Issue 109 – March 2013

This issue contains information on Jimmy Savile, Jimmy Savile Satanic ring claim, Seventies paedophile ring in Barnes, MP Cyril Smith, Jim Davidson, Stuart Hall, Dr. Phil Judy Byington Twenty-Two Faces, Criminal investigation launched into paedophile ring involving UK politicians in the 1980s,
Los Angeles Church Leaders Controlled Damage, German Bishops Cancel Study Into Sexual Abuse by Priests,
Priest and teacher convicted in Philadelphia sex abuse case, Delhi rape attack, Steubenville case,
child victims of Internet sex abuse, Penn State, Jerry Sandusky, Open Letter to Dr. Phil From Jenny Hill,
Satanic ritual abuse in Scotland, Laurie Matthew, Ritual killings in Cameroon, Robin Murphy, Satanic cult murders, Epidemiology of Dissociative Disorders, seeking justice for child pornography victims, rape,
Sliver Of Sky, Barry Lopez, Sara Reedy, Mea Maxima Culpa : Silence in the House of God, Father Lawrence Murphy, America Has an Incest Problem, Josh Powell’s in-laws