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Issue 23 – November 1998

The purpose of this newsletter is to help stop secretive organizations and groups from abusing others and to help those who have been allegedly abused by the Masons, Mormons, government agencies and other secretive groups.

This newsletter is not a substitute for other ways of recovering from ritual abuse. Readers should use caution while reading this newsletter. If necessary, make sure other support systems are available during and after reading this newsletter.


The resources mentioned in this newsletter are for educational value only. Reading the books cited may or may not help your recovery process, so use caution when reading any book or contacting any resource mentioned in this newsletter. Some may have a religious or other agenda that may be separate from your own recovery process. Others may have valuable information on the Masons and other organizations, but have triggers or be somewhat sympathetic to those organizations. Resources listed, quoted and individual articles, etc. and their writers do not necessarily support all or any of the views mentioned in this newsletter. Also, the views, facts and opinions mentioned in this newsletter are solely the opinions of the authors and are not necessarily the opinions of this newsletter or its editor.

Copyright 1998 – All rights reserved.

No reproduction of any material without written permission from the editor and individual authors.

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Editor’s Page

S.M.A.R.T. is looking for more articles for our newsletter. Please send them either via E-mail or snail mail to the address on the cover, with your written permission to publish them in the newsletter. Please send all articles typed and double spaced (if snail mail), maximum 1500 words. Please make sure the article is about the possible connections between secretive organizations, mind control and ritual abuse. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Survivor Article

The following article comes from a survivor. Please use caution while reading. It may be triggering.

Healing From the Horror
Annie McKenna

I’m a survivor of incest, ritual abuse, and an alleged government mind control project I know as Project Monarch. My father was military intelligence. I believe my birth was planned to be part of this insidious program. Prior to December 1997, I’d never heard of the term “mind control.”

My goal from the time I entered high school had been to go into the military. In 1972 I joined the Air Force. Following basic training I chose as my career path Russian Linguist. Even though I’d never heard or spoken a word of Russian, the first day of school, in a test designed to see how much aptitude we had for the Russian language, I scored an 80. The average class score was about 40.

I married while at the language school. My husband and I were stationed at the National Security Agency, Fort Meade, Maryland. It was the Vietnam Era and the war was winding down. The Air Force offered a program to reduce the number of language specialists. My husband jumped at the chance to get out. I was torn between doing what I felt was being a good wife and remaining in the Air Force. I chose to leave the service with my husband. Because of other circumstances, by the time I was discharged from the service, my husband and I went our separate ways. In retrospect, that choice may have saved me from even more alleged intense programming, access, and continued exposure to dangerous, covert activities.

Fast forward to September 18, 1997, the day my first abuse memory surfaced. I’d been going to therapy since my second marriage failed in the late 70’s to work on why I wasn’t having success with relationships. One of the issues I often addressed in therapy was the overwhelming fear I had of my father. At age 44, I finally learned the reason for the fear. Following the first memories of alleged psychological and sexual abuse by my father, my memories began to take on a more sinister element. I believed others were involved and possibly in an alleged ritual setting. I joined an Internet support list so I would be able to ask questions about what I was remembering.

On December 11, 1997, one of the posts from my support group was about Project Monarch. My life has never been the same. In reading the description of the program, I realized it was exactly the program I had been in. And in reflecting on my life and the course it had taken with entering the military, the Russian, and being at NSA, I realized I had done exactly as I had been allegedly programmed to do.

What I want to do is tell you how I’ve healed from the trauma of the memories and the multiple personalities that unleashed themselves with my first abuse memories. As I write this article, it has been almost eight months. In that short time, I have healed remarkably. Please be careful in reading what I have to offer. And please follow suggestions only as your system feels safe to do so.

Writing With A Twist

A year prior to my memories, I decided to write a novel. I used my emotional growth throughout my 10 plus years in therapy as the basis for the main character. I wanted to write a novel that showed how childhood fears could impact adult relationships. Aside from my emotional experience and drawing on a few details of my life, I believed I had fabricated the entire story and its characters. What I realized when my memories began to surface, was that book was my past. Every detail had been dug out of my subconscious. It was virtually a brain dump. And I strongly believe that was the beginning of my healing process.

Many books on healing suggest journaling. What I learned by accident is that if people like us–with amnesiac barriers–write only what we know, we aren’t getting to the truth. If you aren’t comfortable writing a story, you could try a few fiction writing exercises. Maybe describe what you would consider to be a very scary place. Pretend you just won the lottery and can afford a mansion. Describe what you would want the mansion to look like on the inside and outside. Understand that what you write may not mean anything to you at the time you write–and most likely shouldn’t. But keep what you write as part of your journaling of emotions which is also excellent therapy.

Curiosity vs. Fear

Prior to my first memories, I had been led to some excellent resources. One was a book called “The Courage To Heal” by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis. The book became my bible immediately after those first memories. It also addresses the miracle of multiple personalities. Instead of feeling I was sick, I felt blessed to have my alters.

Another book I found extremely helpful was “The Family Inside,” by Judy Kessler, Doris Bryant, and Lynda Shirar. It is one woman’s story of healing from MPD as told by the survivor and her two therapists.

These two books gave me the basis for my attitude toward my memories. It suggested treating the MPD with curiosity rather than fear–to embrace what my alters were trying to tell me instead of resisting the sensations and thoughts in my mind. I would get a definite feeling immediately preceding a body memory. Instead of fighting it, I would lie on my back in bed with my arms lying comfortably at my side and my legs slightly apart so I could move however I needed to move. I would then give permission to my alters to take over and tell me what they needed to tell me.

I have had few body memories, but they can be bizarre and frightening. For most I had only body motions and sensations. For some I heard sounds and/or voices. In a few I seemed to have a visual experience as well.

To allow the body memory to happen I opened myself to some scary things. But in my mind, my littles and protectors were just telling me what had happened to them. Afterwards I would inwardly embrace them and tell them how brave they were to tell me. I would also let them know they were safe now. I would then immediately get up and document what I had experienced.

Scrapbook Therapy

What has helped me the most is scrapbook therapy. I learned about it through a chat for people with MPD. And I learned about it within two weeks of learning I was MPD. It was an idea I wanted to pursue. This was in September, prior to the ritual memories or the mind control memories.

Briefly, scrapbook therapy is a visual way of allowing your system to communicate with you. Since so many of us were programmed with fear if we ever told about the abuse, the pictures give alters a safe way to “tell.” Every person is different and there are no set rules for approaching this type of therapy. This is what I did. I started with a fat three-ring binder, lots of scotch tape, and paper. I made a section for each alter I found. You can allow your alter to draw, color, paint or otherwise communicate on his or her pages. And/or you can do what I do because I have no capacity to draw. I cut pictures out of magazines. I can’t tell you how I know what pictures to cut out. I can tell you it’s like every part of me is looking at the pictures and when someone inside wants a picture, I just know.

I began by snipping away and didn’t have a clue what I was cutting out or why. It didn’t take long to figure out certain pictures belonged with certain alters. My system gave me answers to what went together. I did find that following a body memory, I could go to my box of pictures and my alters would (in a very triggered state) rummage through the pictures, place them on the table for me, and show me what had happened. It was as if they knew exactly which pictures they were looking for. So even if I had a body memory with no visual or audio, my alters knew what had been going on. This has been and continues to be a rather psychic experience for me since anytime I’ve had a memory, the pictures to tell the story always seem to be there in advance.

My alters have been able to give me immense detail using pictures and placing them in a collage format or simply in a certain order for me. And every alter has given me pictures of what he or she looks like. Writing that is on the pictures and even pictures and writing on the backs of pictures can be clues. I learned this after I had taped everything down and had to go back and use a utility knife to look at the backs of clues. So it’s a good idea to make a notation next to the picture you tape down if something seems important on the back.

There came a point when there were too many memories to keep up with taping the pictures in the book. I now have a system of envelopes that I label when I see patterns emerge. I place pictures in the envelopes until my system tells me it’s time to put the pieces together. My system has done some pretty amazing things to protect me from some memories. I have found that I’ve had to go through every envelope to find pictures with certain clues to piece a memory together because my system intentionally didn’t want me to recognize a pattern until a certain time.

It is because of the pictures that when I found the description to Project Monarch, I knew that was exactly what had happened to me. My alters had already documented the alleged ritual and mind control abuse even though I didn’t know what the pictures meant on a conscious level. I had Nazis, concentration camp pictures, people with helmets, what looked like medical experiments, pictures with ones and zeros which I later learned was binary code (programming). I had a box labeled my scary picture box of unknown people. And every one of my alters had a picture with butterfly wings. The second page of my scrapbook was a single huge Monarch butterfly.

After learning about MK-Ultra and joining another Internet group of government mind control survivors, I began to research alleged abusers and find their pictures. It is uncanny that whenever I found a picture of someone who had been in my past, the picture(s) in my scary picture box looked nearly identical to the real person.

The most amazing thing to me was when I attended the SMART conference in Connecticut in July and saw images in other survivors’ art that was very similar or even identical to that in my scrapbook. The truth is in our art, whether the art be a crayon drawing by a five-year-old part or a sophisticated sculpture by a true artist. False memories? Explain how our art reflects the same horror. I truly hope that any part of what I have shared can help someone heal a little faster.

Book Review

The following book review was sent to us by a subscriber. Please use caution while reading. It may be triggering.

The book “MK” by K. Sullivan is reviewed by a recovering survivor, Tompa. Please forward any responses to S.M.A.R.T. with U.S. postage.

This is K. Sullivan’s first novel, creative nonfiction based on real life experiences. MK is about government mind control projects and sub projects.

I found this book to be excellent, one of the best I have ever read and I highly recommend it for any survivor who wants to move from survivor to recovering survivor on a feeling level. The levels within myself I speak of are subconcious and unconcious where parts called “bondage to being a hostage” live. This exact element in my self which makes mind control of self will possible.

The map at the beginning of the book called “cast of characters” really helps the reader get an in-depth feel of who Kimmy’s main character alter states are and how they are controlled by perpetrators.

The book itself shows how an innocent female infant is taken by perpetrators and how her personality is split and fragmented and how she is used against her own will.

I feel a lot of hope for survivors. It can move a survivor from their head to their gut-feelings and from repressed emotional body memories as well as mental memories.

The hope I speak of is in the form of growing out of what the perpetrators created into the real person she is. Realizing her real innocence in most of what her alter states did. She was not responsible.

Parts within became a whole. They heal and learn that with freedom they can do what they want. The “we” within becomes “I.” The “I” learns that with recovery comes responsibility. The author just doesn’t talk it, she lives it.

This book is not meant to be used to de-program or access repressed memories. But to show how captive-submissive will can be liberated to free will. Passive-assertive-aggressive and welcome to being human and not a zombie robot.

To purchase a copy of this wonderful book, please send check or money order to K. Sullivan, P O Box 1328, Soddy Daisy, TN 37384-1328, USA. All orders will be kept confidential. Prices are: $15.00 per copy plus $3.00 S & H per copy.

P2 Masonic Lodge Article

Quotes From Reuters (Copyright 1998 Reuters Limited – Paris, Sept. 12, 13 and 23, 1998):

“PARIS, Sept 12 (Reuters) – French police transferred Licio Gelli, Italy’s number one white-collar fugitive, to a Marseille jail on Saturday after receiving an extradition request from Rome, a Justice Ministry official said.

Paris was now studying the request from Rome, which has been seeking the former grandmaster of Italy’s outlawed P2 Masonic lodge since he escaped from Italian justice four months ago…”

“Gelli, the former grandmaster of the outlawed P2 Masonic lodge, disappeared in May the day after Italy’s highest court upheld a 1996 conviction against him. His lawyer, Michele Gentiloni, said the 79-year-old fugitive could return immediately…”

“Because of his health and for family reasons he (Gelli) has decided to accept extradition to Italy,” Gentiloni said.”

“The fugitive was sentenced to 12 years in jail for fraud linked to the 1982 collapse of Banco Ambrosiano and had failed to show up at a police station in his Tuscan home town of Arezzo in May while on parole awaiting appeal rulings…”

“…(He) was extradited to Italy to face charges of fraudulent bankruptcy connected to the collapse of Ambrosiano. Banco Ambrosiano, Italy’s largest private bank at the time, crashed with around $1 billion in debts, making it the country’s biggest post-war banking failure.

Gelli also has a separate three-year sentence pending after a final appeal in a long-running trial into the alleged workings of P2, the murky so-called Propaganda Due Masonic lodge. P2 came to light in 1981 during an inquiry into banker Roberto Calvi, a lodge member who was found hanged under Blackfriars Bridge in London the following year, shortly before the collapse of Banco Ambrosiano.

The lodge was found to have around 1,000 prominent members including politicians, businessmen and military officers. Investigations into P2 activities have repeatedly delved into unproved allegations that the lodge conspired with right-wing extremists and the Mafia to destabilise the government through bombings and violence.”

It is also alleged by a different source that “in 1994 he succeeded to bring Italy into a new dictatorship – Berlusconi’s “Forza Italia” and fascists now called “Alleanza Nazionale” (for one year) and that he is … recognized together with Nazi doctors, and an (alleged) “Mafia banker,” other VIP’s and other doctors… as a …child sexual abuser in the Como Lake crimes, leader of Satanic Initiation Rites and (as the) leader of big slaughters of Romanian, gypsies, handicapped children, etc. in Italy (Como and Oropa).”


The following poems are from subscribers. Please use caution while reading. They may be triggering.

The War Zone of My Childhood

Changing my mind set from war to peace.

The child in me wants to fight everyone, lives in the past, lives in the war zone of adults and older siblings constantly at war where the stress was to stay out of the path of angry limbs, angry voices ducking a thrown object meant for me or the wall or someone else

hiding to stay out of the mainstream of the family war zone looking for a place to run to, to get away from the war that raged around me standing up and fighting looking for a physical fight needing a brawl to get a programmed fix that emerges periodically from the dark depths of my subconscious mind finding a way to get that fix without getting abused or abusing someone else takes a lot of therapy work and self-understanding

Learning to hug instead of fight learning assertiveness in place of abusiveness in spite of the war zone programming.

Samantha Sarah Progress c 1992


A ritual of blood by members of a cult of holiness not unlike a satanic cult

It was ok for my brothers to fuck me it wasn’t ok for me to get pregnant by them everyone would find out about the incest

I stayed home from school cramping

I lay on the bed holding my abdomen my mother gave me something to numb the pain to cause me to sleep while she aborted the child

In a state of half-sleep I watched as it was carried away by my older sister a bowl of blood and fetus

The child of my father or brother who knows which aborted by my 11-year old body

My mother denies incest occurred in my family

How can she admit it when her daughter was more sexually attractive to her husband than she was a fact he used to blame me for the incest Self-hate steps in: if I hadn’t been pretty he wouldn’t have fucked me I wouldn’t have been abused more than my sisters he wouldn’t have stolen my childhood he wouldn’t have used me as his wife to get his sexual needs met but abusers use any excuse to blame the victim.

I am pro-abortion. It’s the fact that incest caused the pregnancy and that my mother denies incest and that it was the child of my father or brother, and my mother is against abortion and aborted it so no one would know about the incest, that makes me so angry.

Samantha Sarah Progress c 1992


Life is a dream, a fantasy not like you or I might picture a fantasy but a fantasy someone in our fantasies might picture a fantasy

They are living in a world of our dreams and we are living in a world of their dreams

Our reality is lived in a fantasy.

S Progress c 1993


Please note: Listing of these resources does not necessarily constitute our endorsement of them. They are for educational value only and some may be triggering.

Please also note. Some of the conferences listed may not necessarily be safe for all survivors. S.M.A.R.T. recommends always bringing a support person to all conferences. If you are a survivor of mind control and/or ritual abuse, S.M.A.R.T. recommends that you try to bring a support person that is familiar with mind control techniques.

MTC has a new online E-mail support group called Born to Be Free. It is a List serv., an online E-mail support group for survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA)/Ritual Abuse(RA)/Mind Control (MC) victims, and/or their significant others (SO’s), family members, friends, advocates for survivors, and also mental health professionals.

MTC is current accepting screening applications for our waiting list for this group. For details, go to http//, E-mail:

Sunflower Tapes has a tape of Neil Brick (editor of S.M.A.R.T.) Speaking at the S.H.O.U.T. for Help, Des Moines, IA 1998 conference. To order, ask for #40 “Using Music and Composition in the Healing Process” and send $6.00 plus .75 S & H to Sunflower Tapes, 1306-15th St., Wamego, KS 66547, 785-456-7804, E-mail:

The book, Memory, Trauma, Treatment, And the Law by Brown, Scheflin and Hammond (D. Corydon), 1998 is available from W. W. Norton (0-393-70254-5) for $100.00 at 1-800-233-4830 or

To Tell the Truth, an organization that promotes simultaneous survivor events to show that survivors will not be silent, is looking for local event planners. For information: Survivor Connections, Inc., 52 Lyndon Road, Cranston, RI 02905-1121, 401-941-2548,, E-mail:

We have been notified that several places are either closed or do not provide services for RA patients from the resource list we published in Issue #22. Please write (send SASE) or E-mail us for an updated list.

Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs and the Press by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair discusses the alleged CIA complicity in the drug trade.

Breaking Ritual Silence – An Anthology of Ritual Abuse Survivors’ Stories (ISBN 0-9664174-0-2) edited by Jeanne Marie Lorena and Paula Levy, preface by Chrystine Oksana is now available. The anthology also contains excerpts of Claudia Mullen’s testimony given before the US Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments, March 15, 1995. There are no named accounts of alleged Masonic or Mormonic ritual abuse. To order, write: Trout and Sons, Inc., 1504 #8-00292 Main St., Gardnerville, NV 89410-5273, ($14.95 + $3.00 S + H). As always, please use caution when contacting any resource listed in our resource list.

The Second Annual Ritual Abuse,
Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference

On August 14 and 15, 1999, S.M.A.R.T. will be holding a conference at the DoubleTree Hotel at Bradley International Airport (between Hartford, CT and Springfield, MA). The purpose of the conference will be to help survivors of the above heal and to help stop future occurrences of the above. The conference will be for survivors, cosurvivors, helping professionals and others interested in this topic. The conference will be two full days. The registration fee will be $110 for both days or $55 for one day. Those unable to pay the fee can apply for a partial fee waiver before June 30, 1999, acceptance will be contingent on number of paid applicants. Lunch will be free for all registrees both days, if registering before 8/11/99. Room rates are $69 a day (not incl. tax), please mention S.M.A.R.T. to get the special rate. This rate is guaranteed until 3 weeks before the conference or until all rooms at the special rate are gone. Please contact the hotel at 860-627-5171 for information. Tables for displaying related literature will be available (please contact S.M.A.R.T. for an application form). Full tables are $110, half tables $55.

Ten Percent discount for fees and tables if payment is received before March 30, 1999.

Attendees should try to register at least four weeks before the conference. Survivors should try to bring a professional support person or friend to the conference. Some of the topics discussed may be very triggering. This conference is educational and not intended as therapy or treatment. Conference sponsors, cosponsors, speakers, and organizers cannot assume responsibility for any reaction from attending our conference. Statements made and materials handed out by people at the show and on tables are their own and don’t necessarily represent the policies or views of conference sponsors, cosponsors, speakers, organizers or attendees. Children are not permitted to attend the conference.

Please do not attend the conference if you are currently a member of a secret organization, current perpetrator, or member of an unsympathetic organization. S.M.A.R.T. reserves the right at any time to deny admittance to any of the aforementioned persons or anyone. This is for the protection and safety of those in attendance. S.M.A.R.T. and its representatives also reserve the right to remove anyone from the conference at any time. Photographing, audio taping and videotaping without written permission from S.M.A.R.T. are prohibited. Presentation of a picture ID will be required of all participants during registration, unless previous arrangements are made. This is for security reasons. We are currently looking for speakers, please write us for more information.

Attending the conference (# of people times one day $55, two days $110)

Total $ _________

Donation to help those unable to pay $ _________

Material for tables first needs to be approved by S.M.A.R.T. (please write us for an application form, thanks)

====> Whole tables ($110)


====> Half table ($55)


If registering after July 14, 1999, please add $20, late registration fee


(Please note: Walk in (day of conference) registrations will be charged an extra $20, and may not receive free lunches)

Total due (10% off if rec’d bef. 3/30/99), (please make all checks payable in US dollars and US Banks to S.M.A.R.T)


(Please send checks and this form to S.M.A.R.T., thanks.)

Refund Policy: Fees will not be refunded after July 14, 1999. Send us written notice. Refunds will be minus $30.00 deposit per registree.

(Please list names and addresses of all registrees on a separate sheet, thanks. Please mention if you want us to use an alias.)






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Tape Order Form for
The First Annual Ritual Abuse,
Secretive Organizations
and Mind Control Conference – 1998

Some of the topics discussed on these tapes may be very triggering. These tapes are educational and not intended as therapy or treatment. Statements made on these tapes are the speaker’s own statements only and don’t necessarily represent the policies or views of conference sponsors, cosponsor, speakers, exhibitors or organizers. Speaker descriptions will follow ordering information.

#1 – Neil Brick – “My recovery, newsletter and fight to stop ritual abuse”

#2 – “Eroding the Base: Survivors’ Strategies for Fighting Back”

#3 – Kathleen Sullivan – “Sharing Personal Observations about how to integrate memories”

#4 – Helen McGonigle, Esq. – “Hypnosis and the Law – Reviewing Ritual Abuse Allegations in Legal Cases and the Backlash”

#5 – Lynne Moss-Sharman, Blanche Chavoustie, “ACHES and the Developmental History of Mind Control in Our Time”

#6 – Anna Richardson “Her experiences and recovery while writing a book about ritual abuse”

#7 – Lynne Moss-Sharman “Alleged Links between the CIA, MKULTRA and secret societies (Masons, OTO, etc.)

#8 – Survivor and Co-survivor Forum (Hal Pepinsky, Lora Burton and Kathryn Blair)

#9 – deJoly LaBrier “My Satanic Cult Abuse with its Alleged Military Involvement”

Tapes are 90 minutes long. Tapes are $5 each. Freight charges on tapes are $1.50 (US) for the first tape, .50 for each additional. Canada $2.00 first tape, .75 each additional, rest of the world, $3.00 first tape, $1.00 each additional.

Please mail form below and checks (US Banks only, please), money orders (US) to S.M.A.R.T. P. O. Box 1295, Easthampton, MA 01027-1295 USA, E-mail: SMARTNEWS@AOL.COM

Please list all tapes wanted by number. Thank you.









E-mail: (in case we have questions)


Speakers and Biographies

Neil Brick is a survivor of alleged Masonic Ritual Abuse. He is the editor of S.M.A.R.T. – A Ritual Abuse Newsletter. He has published numerous articles on ritual abuse.

Kathleen Sullivan is a survivor of several decades of criminal occult ritual abuse and alleged governmental mind-control and slavery. She is the founder of P.A.R.C.-V.R.A.M.C. (Positive Activism, Remembrance and Commemoration for Victims of Ritual Abuse and Mind Control.)

Helen McGonigle, Esq. has been an attorney of law since 1986. She has a Juris Doctorate from Loyola University. She is a member of the American Bar Association and an advisory board member of the International Association of Forensic Hypnosis. She was also the plaintiff’s lawyer in a landmark case in the Second Circuit involving the admissibility of post-hypnotic testimony.

Lynne Moss-Sharman is a survivor of alleged CIA child mind control experimentation and cult ritual abuse. She is the Canada contact for ACHES-MC (Advocacy Committee for Human Experimentation Survivors – Mind Control) and produces The Stone Angels Journal in Thunder Bay, Ontario (writings and drawings by survivors of alleged intergenerational cult ritual abuse, Masonic and other secret society torture, government/military mind control experiments).

Blanche Chavoustie is a survivor of mind control programming. She has a Master’s in Education in Counseling Therapy and she has 30 years experience as a teacher, writer and therapist.

Anna Richardson (a pseudonym) is the author of Double Vision: A Travelogue of Recovery from Ritual Abuse (Trilogy Books). She has published numerous stories and poems in a variety of publications. She has a Master’s in English Literature from Cambridge University and received a Kennedy scholarship to Harvard.
deJoly LaBrier is a survivor of Satanic Cult Abuse. She has written Diary of a Survivor in Art and Poetry (Shadowood Publications), and is the founder of the MPD Support Group in St. Petersburg. She has a monthly column in Womyn’ s Words called In Her Own Voice and has presented information on MPD, mind control, cult issues and the healing process.