Issue 19 – March 1998


Issue 19 – March 1998

The purpose of this newsletter is to help stop secretive organizations and groups from abusing others and to help those who have been allegedly abused by the Masons, Mormons, government agencies and other secretive groups.

This newsletter is not a substitute for other ways of recovering from ritual abuse. Readers should use caution while reading this newsletter. If necessary, make sure other support systems are available during and after reading this newsletter.


The resources mentioned in this newsletter are for educational value only. Reading the books cited may or may not help your recovery process, so use caution when reading any book or contacting any resource mentioned in this newsletter. Some may have a religious or other agenda that may be separate from your own recovery process. Others may have valuable information on the Masons and other organizations, but have triggers or be somewhat sympathetic to those organizations. Resources listed, quoted and individual articles, etc. and their writers do not necessarily support all or any of the views mentioned in this newsletter. Also, the views, facts and opinions mentioned in this newsletter are solely the opinions of the authors and are not necessarily the opinions of this newsletter or its editor.

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Survivor Article

The following article contains excerpts from two radio interviews (on CKLN Radio with Wayne Morris) by Lynne Moss-Sharman. Lynne Moss-Sharman is the Canada contact for ACHES-MC (Advocacy Committee for Human Experimentation Survivors – Mind Control) and she was the coordinator for the Making Up For Lost Time conference. She is a survivor of alleged mind control experimentation, alleged Masonic ritual abuse and an advocate for other survivors. She is also the founder of the Stone Angels support group. Please use caution while reading this article. It may be triggering. It has been edited for legal reasons.

“I am a survivor of child mind control experimentation which was allegedly funded by the CIA, primarily in the 1950’s in Southern Ontario and in Upper State New York. I grew up in Toronto until age 3…(and) spent the rest of my childhood and adolescence in Hamilton.”

“The Stone Angels was formed in Thunder Bay in 1993. I …began to come in contact with other survivors of cult ritual abuse at that point, and was able to speak with over sixty adult survivors of ritual cult abuse. Many of them are from Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario, but a great number of them had moved here from other cities in the country. There was a great need to begin asking for services to be provided for survivors, and we began producing The Stone Angels Journal in 1993 with Volume 1 of survivors’ writings and drawings, and I have just been working on completing Volume 6b on Mind Control In The Modern Age. We essentially began bringing cult ritual abuse to light and that progressed, as we began to hear more from survivors, into the dialogue about the mind control experimentation that had in fact been going on all over the country.”

“Again, initially it was an overview and personal descriptions of having gone through cult ritual abuse, and then we began to realize that a great percentage of the survivors had also been involved in alleged Masonic cult ritual abuse. Their fathers or their grandfathers were Masons or Shriners, again in different parts of the country, and we started looking much more closely at that because it seemed to be a common thread…(We came forward) with the information about the mind control experimentation that had been described by certain survivors, and the military connection began to come in there, and again the Masonic was also a common thread… It’s really curious to see the similarities between the experiences of women and men who were raised in Canada, as Canadian citizens, and those experiences described by USA citizens. It seems that wherever there was an American military base in Canada … we started looking at NORAD and the DEW Line … wherever there was an American military base we would then see a clustering of survivors who had grown up there, if not on the base itself, then as part of the community that was adjacent to a military base.”

“There is a certain element of intergenerational cult abuse, but the common denominator again is that usually the father was in one of the armed forces – either Canadian or American …. Almost all of the survivors – certainly over 90% – describe having been either consciously or wittingly offered up to the cult abuse and then to the mind control experimentation that followed. This wasn’t a situation where children were secretly taken away from their parents during the day or on overnight visits or weekend visits elsewhere. There was conscious knowledge by either one or both parents and they were actively involved in making sure the children arrived where they were supposed to arrive…”

“If we start looking at the people, the men, who are put in positions of power in the military, in the government, in any given municipality -…across Canada, and … the United States – the white male secret society, the Masons, allegedly seems to be a prerequisite for having any sort of authority and they have allegedly traditionally (have)… been involved in the military itself. I believe all but two Presidents of the United States were Masons – Ronald Reagan was inducted into the Scottish Rite in the Oval Office of the White House – and certainly the cults are very secret and they allegedly practice behind the scenes, so to speak, in Anglican Churches, Episcopalian Churches, the Mormon Church … a number of churches have come forward. Research has been conducted by Dr. Stephen Kent, a sociologist at University of Alberta who researches cult practices, deviant religions and it is a focus of his work that the Masons seem to be the secret society who come up over and over again whenever cult practices are disclosed by survivors or investigated by researchers.”

“The evidence and research documentation about alleged Masonic ritual abuse which is a big problem in this community as in many others in North America, Britain, (and) Australia.”

“The third and final section of Making Up For Lost Time (conference) was a workshop by Alexandra Rogers, who is also a survivor and therapist, based in the United States. Alexandra was allegedly raised in a Masonic, military cult in the state of Maine and she was a programmer, trained to be a programmer throughout her childhood.”

“I think the extent of the mind control experimentation — coming to know about it — was a byproduct of advertising – particularly about the Masonic connection. I put a few small advertisements in the Globe & Mail, notifications about the upcoming conferences – and just the three or four words describing the Masonic connection generated phone calls and letters from survivors across Canada who described themselves as being alleged Masonic survivors, living in terror. They were allegedly … the daughters of Masons, or Scottish Rite or Shriners. They began describing, again from all across Canada, memories of what could only be described as alleged mind control experimentation. Those fragments began to come forward back then in November 1994.”

“There was a really well organized …attack – by the Masons when the January portion of the conference was coming to the media’s attention and I am going to speak about Thunder Bay, because there was a great deal of media coverage here in the city about it. There was a fax campaign where the Premier …allegedly received faxes from Masons all over the province denouncing what The Stone Angels were doing in Thunder Bay. I had messages allegedly left on my answering machine at that point, day after day, from Masons and wives of Masons in Northwestern Ontario, including a call from the wife of a Mason up in Moose Factory and also the publisher of a newspaper in Dryden who allegedly refused to print the notice about the conference itself because her husband was a Mason…. There was an alleged public outcry by the Masons that they were not allowed to come and attend our conference, and we were very explicit and very clear about Masons not being allowed to attend. Registration was closed to survivors, therapists and service providers only — that’s who it was designed for. I received a series of calls from two particular Masons over a period of time here in Thunder Bay. One of them was a retired policeman, Peter Tooey, who also allegedly went on television denouncing what we were doing.”

“At that point I was fairly naive… I had come across some information (in a library encyclopedia of organizations) stating that the Scottish Rite in the USA funded, out of their charitable donations, alleged research on schizophrenia. I can remember reading that and thinking how curious, how chilling, that the upper echelon within the Masonic secret society would allegedly choose to use their charitable monies to fund research on schizophrenia which is very similar in some ways, to the diagnosis of Multiple Personality Disorder or Dissociative Identity Disorder which is displayed by 99% of the survivors of ritual abuse, and certainly by survivors of mind control experimentation. And I very naively asked Mr. Tooey if he was aware that monies were being used for these purposes, and he very proudly allegedly told me that “… well yes … and here in Thunder Bay all the money that the Scottish Rite raised went to fund a research project on the study of schizophrenia at the University of British Columbia.”

“And then I came across another piece of information on a bulletin board out at the University shortly after that – there are research grants available at York University – something called the Rohr Institute which is allegedly funded by the Masonic Foundation of Canada which is headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario. It offers $8,000 and $35,000 research grants — the $35,000 research grant is directly funded by the Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation of Canada through the Rohr Institute for the purpose of offering research grants for studies in the area of “intellectual disability.”

On tape 26A, Lynne discusses more of the Stone Angels work, her past abuse and history, the alleged participation in mind control projects by Ewen Cameron, Jose Delgado, Martin Orne and George Estabrooks. She also discusses the different techniques used in mind control and brainwashing.

S.M.A.R.T. wants to thank Lynne Moss-Sharman and Wayne Morris for their permission to publish these excerpts from these interviews. ACHES-MC can be contacted in the US via Blanche Chavoustie, P O Box 108, Syosset, NY 11791, E-mail:, in Canada via Lynne at 200 Cumberland St. N., Thunder Bay, Ontario P7A 4N1 E-mail: (website: The Stone Angels can be contact through Lynne also. Cassette tapes and printed transcripts of the Mind Control radio series are now available from CKLN-FM in Toronto at 380 Victoria St., Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5B 1W7 phone: 416-595-1477, fax: 416-595-0226, E-mail: Lynn’s tapes are 25A, 25B, 26A and 26B.

Internet Article

The following article is taken from information from Tape #27A from the CKLN Radio Series from an interview with Kathleen Sullivan, a survivor of mind control. Please use caution while reading. It may be triggering. It has been edited for legal reasons.

“I first started realizing that I did not have a lot of memories from my childhood and from my adult years, and I did not have an awareness of most of my emotions back in the summer of 1989 (corrected from the original transcript) when I went to a…. co-dependency treatment program…. I started remembering that I had been allegedly sexually abused by my father at home, as had several other siblings, and I went home and started telling the authorities and was preparing to testify against him. I started realizing that he was not the man I thought he was … that I had a real fantasy about who he was as my father. When that started to break, I started to have a lot of abreactions … physical memories paired with the emotional memories of having been tortured by him at home. And also used in voyeurism type sexual acts with him as a child.

He was allegedly suicided in January, 1990. I was made to watch. When that happened, I totally shut down inside and became very robotic, very out of touch with my emotions, and I entered a hospital…treatment program …. I started having more memories of other types of trauma I had been there. Got out of that, and then I started having ritual abuse memories. I am finding that this is usually a normal process. You will remember the sexual abuse first, then the ritual abuse, then the other stuff finally comes up.

I went in another hospital in the summer of 1991… and that’s where I finally began to accept what I was beginning to remember … that I had been allegedly programmed by the U.S. government to be used to be an assassin, as well as to do some other jobs for them. It was a very difficult time for me because I was absolutely terrified that as I remembered I was going to be killed. I was having a problem in the hospital with being homicidal towards the people there … nurses and staff…. I started learning that I had many …alter personalities and fragments of my original personality. Each one had a name, or a code number, or a code name. I have been working at it ever since.”

She discusses the ways she was allegedly programmed and the types of systems that were used to program her.

“(An)…older male relative … had a great influence on what happened to me, my Dad, my entire family. That person is unfortunately still alive, or I would name him. He seemed to have …. he told me that he had alleged OSS connections and allegedly had been with the OSS during WWII. He (allegedly had) a lot of connections to politicians in D.C. as well, and to another person…, who I learned had actually been involved in bringing over a lot of the Nazi criminal scientists from Germany at the end of WWII and later on. My Dad told me that he, my father, had been used as an interpreter with some of the scientists who were brought over by the army and air force back then and OSS which then became CIA. I thought about this, why my Dad became so influenced by those people, if that is true. I finally realized something a couple of weeks ago. My Dad had a strong German background….He already had low self esteem, severely so. I can see now why he might have gotten emotionally close to some of these people if he did interpret for them. He allegedly spent a lot of time at different air force bases in at least a four year period in the air force….”

“Later on he spent a lot of time around people who were, some people call them neo-Nazis, or Aryans … people who were involved with Aryan-type organizations, activism and such. It looks like somebody sort of woke up that part of his sense of having a self-purpose, being important, being special. He became pretty obsessed with satanic belief systems. He and some other men who he was close to allegedly called themselves Knights Templar. As far as I know Dad was never in the Masons although most of the other people were allegedly pretty high level. Their meaning for Knights Templar was “Germanic assassin”. As a female, since they were total chauvinists, I was not considered a Knight Assassin, but they would allegedly call me a Daughter of Knight Templar.”

Kathleen has written a book Lessons We Have Learned: A Survival Guide – book, advice by MC survivors. To order the book, please write: “PARC-VRAMC,” 5251 Hwy. 153, #223, Hixson, TN 37343. Cassette tapes and printed transcripts of the Mind Control radio series are now available from CKLN-FM in Toronto at 380 Victoria St., Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5B 1W7 phone: 416-595-1477, fax: 416-595-0226, E-mail:

Book Review

Mormonism, Masonry and Godhood – Can Angels be Trusted by Dr. Cathy Burns. Please use caution while reading this. It may be triggering. The book is Christian in nature and contains quotes from the Bible.

Joseph Smith (Junior) was born in Vermont in 1805. “Joe himself was known for (allegedly) being lazy, lying and exaggerating, as well as having an attraction to several occult pratices including fortune telling and divining.” (Pg. 5) When he was 19, he found “himself in court charged with vagrancy and fraud.” (Pg. 7)

Polygamy was “an everlasting covenant”. Smith had 49 wives, Brigham Young, his successor had 27 wives. (Pg. 41)

One part of Mormonism is “Baptism of the Dead.” “It costs over $10 million dollars a year to maintain these (baptizing) facilities…(they believe) only baptized Mormons can attain godhood.” (Pg. 51)

“Joseph Smith, Senior…was (allegedly) a firm believer in witchcraft and other super natural things…” (Pg. 54) “(He) was also well-known in his community for (allegedly) using blood sacrifices in his magic rituals to find hidden treasure.” (Pg. 56)

“…In The Satanic Bible “Mormo” is listed as one of the…names for Satan…Mormo is also listed as the “King of Ghouls …” (Pg. 63-64)

From pages 72-85, Ms. Burns shows some parallels between the Mormons and the Masons, including: The Five Points of Fellowship (which has alleged connections to Satanism),” Smith and Young were both Masons, “1500 Mormons were kicked out of Masonry…thereafter, the Temple ceremony of Mormonism came into effect.” (Pg.75), many rites and rituals are similar, many oaths were similar including threats of death (for revealing the tokens of Aaronic priesthood), and levels of priesthood.

One prominent Mormon, Cleon Skousen, former F.B.I. head, faculty member of BYU, allegedly welcomed Sun Myung Moon (“Moonies”) home from prison. He said “that God had sent…Moon to our country with a revelation and a message…. The Mormon/Moonie (alleged) coalition involves the
Freeman Institute’s (now the National Center for Constitutional Studies) in a new global anti-communist campaign with CAUSA International, an (alleged) Moonie front organization.” (Pg. 85)

The Mormon church collects 4.3 billion dollars from its members and has numerous land holdings and businesses. They also own 16 radio stations, one TV station, and 30 bookstores in Utah. (Pg. 87-90)

From an article originally in the Salt Lake Tribune, “Utah ranks second in the nation for reported incidents of child abuse per capita…child abusers are (allegedly) spread across the entire socioeconomic spectrum and leaders at every church level. There are (allegedly) abusing bishops, stake presidents, elders, quorum presidents…LDS leaders often (allegedly) testify in court on behalf of the abuser.” (Pg. 94)

Even though Blacks are now allowed in Mormonism, originally they were not. Brigham Young “declared that one drop of Negro blood was sufficient to bring a person under the curse and bar him from the priesthood.” (Pg. 97-98)

For more information on Dr. Burns’ books, see S.M.A.R.T. Issue #3, article on Hidden Secrets of Masonry (C. Burns) or S.M.A.R.T. Issue #2, article in The Masonic Connection: Hidden Secrets of the Eastern Star (C. Burns). To order Mormonism, Masonry and Godhood, send $6.95 + 1.30 (S + H) to Sharing, 212 E 7th St., Mount Carmel. PA 17851.

Survivor Article

The following article is Part 2 of a 3 part story (part 1 is in issue #18) from Elizabeth Rhoton, a survivor of alleged Mormonic ritual abuse. Please use caution while reading. It may be triggering.

During the next week I took the children to therapists. One of them would only see H. He told me he allegedly suspected molestation from H’s drawings–a tree with hair growing out of the top, a house with no doors and three legged people.

R. told me to call Ph. who was an attorney and C’s bishop. I did not want to call him, but knew no one else to call for advice. We thought we had hired him as our attorney. R. told us the report from a therapist was not good enough. It had to be a psychiatrist. I could not find one who would check the children. I was frantic. Finally R. called a friend in S. A. who made an appointment with a psychiatrist there.

So., my daughter-in-law, and I took the three children to S. A., an hour and a half away. He would see Jn. She was hesitant to go with him, looking at me with beseeching eyes. I went with her. She was given a house to play with. She played somberly, saying nothing. He asked if she always played so. I said sometimes. She would not talk to him or answer any of his questions. Complete silence. He had her draw a picture of her family. She drew herself, her mother, and one brother. Her mother was smaller than she was. She was then asked to draw a picture of the rest of
her family. She took another piece of paper and drew L. and H.

Jn. was returned to the waiting room where So. was having a hard time controlling the boys. As soon as they saw the psychiatrist they went “wild.” I later learned he resembled a police officer who was a good friend of L’s. Jn. later allegedly drew a picture of the officer later on, he was a large penis.

I conferred with the doctor who had tears in his eyes. He said C’s life must be hell. If she stayed, she would not live much longer. He would do anything to help us with her. As it turned out he would not answer my phone calls.

On the return home B. threw up in the car. Jn’s pupils enlarged so much there seemed to be no iris. Her face got a wanton look on it. She started throwing her legs far apart, and jumping all over the car.

That night as I was helping her bathe, she kept her legs clamped together, then when I picked her up to dry her she again threw her legs far apart and would not put them back together to stand up. She was finally dry and told to put on her nightgown. As I walked down the hall, I heard teen-age type giggling behind me. It was H. and B. Jn. was doing the “hootchy-kootchy” swinging her hips, waving her panties in front of them, “Look, Grandmother, I am teasing you with my panties.”

R. and S. called Ph. to tell him the results. That we were going to get C. and the other two children. R. told us to wait until Wednesday as L. was going to be out of town that day. We waited, an eternity it seemed to me. I knew she and the boys were allegedly in constant danger, might not survive until we arrived.

The night before we were to leave, with a large friend and his shotgun, C. called S. in a panic telling him they were going to kill her and Sw. Ja. and the others were sold. Please come get her. The phone went dead. As we were leaving at three in the morning, he did not call us and panic me.

We let B. off a block from the house and drove up into the driveway. So. and I waited in the car while S. and R. went to the door. C. would not unlock the door. The night before L. had allegedly beaten her, told her Ph. had told him S. was allegedly coming to kill her so he could have the whole ranch. It took some talking to get her to unlock the door for her father and brother. As soon as they entered the house she grabbed the telephone and called L. S. could not stop her.

They called So. and me. I walked into the kitchen where the two-week-old baby was on the bar between the kitchen and dining area. Sw’s eyes were jerking; he was whimpering. I picked him up and told him Grandmother was here; that he was safe. After a few minutes he calmed down. We started grabbing and packing whatever we could before L. arrived. We backed her car into the driveway and packed it. When L. arrived he practically walked over So., he seemed to be in a trance.

We explained C. needed the rest and we were taking her and the children back with us. She needed her car to return home when she wanted. L. objected saying Sw. was bleeding from the umbilicus; they had made an appointment with the doctor for him. I said we would take him to the doctor in T. (He was also allegedly bleeding from the anus, I later learned.)

When we were on the south side of the city, L. caught us in his “old” white panel van. He wanted his keys from C. as the church cannery keys were on that chain.

As we were passing through L., C. tried to hide. A car belonging to a prominent city lawyer she recognized was passing us. It allegedly followed her car. She was riding in mine.

When we got her home, she collapsed saying her head was fuzzy. She would ask which glass she should drink out of. She could not make the simplest decisions. The children were wild, behaving like frightened little animals.

R. told C. that her children were allegedly being molested. She refused to believe it. Every time she would shout, “No!” , he would shout, “Yes!”. That was when she made the remark that at least that night she could sleep in her bed undisturbed by violence.

As she had told us the children were allegedly already sold, to be transported to S. A. via M., I slept on the sofa each night. The children had been allegedly trained from birth to live a life of prostitution. Both men and women had allegedly “trained” them.


The following letter was received via E-mail. It has been edited for length and legal reasons. Please use caution while reading. It may be triggering.

For the past decade or so, we have seen the emergence of substantial numbers of “e-weapons” victims, whose experiences have been viewed as distinctly different from “trauma-based” MKULTRA victims.

The classic MKULTRA victim has experienced alleged government-sponsored ritual abuse, sexual abuse, deep hypnotic programming, multiple personalities, involuntary institutionalization, and involuntary administration of drugs. The term “trauma-based” refers to that kind of thing.

The e-weapons victim is allegedly assaulted with direct-to-skull inescapable voices, every imaginable type of internal illness symptom up to the point of suicide in some cases, itching, burning needles deep into the flesh, wildly powerful muscle jerking, reading of sub-vocalized thoughts, involuntary dream-holograms, forced sleep, forced prevention of sleep, and sometimes unimaginable large-scale pain in all parts of the body.

Some have benefitted for a long time by the artificial division of these two groups. The “trauma-based” MKULTRA victims’ trauma has allegedly been admitted to by both the US and Canadian governments, and compensation paid.

There has never been any question that victims of other programs were also MKULTRA victims. So WHY do we e-weapons victims call ourselves anything different? Trauma is trauma whether it comes from a Satanic ritual or the muzzle of an e-weapon.

I propose that we immediately cease all distinction between non-e-weapon and e-weapon MKULTRA victims.

Eleanor White

Web sites with more information on the above topic:

The following letter was received from a subscriber. It has been edited for length and legal reasons. Please use caution while reading. It may be triggering.

There was an alleged rape last night. Everywhere I go, I am stalked by stalkers for the man who allegedly poses as an incest therapist so he can allegedly rape women. One of them asked me out to coffee the other night, only I didn’t know he was a snitch until a few days later.

Evidently he mentioned that I had filed charges against his dad for the 4-96 alleged rape.

There was an alleged rape last night, the survivor was a 19-year-old pregnant female that I gave birth to.

When will the system allegedly stop promoting rape, stop asking the survivor in front of the rapist if the rapist raped them. When will the system stop allegedly abusing the survivors who tell?

Some members of the system are aware that I can hear the screams of multiples in pain. I was awakened at 5:30 the other morning by stuff in my storage room falling and discovered when I went out I discovered an alleged multiple perpetrator stalking me at 5:30 a.m.

I was awakened at 3:30 a.m. this morning by the screams of a woman allegedly being raped. I have not yet figured out which police are allegedly thick with the alleged abusers and which ones help protect me. The alleged crooks in the DA..’s office have yet to issue a warrant for the alleged rape to me last year, the alleged stalking of me earlier this year, and the assault and battery charges I filed. I reported in ’92/’93 that a man had allegedly raped, my daughter, when she was age 5, they turned around and hired him at the court house.

There is allegedly an intersystem cult of satanic Masons. They feed off the abuse of multiples. They get their sexual stimulus and their thrills from it, from the stories from knowing it and the ones who participate, from the participation.

My anger has to come out in positive ways. I refuse to stoop to their level by acting out. My rage will never end.

There is a world who needs to hear the screams of children/survivors who scream silently in the night.

There is a world that needs to wake up to the madness of the monsters in the alleged intersystem cult. When our judges and DA.’s and other alleged crooks/child rapists, etc. are in prison, I will celebrate. When my daughters are in exit counseling and deprogramming and MPD therapy and protected from the alleged abusers in the cults and in the system cult, I will celebrate. Until then my rage must come out in positive ways, I must write. Thank you for your support.

In recovery in spite of the storms in recovery in spite of the social madness of denial and abuse.



Please use caution while reading this. It may be triggering. The Sleep Room, A CBC MINI-SERIES discusses alleged CIA and alleged Canadian government funding on Canadian psychiatric patients in the 1950’s and early 1960’s, using LSD and electro-shock treatments. CIA funding allegedly helped pay for Dr. Ewen Cameron of Montreal’s Allan Memorial Institute experiments. Cameron allegedly believed patients’ mental illnesses could be cured by putting the patient into a coma (the sleep room) by using LSD, drugs and repeated electro-shocks to the brain. Linda Macdonald from Vancouver, talks about how she was allegedly in a drug-induced coma for 86 days when she was 26 and was allegedly subjected to 100 electro-shock treatments and massive LSD doses. When she came out of it, she had no memory. It was destroyed. Other patients had similar or worse experiences. Nine of 127 known survivors sued the CIA. They won the suit. The Canadian government also paid token compensation. (Information from Peter Worthington – Sun Media Newspapers)

More Than Conquerors has an online forum for survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse, Ritual Trauma, Mind Control Victims, and/or those with a Dissociative Condition such as MPD/DID. MTC offers private list servs, articles, resources and message boards for SRA, Mind Control and RA survivors. The new site is at: http://www.morethanconquerors.

“Unlock the Voices…Free the Spirit” Voices’ 16th Annual International Conference will be held July 24-26, 1998 at the Evanston Holiday Inn in Evanston, IL. VOICES, P O Box 148309, Chicago, IL 60614, 773-327-1500, E-mail:

The Shriners, a 60 minute audio tape, is available from Living Truth Ministries, 1708 Patterson Road, Austin, TX 78733,, Please use caution. It may be triggering.

Vicki Polin has information for survivors in the Chicago area and links on the Internet. Vicki Polin, MA, ATR, LCPC, Trauma, Recovery & Empowerment Services, c/o The Awareness Center, 6415 N. Ravenswood, Ste. 206, Chicago, IL 60626, (773) 761-7200, ext. 1, Her home page is at: /VICKIPOLIN/index.html

TEAM SPIRIT is a 40-page bimonthly journal offering support and education for dissociation, multiplicity, ritual abuse survival, peer consultation and an international pen-pal network. Survivor membership is NZ$25.00 and all overseas subscriptions are NZ $36.00. Please send subscriptions inquiries to: TS, PO Box 19-479, Avondale, Auckland, New Zealand

Looking for information from survivors of alleged Klan abuse. I am especially interested in Indiana and Illinois in the early 1940s near farms and small towns. Also alleged military cults in Wash, DC in the mid 1950’s and alleged CIA family abuse. Katie, 2577 Euclid Hgts Blvd., Cleveland OH 44106-2720 E-mail: kxk24@po.CWRU.Edu. As always, please use caution when contacting any address in this newsletter.

“Reclaiming your Personal Power”: Recovery from Destructive Mind Control, A Healing Workshop with Steven Hassan M.Ed., LMHC, April 5th 10:00 a.m. – 5 p.m. in Cambridge, Ma. Steve Hassan is a licensed mental health counselor and is the author of Combatting Cult Mind Control (Park St. Press, 1988). For info. call 617 628-9918, write: P O Box 686, Boston MA 02258, E-mail:, http:// and

Amnesty International has produced detailed studies on electronic weapons – you can order the reports at the International Secretariat in London: Amnesty International, International Secretariat, 1 Easton Street, London WC1X-8DJ, United Kingdom, E-mail:

S.H.O.U.T (Survivors Helping Others Unite Together) will be having its first annual healing conference on June 12-14, 1998 (this is the new date) in Des Moines, IA. S.H.O.U.T., P O Box 127, 13 W. Main St. #M105A, Marshalltown, IA 50158, 515-752-1200. E-mail: shout@