Issue 40 – Sept 2001

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Issue 40 – Sept 2001

The purpose of this newsletter is to help stop secretive organizations and groups from abusing others and to help those who allege they have been abused by such organizations and groups.

This newsletter is not a substitute for other ways of recovering from ritual abuse. Readers should use caution while reading this newsletter. If necessary, make sure other support systems are available during and after reading this newsletter.


The resources mentioned in this newsletter are for educational value only. Reading the books cited may or may not help your recovery process, so use caution when reading any book or contacting any resource mentioned in this newsletter. Some may have a religious or other agenda that may be separate from your own recovery process. Others may have valuable information on the Masons and other organizations, but have triggers or be somewhat sympathetic to those organizations. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the views expressed in this newsletter constitute expressions of opinion, and readers are cautioned to form their own opinions and draw their own conclusions by consulting a variety of sources, including this newsletter. Resources listed, quoted and individual articles, etc. and their writers do not necessarily support all or any of the views mentioned in this newsletter. Also, the views, facts and opinions mentioned in this newsletter are solely the opinions of the authors and are not necessarily the opinions of this newsletter or its editor.

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Tapes from the Fourth Annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference are now available. Please see the conference web page at for more information or the brochure at the end of this newsletter.

Recovery Guidelines for Survivors

This article was sent to us by a survivor, J.L. Please note: This article is not a substitute for medical advice or therapy. Before making any changes, you may want to consult your doctor or therapist.

Based on my working and interacting with survivors, the following are my personal guidelines I’d like to share with others.

Guidelines for Survivors – Be responsible for your own recovery. Internalize your own strengths. Don’t make someone outside of yourself your “guru.” Take charge, it is not up to your therapist, spouse, partner, friends to take the lead, only you can do your own work. Most recovery methods have a built-in effectiveness limit. Recognize when it is time to move on, be assertive, and leave. Focus on the good that you gleaned from the therapist or method that you used, not its shortcomings. Only you can deprogram yourself, because you have to be willing to change your thinking. Give your partner breathing room and have something else going on in your life besides being an RA survivor.

Be clean and sober. No alcohol, or street drugs of any kind. With proper medical advice, you may want to get rid of the prescribed meds, the tranquilizers and the prozac-type drugs, too. Watch out for the herbal remedies, they can be sneakily as toxic as drugs. Medication is a strait jacket. It inhibits in-depth recovery work. Chemically regulated emotions are not real emotions. You can’t do real recovery if you are medicated and complacent. For some people, this might have to be a longer-range goal.

Get off the couch and get busy. Therapy is useful and necessary in the early stages to get out the feelings and memories, but it can only take you so far. Use your gifts and talents. When you are ready, get out into the public arena and make a difference. You will feel better about yourself and your recovery will have more meaning. We can change the world together. Be credible with your story. Don’t exaggerate, the facts are powerful on their own. Be as factual as possible. Have a goal and a plan. This is a national movement, it is not only about your individual recovery. That is, if you want to stop the next generation of perpetration. This is a unique opportunity in the history of perpetration to change things. Have a vision and goal bigger than yourself and get organized around that goal.

Support and respect one another unconditionally. No gossip or criticism of other survivors. As a movement, we can’t afford the “luxury” of a resentment or take the chance of spreading imagined “hurts” about other survivors. This does not refer to instances when genuine issues of safety and perpetration are involved. Especially support the leadership. They may be doing something you don’t understand for a reason you are not aware of. Unless you are in a leadership role, you might not comprehend what they are doing. If you genuinely cannot cooperate or collaborate, then agree to disagree, and do your own thing, your “call and vision” might be different. But do not criticize another’s goal, mission, or outlook on recovery. Be forgiving of each other. Most of us in recovery still have character defects, having character defects does not make us perps. Recognize the true perps, they often disguise themselves and lure you in with love-bombing. If you misjudged someone, you can always correct your opinion and move on.

Get a spiritual outlook of some kind. This only means to recognize that you are part of a much larger recovery movement, every person is needed to do their share by helping. [This does NOT mean to get religion. In fact, you might have to get rid of religion to get real] Have an “attitude of gratitude” you made it this far, and for all those who have paved the way before you.

[Sixth guideline: Be real careful about using the recovery lists as a dating game, especially if you are married or in a relationship. A lot of manipulation can go on this way, it impedes your recovery and can destroy a list for others. There are many hidden dangers on-line relating this way.]

Resources and Information

Please note: Listing of these resources does not necessarily constitute our endorsement of them. They are for educational value only and some may be heavy for survivors to read. Please also note. Some of the conferences listed may not necessarily be safe for all survivors. S.M.A.R.T. recommends always bringing a support person to all conferences. If you are a survivor of mind control and/or ritual abuse, S.M.A.R.T. recommends that you try to bring a support person that is familiar with mind control techniques.

Court Cases and Legal Articles

Attorney: Suit could set precedent – Appeals court goes ‘where no other court has gone’ AP 8/24/01 “Lawsuits filed against the Kennedy Krieger Institute over a lead paint study involving poor city children could lead to changes in research nationwide, an attorney said. A judge likened the study to Nazi research on concentration camp prisoners in ruling last week that the two suits can go forward….Last week’s opinion by the Maryland Court of Appeals, the state’s highest court, resolved for the first time what the rules are in conducting nontherapeutic research on human subjects, Smith said. The lawsuits were filed on behalf of two children who allegedly suffered elevated blood-lead levels and irreversible brain damage in the study.”

also see Agency probes Krieger study – U.S. office seeking institute’s records on lead-paint project; Hopkins vows to cooperate – By Tom Pelton – Sun Staff – 8/24/01

‘My Kids Were Used as Guinea Pigs’ – Lead Paint Study Adds To Debate on Research – Viola Hughes claims her 9-year-old daughter suffers developmental disabilities as a result of a study testing lead paint’s effects on children…Johns Hopkins Tests – By Manuel Roig-Franzia – Washington Post Staff Writer – 8/25/01

Catholic Church settles Calif. sex abuse suit for $5.2 million; monsignor leaving priesthood Santa Ana, Calif. (AP) – Roman Catholic leaders in Orange and Los Angeles counties agreed to pay $5.2 million to settle a lawsuit accusing a once-popular priest of molestation.

Scouts prepare for court – Lawsuit claims leaders knew about pedophile in their midst, but did nothing – By Shane Holladay – Scouts Canada faces a lawsuit over an Alberta family’s allegations the organization failed to protect their son from a pedophile. Former scout leader Frederick Douglas Miller, 81, was convicted in 1995 by an Alberta court of molesting 10 young boys and girls in Fort Saskatchewan between 1957 and 1993

Reardon is sentenced to 40 years – Judge says molester poses ‘serious risk’ By Farah Stockman , Globe Staff, Globe Correspondent, 8/18/2001 SALEM – Doling out a punishment that even he called rare in his career, Judge Isaac Borenstein said yesterday that the ”secret world of sexual abuse.” Christopher Reardon created with young boys was so callous and obsessive it merited 40 to 50 years in prison and parole supervision for life….Last month, the church youth worker and YMCA camp counselor pleaded guilty to 75 counts involving 24 boys, including child rape, indecent assault on a child, and giving pornography to minors.

This may be very heavy for survivors.

Monster of Florence may still be alive: Serial killings of 1968-1985 may have been masterminded by society figures in an occult group – Source: The Guardian 8/8/01 Police in Italy have reopened inquiries into the Monster of Florence case, the serial killings…. The people of Tuscany had thought the story was over – the last victims were killed 16 years ago while the “monster” alleged to have murdered them died in 1998. But yesterday detectives in Florence said there were new suspects for the murder and mutilation of eight couples between 1968 and 1985. Police now believe that a group of between 10 and 12 wealthy, sophisticated Italians orchestrated ritualised murders over the course of three decades and got away with it, allowing their careers and reputations to blossom to this day. related article at: The Times (London) – 4/5/01, – Net closes on satanic high priest by Richard Owen

Parent Can Be Sued For Sexual Abuse – Where a teenage boy was sexually abused by his adoptive father, he can sue in tort, says the Florida Supreme Court in affirming the Court of Appeals. The suit isn’t barred by “parental immunity.”…The court cited similar decisions from Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, North Carolina and Texas. Florida Supreme Court. Herzfeld v. Herzfeld, No. SC95054. 3/15/01. Lawyers Weekly USA No. 9920311.

Articles on Wenatchee

Consultant Finds No Fault in Sex Ring Probe – Tri-City Herald, A7, 2/22/96, (AP) Wenatchee – A consultant hired by the city’s insurer to look into the way Wenatchee police conducted child sex-abuse investigations said Wednesday the cases were properly handled. “In hindsight, anything can be done better. But what I’m here to tell you is that the investigator met the standard of care that is exercised in the policy industry in this case,” retired Bellevue Police Chief D.P. “Don” Van Blaricom told reporters at a city hall news conference…A justice Department Investigation, completed last month, found no evidence of civil-rights violations…He (Van Blaricom) also said he found nothing improper in asking alleged victims leading questions, or in police lying or using a ruse to get a confession from a suspect…”I found (the report by Kathryn Lyons criticizing police methods in the case)… was based upon interviews with disgruntled employees at CPS…, interviews with people who (pleaded) guilty or were found guilty by juries…” (Note: in a 11/27/97 article “Ex-chief accused of sexual abuse” Van Blaricom is accused of alleged sexual abuse.)

Lowry’s request for federal review of sex-ring probe draws attack – Tri-city Herald – 10/6/95 (AP) – Wenatchee – Police and Prosecutors are complaining that Justice Department officials considering a federal inquiry into Wenatchee’s sex-ring investigation are working from a one-sided report compiled by critics of the probe…Twenty eight adults have been charged since last fall with child rape and sexual abuse in what authorities describe as two loosely organized sex rings in operation since 1988. Authorities say as many as 50 children may have been involved.

Doctor confirms abuse in sex-ring case – (AP) 12/5/96 – Waterville – “One girl showed definite medical signs of sexual abuse and it could not be ruled for two others, a defense witness testified (Dr Deborah Harper)…in the child rape and molestation trial of a Pentacostal preacher and his wife… Prosecutors allege unordained pastor Robert “Roby” Roberson and his wife, Connie, has sex with children at the East Wenatchee Pentacostal Church of God House and Prayer and at their home.”

Pastor, wife charged with perjury, fraud – AP – Tri-city Herald 10/7/95 – “Waterville – A pastor and his wife awaiting trial on charges they were participating in a child sex ring were charged today with perjury and welfare fraud.”

“…Pleads guilty to fraud” Tri-City Herald – Doug Campbell (staff writer) “Robert Roberson pleaded guilty to one count of first degree theft, a felony, and one count of “false swearing,” a gross misdemeanor. He originally faced eight counts of perjury and one count of first degree theft.” (All charges were dismissed against his wife – Pastor Wants Credit for Media Time – 7/12/96 Tri-City Herald A5 (AP)

LSD “guinea pig” wins key court victories – By JIM BRONSKILL and MIKE BLANCHFIELD Southam Newspapers OTTAWA – “The federal government and a former prison psychologist have confessed to battery and negligence for giving LSD to a teenaged inmate in the 1960s. The admission by the government and psychologist Mark Eveson in Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice is a key victory for former prisoner Dorothy Proctor in her three-year battle for compensation. A total of 23 female inmates were administered LSD as part of a 1961 study at the now-defunct federal Prison for Women in Kingston, Ont. At 18 and serving a three-year robbery sentence, Proctor received at least one dose of the powerful hallucinogen in a 1.5-metre-by-2.5-metre windowless basement segregation cell, lit by a single bulb with only a mattress and a hole in which to pass bodily waste. In 1998, Proctor sued the government and former Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) officials for giving her the drug, saying it has caused brain damage and terrifying hallucinations.”

Lawsuit paints LSD experiment as journey to the mind’s frontier by Jim Bronskill and Mike Blanchfield – Southam Newspapers Ottawa – “To Dr. Ewen Cameron, Canada’s prisons seemed like a logical place to conduct experiments on what strange new drugs could do to the human mind. In 1953, the McGill University psychiatrist wrote to the second in command of Canada’s prison service to see if he had any insights into “the pharmacological, psychological and surgical suppression or obliteration of certain functions of behaviour as a research tool.” also see smart issue #39 for other articles

Honduran Police Investigating Cult Child Sacrifices – 7/31/01 – TEGUCIGALPA (Reuters) – Police in Honduras were investigating local gangs suspected of kidnapping children and then sacrificing them in satanic rites, an official said on Tuesday. “We suspect that these groups are not only sacrificing cats and hens but that they are also using children in their rites,” said Police Inspector Florencio Oseguera…The police are tracing one band known as “Los Rockeros,” the Rockers, which are affiliated with gangs in the capital as well as in other cities in Honduras. Police estimate the gangs have as many as 32,000 mostly young members nationwide involved in crimes including assault and murder. This article has graphic descriptions of abuse. (the article link is on this search page about half way down)

New Hampshire women to file suit against Jehovah’s Witnesses – by Harry R. Weber, AP, Portsmouth Herald – CONCORD, N.H. – In a challenge to the Jehovah’s Witnesses belief in shunning secular authority, two young New Hampshire women have accused the order of concealing their sexual abuse allegations. A suit expected to be filed Wednesday in Hillsborough County Superior Court names as defendants the abuser, the Wilton congregation where they belonged and the religious order’s governing body in New York City.

Effects of past abuse experiences on children’s eyewitness memory. Goodman GS, Bottoms BL, Rudy L, Davis SL, Schwartz-Kenney BM Law Hum Behav 2001 Jun; 25(3):269-98 “abused and nonabused children did not differ in their accuracy or suggestibility in response to questions that were relevant to abusive actions. Among abused children, however, those who suffered more severe sexual abuse made more omission errors to specific abuse-relevant questions.”

Orlikow v. U.S. Cite as 682 F.S. 77 (D.D.C. 1988) Mrs. David Orlikow, et al., Plaintiffs, V. UNITED STATES of America, Defendant. Civ. A. No. 80-3163. U.S. District Court, District of Columbia. 1/19/88 “The facts submitted in this case are labyrinthine and generally not disputed. The pivotal issue, however, pertaining to whether Dr. Cameron’s research was medically sound therapy or experimentation, is plainly in dispute. In their Amended Complaint the plaintiffs allege, (1) negligent failure of supervision and control over CIA employees, (2) negligent and reckless funding of hazardous experiments, (3) liability for CIA funding of medical malpractice…A brief overview of the case will provide the context in which this action arose…In 1955, the CIA set up a secret front organization, known as the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology (SIHE), to fund further studies. CIA employee, Dr. John Gittinger and Dr. Wolff from Cornell, assisted in the program formation. Approximately a year later, Dr. Gittinger read an article, published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, written by Dr. Ewen Cameron from the Allen Memorial Institute of Psychiatry, and entitled Psychic Driving…The article prompted him to invite Dr. Cameron to submit an application for SIHE research funds…On March 4, 1957, the CIA approved the Cameron grant as MKULTRA Subproject 68 for the period of time from March 18, 1957 to June 30, 1960.” and linked pages

Candidate accused by former patient by Thomas R. O’Donnell – Des Moines Register – 10/28/98 – “A former Iowan who won a $10.6 million settlement from a Chicago hospital and two psychiatrists said the diagnosis of multiple personalities and repressed memories of satanic cults that led to her lawsuit originated with a West Des Moines clinical social worker. But the social worker, Ann-Marie Baughman, now a Polk County legislative candidate, said that when she started counseling Patricia Burgus in 1982, Burgus was a troubled woman who was threatening to kill herself and others. Burgus…also was displaying behavior that Baughman could not understand. “It was the physical changes more than just the verbal expressions of what she was telling me” that led Baughman to conclude she was seeing multiple personalities. The “muscles in her face would all relax . . . and she would just look different. It was just the eeriest thing….But suggestions that Braun somehow planted the horrific memories in Burgus’ head are wrong, Baughman said, because they started surfacing during her sessions with Burgus in Des Moines….In the settlement, reached last fall after six years of litigation, neither the hospital nor the psychiatrists, Braun and Elva Poznanski, admitted fault. Braun has said his insurance company settled over his objections.”

The Pedophocracy, Part I: From Brussels By David McGowan July 2001 – “Dutroux – convicted along with his wife in 1989 for the rape and violent abuse of five young girls, the youngest of whom was just eleven – now stands accused of being a key player in an international child prostitution and pornography ring whose practices included kidnapping, rape, sadistic torture, and murder. Dutroux was sentenced in 1989 to thirteen years for his crimes, but was freed after having served just three…. Outrage continued to grow as more arrests were made and evidence of high-level government and police complicity continued to emerge…In September, nine police officers and fourteen others were detained and questioned about their possible complicity in the crimes and/or their negligence in investigating the case. As the Los Angeles Times noted in a very brief, two-sentence report, the detainments “were the latest indication that police in the southern city of Charleroi may have helped cover up the alleged crimes of Marc Dutroux.” This may be heavy for survivors of abuse.

The Pedophocracy, Part II: … to Washington By David McGowan July 2001, “the international child pornography networks, given that the United States is their number-one market. According to investigative author Gordon Thomas, the majority of child pornography produced worldwide is targeted at the U.S., where by the early 1990s it was already a $3 billion a year business, and growing. Thomas claims that – according to law enforcement figures – over 22 million copies of child pornography videos were sold or rented in the U.S. in 1991. He also writes that much of that pornographic material is produced here, where it is “part of the largest segment of movie making in the United States.” It also has info on Bonacci and the Eberles. This may be heavy for survivors of abuse.

“Police found further evidence including at least 300 child pornography videos…Others who were detained or arrested in connection with the Dutroux murders and child-sex ring included, Dutroux’s second wife Michelle Martin and Jean-Michel Nihoul, a businessman who confessed to organizing an orgy at a Belgium chateau, which several government officials, police officers, and a former European Commissioner attended. Michel Lelievre, an accomplice in the kidnapping of An Marchal and Eefje Lambreks, was also arrested. In September, 1996, nine police officers in Charleroi were detained for questioning regarding their involvement and possible negligence in the Dutroux investigation. Also during that month, Marleen De Cockere was arrested on criminal charges of conspiracy in connection with Dutroux’s crime ring. De Cockere was described by police as the love interest of Jean Nihoul. Seven other people were later arrested in connection to the child-sex ring.”

Articles on the Amirault Case

Sexual abuse victim knows kids can’t make it all up by Joe Fitzgerald – 8/8/01 – Boston Herald, mentions the Amirault case.

Amirault’s accusers reveal their faces, and their pain – by Peter Gelzinis 8/7/01 – Almost a year before the world ever heard of the Fells Acres Day School, Barbara Standke sought out psychiatric help for her 4-year-old son, Brian. During that lonely summer, no one was speaking of group hysteria, or interview techniques that amounted to “brainwashing.” All this nurse knew was that the little boy she dropped off at day care was acting very strangely. “He’d begun to touch me in ways that were inappropriate,” Standke recalled, “or he’d try to kiss me with his tongue.” ….When Barbara confided her concern about the scratches on her son’s groin to Violet Amirault, proprietor of Fells Acres, she was told such things happen to kids. Both Vi and her daughter, Cheryl, she said, “laughed and told me not to worry.”

Amiraults’ lead prosecutor Hardoon blames media spin. Hardoon: “the most amazing manipulation and media spin.” SUNDAY TELEGRAM – Worcester, MA- 7/22/01 page B1 ” by Sandy Quadros Bowles, Sexual offenders who prey on children can pose a danger their entire lives, according to a high-profile prosecutor of several well-known child abuse cases.”Once a predator, always a predator,” said Laurence E. Hardoon, who works for the firm of Brody, Hardoon, Perkins and Kesten in Boston. “Sexual predators remain threats indefinitely.”… Mr. Hardoon was closely involved in the Fells Acre day care case, one of the most controversial child sexual abuse cases in state history. In the mid-1980s, Mr. Hardoon was the lead prosecutor in the case against Gerald “Tooky” Amirault, his sister Cheryl Amirault LeFave and their mother, Violet Amirault. The three were accused of sexually abusing children at the Fells Acre Day School in Malden, which was owned by Ms. Amirault….Mr. Hardoon, who still supports the convictions, described this response as “the most amazing manipulation and media spin.” He said this theory presumes that the social workers were “naive and stupid” and that the “police had nothing better to do than to fabricate this enormous web” and were “able to get the kids to tell the same false stories.” Those same arguments were offered by the defense during the original trials, Mr. Hardoon said, but were rejected by the jury because they didn’t make sense, he said.”

Mass. Victims Fight Commutation Plea – By Leslie Miller, AP Writer, “Gerald Amirault has served 15 years of a 30- to 40-year sentence. Last month, the parole board recommended commutation of his sentence, saying there is “substantial doubt” about his conviction….`During counseling meetings as a child, I would speak of a tall man touching me and taking pictures of me,” Phaedra Hopkins, 20, said at an emotional news conference. “So many times, Mr. Amirault hovered over me, touched me and hurt me and committed many disgusting acts of abuse.”…“We weren’t coaxed. We weren’t lying. We’re telling the truth and we always will,” said Bennett, 22. “I was there. None of you were there. We weren’t coaxed, nor were we ever ever ever brainwashed.” also see: Victims speak out against Amirault – Going public, they oppose commutation By Michele Kurtz, Globe Staff, 8/3/01

Sex Case May Pry Open Finances of LDS Church – 7/17/01 – by Elizabeth Neff, The Salt Lake Tribune “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is fighting to keep its finances confidential in an Oregon lawsuit seeking more than $1.5 billion in damages from the church. Plaintiff Jeremiah Scott, 22, of California, sued the church in Oregon state court after an LDS ward Sunday school teacher was convicted of repeatedly sexually abusing him in Portland when he was 11 years old. The suit alleges negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress, claiming church officials knew Franklin Richard Curtis was a pedophile, but did not warn Scott’s parents before they took Curtis into their home. Church attorneys have told Scott the church is able to pay punitive damages of $162 million, or twice the amount of the largest punitive damages award in Oregon history.

Church fights plaintiff’s attempt for force financial disclosure – AP – 7/17/01 Salt Lake City – “The Mormon church is fighting a sex-abuse victim’s attempt to force it to disclose financial information.”

German satanic couple held after ritual murder – Kate Connolly in Berlin – 7/13/01 The Guardian – “A devil-worshipping newly married German couple were arrested yesterday after allegedly fleeing the scene of a suspected satanic killing….The incident has highlighted the strong link between satanism and rightwing extremism in Germany, both of which glorify power. The couple’s flat contained various pieces of Nazi memorabilia.”,3604,520977,00.html

This article may be very heavy for survivors.

Articles on Mind Control and Experimentation

Neil Brick’s NHHI Conference Presentation at the Survivor’s in Recovery: Healing Inside and Out – 2001 Annual Survivor’s Conference – New Hope Healing Institute in Athens, GA on 7/7/01 A transcript of the second half of the presentation at this url includes data proving the existence of recovered memory, ritual abuse, mk-ultra and information on the backlash.

A list of Companies Affiliated With Concentration Camps is at

From the Bulletin of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies – MAPS – Vol. 9 No. 1 Spring 1999 – pp. 7-21 Dr. Oscar Janiger’s Pioneering LSD Research: A Forty Year Follow-up – Rick Doblin, Jerome E. Beck, Ph.D., Kate Obata and Maureen Alioto “A handful of subjects in the original experiment were children of adult subjects, or children of adults very familiar with the research. The children all participated in the research with the consent of their parents. None of the children who participated were located for the follow-up. I: There were some children in this? R: Yes, that’s right. The thing was to look at the demographics. We tried to get as wide a distribution as possible, by age, by education. So we did have studies of children. We had about five or six children between the ages of about six or seven and older.”

Subliminal Media Mind Control – Manipulating the subconscious belief mechanisms of millions – Joe Vialls, 8/01 – “Most readers have heard of basic subliminal suggestion, where an image is flashed on a movie or television screen so quickly that only the subconscious mind has time to see it. The technique was rife in the sixties, effectively culminating in an experimental version of the movie “Picnic” which was interlaced with subliminal messages at 1/3000th second every five seconds, alternately suggesting “Drink Coco Cola”, and “Hungry? Eat Popcorn”. Due to the embedded subliminal messages, Coke sales at the experimental movie house in Fort Lee, New Jersey, rose by a staggering 57.7 percent and popcorn sales rose by 18.1 percent.” Please note: This page may be triggering and SMART does not agree with all of the ideas on this page. We are presenting it as an educational resource only.

This may be heavy for survivors.

Imperialism: CIA Style…The Central Intelligence Agency evolved out of the ashes of World War II. In 1947, the National Security Council was created and this executive agency immediately created the CIA. Almost from the beginning the CIA engaged not only in intelligence gathering, but also in covert operations which involved rigging elections, manipulating labor unions, carrying out paramilitary operations, overthrowing governments, and assassinating foreign officials. In just a few years the CIA grew from a few dozen personnel to hundreds by the early 1950s. Within six years of its inception, it succeeded in overthrowing the democratically president of Guatemala and a year later the popularly elected prime minister of Iran. President Dwight Eisenhower relied heavily on the CIA and its covert activities as carried out by Director Allen Dulles…. The CIA operates the largest news service in the world and has a budget larger than all the news agencies. The Senate Intelligence Committee discovered that the CIA owned “more than 200 wire services, and book publishing companies” and even subsidized more. It was revealed that more than 50 media outlets were run by the CIA both within and outside the United States. They involved 12 publishing companies, which marketed 1,200 books secretly written by the CIA. Some included books written in Russian, Chinese, and the languages of numerous Third World countries.” It also discusses LSD experiments, “LSD. In 1942, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) began top secret research to develop a speech-inducing drug for use in intelligence interrogations. They felt that a drug would be useful for screening their own agents in order to identify German sympathizers and double-agents.”

The Brainwashing Manual – “Brain-washing – Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics Psychopolitics – the art and science of asserting and maintaining dominion over the thoughts and loyalties of individuals, officers, bureaus, and masses, and the effecting of the conquest of enemy nations through “mental healing.” This is provided as an educational resource only. SMART does not necessarily agree with the article or the books original publisher.

Hidden in Plain Sight – by Richard Korn, Ph.D., Professor of Criminal Justice “For over twenty years (1974-1994) the U.S. Government conducted a wide range of secret experiments on unwitting American citizens, exploring the hazards posed by nuclear radiation. The participating medical doctors, scientists, and researchers managed to keep their secrets from the American people.”

New evidence in Army scientist’s death – 48-year-old case has links to CIA’s secret experimentation program – “In 1998, WorldNetDaily first reported on the CIA’s secret behavior-modification program MK-ULTRA, which included experimentation with LSD on unsuspecting subjects….. by H.P. Albarelli Jr. and John Kelly…. Informed sources revealed this week that the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is reviewing dramatic new evidence in the Olson case. The evidence is said to involve the Jan. 8, 1953, death of Harold Blauer and its subsequent elaborate cover-up.”

Are the world’s law-abiding citizens being mind-controlled? The CIA experimented on people for decades By Khier Starchyld – This may be heavy for survivors of abuse.

CIA CULTS & ANTI-CULTS An Interview with Alex Constantine, January, 1997 “Dr. West…. has studied the use of drugs as “adjuncts to interpersonal manipulation or assault,” and employed pioneers in the field of remote electronic brain experimentation at UCLA.”West has recommended to federal officials that drugs be used to control “bothersome” political segments of the population.” The article also has information on Singer, Hassan, the former Cult Awareness Network and Scientology.

This may be heavy for survivors of abuse.

Carol Rutz’ new book, “A Nation Betrayed.” Carol Rutz was one of the child victims of the MKULTRA and related government “behaviour modification” programs. While “A Nation Betrayed” does contain her first-person story, a prospective reader should not assume it is just a testimonial. By comparison with another top-notch source book on the MKULTRA atrocities, “Search for the Manchurian Candidate” by John Marks, you could say that Manchurian Candidate is a good image, while Carol’s book is a much sharper image of the MKULTRA atrocities. Carol’s research is at least as extensive as Marks’. Carol Rutz provides some testimonial but the testimonial is supported by a very substantial framework of well documented facts. See website for rest of review.

“Valerie B. Wolf, BCSW, #908, was sanctioned by the Board on July 19, 2000. Ms. Wolf’s BCSW license was revoked.”

Radiation Experiment Committee Letters – “My name is Valerie Wolf. I am here to talk about a possible link between radiation and mind control experimentation that began in the late 1940’s. The main reason that mind control research is being mentioned is because people are alleging that they were exposed to mind control, radiation, drugs and chemical experimentation which were administered by the same doctors who are known to have been involved in conducting radiation and mind control research.”

Rosie Daymore’s new book “Blessed: Reclaiming My Life from the Horrors of Ritual Abuse,” courageously describes her inner journey of healing from childhood incest and cultic ritual abuse. May be triggering for survivors. Order from the publisher at 800-442-2589 or through

S.M.A.R.T.’s new resource list with information on mind control, ritual abuse, recovered memory, mk-ultra and so on is at:

Conferences and Transcripts

For information on conference safety for all conferences, see

Dorothy Proctor’s presentation at the Justice Studies Association Conference on 5/30/2001, Wheaton College in Norton, MA. about her story (ritual abuse and mind control) is at

Kathleen Sullivan’s conference presentation at The Fourth Annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference, August 10 – 12, 2001 “Memory Recovery and Screen Memories.” This may be heavy for survivors.

On December 1, 2001 from 8:30 AM – 3 PM at Preservation Park, Oakland, CA Survivorship will be sponsoring a full-day conference for survivors of ritual abuse, sadistic sexual abuse, mind control and torture, pro-survivors, partners, friends and family members traveling beside them on the healing path. Speakers will include Jean Riseman and Neil Brick. There will be a safe room staffed by Bay Area Women Against Rape and a survivor art gallery. For info, write,

A partial transcript Neil Brick’s Conference Presentation on his most recent memories and his personal growth from The Fourth Annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference.

Jeannette Westbrook, MSW, CSW, works with victims of ritual crime and mind control. She is a survivor of ritual-based mind control which she believes involved Mormons, Masons and high-ranking local officials. She has pursued criminal prosecution of some of her perpetrators. She has served on the Kentucky Attorney General’s Task Force on Child Sexual Abuse. She spoke about “Getting Justice in an Unjust System.”

6th Annual R. A. and Secret Societies Conference – An Intensive Training Conference for Clergy, Mental Health Professionals, and Law Enforcement 10/26 – 28/01, Holiday Inn Airport/Riverport 13735 Riverport Drive, St. Louis, Mo 63043 (314)298-3400 “A Task Force Approach to Ritualistic Crime and Abuse” Speakers Will Include: David and Donna Carrico (Followers of Jesus Christ Ministries), Mary Jo Schneller, MA, Phd. (Candidate), Tony Kail (Law Enforcement Consultant), Mollie Thompson, for information, write: Mary Jo Schneller, Ph.D (Candidate) c/o South County Christian Counseling Ctn., 636-305-0755, email: Donna Carrico, c/o Followers of Jesus Christ Ministries, 812-477-6338 This conference will be Christian in nature, but all are welcome.

Clergy Sexual Abuse – A Global Crisis – Linkup’s 10th Annual Conference will be Nov. 9 – 11, 2001, Toronto, Ontario. For info: The Linkup, 1412 Argyle #2, Chicago. IL 60640, 773-334-2296,

Safe Harbors will be having workshops in North Carolina and Southern California for survivors over the next two years. For info: Safe Harbors, 2312 W. Olive Ave. #B, Burbank, CA 91506, 818-845-0729

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I am seeking other alleged RA/MC survivors who may have been abused as children during the mid to late 1970’s in New Jersey. Please contact me at:

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Abused Girls Become Abused Women – Study: Any violence in childhood lasts a lifetime – By Ed Edelson – HealthScoutNews Reporter – 8/9/01 – “Adding a new dimension to the lifelong effects of violence against children, a British study finds that women who experience any abuse in childhood are likely to suffer the same kind of abuse in their adult lives.”

Abused girls grow up to be abused women: report – New York, Aug 10 (Reuters Health) – Women who were physically or sexually abused as children are far more likely to enter into abusive relationships as adults, British researchers report… source: The Lancet 2001;358:434, 450-454. search: “abused girls.” Relation between childhood sexual and physical abuse and risk of revictimisation in women: A cross-sectional survey. Coid J, Petruckevitch A, Feder G, Chung W-S, Richardson J, Moorey S Lancet 358:450-54, 2001 “Childhood abuse substantially increases risk of revictimisation in adulthood. Women who have experienced multiple childhood abuse are at most risk of adult revictimisation.”

Dissociation as a mediator of psychopathology among sexually abused children and adolescents. Kisiel CL, Lyons JS Am J Psychiatry 2001 Jul;158(7):1034-9 “The study group consisted of 114 children and adolescents (ages 10-18 years)…. The findings suggest a unique relationship between sexual abuse and dissociation. Dissociation may be a critical mediator of psychiatric symptoms and risk-taking behavior among sexually abused children.”

Child Abuse Scars Hormones for Life – Trauma triggers stress response in women, study finds By Adam Marcus – HealthScout Reporter – 8/3/01 “Women who suffer physical and or sexual abuse as young girls may carry the scars of that trauma into adulthood as a severe oversensitivity to stress. An early history of frequent abuse produces much sharper hormonal and physical responses to mildly stressful events later in life, according to a new study by US researchers. The findings suggest that the brain patterns laid during childhood trauma persist long after the trauma has ceased.

A meta-analysis of the published research on the effects of child sexual abuse Paolucci EO, Genuis ML, Violato C J Psychol 2001 Jan; 135(1):17-36 “Thirty-seven studies published between 1981 and 1995 involving 25,367 people were included. . . . The analyses provide clear evidence confirming the link between CSA and subsequent negative short- and long-term effects on development.”

This may be heavy for survivors.

Psychopathology, childhood sexual abuse and other childhood adversities: relative links to subsequent suicidal behaviour in the US. Molnar BE, Berkman LF, Buka SL Psychol Med 2001 Aug; 31(6):965-77 “In the US, a strong association exists between child sexual abuse and suicidal behaviour, mediated by psychopathology. There is a substantial proportion of suicide risk attributable to child sexual abuse beyond the presence of psychopathology and other adversities. From a clinical standpoint, abuse survivors represent a high-risk population for suicidal behaviour. Author contact: Department of Maternal and Child Health, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA 02115, USA.

The black box in somatization: Unexplained physical symptoms, culture, and narratives of trauma. Waitzkin H, Magana H Soc Sci Med 1997 Sep; 45(6):811-25 “we postulate that extreme stress (torture, rape, witnessing deaths of relatives, forced migration, etc.) is processed psychologically as a terrible, largely incoherent narrative of events too awful to hold in consciousness.” Author contact: Division of Community Medicine, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque 87131-5326, USA.

Dope for Satan – Malaysia to Medicate – Young ‘Satanic’ Heavy Metal Fans – Kuala Lumpur, 8/13 — Malaysia will medicate youths it says belong to a Satanic heavy metal music cult, a newspaper said today. About 150 alleged “Black Metal” members from 15 schools would begin a program used for drug addicts from Tuesday, the New Straits Times said….The government said last month it had unearthed a cult whose members it said practiced animal sacrifice and destroyed religious texts

Structural relations between borderline personality disorder features and putative etiological correlates. Trull TJ J Abnorm Psychol 2001 Aug; 110(3):471-81 – A multivariate model that included parental psychopathology, childhood abuse, and personality factors provided an adequate fit to the data and supported the contention that the personality traits disinhibition and negative affectivity underlie BPD features.” Author contact: Department of Psychology, University of Missouri-Columbia, 65211, USA.

Parental maltreatment and emotion dysregulation as risk factors for bullying and victimization in middle childhood. Shields A, Cicchetti D J Clin Child Psychol 2001 Sep; 30(3):349-63 – “maltreated children were more likely than nonmaltreated children to bully other children. Bullying was especially prevalent among abused children who experienced maltreating acts of commission (physical or sexual abuse). Maltreatment also placed children at risk for victimization by peers. Gender did not moderate these findings, in that maltreated boys and girls appeared to be at similar risk for bullying and victimization.” Author contact: Mt. Hope Family Center, University of Rochester, USA.

After long denial, Orthodox world begins to grapple with sexual abuse By Julie Wiener – “Just as it has begun to acknowledge that there are Orthodox child abusers and Orthodox drug addicts, the community is gradually coming to grips with the fact that it, too, has sexual abusers in its midst.”

Variables in delayed disclosure of childhood sexual abuse. Somer E, Szwarcberg S Am J Orthopsychiatry 2001 Jul; 71(3):332-41 In a study of 41 adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, the level of childhood traumatization was found to have contributed to delayed disclosure of the abuse…Author contact: Department of Education, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Be’er Sheba, Israel.

Multimodal assessment of dissociation in adolescents: Inpatients and juvenile sex offenders. Friedrich WN, Gerber PN, Koplin B, Davis M, Giese J, Mykelbust C, Franckowiak D Sex Abuse 2001 Jul; 13(3):167-77 “Cumulative trauma did not differ significantly between the dissociative and nondissociative groups of ASO (adolescent sex offenders), but physical abuse was related to a diagnosis of dissociation in this sample. The dissociation measures were highly intercorrelated for both groups, and suggest that they measure a similar construct.” From: Mayo Clinic, Ge 1B, Rochester, Minnesota 55905, USA.

Narrative and psychotherapy – The phenomenology of healing. Mishara AL Am J Psychother 1995 Spring; 49(2):180-95 – “the way we overcome painful and traumatic experiences is not seen in terms of the cognitive theory in which a painful feeling is “translated” into a cognitive or linguistic representation that organizes it. Such a theory objectifies the human subject. Healing through narration and “opening up,” involves an existential act of self-transcendence of an embodied person who organizes his/her experience in time.”

Outcomes of child sexual contacts: Patterns of incarcerations from a national sample. Curtis RL, Leung P, Sullivan E, Eschbach K, Stinson M Child Abuse Negl 2001 May 25:719-36 “Respondents reporting touching before puberty were significantly more likely to experience incarceration. They were also more likely to engage in behaviors as teenagers that were associated with an increased probability of jailing. Such behaviors include sexual promiscuity and early departure from the parental family.”

This may be heavy for survivors.

Childhood trauma and suicidal behavior in male cocaine dependent patients. Roy A Suicide Life Threat Behav 2001 Summer; 31(2):194-6 – “Patients who had attempted suicide (n = 34) reported significantly higher scores for childhood emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and emotional and physical neglect than patients who had never attempted suicide (n = 66). In this study, various childhood traumas were found to be significantly associated with suicidal behavior among adult male cocaine-dependent patients.”

Social reactions to rape victims: Healing and hurtful effects on psychological and physical health outcomes. Campbell R, Ahrens CE, Sefl T, Wasco SM, Barnes HE Violence Vict 2001 Jun; 16(3):287-302 “In this study, 102 rape survivors were interviewed about the social reactions they received from family and friends post-rape. Results supported Ullman’s (1996b) conclusion that the overall contribution of positive social reaction (e.g., providing support, listening, believing) on victims’ recovery is negligible, but that negative social reactions (e.g., blaming) hinder recovery.”

Post-traumatic stress disorder in extremely poor women: Implications for health care clinicians. – Bassuk EL, Dawson R, Perloff J, Weinreb L – J Am Med Womens Assoc 2001 Spring; 56(2):79-85 “We found that extremely poor women with lifetime PTSD were more likely to have grown up in family environments of violence, threat, and anger than those without PTSD. The strongest risk factor for PTSD was childhood sexual abuse with threat.”

An examination of the diagnostic validity of dissociative identity disorder. Gleaves DH, May MC, Cardena E Clin Psychol Rev 2001 Jun;21(4):577-608 “After reviewing three different guidelines to establish diagnostic validity, we conclude that considerable converging evidence supports the inclusion of DID in the current Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders.”

The role of childhood interpersonal trauma in depersonalization disorder. Simeon D, Guralnik O, Schmeidler J, Sirof B, Knutelska M Am J Psychiatry 2001 Jul; 158(7):1027-33 “Childhood interpersonal trauma as a whole was highly predictive of both a diagnosis of depersonalization disorder and of scores denoting dissociation, pathological dissociation, and depersonalization. Emotional abuse, both in total score and in maximum severity, emerged as the most significant predictor both of a diagnosis of depersonalization disorder and of scores denoting depersonalization but not of general dissociation scores, which were better predicted by combined emotional and sexual abuse.”

Roseanne Struggles to Contain Multiple Personalities – Reuters – 7/12/01 – Los Angeles — “Roseanne, the larger than life stand-up comic, actress, chat show host, producer, mother and three-time wife, also wrestles with at least seven different personalities…Roseanne told Esquire magazine in a rambling interview published in its August edition of her struggles to contain the multiple personality disorder which she said had afflicted her since she was a child. She said that after 10 years of hard work she had managed to integrate the differing personalities.”

American Judges Foundation, brochure – Domestic Violence and the Courtroom: Understanding the Problem, Knowing the Victim – “Threats to Harm or Take Away Children: One of the most common reasons given for resuming an abusive relationship is the fear that the abuser will act on the threats of taking the children from the victim. Studies show that batterers have been able to convince authorities that the victim is unfit or undeserving of sole custody in approximately 70% of challenged cases.”

AJF, 5027 Hunting Hills Drive, Roanoke, VA 24104

The Contract is now a free novel. This horror novel describes a cult of deception and coercion for staged, but fatal, accidents. Insurance fraud and corruption mean that the liable party receives the proceeds of the wrongful death claim. As always, please use caution when using any resource in this newsletter.

Youth seduced by older woman ‘will suffer trauma later in life’ – Sarah Boseley, Health editor – Guardian – 7/12/01- “Older women who seduce very young men, …can cause males lasting damage and “implant the seeds of self-hate and self-harm”, according to a professor of psychiatry.”,4273,4220261,00.html

This article may be heavy for survivors.

“Killers in the Making” by Alistair Highet (Please note that I do not agree with all the opinions in the article.) “In 1999, Pulitzer prize-winning author Richard Rhodes published Why They Kill: The Discoveries of a Maverick Criminologist….child abuse is a key component in what makes people violent, Rhodes says…. Homicide rates in the United States are four times as high as the rest of the Western world….The critical experience is child abuse, says Rhodes. An average of five children daily are killed by their caregivers in this country, according to the National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse, and a 1998 Gallup poll showed that 5 percent of American parents reported punishing their children by punching them, hitting them with a fist or with an object on a part of the body other than the bottom…. You really finally do have to say it’s because people are goddamned beating their children.” “…if a tendency toward violence was caused by genetics, you’d expect to see the same level of violence around the world, since there is so little genetic difference between races. Instead, homicide rates differ radically from culture to culture. 413-529-2840