Issue 43 – March 2002

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Issue 43 – March 2002

The purpose of this newsletter is to help stop secretive organizations and groups from abusing others and to help those who allege they have been abused by such organizations and groups.

This newsletter is not a substitute for other ways of recovering from ritual abuse. Readers should use caution while reading this newsletter. If necessary, make sure other support systems are available during and after reading this newsletter.


The resources mentioned in this newsletter are for educational value only. Reading the books cited may or may not help your recovery process, so use caution when reading any book or contacting any resource mentioned in this newsletter. Some may have a religious or other agenda that may be separate from your own recovery process. Others may have valuable information on the Masons and other organizations, but have triggers or be somewhat sympathetic to those organizations. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the views expressed in this newsletter constitute expressions of opinion, and readers are cautioned to form their own opinions and draw their own conclusions by consulting a variety of sources, including this newsletter. Resources listed, quoted and individual articles, etc. and their writers do not necessarily support all or any of the views mentioned in this newsletter. Also, the views, facts and opinions mentioned in this newsletter are solely the opinions of the authors and are not necessarily the opinions of this newsletter or its editor.

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Resources and Information

Please note: Listing of these resources does not necessarily constitute our endorsement of them. They are for educational value only and some may be heavy for survivors to read. Please also note. Some of the conferences listed may not necessarily be safe for all survivors. S.M.A.R.T. recommends always bringing a support person to all conferences. If you are a survivor of mind control and/or ritual abuse, S.M.A.R.T. recommends that you try to bring a support person that is familiar with mind control techniques.

Schizophrenia linked to childhood sexual abuse – 1/16/02 – By Simon Collins “Schizophrenia has been linked to childhood sexual abuse by a groundbreaking study led by Auckland researchers. The psychologists’ research, published in an American medical journal, has found that 50 per cent of female psychiatric inpatients surveyed in 15 international studies said they were sexually abused as girls. It says women in psychiatric hospitals are at least twice as likely as other women to have been abused….”That doesn’t prove that schizophrenia is caused by child abuse,” said the principal researcher, Auckland University clinical psychologist John Read….In 20 years of clinical experience before he took up a senior lectureship at Auckland seven years ago, Dr Read found that almost every patient could identify traumas that caused his or her schizophrenia. Apart from child abuse, common traumas included losing parents and relationship breakups. Some became distressed by social trauma.”

The Contribution of Early Traumatic Events to Schizophrenia in Some Patients: A Traumagenic Neurodevelopmental Model Author(s): John Read; Bruce D. Perry; Andrew Moskowitz; Jan Connolly Psychiatry: Interpersonal and Biological Processes – Volume 64 Number 4 – Issue Dec 2001 Title: – Source: Psychiatry: Interpersonal and Biological Processes – Volume: 64 Number: 4 Page: 319 – 345 Publisher: Guilford Publications Inc. “The current diathesis-stress model of schizophrenia proposes that a genetic deficit creates a predisposing vulnerability in the form of oversenstivity to stress. This model positions all psychosocial events on the stress side of the diathesis-stress equation. As an example of hypotheses that emerge when consideration is given to repositioning adverse life events as potential contributors to the diathesis, this article examines one possible explanation for the high prevalence of child abuse found in adults diagnosed schizophrenic. A traumagenic neurodevelopmental (TN) model of schizophrenia is presented, documenting the similarities between the effects of traumatic events on the developing brain and the biological abnormalities found in persons diagnosed with schizophrenia, including overreactivity of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis; dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin abnormalities; and structural changes to the brain such as hippocampal damage, cerebral atrophy, ventricular enlargement, and reversed cerebral asymmetry.”, 72 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012, tel: (800) 365-7006, or (212) 431-9800, fax: (212) 966-6708,

Childhood abuse ‘may trigger schizophrenia’ – “Childhood abuse may help trigger schizophrenia in later life, according to controversial new evidence. A 26-page review of numerous studies around the world found a high rate of childhood sexual and physical abuse among children later diagnosed as having the psychotic disorder…But the major finding from the study, led by psychologist Dr John Read, from the University of Auckland in New Zealand, was that changes in the brain seen in abused children mirrored those found in adults with schizophrenia. In both, similar parts of the brain, such as the hippocampus, were damaged and brain chemistry was affected the same way.”

Brainwashed – Mental illnesses are caused by chemical imbalances in the brain, right? Wrong, says Craig Newnes – 1/10/02 – The Guardian “All sorts of claims about the physical causes of psychological problems continue to be made in the scientific literature and popular press. Professor David Cohen, a critic of psychiatry, has noted that almost all the substances operating within the human body have been investigated as a possible cause of schizophrenia. This research is leaked to the press before it has been accepted in a peer-reviewed journal and “the results are likely to be cited around the world, thought they may never make it to scientific publication”.”Once (psychiatrists)… have concluded that there is nothing demonstrably amiss with the patient’s brain or biochemistry, they tell the person that they have a condition that results from a biochemical problem. But they don’t have a test that could prove a so-called mental illness was actually organic in origin. That’s why patients are not offered tests of brain chemistry.”,3605,630152,00.html

Court Cases and Legal Articles

Tough call ahead for Swift on Amirault commutation By Frank Phillips, Globe Staff, 2/11/02 – “With major legal and political issues at stake, Acting Governor Jane Swift is preparing in the next few weeks to make a final decision on convicted child molester Gerald Amirault’s request for a commutation of his sentence.”

144 sex-trade workers missing – Salim Jiwa – The Province – 2/13/02 – B.C. is a killing field for sex- trade workers. Community organizations have tallied more than 110 missing and murdered sex- trade workers in the Lower Mainland in the last two decades. And RCMP figures released to The Province show the numbers may be even higher when the entire B.C.-wide sex-trade worker death toll is included.{85E206A9-2214-4E28-8DBD-DAD50EE71693}

All accusations are alleged. Sipe Report – Preliminary Expert Report – A. W. Richard Sipe “After I was ordained in 1959, I learned that some priests had sex with adults and even minors, and to some degree this behavior was taken for granted by church authorities. Yet, an atmosphere of crisis regarding this issue did not exist. The secret world of sexual activity, including sexual activity with minors, was known by the Catholic hierarchy, and though considered unfortunate and morally wrong, was accepted as an inevitable and easily forgivable failure of some priests. The atmosphere of crisis did not develop until years later when occurrences of sexual activity with minors became publicly discussed. Prior to wide–spread public acknowledgment, victims of abuse were silent and isolated. The primary objective of the Catholic hierarchy was avoiding scandal.”

Religious Life Without Integrity – The Sexual Abuse Crisis in the Catholic Church By Barry M Coldrey (also see 2 and 3) “Clergy sexual abuse is not merely a phenomenon of the late twentieth century. However the crisis in the English-speaking church with widespread and far-reaching allegations of sexual molestation of minors has surfaced only recently.” “Sexual underworlds developed in some dioceses and in some Religious Congregations. The 7%-10% of priests and Brothers who have sexually molested minors has been merely the tip of an iceberg of infidelity. In the United States, as a result of exhaustive researches over 35 years, Richard Sipe found that four times as many priests were (at some points in their lives) engaged in heterosexual sex as molested children, and some 12% – 15% had gay sexual experience.” Barry M Coldrey, 7/67 Collins Street, Thornbury Vic 3071 Australia (this may be old)

Church allowed abuse by priest for years – Aware of Geoghan record, archdiocese still shuttled him from parish to parish – By Globe Staff, 1/6/02 “Since the mid-1990s, more than 130 people have come forward with horrific childhood tales about how former priest John J. Geoghan allegedly fondled or raped them during a three-decade spree through a half-dozen Greater Boston parishes….Then came last July’s disclosure that Cardinal Bernard F. Law knew about Geoghan’s problems in 1984, Law’s first year in Boston, yet approved his transfer to St. Julia’s parish in Weston. Wilson D. Rogers Jr., the cardinal’s attorney, defended the move last summer, saying the archdiocese had medical assurances that each Geoghan reassignment was “appropriate and safe.” But one of Law’s bishops thought that the 1984 assignment of Geoghan to St. Julia’s was so risky, he wrote the cardinal a letter in protest.”

A revered guest; a family left in shreds – By Matt Carroll, Globe Staff, 1/6/02 “But she did sue, finally, in 1997, and the church settled under terms that remain secret.”

Apology ‘too little, too late’ 1/13/02 – By Dianne Williamson – Telegram & Gazette Columnist – “But if the words of Cardinal Bernard Law ring hollow to victims of such abuse and their advocates, it underscores the depth of their feelings of betrayal by a church that insisted for decades on covering up its sins, thus allowing them to continue. It should escape no one’s notice that Cardinal Law’s eleventh-hour press conference was prompted by a Boston Globe Spotlight series about sexual abuse by one the church’s most notorious accused pedophiles, John J. Geoghan, and came days before his trial, ….on abuse charges. The Globe stories revealed a sorry and familiar pattern that extends beyond Boston to Worcester and countless other communities throughout the nation — known pedophiles who were transferred from parish to parish, even though their superiors were aware that they had molested children. “I doubt the sincerity of any apology that comes only when justice is staring them in the face,” said Boston lawyer Stephen Lyons, who has represented dozens of victims of sexual abuse by priests. “This is just more of the same stuff we’ve been hearing from the church. They pretend to be pious by making an apology — only after they’ve been caught.”

Geoghan found guilty of sex abuse – Boy was assaulted at Waltham pool By Kathleen Burge, Globe Staff, 1/19/02 – John J. Geoghan, the former priest whose decades of alleged sexual abuse cost him his collar and brought a public apology from the cardinal, was found guilty…of indecently touching a 10-year-old boy at a public pool a decade ago….The Archdiocese of Boston, which has settled 50 civil lawsuits filed by victims of Geoghan at a cost of at least $10 million, released a three-paragraph statement saying it was grateful that a verdict had been reached…. ”On behalf of the Archdiocese of Boston, we again apologize to all victims of sexual abuse by clergy, and their families, and in particular, those abused by John Geoghan.”Geoghan has been accused of molesting at least 130 children since the 1960s, but he has been criminally charged with assaulting just three. Geoghan is also named in 84 civil lawsuits alleging sexual abuse….Last week, Cardinal Bernard F. Law took the unusual step of publicly apologizing to Geoghan’s victims, saying he regretted sending the priest to his final assignment at St. Julia’s parish in Weston in 1984, after he knew Geoghan had been accused of pedophilia.

Boston archdiocese tries policy of full disclosure by Robin Washington, Tom Mashberg and Marie Szaniszlo 1/25/02 Boston Herald – In a stunning reversal of archdiocese policy, Bernard Cardinal Law yesterday vowed to turn over the names of former priests accused of child sex abuse – a disturbing cadre that a source said could number more than 50.

Woman says church ignored her outcries – By Sacha Pfeiffer, Globe Staff, 2/13/02 – Newton – “Jackie Gauvreau made no secret of her animus for the Rev. Paul R. Shanley….Gauvreau said she had discovered that Shanley, Boston’s famed former ”street priest,” had groped a 15-year-old boy she knew. She learned of the alleged incident from the boy himself, after he fled Shanley’s car, where the fondling took place…. Everyone heard her, but no one really listened – not her fellow parishioners, not the priests and a bishop she notified, not even Cardinal Bernard F. Law, whom Gauvreau says she twice told of the allegation, to no avail.”

Disgraced: Church suspends 6 more alleged molester priests by Tom Mashberg, Jules Crittenden and Laurel J. Sweet – 2/8/02 “In another stunning blow to the Archdiocese of Boston, six more active priests were suspended yesterday amid allegations of sexual misconduct with minors, bringing to eight the number of Catholic clerics jettisoned since Saturday….at least 20 names of current and former priests were delivered to Massachusetts district attorneys yesterday, according to law enforcement officials. Prior to that, the archdiocese had reported 40 names of clergy accused of past sex abuse to prosecutors or police. The archdiocese is continuing to comb its archives for additional “substantial allegations of sexual abuse of a minor,” church officials said, leaving open the likelihood its roster of former and current accused priests will continue to grow….the names of at least 60 accused priests have been given to law enforcement in the past 10 days. There are 930 priests in the archdiocese.”

Experts see familiar pattern in Hub archdiocese scandal – Analysis/by Jules Crittenden and Tom Mashberg 1/30/02 – “…But even as church leaders like Bernard Cardinal Law were denouncing the fallen priests as aberrations, and promising to review records and track down any similar cases, he and others had been working diligently for years to squelch all public knowledge of the church’s shame. Sources now say the Archdiocese of Boston is sitting on records of up to 50 perverted priests, which it has promised to hand over to civil authorities…new names of pedophile priests are surfacing from around Massachusetts – priests who say they were promised their secret would be safe with the church. “What you’re seeing in Boston fits a pattern of what we’ve seen in other places,” said Tom Fox, publisher of National Catholic Reporter, who has reported on abuse by priests and followed the issue since 1985. “What’s remarkable is the similarity of the pattern. “There is the cover-up, internal movements of priests, compassion toward priests and little apparent compassion for victims,” he said. “This is followed by litigation and a flood of publicity. Then you see forced contrition and a public announcement of new guidelines.”

Confession: Ex-Haverhill priest admits he molested kids for years – by Robin Washington and Tom Mashberg 1/26/02 – “A long-time Haverhill priest who was suspended by the Archdiocese of Boston over accusations of pedophilia admitted yesterday that he molested numerous young boys while wearing a cleric’s collar and said he, too, had been abused by a priest during his teen years.”

Church ID’s 40 years of alleged pedophile priests – by Tom Mashberg, Jules Crittenden, Laurel J. Sweet and Robin Washington 1/31/02 – “In a stunning move that has elated victims and is likely to burden law enforcement for months to come, the Archdiocese of Boston yesterday gave authorities across eastern Massachusetts the names of dozens of priests dating back 40 years who left the clergy amid allegations of child molestation.”

Therapist-priest blasted as abuser: Ex-altar boys claim Kane was molester by Robin Washington and Maggie Mulvihill – 1/30/02 “Rev. Thomas Kane….Ph.D and respected psychotherapist, scholar with postgraduate studies worldwide, and founder of a chain of counseling centers for troubled clergymen stretching from California to Boston to England. But in little more than a decade, that world would crumble with the shutdown of his centers and accusations that the brilliant priest entrusted to treat sexual deviants among his fellow Catholic clergyman was himself guilty of child molestation.”

Church settled 6 suits vs. priest – Kept him in post despite allegations By Sacha Pfeiffer and Stephen Kurkjian, Globe Staff, 1/28/02 “The Archdiocese of Boston settled at least six sexual-abuse cases against a priest accused of raping teenagers at a treatment facility he ran for troubled young males, yet allowed him to remain in an administrative position until about three years ago. The Rev. Bernard J. Lane was accused of sexually molesting teenagers in the 1970s at Alpha Omega, a Littleton center for troubled youths operated by the Boston Archdiocese, and at a location in New Hampshire, according to Frederic N. Halstrom, a lawyer for one of Lane’s alleged victims who has a pending lawsuit against the priest….Documents show Geoghan was coaxed to retire to help shield the church…..Before Lane had that position, it was held for two years by Geoghan, who left it in 1996 after public attention was focused on his abuse of children. Lane retired in 1999. But despite the seriousness of the abuse allegations against him, he remains a priest. Geoghan was defrocked in 1998.”

Reardon’s parents cling to `if only’ by Tom Farmer and Laurel J. Sweet Monday, 1/28/02 “If the Archdiocese of Boston had investigated complaints against Christopher J. Reardon when they allegedly first surfaced, it’s likely “90 percent” of the sexual abuse he inflicted on 29 young boys would have been prevented, Reardon’s parents and lawyer said yesterday.”

Roman Catholic Church pays sexual-abuse victims – 1/31/02 – Dublin — “The Roman Catholic Church in Ireland has agreed to a landmark $110-million (U.S) payment to Irish children sexually abused by its clergy over decades. Sex abuse campaigners and opposition lawmakers brand the offer as inadequate. The deal late Wednesday was designed to conclude a 10-year struggle by the church in this predominantly Catholic nation to overcome sex scandals going back to the 1940s. More than 20 priests, brothers and nuns have already been convicted of molesting children, with much of the abuse taking place in state-funded, church-run schools.” Http://

Religious Order Offers $110 Million to Irish Sex Abuse Victims by Brian Lavery NY Times Dublin, Jan. 31 – “The Roman Catholic religious orders that ran schools and child care institutions for most of the 20th century in Ireland have offered $110 million to compensate thousands of people who suffered sexual or physical abuse while in their care as children. The agreement between 18 orders and the Irish government would indemnify the orders from any future legal claims by victims who accept the compensation, but the “survivors,” as they are commonly known here, criticized the planned compensation as too low.”

Canadian Churches May Face Insolvency – Child Abuse Claims Take Financial Toll By DeNeen L. Brown Washington Post Foreign Service 12/6/01 – Kamloops, British Columbia – “The diocese waited, but salvation didn’t come. Instead came an inquiry from the Canadian government, asking the Anglican Diocese of Cariboo to list the value of its assets: church buildings, paintings, silver, liturgical instruments, perhaps the bishop’s ring.”

Scandal Returns to Belgium Village AP 1/30/02 – Sainte-Ode, Belgium (AP) – “From homes huddled round the village church, another dark tale of child sex has crept out to shock Belgium. Nineteen people living in and around Sainte-Ode, a remote village of 2,000, go on trial Thursday, accused of having sex with the daughter of a former bar owner starting from when she was 12. Less than six years ago, Belgium was traumatized by the case of Marc Dutroux, accused of raping and killing young girls in a case that made international headlines and held the performance of Belgian police up to ridicule. The shame was compounded by Dutroux’s brief 1998 escape from custody, for which he is serving a five-year sentence while awaiting trial. The nation’s unease over Dutroux makes the case before the Correctional Tribunal in Neufchateau, 15 miles from Sainte-Ode, all the more disturbing.”

Belgium still haunted by paedophile scandal – “Belgium’s most hated man, convicted paedophile Marc Dutroux, has been locked up for the last six years without trial. Andrew Osborn wonders why it is taking so long for justice to be done – 1/25/02 – “He stands accused of committing the vilest of crimes – of raping, torturing and murdering young girls as young as eight for his own sexual gratification. And yet Marc Dutroux, already a convicted paedophile, has still not been brought to justice. Dutroux, Belgium’s public enemy number one without equal, has been incarcerated since 1996 and yet still there is no trial date…His alleged crimes brought 350,000 people onto the streets of Brussels in 1996, the largest public march of its kind in this small country’s history and yet still nothing has been done…The victims’ parents think they have an answer – a cover-up and many Belgians agree with them. Dutroux was not acting alone, they say, but was part of a wider paedophile ring which included policemen and senior members of the establishment….Dutroux himself said as much although possibly for his own reasons. “A network with all kinds of criminal activities really does exist,” he told VTM, a Flemish TV station. “But the authorities don’t want to look into it.”,7792,639371,00.html

France to end silence shielding paedophiles – PARIS, Jan 17 (Reuters) – The French government said…Thursday it would raise awareness about child abuse to break a wall of silence that was letting paedophiles go undiscovered for years. Just days after police dug up a garden in northern France looking for the body of a girl said to have been killed by paedophiles, four short campaign films will be shown on national television and in cinemas from next Thursday. “The main thrust of this campaign will be the message that: ‘Your silence lets it happen’,” the Minister for Family and Childhood Segolene Royal told journalists ….last week, police dug for the body of a five or six-year old Belgian girl said by a suspect in the Outreau paedophile ring to have been murdered by her French abusers in 1999. No body was found.

This may be very heavy for survivors of abuse. Thames torso link to African rituals Nick Paton Walsh – Observer 1/27/02 “Police are focusing on a tribe in west Africa in their investigation of a boy’s torso found in the river Thames four months ago, believing he may have been killed as part of an ancient fertility ritual.”,4273,4343854,00.html- related article, see,3604,641311,00.html “Torso find ‘consistent’ with ritual murder – 1/29/02 “The discovery of a young boy’s dismembered body in the river Thames is “consistent” with an African ritual murder, an expert said today. Dr Hendrik Scholtz, a South African expert in ritualistic or witchcraft murders, told a press conference that the body called “Adam” by detectives hunting his killer bore all the hallmarks of a ritualistic death.”

Boy May Have Been Victim Of Ritual Killing – Ananova – 1/25/02 – “Detectives hunting the killer of a boy whose torso was found in a river believe he may have been the victim of a ritualistic murder. They believe the boy could be the first person in the UK to die in a “muti” killing of a kind known to have been practised in South Africa. The killings are done by witch doctors who use the victim’s body parts for black magic potions. Police have revealed that they have found seven half-burned candles wrapped in a white sheet washed up on the southern shore of the River Thames in London.”

Macabre find raises ritual murder fear by Stewart Tendler 1/26/02 – “Torso in the Thames mystery takes a new turn after discovery of candles and blankets linked to African witchcraft Candles and sheets found upstream on the Thames from the floating dismembered torso of a boy have led police to fear that the child’s death was Britain’s first ritual “muti” killing.”,,2-2002042254,00.html

Mormon Church Faces Costly Lawsuit – Portland, Ore. (AP) – “A lawsuit…seeks more than $120 million from the Mormon church for 12 victims it says were molested as children by a church elder in the 1970s and ’80s. The lawsuit also said the plaintiffs may seek punitive damages of up to $1 billion each for alleged abuse by the late church elder Franklin Curtis. Curtis was convicted of repeatedly abusing Jeremiah Scott 11 years ago. Scott, now 22, settled a case against the church last year for $3 million.”

Sexual Abuse Suit Filed Against Jehovah’s Witness Leaders – “Denomination’s NY Headquarters Called ‘Negligent’ – Ritzville, Wash. 1/22 U.S. Newswire – Child molesters in the Brooklyn-based Jehovah’s Witness church are “routinely given sanctuary, protection, sympathy and support” from church officials according to a new civil sexual abuse lawsuit filed today in Washington state. The leadership of the 1 million member denomination was charged with negligence in the suit….There are approximately one million Jehovah’s Witnesses in the United States and six million across the world.” (202-347-2770)

Jehovah’s Witnesses Child Molestation Victims Web Page – 1-800-WTABUSE, silentlambs, P O Box 311, Calvert City, KY 42029

Doty guilty in guard’s death by Joseph Barrios and Patty Machelor , Arizona Daily Star 1/19/02 – “…Doty still faces first-degree murder charges in two other deaths.” James S. Wood – staff – “Jason Paul Doty was convicted …of first-degree murder and robbery for the death of Grad Mitchell Towers, one of three murders he is accused of committing. Doty, 29, could be given a death sentence for the murder of Towers, who was shot once in the chest, once in the leg and five times in the head during a…robbery at Tohono Chul Park, where he was an overnight security guard….Prosecutors said Towers, 55, was killed as part of a satanic ritual by Doty, who believed he could attain magical powers if he killed a Caucasian during the spring equinox. The equinox occurred on the date Towers was killed. Prosecutors introduced letters, poems and other writings, rife with violent images, that detailed Doty’s beliefs in a religion he created that blends Satanism and white supremacy. They also used physical evidence to link Doty to the murder weapon.”

One arrested, 200 sought in porn crackdown – 1/21/02 – By Colin Freeze Globe and Mail Update – “Toronto is an international hub for the manufacture and circulation of child pornography, police said …as they announced one arrest and added that they are looking at 200 more suspects. “I would call child pornography an epidemic in the city of Toronto. We’re one of the centres in the world,” Toronto Police Staff Inspector Gary Ellis said. “It’s our hidden crime, it’s our hidden shame.” ….the case of a Toronto man, alleged to have stored 200,000 “horrendous” computer images and videos. These images involved the sexual abuse of “tens of thousands of innocent children as young as six months old,” Staff Inspector Ellis said. Police took the opportunity to slam public indifference to large amounts of pornography distributed internationally through the Internet. They also said Canada’s justice system fails to crack down on offenders.”

Quote from : A Criminologist’s Quest for Peace – Hal Pepinsky – Chapter 5 Transcending Literatyranny – “…But what affected me and in turn other seminar members most profoundly was to begin to meet people who told us about personal experience with ritual violence. My first personal introduction was secondhand–by Rick Doninger, who with his wife Pam had helped a number of children and adults who as children had been victimized in group rituals, in this case satanic rituals, often in families of high standing, or in the first instance out of a number of schools. He brings some thirty water color, ink and pencil drawings to class, taped to several large poster boards. He and Pam, like other seminar guests, had gone to Huntsville, Alabama, for training in non-leading interviewing techniques at the National Child Advocacy Center. Typically, he tells me, the pictures were drawn while he chatted with children at his kitchen table. He would simply invite children to use the materials and draw anything they wanted about what had happened to them while he talked with them. He tells me that it was almost as though the children were doodling as they talked about other stuff. Then they described what they had drawn to him. Copies of the pictures and summaries of the children’s descriptions of them appear in Carrico et al. (1994: 64-108). In similarity of detail many corroborate one another from across the country. A pair of siblings independently draw consistent pictures of a ritual, remarkably parallel in detail albeit different in artistic technique.

I have heard descriptions like Rick and Pam’s of what children say, and seen video excerpts of children describing rituals they had been raped and tortured in, but my the firsthand experience seminar members and I share is of adult survivors. The second semester I taught the seminar Rick brought a survivor who by first name only was appearing in public for the first time. Shortly thereafter, Debbie and Mary put me in touch with Jeanette Westbrook…, a social worker in Louisville, who has visited the seminar every semester since, and who like Rick also now visits a large class I teach on “alternative social control systems.” Jeanette had enough police and legal support that the Kentucky Attorney General charged her father with raping her several times. As they sought to have him extradited from his new home in Ohio, he returned from a trip where he met Eastern European heads of state and members of parliament on nuclear safety planning, and in his early sixties died suddenly in bed at home and was buried without an autopsy.

A friend observed awhile back that I so brazenly believe that Jeanette’s memories of ritual violence are true, and representative of widespread violence including serial murder and cannibalism, because I have met survivors like Jeanette (many by now) and heard them speak for themselves. Their voices are just beginning to be aired in media in ways that may become literature.”

E. Gary Stickel, Ph.D. – Archaeological Investigations of the McMartin Preschool site, Manhattan Beach, California – Executive Summary “….The project unearthed not one but two tunnel complexes as well as previously unrecognized structural features which defied logical explanation. Both tunnel complexes conformed to locations and functional descriptions established by children’s reports. One had been described as providing undetected access to an adjacent building on the east. The other provided outside access under the west wall of the building and contained within it an enlarged, cavernous artifact corresponding to children’s descriptions of a “secret room”….The McMartin preschool in Manhattan Beach, California was the first of what has since been described as a national epidemic of multi-victim, multi-perpetrator accusations of sexual and sadistic abuse which erupted in the mid 1980’s…..The results of the survey by Ground penetrating Radar proved consistent with discoveries of the subsequent excavations, all of which confirmed not only the basic descriptions of children but also specific details of location, interior features and putative function.” More information on McMartin is available at or SMART Issue #37

This may be heavy for survivors. Klansman faces sex rap – By Peter Smith, Sun Media – Edmonton Sun – The former imperial wizard of Alberta’s Ku Klux Klan has been charged over allegations of sexual misconduct. Police say children as young as 12 years old were visiting a youth club infiltrated by cops investigating the allegations. After a four-month investigation, vice unit detectives have charged one man with counselling anal intercourse and permitting a home to be used for sexual activity… He was also imperial wizard of the Alberta Ku Klux Klan…”

From: curio – To: – 5/8/97 – subject: Response to Aquino Lawsuit “Having worked in many facets of the child abuse field for 10 years I’ve seen all manner of atrocities committed against children and witnessed all types of adult games played to avoid culpability. Having worked inside government systems I’ve seen the lack of resources allotted to adequately investigate, let alone alleviate child abuse at it’s most simplistic level – physical, emotional, sexual abuse and neglect. Child abuse is rampant. It’s one of the secrets in our society that nobody wants to hear about.”

Stalking Curio Jones – An Open Letter to the San Diego Union-Tribune – By Alex Constantine – “The stalkers have arrived with bells on. “Armed with a telephoto lens and a laptop computer with a hidden camera,” San Diego Union-Tribune reporter Mark Sauer informs us, “Michelle Devereaux headed south from San Francisco on a mission to find Curio.”Ms. Devereaux, a vociferous member of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF)…”

Children’s clown, former teacher accused of molesting young girls – Lori Coolican – Saskatoon StarPhoenix – A Saskatoon man with a history of working with children has been accused of sexual abuse against two adolescent girls in British Columbia….RCMP in Mackenzie, B.C. arrested 66-year-old Roy Percy Parker Jan. 3…according to Cpl. Eric Stubbs, the lead investigator in the case. Parker faces seven sex-related charges involving two girls aged 12 and 13, though investigations are ongoing and more could be pending in other jurisdictions, Stubbs said….Sources close to the case said Parker was recently involved in a “clowning team” entertaining children for a Saskatoon branch of the Masonic Temple. He is listed as a member of the Masons on the organization’s provincial Web site.{F671A5B1-4EF3-4FBD-A8E4-05EFD5149C39}

Pair try to explain away Hadley murder – Michele Landsberg – “Although Merskey is a much-published expert in the management of chronic pain, he is not a domestic violence expert. He is, however, a member of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation board. (False memory syndrome has no actual medical status and is not a real syndrome. The name was devised by a lobby group of parents who had been accused of child sexual abuse by their grown children, mostly female. The FMSF maintains that almost all recovered memories of past abuse are “false” memories implanted by unscrupulous or incompetent therapists). The Hadley case has nothing to do with memory, recovered or otherwise. But given the highly politicized anti-female-victim stance of most false memory advocates, perhaps it’s not surprising that Dr. Merskey turned up at the inquest to testify that “we can never know” if Ralph Hadley was really criminally responsible for the murder. (The coroner had to ask the jurors to disregard Merskey’s remarks). In Merskey’s view, Hadley must have “snapped” under the extreme stress of “his wife’s betrayal.” Dr. Peter Collins, a forensic psychiatrist working with the Ontario Provincial Police, who has read the coroner’s briefs, had already testified that Hadley carefully planned the murder, made lists of tasks to prepare for the killing, and left a taped testament about why he did it.”

This may be very heavy for survivors of abuse. Satanists blame Devil for…ritual killing – 1/18/02 – from Roger Boyes in Berlin – Dressed in black and shunning the sunlight, one of Germany’s most notorious Satanists told a murder trial yesterday that she had learnt to be a vampire in a Gothic club in North London….Frau Ruda and her husband, Daniel, are accused of the murder of a 33-year-old friend — his corpse was found in a coffin in her bedroom…The supposedly Satanic lifestyle is being pursued, according to police, by several thousand young Germans. Frau Ruda — who became known in the milieu for her posed photographs near open graves — took it to extremes.”,,3-2002029094,00.html

All accusations are alleged. DynCorp Disgrace – 1/14/02 – By Kelly Patricia O’Meara – “Americans were seen in Bosnia as defenders of the children, as shown here, until U.S. contractors began buying children as personal sex slaves…. DynCorp, a U.S. contracting company doing business in Bosnia. According to the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization Act (RICO) lawsuit filed in Texas on behalf of the former DynCorp aircraft mechanic, “in the latter part of 1999 Johnston learned that employees and supervisors from DynCorp were engaging in perverse, illegal and inhumane behavior [and] were purchasing illegal weapons, women, forged passports and [participating in] other immoral acts. Johnston witnessed coworkers and supervisors literally buying and selling women for their own personal enjoyment, and employees would brag about the various ages and talents of the individual slaves they had purchased.” Rather than acknowledge and reward Johnston’s effort to get this behavior stopped, DynCorp fired him, forcing him into protective custody by the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division (CID) until the investigators could get him safely out of Kosovo and returned to the United States….For more than 50 years DynCorp, based in Reston, Va., has been a worldwide force providing maintenance support to the U.S. military through contract field teams (CFTs). As one of the federal government’s top 25 contractors, DynCorp has received nearly $1 billion since 1995 for these services and has deployed 181 personnel to Bosnia during the last six years.”

U.N. halted a probe into alleged sexual enslavement in Bosnia – World organization’s own police were suspected by investigators – 12/27/02 – by Colum Lynch Washington Post Service – “United Nations – The United Nations quashed an investigation earlier this year into whether U.N. police were directly involved in the enslavement of Eastern European women in Bosnian brothels, according to U.N. officials and internal documents. The investigation was halted while the U.N. Mission in Bosnia was reeling from the disclosure that several of its police officers had been dismissed for sexual misconduct. David Lamb, a former Philadelphia policeman who served as a U.N. human rights investigator in Bosnia until April, said that in February he began to look into allegations against six Romanian, Fijian and Pakistani officers stationed in the town of Bijeljina.”

Marin Teen Files State Bar Complaint Against Court Appointed Lawyer – Misconduct Allegations Against Sandra Acevedo include Fraud, Perjury and Conspiring to Cover Up Child Abuser, Neglect and Endangerment “…18-year-old college honor student, Alanna Krause, formerly of San Geronimo, has filed a complaint with the California State Bar against attorney Sandra M. Acevedo, the lawyer appointed by then Marin Family Court Commissioner, Sylvia Shapiro-Pritchard, to represent her best interests during her parents’ divorce.”,7,02.htm

Judge demands action over sex trade – Sarah Hall – 1/3/02 – The Guardian “One of Britain’s leading judges yesterday called for new laws to crack down on the human traffickers responsible for forcing a growing number of women and children into sexual slavery. Peter Singer, a high court judge in the family division, accused the government of showing a lack of political will in responding to the “burgeoning phenomenon” which sees as many as 1,400 women, and some children, being brought to Britain each year to enter the sex industry.”,3604,626903,00.html

Religious group faces lawsuit labeling it a cult – By Jay Reeves – AP – 12/13/01 Terret – “A multimillion-dollar organization that promotes visions of the Virgin Mary is fighting charges of being a destructive cult as religious pilgrims from across the nation arrive at its Alabama compound seeking spiritual renewal. Five former residents of Caritas of Birmingham have filed suit in state court seeking an unspecified amount of money from the group and its founder, Terry Colafrancesco. The suit claims Colafrancesco lures people into Caritas with promises of spiritual enrichment and then drains them of money.”

The Phillip J. Kronzer Foundation for Religious Research – Tel. 513-528-0586 – “Alabama Religious Cult Sued: Nine former members and Relatives of Cult Members allege Mind Control and Abuse – Birmingham, Alabama… – The Caritas of Birmingham cult first targeted by the Kronzer Foundation earlier this year in a California lawsuit for deceptive fundraising tactics has now been sued by nine victims in a Shelby County, Alabama Court. The plaintiffs are ex cult members and parents of adult children in the cult run by Terry Colafrancesco.” copy of the lawsuit is at :

Settlement, Abuser Was Murderer – $233,000 awarded for native-school abuse – The Vancouver Province 12/28/01 – “A 51-year-old man has been awarded more than $200,000 for sexual abuse he suffered at a B.C. native residential school as a child. The man, who was identified only by his initials, was sexually abused by a convicted killer hired to work as the school’s baker. The man was sexually assaulted …about twice a week from the age of seven until he was 11 or 12.”

Conferences and Transcripts

Transcripts from the Survivorship December Conference (on programming) – 12/1/01 by Jean Riseman (spoke on demystifying programming) and Neil Brick (spoke on his recent memories and research)are now available online at : Neil’s are at :

Jean’s are at

Survivorship also has copies of both transcripts. To receive one, send a stamped self-addressed envelope for each transcript to Survivorship, PMB 139, 3181 Mission St., San Francisco CA 94110. You can enclose a small donation or some stickers if you want. To receive a transcript by e-mail, write

Second Annual Conference on DID and MPD – September 6,7,8, 2002 – Holiday Inn-Airport/River Port – 13735 Riverport Dr. – St. Louis, MO 63043 – Please direct any questions about the conference to: Mary Jo Schneller, Ph.D. – South County Christian Counseling Center – 300 Biltmore Dr. Ste. 350A – Fenton, MO 63026 – email: 636-305-0755

South County Christian Counseling Center is a teaching and counseling center. We teach and train churches in the area of traumatic abuse and the devastating affects it has on people. We are located in St. Louis, MO

Mind Control and Experimentation

Some Declassified Mk-Ultra Project Documents are available at – graphics and info. may be triggering.

Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Exp. – Brief Descriptions of Doc. Collections Acquired as of June 16, 1995

Transcript – Bio-terrorism: The Eleventh Plague – Producer: Bob Carty – Broadcast 3/25/01 “I’m Colonel Ted Cieslak, chief of operational medicine division at the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases. The 8-ball is a one million-litre sphere – and it’s a test chamber. We used it for testing with animals and we also did some human challenge studies. [One of them was] project Whitecoat, where volunteers volunteered to be part of scientific experiments.” They were experiments that made the 8-ball a very busy place about fifty years ago. The Army wanted to know how enemy troops might be affected by anthrax, plague, Q Fever, meningitis, encephalitis, and cholera. Thousands of mice, rabbits, sheep, mules, monkeys, and chimpanzees were sacrificed. Army soldiers could also volunteer to place their faces in a mask on one of the portholes and breathe in the pathogens inside the sphere. The volunteers would then be isolated, observed and, if necessary, brought back from death by a flood of antibiotics. The US Army says no humans are known to have died from 8-ball experiments. What they were trying to do at the 8-ball was turn nature into a weapon.”

Please Use Caution at this Site. “The Defense Sciences Office Is Interested in New Proposals in Brain Machine Interfaces. This new program represents a major thrust area for DSO that will comprise a multidisciplinary, multipronged approach with far reaching impact. Brain Machine Interfaces: The brain takes inputs and generates outputs through the electrical activity of neurons. DARPA is interested in creating new technologies for augmenting human performance through the ability to non-invasively access these codes in the brain in real time and integrate them into peripheral device or system operations.”

Microchips Under the Skin Offer ID, Raise Questions – By Kevin Krolicki – Los Angeles (Reuters) – “Picture a chip the size of a grain of rice that can be injected into your body and give detailed information about you to anyone with the right scanning equipment. A scene from a bad science fiction film? A radical research project in some secret government laboratory? The chip is neither fiction nor obscure science, but instead it is a soon-to-be-marketed product ready to make its way to customers in the year ahead.” also at : “Remote Mind Control – What if Brains of the Future Run With Computer Circuitry? Commentary By Nicholas Regush.”

Article at : – Please note, this may be heavy for survivors. This is fyi only, and not an endorsement of the orgs. below. Secrecy News from the FAS Project on Government Secrecy Vol 2002, Iss No. 8 January 23, 2002 Science and the War on Terrorism ….DARPA and SOCOM are hosting a by-invitation only conference in March called “Scientists Helping America” to explore innovative approaches to a variety of military needs from signature reduction to directed energy weapons. See the conference announcement and application information here:

Space Preservation Act of 2001 – 107th CONGRESS – 1st Session – H. R. 2977 – “To preserve the cooperative, peaceful uses of space for the benefit of all humankind by permanently prohibiting the basing of weapons in space by the United States, and to require the President to take action to adopt and implement a world treaty banning space-based Weapons. In the House of Representatives – October 2, 2001 – Mr. Kucinich introduced the following bill….(II) through the use of land-based, sea-based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations; or (III) by expelling chemical or biological agents in the vicinity of a person. (B) Such terms include exotic weapons systems such as (i) electronic, psychotronic, or information weapons…” This bill may have been changed recently.

Russian Draft Law with Detailed Descriptions of Psychotronic Weapons, Nov. 2000, “…With the aid of ultra-sonics, (devices (not legible)) or mechanical influences of (expansive) frequencies greater than 100 Hz, not noticed by a person, exert influences on the mental structures and nervous system, resulting in pain in the head, dizziness, a deterioration of the vision and of breathing [functions], and convulsions which can lead to the loss of consciousness. The use of infra-sonic (very low-frequency, lower than 16 Hz) of a low intensity (of about 120 decibels) causes nausea, ringing in the ears, a deterioration of the vision, and generalized suffering. The sonic (sounds(effects)) of medium intensity (up to 130 decibels) break down the organs of digestion and the brain, resulting in paralysis and sometimes blindness. The effects of infra-sonics of an intensity of 130 decibels and higher can cause in the subject the stoppage of the heart. Under the influence of ultra-high frequency radiation, there appears a breakdown in the interpretation of reality, weariness, dizziness, head pains; and the heart, the brain and the central nervous system can also be damaged…”

Applied Digital pushes microchip to plant in foreigners for tracking – “By Deborah Circelli, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer – 12/20/01 Palm Beach – “Today’s security measures don’t work very well, says Richard Sullivan, pointing to the Sept. 11 terror attacks on New York and Washington. He’s says he’s got a better idea: a microchip instead of a green card. Foreigners who pass through customs or immigration could be injected with the chip, allowing officials to monitor their activities better and keep terrorists out….The chips are about the size of a grain of rice and contain an identification number or other data, such as medical information, and a person’s address and phone number. The chips have no internal power source. Their data can’t be read without a scanner close at hand. The next generation of body chips – one that transmits signals from a distance – is several years away.”

Decoding Minds, Foiling Adversaries – Signal Magazine 2001 – 10/01 “Information warfare is no longer just about machines; it is also about how users think. By Sharon Berry …. A technology, known as bio-fusion, combines sensors to examine biological systems to understand how information and neural structures produce thought and to display the thought in mathematical terms. By creating an advanced database containing these terms, researchers now can look at brain activity and determine if a person is lying, receiving instructions incorrectly or concentrating on certain thought types that may indicate aggression. Mapping human brain functions is not new; however, using multiple components of the electromagnetic spectrum allows investigators to produce a different snapshot of the brain to gain additional insight.”

This series is based on some of the more than 3 million files the CIA is declassifying as part of a global effort to unlock the last stash of secrets about World War II war crimes.

PART IX: HOT CONFLICT TO COLD WAR – US made moral compromises in using former Nazi spy network against Soviet threat. “Gehlen’s vast network of opportunistic spies, because of its huge impact on a half century of US espionage, is a symbol of the moral compromises this country made as the clear line between good and evil during World War II blurred into the much murkier, yet equally terrifying, Cold War….Both the US recruitment of Hitler’s Soviet specialists and the roots of the military action in Afghanistan are byproducts of the Cold War. From Nazi butcher Klaus Barbie to Iraqi ruler Saddam Hussein to anti-American Islamic extremist Osama bin Laden – all of whom were once employed or aided by US intelligence – people who once seemed like weapons against Soviet expansion became security liabilities at best and threats to American lives at worst.”

Legal opinion boost for N-veterans – 1/8/02 – “New Zealand nuclear test veterans’ hope of receiving compensation is growing after a legal report concluded that a lawsuit against the British Government was sustainable. The veterans, numbering 220 survivors of 551 New Zealand naval personnel serving on HMNZS Rotoiti and HMNZS Pukaki during Operation Grapple in the late 1950s, sailed through radioactive areas after British nuclear bomb testing at the Christmas (now Kiritimati) and Malden Islands in the Pacific Ocean. The veterans say exposure to radiation has led to cancer and hereditary diseases among themselves and their offspring.”

The following exposures of Masonic ritual are provided in a cooperative effort between Ex-Masons for Jesus and Ephesians 5:11, Inc. Ex-Masons for Jesus is a fellowship organization of men and women who have left the Masonic Lodge and appendant bodies, such as the Order of the Eastern Star, Job’s Daughter’s, the Order of Rainbow for Girls and the Order of DeMolay for boys. They work with other Christians in an effort to equip them to lead Masons within their sphere of influence to leave the Masonic Lodge. Ex-Masons for Jesus may be contacted by e-mail, or by writing Ex-Masons for Jesus, Box 4372, Laurel, MS 39441. Please use caution at this site, it may be very triggering. Also, please note, listing this site is for fyi only, and doesn’t necessarily mean we agree with its content.

Please note : Our listing this doesn’t necessarily mean we agree with the contents of all of this page. “Masons Busted in Tel Aviv – By Barry Chamish ( …Tel Aviv Police were joined in a raid on an apartment by reporters from the state-run television evening news program and a reporter from the daily newspaper Davar Rishon. Once the Police knocked down the door, the Cameras captured a most bizarre scene. The walls were covered in Latin script, skulls and bones graced the shelves, and crossed swords were mounted above and beside an altar. Five doors led to secret passageways, with blinking red lights signaling to whoever was within that intruders were present.” The graphics on this page may be very triggering for survivors.

Truscott struggles to keep low profile – 12/21/01 – Robert Faulkner – Guelph Mercury” … After a public outcry led to his death sentence being commuted to life, Truscott lost a decade of his youth in a training school and in Collins Bay Penitentiary in Kingston. It was there that he made lasting friends of several guards and inmates. And it was there that he was subjected to psychiatric tests with LSD.”

Chemical warfare tests happened in Australia, claim veterans – 12/30/01 The Australian Atomic Veterans Association says they will release documents this week that show that chemical warfare tests were carried out in Australia in the 50s and 60s, as well as nuclear weapons tests at the same venues. And some New Zealanders may have been among the military ‘human guinea pigs’….One document said the “maximum permissible exposure” for any servicemen was 0.3 roentgens in a week. Of the 76 servicemen involved in the tests and named in the documents, 26 registered more than 0.4 roentgens. Some recorded as high as 0.6 roentgens….24 men were selected for trials in which they walked, crawled and drove through a fallout zone three days after an explosion, testing out different types of protective clothing….Hundreds of servicemen and Aborigines are believed to have suffered illness or early death as a result of exposure to radiation during the tests.

No veterans notified about possible exposure to ’60s toxins By Thomas D. Williams – 12/25/01 (Hartford Courant) “Four months after the Pentagon acknowledged that thousands of U.S. soldiers, sailors and Marines might have been exposed to dangerous chemical or biological agents during top-secret tests in the 1960s, only a fraction of those possibly affected have been identified and none has been contacted.”

This may be very heavy for survivors. – United States of America – Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments – 3/15/95 – Statement of Suzzanne Starr – “I am a survivor of secret experimentation conducted by our government on healthy children. I recalled and began to recall these incidences two years ago. I have been working for weeks to overcome the terror program so that I could be here and speak to you with dignity today.” – The International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims IRCT • Borgergade 13 – P.O. Box 9049 – DK-1022 Copenhagen K – Denmark – Phone: +45 33 76 06 00 • Fax: +45 33 76 05 00 – E-mail:

Redress – Seeking Reparation for Torture Survivors – 1st Floor – 4 Deans Court – St Paul’s Churchyard – London EC4V 5AA UK – Tel: +44 (0)20 7329 7322 – Fax: +44 (0)20 7248 5397

The Nuremberg Project – Rutgers Journal of Law & Religion Reveals Holocaust War Crimes Documents

Journal and related articles

Articles by Stephen Kent mentioned in SMART #6 are now mentioned online : “Deviant Scripturalism and Ritual Satanic Abuse” Part One: “Possible Judeo-Christian Influences.” Religion 23 no.3 (July, 1993): 229-241.

“Deviant Scripturalism and Ritual Satanic Abuse” Part Two: “Possible Mormon, Magic, and Pagan Influences.” Religion 23 no.4 (October, 1993): 355-367.

Diabolic Debates: A Reply to David Frankfurter and J. S. La Fontaine,” Religion 24 (1994): 135-188. October 20, 1997

“Assessment of the Satanic Abuse Allegations in the [name deleted] Case” Stephen A. Kent (Ph.D.) Professor Department of Sociology University of Alberta Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2H4

This url may be very heavy for survivors. Please use caution while reading it. Assessment of the Satanic Abuse Allegations in the [name deleted] Case – “Regarding the reliability of C.’s and S.R.’s accounts on all issues and people related to alleged satanism, the answer is “yes.”….It seems next to impossible that these young women could have intentionally or unintentionally fabricated the tales. I certainly expect many details to be off, due to the nature of memory as a reconstructive process that may be influenced by trauma. The overall dimensions, however, of their information are highly plausible, as are almost all of the details. I offer this conclusion cautiously, since I shy away from stating beyond a doubt that ritual abuse occurred in this case. Alas, we lack the kind of definitive external evidence that would allow other social scientists to reach a similar opinion beyond the shadow of a doubt. In the case of these two girls, however, the shadow of a doubt is very small, since the depth and weight of their evidence is so compelling.”

SMART wants to thank Team Spirit – Support and Education for Dissociative Survivors of Trauma for printing Neil Brick’s Survivor Article from SMART Issue #34 in Vol. 52, Nov. – Dec. 2001 Team Spirit, P O Box 30-387, Lower Hutt, New Zealand, E-mail:

Information on PTSD is at :

Obituaries News – Wolf, Valerie B. – 02/06/02 – Valerie B. Wolf, a graphic arts student and former social worker, died Monday of cancer at Memorial Medical Center. She was 54. Mrs. Wolf was born in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, and lived in New Orleans since 1975.

The Lost Children – 10,000 English Kids Sent To Australia – 2/3/02 – CBS “It’s a mind-boggling story, one that sounds more like a bad movie than reality. But it happened. In the two decades after World War II, 10,000 English children were sent to Australia…Many were mistreated and abused. All were lied to. The story begins in Britain after World War II – a nation victorious but battered, broke, and burdened by overflowing children’s homes. Many of the kids were put there by families too poor to raise them. What happened next is almost unfathomable in civilized countries or in modern times. The British government, in collaboration with churches and charities, developed a secret plan to clear out these children’s homes; a plan which has only recently been uncovered. The kids were told that they would be adopted by loving families in Australia. And they were shipped off by the thousands. It was as simple as that.”,1597,40269-412,00.shtml

Association Between Self-reported Childhood Sexual Abuse and Adverse Psychosocial Outcomes: Results From a Twin Study. Nelson EC, Heath AC, Madden PA, Cooper ML, Dinwiddie SH, Bucholz KK, Glowinski A, McLaughlin T, Dunne MP, Statham DJ, Martin NG Arch Gen Psychiatry 2002 Feb; 59(2):139-45 “A history of CSA, reported by 16.7% of the women and 5.4% of the men, was more common among those reporting parental alcohol-related problems. Significantly increased risk was observed in women reporting a history of CSA for subsequently occurring major depression, suicide attempt, conduct disorder, alcohol dependence, nicotine dependence, social anxiety, rape after the age of 18 years, and divorce; most similar risks reached statistical significance in men. The greatest risks were associated with CSA involving intercourse.” Author contact: Washington University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry, 40 N Kingshighway, Suite 1, St Louis, MO 63108.

The Birth of Sybling – a documentary about Dissociation – this is f.y.i. only and the page may be very triggering for survivors. “The Birth of Sybling, an experimental documentary, is a collaborative effort between a group of women survivors of childhood incest or abuse, and media artist Liz MacDougall. Together they create the story of Sybling, the archetypal child who is abused by her father and silenced by the state.”

Physical symptoms, posttraumatic stress disorder, and healthcare utilization of women with and without childhood physical and sexual abuse. Farley M, Patsalides BM Psychol Rep 2001 Dec; 89(3):595-606 “Women with a history of physical and sexual abuse in childhood reported significantly more cardiovascular, immune, musculoskeletal, neurologic, and reproductive symptoms than those without this history. While the Sexual/Physical Abuse group had the most chronic physical symptoms, medical visits, emergency room visits, prescriptions, and severe PTSD, the Unclear Memory group consistently ranked second on these same measures–higher than either Controls or the Physical Abuse group.” From: Kaiser Foundation Research Institute, Oakland, California, USA.

All accusations are alleged Celluloid Heroes: Part I – David McGowan – 1/20/02 “Black Hawk Down….I assumed that it would be a shameless glorification of a reprehensible, imperialist, oil-driven U.S. military operation that was itself shamelessly glorified as a humanitarian mission to feed the hungry….It is also… a shameless glorification of a convicted child rapist and sodomizer…. it is one of the most obvious pieces of government-sanctioned, pro-war propaganda to come out of Hollywood since…. the ‘hero’ of Black Hawk Down, Ranger John Grimes, was given a deceptive name-change by the filmmakers following a request from the Pentagon’s PR people. It seems the Ranger’s real name was John Stebbins – who is currently serving a 30-year-sentence for an attack on a child under the age of 12. Stebbins’ ex-wife told the New York Post: “They are going to make millions off this film in which my ex-husband is portrayed as an All-American hero when the truth is he is not.”

Limited disclosure of sexual abuse in children whose experiences were documented by videotape. Sjoberg RL, Lindblad F Am J Psychiatry 2002 Feb 1; 159(2):312-314 “There was a significant tendency among the children to deny or belittle their experiences. Some children simply did not want to disclose their experiences, some had difficulties remembering them, and one child lacked adequate concepts to understand and describe them.”

Indicators of childhood adversity in somatisation in general practice. Schilte AF, Portegijs PJ, Blankenstein AH, Latour MB, van Eijk JT, Knottnerus JA Scand J Prim Health Care 2001 Dec; 19(4):232-6 “Four out of five patients reported one or more major childhood problems. Childhood adversity was indicated independently by chronic difficulties in present relations and by genital-sexual symptoms of patients.” Author contact: Department of General Practice, University of Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Sexually abused children’s behaviours: Impact of gender and mother’s experience of intra- and extra-familial sexual abuse. Estes LS, Tidwell R Fam Pract 2002 Feb; 19(1):36-44 “The incested children displayed significantly more sexualized behaviour than children molested out of the home. Sexually abused males exhibited significantly more sexual behaviour than females. Incested mothers reported significantly more substance abuse on their own part and in their families of origin, and also more physical abuse in these same families….The findings from this study suggest that incestuous families suffer from a multitude of problems such as intergenerational substance abuse and physical abuse.” From: University of California, Los Angeles, Department of Education, 405 Hilgard Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1521, USA.

Adjustment following sexual abuse discovery: The role of shame and attributional style. Feiring C, Taska L, Lewis M Dev Psychol 2002 Jan; 38(1):79-92 “A pessimistic attribution style at abuse discovery moderated the relation between severity of abuse and subsequent depressive symptoms and self-esteem. The relations between abuse severity and these outcomes were signicant only at high levels of pessimistic attribution style.” Author contact: Department of Psychiatry, New Jersey Medical School, Newark 07107, USA.

Resiliency in the victim-offender cycle in male sexual abuse. Lambie I, Seymour F, Lee A, Adams P Sex Abuse 2002 Jan;14(1):31-48 “The prevalence of childhood sexual abuse in child molesters is considerably higher than that in the general population. This finding had led to the “victim-offender cycle” being popularized as an explanation for sexual offending.” Author contact: SAFE Programme, Psychology Department, University of Auckland, Private Bag 92019, Auckland, New Zealand.

From one hell to another, life at Woomera Detention Centre 1/26/02 The harsh regimen endured by Australia’s asylum-seekers is provoking mounting protests but, as Alan Tennant reports, the political dividends are high….”What I am referring to is the tendency to use coercive management and behavioural strategies such as tear gas, room trashings, children being put in solitary confinement, separated from their parents, made to stand out in the hot sun, being called various things like terrorists and queue-jumpers.”

(CBS) Child abuse can happen anywhere. What can you do to stop it, or to learn more about it? There is an enormous amount of information about child abuse on the Web. The range of topics – statistics, prevention tips, local contacts, studies, organizations – can be overwhelming. Here are some places to start. As always, please use caution contacting any resources listed.,1597,56759-412,00.shtml

Teachers Commit Many S. Africa Child Rapes – Study – 1/24/02 By Patricia Reaney – London (Reuters) – “A third of all child rapes in South Africa are committed by school teachers, researchers said in a new report on sexual violence against young girls. “The world needs to wake up to the fact that schools are a major site of sexual harassment and rape for children,” said Dr. Rachel Jewkes of the Medical Research Council in Pretoria. Jewkes and her colleagues found that 33 percent of South African women raped before the age of 15 were attacked by teachers, another 21 percent by relatives and a similar number by strangers or acquaintances. The national survey interviewed 11,735 women between the ages of 15 and 49. Jewkes found that 153 women, or 1.3 percent, said they had been raped before the age of 15. Of those, 15 percent were attacked between the ages of five and nine. Eighty-five percent were attacked between the ages of 10 and 14.”

BBC halts ‘prison experiment’ – Matt Wells, media correspondent – 1/24/02 – The Guardian “When the BBC revealed it was to replicate for television the notorious Stanford experiment, when university students were “imprisoned” to study responses to solitude and oppression, executives said that it would not repeat the brutality of the original. While the BBC version was approached with far more caution than the 1971 model, which was terminated after six days when the participants’ behaviour had degenerated, it appears to have met a similar fate.”,7521,638266,00.html

Sexual trauma and personality: Developmental vulnerability and additive effects. Wonderlich SA, Crosby RD, Mitchell JE, Thompson K, Smyth JM, Redlin J, Jones-Paxton M J Personal Disord 2001 Dec; 15(6):496-504 “Groups who had experienced childhood sexual abuse displayed the highest degree of personality disturbance; however, the additive effects of repeated sexual trauma were limited. These findings may reflect the outcome of specific adversity in childhood on the psychobiological constructs underlying personality.” Author contact: University of North Dakota, Neuropsychiatric Research Institute, Fargo, ND, USA.

Concomitance between childhood sexual and physical abuse and substance use problems. A review. Simpson TL, Miller WR Clin Psychol Rev 2002 Feb; 22(1):27-77 “The rates of CSA among females with SUPs were found to be, on average, nearly two times higher than those found in the general population, and the rates of SUPs among women with CSA histories were found to be similarly elevated. The rates of CSA were not found to be elevated among males with SUPs, but men with histories of CSA were found to be at greater risk for SUPs than men in the general population.” Author contact: Department of Psychology, Addictive Behaviors Research Center, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195, USA.

The Leadership Council for Mental Health, Justice and the Media has completed its review of a controversial study that purported to show that children are rarely harmed by sex abuse by adults. Controversial Study Defending Child Molesters is Debunked examination

What is PAS? “Approximately one in two marriages in the United States ends in divorce, affecting about a million children per year. About 10% of these divorces involve custody litigation. Some children are or become emotionally estranged from one or both parents during this process. The cause of this estrangement cannot be determined without an in depth understanding of the families’ history and dynamics. Research has shown that the issues underlying parent attachment or estrangement are complex and do not lend themselves to easy answers. However, some child custody evaluators rely on simplistic theories and provide recommend “one size fits all”-type solutions. Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) is one such theory. This unsophisticated, pseudoscientific theory “explains” estrangement from one parent by blaming the other.”

Editorials – On the Public’s Right to Know – The day Ashcroft censored Freedom of Information “Yet without fanfare, the attorney general simply quashed the FOIA….rather than asking federal officials to pay special attention when the public’s right to know might collide with the government’s need to safeguard our security, Ashcroft instead asked them to consider whether “institutional, commercial and personal privacy interests could be implicated by disclosure of the information.” Even more disturbing, he wrote: “When you carefully consider FOIA requests and decide to withhold records, in whole or in part, you can be assured that the Department of Justice will defend your decisions unless they lack a sound legal basis or present an unwarranted risk of adverse impact on the ability of other agencies to protect other important records.”

Affective modulation of multiple memory systems. Packard MG, Cahill L Curr Opin Neurobiol 2001 Dec; 11(6):752-6 “The hippocampus and caudate nucleus are anatomical components of relatively independent memory systems and recent research has focused on the nature of the interaction between these two systems. The amygdala exerts a general modulatory influence on memory storage processes related, in part, to an organism’s level of affective or emotional arousal. Moreover, affective state can influence the use of different memory systems, and the amygdala may mediate this effect of emotion on memory. Recent evidence indicates that the amygdala modulates the separate types of memory mediated by the hippocampus and caudate nucleus…” Author contact: Department of Psychology, Yale University, 2 Hillhouse Avenue, New Haven, CT 06520-8025, USA.

The role of childhood and adulthood abuse among women presenting for chronic pain management. Green CR, Flowe-Valencia H, Rosenblum L, Tait AR Clin J Pain 2001 Dec; 17(4):359-64 “Women describing long-term abuse reported a significantly greater number of physical, pain, and anxiety symptoms and were more likely to report a history of substance abuse than women reporting abuse during childhood or adulthood alone.” Author contact: Department of Anesthesiology, Multidisciplinary Pain Center, University of Michigan Medical Center, Ann Arbor 48109-0048, USA.

This may be heavy for survivors. Child and adolescent sexual abuse history in a sample of 1,490 women sexual partners of injection drug-using men. Freeman RC, Parillo KM, Collier K, Rusek RW Women Health 2001; 34(4):31-49 “Subjects for this study were 1490 community-recruited women sexual partners of injection drug-using men who were interviewed in three U.S. cities during 1990-’92. Data were collected on respondents’ childhood and adolescent sexual abuse history, identity of abuse perpetrators and duration of abuse. Over 56 percent of respondents reported a history of sexual victimization by age 18, including 39 percent who were abused before age 12 and over 53 percent who were victimized by abuse involving bodily contact by age 18. One in three women were victimized by unwanted penetration by age 18. White women more likely than African-American and Hispanic women to have been the victims of virtually every type of abusive act investigated here.” From: NOVA Research Company, Bethesda, MD 20814, USA.

This may be heavy for survivors. Implications of Kinsey Research on Child Custody Cases – How Junk Sex Science Created a Paradigm Shift in Society, Legislation and the Judiciary By Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D “the data he collected on the alleged sexuality of children were based on brutal sex crimes against children. For example, part of Kinsey’s research protocol involved “orgasm” experiments on children, some as young as 2 months of age. The pedophilic experimenters claimed that the 317 to 2,045 (reports vary) abused infants and children were unharmed by the masturbation, sodomy and rape perpetrated to test these alleged “orgasmic” responses (see: British Yorkshire Television’s Kinsey’s Pedophiles). On pages 160-161 of Kinsey’s Male volume, the children’s “screams,” their “convulsions,” their “hysterical weeping,” “fighting,” and “striking the partner” (the adult) are judged by Kinsey as reflecting “definite pleasure from the situation.””

The Facade of Scientific Documentation – Case Study of Richard Ofshe’s Analysis of the Paul Ingram Case by Karen Olio and William Cornell. This article appeared in the American Psychological Association’s journal Psychology, Public Policy, and Law, vol. 4, issue # 4, pages 1182-1197. “Richard Ofshe (1992, 1994) set forth a narrative of the case which included his account of an experiment to test the veracity of Ingram’s confessions and concluded that the inadvertent use of hypnosis during Ingram’s interrogation resulted in the creation of pseudomemories that convinced Ingram of his guilt. On the basis of an examination of the original source documents, the authors discuss the errors of fact, methodological flaws, and confounding factors in Ofshe’s rendering of this case of alleged child abuse. They also cite examples of the extent to which Ofshe’s imperfect narrative of this case and pseudoscientific conclusions have been uncritically accepted and repeated in the literature, thus becoming an academic version of an urban legend.”

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This may be triggering for survivors. “If you are having a flashback, and you know that this is happening, try some things on this list. If one doesn’t help, go on to another. They are all designed to break a trance state and to get you back in touch with the present.”

Abuse Said to Interfere With Child Brain Development – Christine Lehmann “Children who are abused often develop posttraumatic stress disorder–but that’s not all. New research suggests that traumatic abuse also affects their brain development….Michael DeBellis, M.D.: Abused children with PTSD have lower intracranial and cerebral volumes, larger lateral ventricles, and a smaller corpus callosum than healthy controls.” Psychiatric News 1/4/02 – Volume 37 Number 1 – 2002 American Psychiatric Association p. 23 Clinical & Research News

Minority of Sexually Molested Boys Become Perpetrators in Adulthood “New York (Reuters Health) 1/3/02 – A “cycle” of child sexual abuse seems to exist for only a minority of male victims, but not at all for female victims, report investigators at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust in London. Dr. I. Kolvin and colleagues conducted a clinical case note review of 843 randomly selected subjects attending a forensic psychotherapy clinic for sexual deviants and offenders. Two women and 225 men were found to be child abusers, out of a total of 96 women and 747 men….Br J Psychiatry 2001; 179:482-497.” search 2002-1-03

Jolted out of major depression – 8/13/01 – By Robert Davis, USA Today – “Every three minutes, the pacemaker-like gadget that surgeons implanted in her shoulder sends a 30-second blast of electricity into her brain. These electrical currents have eased her depression.” This article may be heavy for survivors.

Adult reports of child and adult attributions of blame for childhood sexual abuse: Predicting adult adjustment and suicidal behaviors in females. – Barker-Collo SL Child Abuse Negl 2001 Oct; 25(10):1329-41 “The study revealed that participants reporting abuse by an immediate family member and abuse before 10 years of age tended to report having made internal attributions of blame when they were children. In addition, reports of internal attributions of blame made during childhood were significantly predictive of overall adulthood symptomatology, as well as presence of suicide attempts. Reported adulthood attributions did not contribute to prediction.” Author contact: Department of Psychology, University of Auckland, New Zealand.

The rates of child sexual abuse and its psychological consequences as revealed by a study among Palestinian university students. Haj-Yahi MM, Tamish S Child Abuse Negl 2001 Oct; 25(10):1303-27 “…sexually abused participants expressed significantly higher levels of psychoticism, hostility, anxiety, somatization, phobic anxiety, paranoid ideation, depression, obsessive-compulsiveness, and psychological distress compared with their nonabused counterparts. Sexual abuse by different perpetrators at different ages significantly explained between 20.7% and 35.8% of the variance in these psychological symptoms…. sexual abuse has a strong psychological impact on victims.” From: The Paul Baerwald School of Social Work, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mt Scopus, Israel.

Gender differences in adolescents and young adults with suicidal behaviour Wunderlich U, Bronisch T, Wittchen HU, Carter R Acta Psychiatr Scand 2001 Nov; 104(5):332-9 “A higher rate of anxiety in female suicide attempters results probably as a consequence of sexual abuse, which in turn makes them more vulnerable than males for attempting suicide between the age of 14-17.” From: Max-Planck-Institute for Psychiatry, Department of Clinical Psychology, Munich, Germany.

Abuse May Play Role in Parricides – AP – “Mones said there are 200 to 300 parricides — the killing of a parent by a child – in America each year, with about half committed by youths under 18. The most recent FBI statistics, for 1998, showed about 100 killings of parents by children under 18. About 70 percent of the parricide cases involve boys who kill their fathers in response to some type of abuse, Mones said.”

Sexual Assault Rates High in Washington; Survey Results Draw Attention to Childhood Victims – The Secret Sufferers Olympia, Wash.-(Business Wire)- 12/4/01 – “Over a third of Washington state women have been sexually assaulted at some point in their life, with 80% of the incidents occurring before age 18, according to a new survey by the Washington State Office of Crime Victims Advocacy (OCVA).” For Washington State Office of Crime Victims Advocacy DeLaunay/Phillips Communications, Katharine Fitzgerald, 206/328-7792 or 206/795-7957

Childhood Abuse, Household Dysfunction, and the Risk of Attempted Suicide Throughout the Life Span Findings From the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study – Findings From the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study – Shanta R. Dube, MPH; Robert F. Anda, MD, MS; Vincent J. Felitti, MD; Daniel P. Chapman, PhD; David F. Williamson, PhD; Wayne H. Giles, MD, MS “A powerful graded relationship exists between adverse childhood experiences and risk of attempted suicide throughout the life span.” JAMA. 2001;286:3089-3096