Issue 89 – November 2009

Information on child abuse, ritual abuse, Shanley case, fighting child pornography, trauma, dissociation, repressed memory and incest effects.

Issue 88 – September 2009

SMART newsletter – Issue 88 – September 2009
with information on pedophile rings, clergy abuse, ritual abuse, mind control, MK-ULTRA, Wikipedia blacklisting of ritual abuse crime pages and dissociative identity disorder

Issue 87 – July 2009

This issue contains information on clergy abuse, fighting child pornography, ritual abuse, McMartin, child sexual abuse and the false memory syndrome.

Issue 86 – May 2009

SMART newsletter issue #86 with information on the statute of limitations, child pornography, clergy abuse and ritual abuse

Issue 85 – March 2009

Issue 85 – March 2009 has information on Underwager, McHugh, parental alienation syndrome, institutionalized abuse, pedophile rings, child pornography, ritual abuse and mk-ultra

Issue 84 – January 2009

fighting child pornography, clergy abuse, ritual abuse, Lanning