and why wasn’t she going, too? I had wanted to take her and her brothers, but as I was attending a spiritual healing seminar in a few days, it was decided that R. could only take care of H.

The night before I was to leave with H. I had heard steps going down the hall at about two a.m. I got up thinking it was one of the children. When I went into the H. and Jr.’s [18 months] room, I saw nobody. I covered the two boys and went to Jn.’s [five] and B.’s [three] room. I did not go in. Something stopped me. I saw that B., who was next to the door was covered and when I looked over to Jn.’s bed, I saw a white sheet over her.

I returned to bed. Soon I heard footsteps coming from the children’s room past my room toward the master bedroom. I then heard the commode flush in the bathroom. When I arrived at the bathroom door, Jn. was coming out. I squatted beside her asking who had been in her room. With enlarged pupils she said, “Nobody.”

When R. and I arrived at the Bag. house, the place was a disaster area. We spent the night. At some time the telephone rang as I was going to the kitchen to get a drink of water. L. was in the kitchen, he put his left hand to the left side of his face and brought his index finger forward as though pointing a gun at me. I could only hear mumbling. Months later I remembered what he said. He was talking to the Bishop. He told him he could not kill us all. He had to let them go. They would not talk. They were too controlled to talk.

The next morning as I was preparing breakfast, I heard Jn. screaming. I dropped everything and ran into her room. She was thrashing around in the bed, kicking and screaming, “Leave me alone. I don’t want to!”

I picked her up in my arms, “What is it you don’t want to do, Honey?”

She quieted, looked at the floor, “Nothing.”

R. told C. and L. we would take them all home so C. could get the proper rest she needed to recuperate from the recent birth. Obviously I canceled all plans to attend the seminar.

L. refused to let C. and the two youngest children go with us. As B., Jn and I were waiting in the car for R., Ja. came out and climbed in. L. arrived, squatted beside the open back door where Jn. was and told her to “give Daddy love.”

She said angrily, “No! I don’t want to.”

He just looked at her and she jumped into his lap, kissing him on the lips. L. then looked right at me, allegedly placing his hands on Jn.’s ankles running them up her legs and into her crotch. He did that three times. Since I wanted to get the children out of there, I just stared at him. I later learned he told C. my stare had frightened him.

When C., S., and R. arrived L. grabbed Ja. and stepped back. We again asked C. if she did not want to return with us. She stood there shaking her head with tears rolling down her cheeks. It was so hard to drive off with her standing there like a waif, a war victim.

As we were driving home, I looked over at R. asking him if he was with me on this. He said he would support me all of the way. I would have stopped the car and kicked him out if he had said otherwise.

On the way back through Ab. R. took the boys home and I took Jn. to the Hospital emergency room to get some tests run. They refused. I talked to a police officer. He told me about abusers, the honeymoon/abuse syndrome. Nothing was done.

During the next week I took the children to therapists. One of them would only see H. He told me he allegedly suspected molestation from H’s drawings–a tree with hair growing out of the top, a house with no doors and three legged people.

Survivor Article

The following article has been edited for length and legal reasons. Please use caution while reading. It may be triggering. Information will follow on how to contact the author.

More than nine years ago, I was offered help from the special branch officers of The Institute of Police Technology and Management. Prior to this event I had put a thousand miles between myself and my family. Images and memories my alters attempted to give me only made me hope that I was insane. Yet these officers were to totally change my life. They were instrumental in my traveling more than 2000 miles to meet a woman and her family who had a background similar to mine. Thus, my healing was based on validation, support and understanding.

These officers first questioned me on my mother’s death (I had not seen her in more than 20 years) and her father’s father, my great-grandfather. After four hours of questioning, in which my alters were eager to talk, I became determined to not only regain my own history, but to speak out, hoping that someone else would benefit. The terror and the horror that my alters shared that day made me committed to their cause for truth, our cause to regain our life.

The officer’s primary interest, was my mother, her father and my great-grandfather’s alleged involvement in the Thules. (Morning of the Magician, Spear of Destiny – Ravenscraft) I mentioned that my great-grandfather was written up in my hometown newspaper as a great gentleman and an alleged Mason, 33 degree, and an alleged founder of the Rosicrucians. His lineage carried a coat of arms. As a Thule, or Aryan, I believe he was a friend of Hess and one of Hitler’s earlier mentors. (The Thules were known as Aryans.) These Thules, German Bund, Grange, Rosicrucians, Knights, Illuminati allegedly brought thousands of Nazi’s into the U.S. (Wanted, Nazi’s in America – Spear of Destiny) Most members of my family were allegedly government/military. I believe that my mother’s side (her mother), were related to Leo Crowley of I.G. Farbin who furnished the gas that murdered thousands upon thousands of innocent people during Hitler’s regime and Alister Crowley. The Cameron clan included Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron (Journey Into Madness – Gordon Thomas). The Camerons, Crowleys and Wilsons were allegedly multi generational occultists, the Scottish rites (Knights) Masonic order, as well as Thules. Dr. Cameron allegedly sent my mother, along with several Nazi scientists to what is now called Cape Kennedy.

I believe that my great-grandfather planned my birth, to be another Inanna (Necromancy 12th Planet – Zicharia Sitchen), which my aunt had been also. My aunt shared the same birth date as I did, except she was born much earlier and her marriage was arranged to a government official. As an Inanna, I was allegedly tortured as a baby to leave my body (extreme dissociation). Later Dr. Cameron was allegedly placed in the CIA as a psychiatrist from the brotherhood. He was allegedly able to obtain money to form several so called mind control programs. Other doctors, several allegedly placed by the brotherhood (Mason, etc.) were assigned to him, including several U.S. Thules and German Nazi Thules. I believe this program grew to equal the horror and the terror of the S.S. founded by Thules ad Hitler. Dr. Cameron, etc. allegedly now had the power to chose victims for various programs among splinter occult and Satanic groups, across the U.S. and Canada, where many of the Cameron clan had settled after their exile from Scotland (many settled in the Islands as well, check Cameron lineage). The Inannas were allegedly under MAJIC, the males under other names, and many were allegedly taken to Montauk (“The Black Sun” – Peter Moon, “Montauk Project Sequel” – Preston B. Nichols and Peter Moon).

Dr. Cameron was allegedly born on an occult high holiday and supposedly the reincarnation of Set. The origins of their convoluted thinking began in Sumer (Sumeria – “12th Planet” – Sitchen) Yet in Egypt the Names changed and Inanna became Ishtar. There are important connections between Egypt and the Celts. One is with Hyrsos, whose name derives from the word “heraw” which means magician. Historians have done interesting research, like Rhian (Lion) to Lujh, and the avenger Horus, Danaan/Watchers among fertility rites and Hours, Thoth and Seth (Set). The Sumerians began an ancient brotherhood which can be traced form Egypt through India and on down. It seemed such an irony to work through alien/UFO screens to come to my earlier personalities and core who were told they were Aryans, who believe they came from a planet, or star, (Sirius?) And colonized their first city called Sumer. My core personality was to bond only with my controller/watcher/handler allegedly Dr. Ewen Cameron, with my great-grandfather as his master and my teacher.

The core of myself and earlier alters were burdened with shame, guilt and incredible feelings of powerlessness. She had known about the plans for a New World Order (“Trance Formation of America”- Philips and O’Brien, “High Priests of Treason” – Mel Stamper), allegedly from the Nazi’s,
Masons, etc. These alters left our hometown when they were allegedly forced to preside over a local grange ceremony, seeming like the Golden Dawn in the Illuminati (allegedly another splinter group).

It is alleged that the Brotherhood generally arranges marriages and births, at least among the so-called elite of the brotherhood. I met a whole family that was allegedly Mormons that Dr. Cameron brought to Washington, D.C. The husband was also a doctor. Yet among my family, and hers, there are few survivors. There were many suicides in my family, the last my brother (he was supposed to be another SET).

I’m hoping to reach anyone who may have been in MAJIC or aware of the Thule connection. I was born in Washington, D.C. in 1942. I am also open to input or questions, via the kindness of S.M.A.R.T. Thank all of you for your courage. Anna.

Please feel free to send responses to A.H., 303B Anastasia Blvd. #148, St. Augustine, FL. 32084. As always, please use caution when contacting any resource or person mentioned in this newsletter.

Survivor Article

The following article was sent to SMART by a survivor. Please use caution while reading. It may be triggering. It has been edited by SMART for length and legal reasons.

On 8/13/97, I was allegedly attacked by a deputy of Cleveland County. Although he worked in a local program, I believe him to be a child sexual abuser. He allegedly almost attacked me 10/30/97 at court where I won my case against him. My attorneys asked for protection for me from him. Although I filed assault and battery charges against him, a warrant is yet to be issued. My attorneys asked for police protection for us, I currently have police protection wherever I go due to deputies that have allegedly been stalking me and this deputy threatened my 18 year old.

I had to spend much time doing abreaction therapy myself after court and the following weeks as memories of his alleged abuse to me as a child surfaced. I managed to keep my job and had to do lots of self nurturing in the removal of his self-destruct implants from current contact (10/30/97) and implants that surfaced with the memories. He is an extremist in his alleged abuse. This work put pieces to parts of memories that I had retrieved through about ten years of therapy and parts to partial memories I hadn’t blocked.

I am also currently working at getting improved conditions and hopefully occasional therapy for my 18 year old daughter who is pregnant and was in an abusive relationship due to the alleged illegal removal of a VPO by a judge in 94 of Cleveland County, OK.

Thanks, Sarah Progress


The following letter was sent to S.M.A.R.T. Please use caution while reading. It may be triggering.

As part of the alleged mind control programming I underwent in the 70’s under MKUltra, I was drilled by “the Major” (a tall, lanky, absolutely precise man dressed in a black SS uniform who incessantly tapped a black riding whip in the palm of his left hand), to internalize a specific, geometrically structured inner landscape. This landscape consisted of pyramids, each encasing a child personality, and various gemstones: rubies, emeralds, black onyx, sapphires and diamonds. Areas of this landscape were color-coded, e.g., rubies in the red zone, emeralds in the green zone,
etc… The personality who serves as the “resident tour guide” refers to herself as, “the Master of the Matrices.” The matrices are structured within “Draconion Ice,” and governed by the “Draconion Law.” A transgression of the law will signal Draco, the fire breathing dragon that lurks in the shadows of the landscape. I would like to hear from any other survivor that has a similar landscape or recognizes the Major. (I believe I know his identity.) I am also having a difficult time finding the specifics of the Draconian Laws…which were given in mythology under the reign of Apollo. I would appreciate any information concerning these laws.

Also, I am trying to verify George Hunter White’s alleged MKUltra involvement (alias Morgan Hall), has allegedly an operative within secret societies in Southern California in the mid 60’s. (especially the Masons, Rosicrucians or OTO) Any information concerning him would be of help.

Please write, C.A. Beck, Box 11133, Prescott, AZ 86304. Remember to keep your safety first, you may write anonymously or using a pseudonym, etc…


Mormonism, Masonry and Godhood (132 pg. book) is now available. In this book Dr. Burns covers many key Mormon doctrines as well as looking closely at Mormon’s founder, Joseph Smith. From: Sharing, 212 E 7th St., Mt. Carmel, PA 17851-2211.

Survivors of Incest Anonymous has literature for ritual abuse survivors and 12 step meetings for survivors. S.I.A. P O Box 21817, Baltimore, MD 21222, 410-282-3400.

The Divided Hearts’ Home Page has lots of information on DID/MPD and lots of survivor support information. Their URL is Their E-mail address is Their snail mail address is: D. Griem, P O Box 9094, Austin, TX 78766

S.H.O.U.T (Survivors Helping Others Unite Together) will be having its first annual healing conference on June 12-14, 1998 (this is the new date) in Des Moines, IA. S.H.O.U.T., P O Box 127, 13 W. Main St. #M105A, Marshalltown, IA 50158, 515-752-1200. E-mail: shout@

Cassette tapes and printed transcripts of the Mind Control radio series are now available from CKLN-FM in Toronto at 380 Victoria St., Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5B 1W7 phone: 416-595-1477, fax: 416-595-0226, E-mail:

MK RADIO 1 – 5 Colin Ross lectures

MK RADIO 6 – Claudia Mullen and radiation hearings mind control testimony

MK RADIO 7 – 8 Ronald Howard Cohen, writer and activist, talks about his experience of being abducted while hitchhiking, allegedly being taken to a military base in Maryland and being severely drugged there in the late 60’s.

MK RADIO 9 – Overview of Mind Control – Bowart, Scheflin, Noblitt A panel presentation at the Cult and Ritual Abuse, Trauma-Based Mind Control and Dissociation Symposium.

MK RADIO 10 – 11 History of Mind Control – Alan Scheflin presents “The History of Mind Control – What We Can Prove and What We Can’t” which documents several centuries of the history of mind control.

MK RADIO 12 – Interview with Valerie Wolf, Claudia Mullen, Chris Ebner. They expand on their testimonies with information about the CIA doctors and locations allegedly involved in their experimentation and abuse.

MK RADIO 13 – 15 Interviews with Claudia Mullen. Wayne Morris interviews Claudia Mullen about her experience as an alleged mind controlled slave for the US government.

MK RADIO 16 – 17 Valerie Wolf presentations. Valerie Wolf presents “Assessment and Treatment of Survivors of Sadistic Abuse” at the Believe the Children conference in April, 97.

MK RADIO 18 – Jon Rappoport lectures. Investigative journalist Jon Rappoport talks about “The CIA, Mind Control and Children” about the CIA’s alleged use of children for creating mind control agents.

MK RADIO 19 – Jon Rappoport -2, Valerie Wolf interview – 1

MK RADIO 20 – Valerie Wolf interview. Wayne Morris interviews Valerie Wolf about her experiences giving mind control testimony at the radiation hearings and treating mind control survivors.

MK RADIO 21 – 22 – Jeanette Westbrook presentation and interview. She speaks from the experience of attempting to prosecute her father who allegedly sexually and ritually abused her as a child and throughout her teen years. Her father was a high ranking Freemason, a deacon in the Mormon church, and was the Executive Director of the organization responsible for inspecting all nuclear power stations in the U.S. Jeanette’s father died suddenly just before being made to stand charges in court.

MK RADIO 23 – Dr. Stephen Kent interview- 1

MK RADIO 24 – Dr. Stephen Kent interview – 2, Judy Steed interview, Peter Tooey interview Dr. Stephen Kent is a professor of sociology at U. of Alberta, Edmonton. We discuss the alleged involvement of elements of Freemasonry in ritual abuse and other issues. Toronto Star journalist Judy Steed, in an interview with CBC Thunder Bay, talks about cases involving ritual and sexual abuse such as the Prescott, Ontario case.

MK RADIO 25 – 26 Lynne Moss-Sharman is the Canadian coordinator of ACHES-MC (Advocacy Committee for Human Experimentation Survivors of Mind Control) and the Stone Angels, a ritual abuse support group in Thunder Bay. Lynne alleges she was experimented on by CIA MKULTRA doctors Jose Delgado and Ewen Cameron among others in horrific experiments. She also alleges that she was sexually and ritually abused by Freemasons.

MK RADIO 27 – 29 Kathleen Sullivan tells her story of allegedly being used for assassination, body guarding, smuggling and other illegal activities for the White House, CIA, NASA, and the Mafia.

Future interviews will include Blanche Chavoustie, Brice Taylor, Fritz Springmeier, Walter Bowart, Alan Scheflin, Gail Fisher-Taylor, Connie Christianson, and Bonnie Burstow.

S.M.A.R.T. wants to thank H.O.P.E. (Healing Opportunities through Personal Expression) newsletter for printing the article “A Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Recovery” by Neil Brick, in their Vol. 4, Issue #4, 10/97 issue. To contact them, write: H.O.P.E., 1214 Arrowhead, Irving, TX 75060.

From Dr. Jim Freisen’s new book The Truth About False Memory Syndrome, “The number of studies which have subjected false memory syndrome to scientific inquiry is zero. There is nothing scientific about it. There is nothing which defines it. There is no list of symptoms which describes it, nor is there anything which helps us distinguish it from other syndromes. No studies. No such thing. That’s that. ” (Pg. 16) Shepherd’s House, 7136 Haskell St., #210, Van Nuys, CA 91406. (Information from C.A.R.E. V1, I3, P O 4072, Kokomo, IN 46904)

The Fourteenth National Symposium on Child Sexual Abuse will be held March 17-20, 1998 at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, AL. The National Children’s Advocacy Center, 200 Westside SQ. #700, Hunstville, AL 35801, E-mail:

Please use caution while reading this. It may be triggering. There are several sites on the Internet with information and links about the Masons.
Please use caution while contacting or linking to any of these sites. They may have graphics and some also have music. Http:// , click on “links” has many links to Masonic home pages for lodges around the world and other information.
Http:// has links to Masonic home pages and information, has information on the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Please use caution when using any of these links or URLs.

Living Truth Ministries, has many books available by Texe Marrs including, “Circle of Intrigue – The Hidden Inner Circle of the Global Illuminati Conspiracy” and “Dark Majesty – The Secret Brotherhood and the Magic of a Thousand Points of Light”. Please use caution when ordering these books, some of the covers may be triggering for survivors and may be Christian in nature. Living Truth Ministries, 1708 Patterson rd. Austin, TX 78733, 1-800-234-9673

BUTTERFLIES, the Online magazine for survivors of incest, sexual abuse, and ritual abuse who have reclaimed their lives, announces a new Online Support System. At you will find listed people who are willing to listen, to talk with you, who understand. Please feel free to contact them in the way they have authorized on the list, and to add yourself to the list by E-mailing Carleen E. Ellis at

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