Issue 48 – January 2003

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Issue 48 – January 2003

The purpose of this newsletter is to help stop secretive organizations and groups from abusing others and to help those who allege they have been abused by such organizations and groups. This newsletter is not a substitute for other ways of recovering from ritual abuse. Readers should use caution while reading this newsletter. If necessary, make sure other support systems are available during and after reading this newsletter.

Important: The resources mentioned in this newsletter are for educational value only. Reading the books cited may or may not help your recovery process, so use caution when reading any book or contacting any resource mentioned in this newsletter. Some may have a religious or other agenda that may be separate from your own recovery process. Others may have valuable information on the Masons and other organizations, but have triggers or be somewhat sympathetic to those organizations. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the views expressed in this newsletter constitute expressions of opinion, and readers are cautioned to form their own opinions and draw their own conclusions by consulting a variety of sources, including this newsletter. Resources listed, quoted and individual articles, etc. and their writers do not necessarily support all or any of the views mentioned in this newsletter. Also, the views, facts and opinions mentioned in this newsletter are solely the opinions of the authors and are not necessarily the opinions of this newsletter or its editor.

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Resources and Information

Please note: Listing of these resources does not necessarily constitute our endorsement of them. They are for educational value only and some may be heavy for survivors to read. Some of the conferences listed may not necessarily be safe for all survivors. S.M.A.R.T. recommends always bringing a support person to all conferences. If you are a survivor of mind control and/or ritual abuse, S.M.A.R.T. recommends that you try to bring a support person that is familiar with mind control techniques. LMS: article from ACHES-MC (Advocacy Committee for Human Experimentation Survivors – Mind Control) for unconsentually federally funded mind control as children or adults Canada contact Lynne Moss-Sharman, 230 Miles St. E. #3, Thunder Bay, Ont. P7C 1J6,

Court Cases and Legal Articles

three from LMS Shriners keep circus on schedule By Keith Bradford, Edmonton Sun “The president of northern Alberta Shriners says he won’t give in to mounting pressure for next year’s Edmonton circus fund-raiser to be canceled. Global Action Network says Jordan World Circus, hired by the Shriners for its fund-raiser next March, has been censured more than a dozen times by the U.S. Department for Agriculture for failing to meet animal welfare laws.”

Former Shriner convicted in connection with missing money Pam Louwagie 10/26/02 “A Mendota man who once headed the Shrine Circus division of the Osman Shrine Temple was convicted Friday in connection with the theft of more than $300,000 from the organization. Robert L. Janecek…”

Moose center resident charged – 15-year-old faces 4 felony counts in assault on boy by William Presecky – 12/14/02 “Mooseheart is a 1,200-acre educational and religious institution supported by the Loyal Order of Moose lodges….In a separate case, a 29-year-old house parent at the center is awaiting trial in Kane County after his arrest in late May on charges of abusing seven boys who lived under his supervision.”

823 So. 2d 360, 2002 La. App. Lexis 1757, – John Doe Versus The Archdiocese of New Orleans, The Diocese of Houma/Thibodaux, Saint Gregory Barbarigo Church, Saint Louis Church And Gerald A. Prinz No. 2001-ca-0739…Overview: The victim alleged that he was abused by a priest when he was a child. The victim claimed that he had a repressed memory and did not recall the abuse until 1994. The church moved to exclude the opinions of the victim’s expert on the grounds that the court did not conduct a true Daubert/Foret analysis on the expert’s opinions. The church also argued that the victim’s claims were prescribed. The appellate court held that the trial court was not required to conduct a true Daubert analysis as the church was not questioning the expert’s methodology but his conclusions. Moreover, the appellate court found no error in the trial court’s assessment that the expert’s methodology was sound. The court held that because the determination of whether the victim’s claims were prescribed depended on whether the victim’s memory was truly repressed. As it would be necessary to consider all evidence on the issue before making a ruling, the appellate court held that a trial on the merits was vital to deciding the issue of prescription.”

Human flesh ‘on sale in London’ Police probe link between African magic and butchered remains of 5-year-old boy Antony Barnett, Paul Harris and Tony Thompson 11/3/02 “Detectives hunting the killers behind the ‘Torso in the Thames’ child murder are investigating the illegal bushmeat trade after allegations that human flesh is being offered for sale in London.” This article may be very heavy for survivors,3858,4538419,00.html

Lanner Protégé Under Scrutiny – Testimony from Rabbi Matt Tropp conflicts with N.J. law on reporting cases of possible abuse. Eric J. Greenberg 6/28/02 “Rabbi Tropp contended he is not legally required to report such suspicions. “I’m not a legal reporter. I’m not a social worker or a teacher…”

Rabbi’s son asks jury to spare father’s life By John Springer – Freehold, N.J. 11/21/02 “The youngest son of a once prominent rabbi convicted of hiring a hit man to kill his wife in 1994 appealed to a jury …to spare his father’s life….Rabbi Fred Neulander’s capital murder trial.”

UK Paedophiles Uncovered – Peter Fray – 10/21/02 “London – Hundreds of British police, teachers and child-care workers have been revealed as “extremely high-risk” paedophiles by an international investigation into Internet porn. Investigators have found that hundreds of suspected paedophiles avoided detection and found jobs working with children….Up to 90 police officers have been identified from an examination of 200 of the names supplied to Britain’s National Hi-Tech Crime Unit by the US Postal Inspection Service which investigates online porn. The service has provided British authorities with 7200 names registered or linked to Thomas and Janice Reedy, who were recently imprisoned in the US on child porn charges. More than 75,000 names worldwide have been generated from the US probe into the couple’s empire which had billings of around $A3 million a month….Investigators from Operation Ore…”

from LMS 1,200 arrested in British paedophile raids By Stewart Tendler 12/18/02 “More than 1,200 teachers, doctors, care workers and policemen have been arrested across the UK in raids against paedophiles who had used an American internet service. Forty children have been taken into care because they have been abused or there are fears that they might be at risk from parents or professional workers….Fifty police have been arrested during raids….Last year the National Crime Intelligence Service received 3,000 complaints about child sex pictures on the internet. British investigators have found 50 bulletin boards on child sex. Three forces have computer crime investigation units. The National Crime Squad has the first Internet pornography unit. The United Kingdom has 110,000 criminals convicted of sex offences. The sex offenders register holds 19,000 names.”,,2-517566,00.html

Vatican panelists named, examined – 2 have advised bishops not to report abusers; some fear a stacked deck 10/24/02 By Reese Dunklin and Brooks Egerton “The new panel that will rework the U.S. Catholic Church’s sexual-abuse policy includes two Vatican officials who have urged bishops not to tell police about priests who admit misconduct and a third who suggested the scandal has been blown out of proportion. The Vatican…also named to the eight-man commission four U.S. bishops who have been accused of previously keeping priests on duty despite allegations of sexual misconduct.”

two from LMS Mandate to report clergy is altered Policy on abuse appears undercut By Michael Rezendes and Thomas Farragher 11/5/02 “special commission of US cardinals and Vatican officials appears to have significantly undercut the clergy sexual abuse policy approved by American bishops in June by eliminating a requirement that church officials report allegations of abuse to civil authorities.”

Clerical abuse roils Ireland’s church…By Charles M. Sennott 11/11/02 “…the Rev. Tony Walsh raped young boys in the 1970s and 1980s. Cardinal Desmond Connell of Dublin eventually stripped Walsh of his clerical title but did not notify police until years later – an omission that victims and their advocates believe allowed the priest to seek more victims.”

Priest’s arrest over ‘sex acts’ stuns Argentina – Sophie Arie in Buenos Aires “Argentina was last night reeling from the arrest of one of the country’s most well-known Roman Catholic priests on charges of paedophilia. The case of Julio Grassi, the founder of a charity for street children, comes only a month after archbishop Edgardo Storni resigned amid accusations he had abused 47 seminary students in the northern city of Santa Fe.”

from LMS Church culture of shame ‘feeds abuse’ Hadley Freeman 12/4/02 – “A culture dominated by sexual shame and endemic secrecy is responsible for high levels of sexual abuse in the churches of Britain and Ireland…Including Anglican, Catholic and Methodist churches, the report, Time for Action, claims that the church as an institution and Christianity as a religion can be used to encourage abuse but discourage the abused from speaking out. The report has been written by…Churches Together in Britain and Ireland – including the new archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams.”,2763,853411,00.html

British priest allowed to continue in ministry after admitting sexual abuse By Robert Barr, London 11/26/02 – “A Roman Catholic priest was allowed to continue in ministry despite admitting incidents of sexual abuse with a teenager…Murphy-O’Connor, the leader of Catholics in England and Wales, has been under fire because, as a diocesan bishop, he had allowed another priest to continue in ministry despite allegations of sexual abuse. That former priest, Michael Hill, 68, was sentenced to five years in prison Thursday for indecently assaulting three boys aged between 10 and 14 between 1969 and 1987.”

Archbishop faces new scandal after accused priest worked with children By Kim Sengupta 12/17/02 “The Roman Catholic Church admitted yesterday that it bought a house opposite a primary school for a priest despite knowing he was a suspected paedophile…Father Christopher Maxwell-Stewart had been placed at a convent where the nuns ran a nursery. It is claimed that he was also permitted to instruct children at a church where he regularly conducted Mass…Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, the Archbishop of Westminster, was accused of making misleading statements that Fr Maxwell-Stewart was kept away from children.”

Archbishop admits new errors 12/17/02 – “Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, the head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, admitted new errors in handling clerical abuse cases in his former diocese yesterday, but rejected calls to resign. He was responding to disclosures he allowed a priest investigated for allegedly abusing a nine-year-old girl to return briefly to his parish, despite warnings he was a risk to children…Fr Christopher Maxwell-Stewart, had been flouting an agreement not to conduct regular parish Masses.”

from LMS Child abuse ‘hotspots’ uncovered in five Catholic dioceses By Helen Studd, Ruth Gledhill and Claire McDonald – 11/21/02 “Paedophile priests have flourished in pockets around the country after church authorities failed to put a stop to their activities, it was claimed…Margaret Kennedy, founder of the victim support group Ministers and Clergy Sexual Abuse Survivors, said that questions had to be asked as to why sex abusers migrated to specific hotspots in the West Midlands and South East where they obviously “felt safe”. ”,,2-487601,00.html

Priest Sentenced to Prison in Iowa Davenport, Iowa (AP) 11/7/02 – “A Roman Catholic priest was sentenced…to five years in prison for making the so-called “date-rape” drug and has been removed from all priestly duties. The Rev. Jeffery Windy…weightlifters who initially took the drug to bulk up and became addicted.” aol://4344:30.LH0A2C4c.388940.721196531

This may be very heavy for survivors Sympathy for the Devil – Tales of Cults, Satan and Ritual Sacrifice Make the East Village Scene in the Death of a Dancer – New York Newsday 2/23/92 – David Kocieniewski “Police say the posturing took a brutal twist on Aug. 19, 1989, when Swiss ballerina Monika Beerle was killed and chopped up….Rakowitz, 31, was charged with the murder, and found not guilty by reason of insanity in March…Some detectives believe the killing was part of a satanic sacrifice and may be linked to other slayings. Other cops say the murder was sparked by a domestic dispute…No one knew how seriously to take the East Village devil worship scene in the late ’80s. There were several occult bookstores and one or two satanic churches in the neighborhood. Police would hear occasional reports about eviscerated animals or other sacrificial rites. ….Patrick Geffrois, an avowed devil worshiper, said Rakowitz approached him about starting up a satanic church.”

This may be very heavy for survivors Murdered by Cult: cops Nab 1 Member, Search for Others in ’89 Killing New York Newsday 2/18/92 David Kocieniewski “Members of an East Village cult killed ballerina Monika Beerle in August, 1989, then dismembered her and fed her flesh to the homeless as part of a satanic ritual, law enforcement sources said yesterday after arresting a cult member in Pennsylvania in connection with the murder. After a 29-month manhunt by NYPD detectives, Randy Eastherday was arrested Friday on charges that he and several others helped Daniel Rakowitz, “The Butcher of Tompkins Square Park,” stab Beerle and dissect her corpse. Police sources said several other cult members are being sought for questioning. “We’re not sure why they killed her,” said a law enforcement source familiar with the investigation. “But once she was dead, they decided to offer her body up as a sacrifice.” Detectives have reopened the investigation of several other unsolved murders in the East Village to determine if the loosely-organized band of about a dozen devil worshipers may be responsible for their deaths, the sources said.”

This may be very heavy for survivors – Man Pleads Guilty to Cutting Pregnant Girlfriend–Sacrifice of Fetus Allegedly Planned Albuquerque Journal, Guillermo Contreras 11/11/99 “A man pleaded guilty this week to slashing his girlfriend with a 13-inch knife after she resisted his attempts to cut a 3-month-old fetus from her womb, reportedly as a sacrifice to the devil.”

This may be very heavy for survivors – Homicide suspect in custody and linked to other crimes, too Joline Gutierrez Krueger, Albuquerque Tribune 2/14/99 “A 20-year-old Marine who authorities say called himself the “Dutch Master Killer” and exhibited a lust for satanic symbolism is back in Albuquerque to face charges in a homicide (Perea) that had gone unsolved for two years. But that homicide may not be the only crime Ryan Davis could be linked to….Two-and-a-half weeks later, Perea’s brother found sataniclike markings, the letters “DMK” and the numbers “666” on the apartment mailbox.”

Bruins’ Nilan Sought Abuse Answers By Ken Maguire AP 10/22/02 “Ryan was vice chancellor under Cardinal Humberto Medeiros, making him the highest-ranking Boston archdiocese official accused of sex abuse since the wave of allegations against priests began this year….retired priest…Desilets, who was indicted on 32 counts of indecent assault and battery…Prosecutors allege Desilets abused 18 former altar boys between 1978 and 1984.” from AOL

Boston Globe wins APME Freedom of Information Award for coverage of clergy abuse – 10/26/02 “Walter Robinson…told…as hard as it is to obtain certain records from government, it was even more difficult to get information and records from the church.”

Bishop Knew Priest Comments on Boys By Denise Lavoie – Boston (AP) – “The man who is now the bishop of New York’s Brooklyn Diocese said in a sworn statement made public…that he knew the Rev. Paul Shanley endorsed sex between men and boys when he promoted him two decades ago to head a Boston-area parish. At the time, Thomas V. Daily was chancellor, vicar general and auxiliary bishop in the Boston Archdiocese. Daily promoted Shanley to administrator and acting pastor at St. Jean’s parish in Newton.” aol://4344:30.LH0A26ZV.352873.720301244 10/28/02

Judge orders church lawyers to produce priest files By Robert O’Neill, AP, 11/13/02 “Boston – The Archdiocese of Boston was ordered by a judge to turn over more internal files detailing how it responded to allegations of sexual abuse by dozens of priests. Superior Court Judge Constance Sweeney on Wednesday warned archdiocese lawyers to turn over thousands of documents on 62 priests by Nov. 22 or face unspecified sanctions.”

from LMS List of Priests removed from duty Since early February, the Archdiocese of Boston has removed 24 priests from active duty as the church investigates sexual abuse allegations against them.

More clergy abuse, secrecy cases – Records detail quiet shifting of rogue priests By Thomas Farragher and Sacha Pfeiffer, 12/4/02 “Desperate to contain the burgeoning scandal in the priesthood, the Archdiocese of Boston for years dealt in secret with allegations that a priest had terrorized and beaten his housekeeper, another had traded cocaine for sex, and a third had enticed young girls by claiming to be “the second coming of Christ,” newly released church records show. In some cases, church officials – including Cardinal Bernard F. Law – reacted to the explosive charges by quietly transferring rogue priests to other parishes and treating them with a gentleness and sensitivity apparently unshaken by the heinous allegations against them.”

400 March for Cardinal Law’s Resignation By Bipasha Ray 12/8/02 “Law has brushed off calls for his resignation for months, but for the first time he now faces the same request from priests. Boston-area priests are circulating a draft statement calling for Law’s resignation, and plan to deliver it to him if they get 50 signatures…The Boston Priests Forum, a group of about 250 priests, also plans to discuss the possibility of urging Law to resign at a meeting Friday….other papers disclosed that a priest fathered at least two children, and apparently failed to immediately get medical help for the mother of their children when she overdosed. Amid the latest reports, a financial advisory panel gave Law authority on Wednesday to seek a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing for the archdiocese_ a move that may prove financially necessary but would infuriate abuse victims seeking damages.”,0,3985275.story?coll=sns%2Dnewsnation%2Dheadlines

Law, 7 Bishops Subpoenaed in U.S. Criminal Probe 12/12/02 – By Greg Frost – Boston (Reuters) – “…Law was served a subpoena last Friday to appear before a Massachusetts grand jury investigating sex abuse by priests, sources familiar with the probe said on Thursday, and the cardinal apparently left the city the same day.”

Archbishop Resigns, Begs Forgiveness Denise Lavioe AP 12/13/02 Boston “…Law became the highest-ranking church leader to be toppled by the furor over decades of lurid behavior by rogue priests, tendering his resignation Friday to a “deeply saddened” Pope John Paul II…The pope named Bishop Richard G. Lennon, an auxiliary bishop in Boston, to take temporary charge…” From AOL

from LMS Advice from a victim By Adrian Walker, 12/19/02 “….Law has been forced from the chancery, and the church has been forced to take the issue of sexual abuse to heart. Even 18 months ago, no one saw that coming…”Finally, victims are being first of all believed,” Saviano said…”And they’re being respected instead of ridiculed and criticized…they’re seeing there is power in joining together and speaking out, and you can have results. Laws are being changed, attorney generals have perked up their ears around the country. These are changes that victims, myself included, could only have dreamed of.”

N.H. bishop apologizes over silence on priest 11/4/02 Manchester, N.H. – “Bishop John McCormack has apologized for the problems faced by parishioners of a church whose priest had a sexual relationship with a teenage boy, and has named a temporary replacement…..McCormack, who heads the Diocese of Manchester, transferred the Rev. Roland Cote to Jaffrey in June from a parish in Nashua without informing parishioners in his new post about his past. Cote admitted to parishioners in September that he had a long-term affair with a teenage boy in the 1980s.”

Diocese spends $2m in claims AP 11/17/02 Manchester, N.H. – “In the past 30 years, the Diocese of Manchester has spent nearly $2 million in settling sexual abuse claims against clergy, a church official says. Almost half the money, $950,000, came in settlements last month that the diocese agreed to pay to 16 men who were sexually abused by eight priests, the Rev. Edward Arsenault said….The diocese now is talking with 65 men and women, who claim in civil suits that they were also sexually abused by clerics. Another 56 who sued the diocese have broken off settlement talks.”

N.H. bishop reportedly coached priest on abuse reply By Stephen Kurkjian, 10/30/02 Jaffrey, N.H. “Before becoming bishop of the Manchester Diocese, John B. McCormack spent much of the 1980s and 1990s as the aide to Cardinal Bernard F. Law who dealt with – and according to records, often coddled – priests accused of molesting children. In April…documents showed how McCormack threw a protective blanket over the Rev. Paul R. Shanley when others complained about Shanley’s public support for men having sex with boys….In June, McCormack decided it was appropriate to reassign the Rev. Ronald P. Cote, 57, to St. Patrick’s Church here, even though Cote had admitted to McCormack that he’d had sex with a teenage boy and that the diocese was arranging a secret and pricey settlement of a legal claim against the priest.”

N.H. diocese admits likely violations – Signs agreement with AG’s office By Stephen Kurkjian, 12/11/02 “The Roman Catholic Diocese of New Hampshire yesterday became the first diocese in the country to admit it may have violated criminal law by failing to protect children from sexually abusive priests. Facing the likelihood that the diocese would be indicted Friday on multiple counts of violating New Hampshire’s child endangerment statute, Bishop John B. McCormack signed a legal agreement with the state acknowledging that the attorney general’s office had accumulated sufficient evidence to secure convictions.”

Criminal Investigation – Church impedes state probe into abuse, Reilly says By Walter V. Robinson and Sacha Pfeiffer, Globe Staff, 12/11/02 “Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly said last night that the Archdiocese of Boston has been using “every tool and maneuver” to impede a criminal investigation by his office that he said has documented an “elaborate and decades-long” scheme by the church to cover up crimes of sexual abuse by priests.”

Depositions Show Cardinal Was Notified Early of Abuse By Pam Belluck – Boston, 11/19/02 “Virtually from the time he became archbishop of Boston in 1984…Law received letters complaining about sexually abusive priests, but the responses to those accusations, either by Cardinal Law or aides working on his behalf, largely dismissed the concerns of the people making them, according to depositions released today….Despite a stream of complaints against priests, those who were accused of sexual abuse — and even those who admitted the accusations — were returned to parishes without parishioners’ being informed about the abuse complaints.”

from LMS DSS official says his own claims of abuse by priests ignored by Law by Robin Washington and Tom Mashberg 11/20/02 “…Department of Social Services official who as a child was allegedly molested by the Revs. Paul R. Shanley, Robert V. Gale and Daniel M. Graham, wrote to Bernard Cardinal Law in 1986 to report the incidents…”

Boston’s Law Hushed Ex-Altar Boy on Abuse – Lawyer – 10/31/02 — Boston (Reuters) – “Law…told a former Missouri altar boy to keep quiet about sexual abuse by a parish priest in the early 1980s, the alleged victim’s lawyer said…Confirming a report that first appeared in Thursday’s Boston Herald newspaper, lawyer Stan Spero said Cardinal Law, who was then a bishop in Missouri, told his client to be careful with the information and warned that outsiders would use it to harm the church.”

Victims – Attorneys release records on 10 more priests, brothers By Michael Rezendes, Matt Carroll 12/17/02 “…attorneys for victims of clergy abuse yesterday released church records on another 10 priests and religious brothers accused of sexual misconduct. The files include allegations that a religious brother accused of a violent act of sexual molestation taught third grade in the Boston school system; that two priests acted together to molest a 12- or 13-year-old boy, then passed the boy to a third abusive priest…”

Boston church personnel files include allegations priests abused girls, drugs – Ken Maguire, 12/3/02 Boston (AP) “Priests sexually abused teenage girls, used cocaine and other drugs, and one had an affair with a female parishioner, according to allegations contained in personnel files maintained by the Boston Archdiocese. The 3,000 pages of files on eight priests were released Tuesday by lawyers representing people who claim they were sexually abused by clergy.”

Boston Documents Show Failure to Oust Accused Priests By Pam Belluck Boston, 12/3/02 “Hundreds of pages of church documents released…show that officials of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston allowed priests accused of abuse to remain in ministry or failed to persuade them to receive residential psychiatric treatment…2,200 pages concerning eight priests…The lawyers, who got the documents from the archdiocese, are trying to strengthen their case by showing that the Boston church officials engaged in a pattern of mishandling abusive priests…a priest from Youngstown, Ohio, was placed in a Boston parish just after being treated for pedophilia, despite warnings by the treatment center and the Youngstown bishop that the priest not be allowed to have contact with children. Several young men in Boston parishes later said the priest abused them, and he was convicted of sexual abuse in New Hampshire.”

from LMS List of Catholic bishops who resigned over church sex scandals – 12/13/02 “Nineteen Roman Catholic bishops, nine of them Americans, have resigned since 1990 in the context of sex scandals.”

Ex-Priest to Be Released From Jail Detroit (AP) – “A retired 83-year-old Roman Catholic priest who admitted to molesting at least a dozen boys going as far back as the 1940s has completed a 30-day jail sentence and was scheduled for release.” From AOL – 11/29/02

FBI exec to monitor church’s abuse Cases… Washington – The U.S. Roman Catholic bishops…named the FBI’s No. 3 official to monitor the church’s new policy on clerical sex abuse and help prevent future scandals…after a year in which at least 300 of the country’s 46,000 priests have been removed under allegations of molestation.”

The Beginning of The End of The Bernardin Legacy – Introduction by Stephen Brady All accusations are alleged “Over the past 12 years, in sworn deposition, in accounts to investigators, in affidavits submitted in support of others’ cases, in direct statements to Bernardin, in phone calls and letters to Church officials, and in correspondence with Vatican officials…Agnes has testified to the following story: In the fall of 1957, in Greenville, S.C., Fr, Joseph Bernardin (allegedly)raped 11-year-old Agnes as part of a Satanic ritual that involved, among others, Bishop John Russell of Charleston….He followed the (alleged) rape with a perverted use of a host, in an attempt to make Agnes swallow the guilt of the event. In the fall of 1992, Agnes passed a polygraph examination regarding these events. She also, in early 1990, told her story to Malachi Martin, who had been recommended to her as someone who could get her information to the Vatican, which Agnes knew had sole and immediate jurisdiction over such a case. Martin wrote a novel, Windswept House, with the premise that Agnes had given him: that the Catholic hierarchy’s tolerance of heresy, liturgical abuse, clerical sexual misconduct, and clerical pedophilia had one overarching explanation at root, a network of Satanists whose smoke had ascended high in the Church….Thirty-four years later, Agnes went to visit Bishop Russell in a nursing home. In and out of lucidity, he agreed to testify against Bernardin if asked. He died without the opportunity to do so.” Please note this is fyi only and SMART does not necessarily agree with this or linked pages.

Long term eyed for ex-priest…Matt O’Connor 12/4/02 “Prosecutors want a former Roman Catholic priest who pleaded guilty to child pornography charges…and disclosed…that the ex-priest allegedly molested at least 16 boys under his care at Chicago-area parishes on hundreds of occasions. The government motion alleges that the Chicago archdiocese learned of Vincent McCaffrey’s “predatory behavior fairly early on,” but McCaffrey was able to continue his sexual exploitation of children uninterrupted “even after repeatedly getting caught and reprimanded by his superiors.”

from LMS Ex-priest preyed on teen boys, court told – 5 victims relate abuse to boost bid for long sentence By Matt O’Connor 12/10/02 “Testimony revealed for the first time that the Chicago archdiocese learned of McCaffrey’s sexual misconduct as early as 1980 but returned him to parish duties after he had undergone in-patient treatment. The archdiocese has previously said its records indicated it first learned of the allegations of sexual wrongdoing against McCaffrey in 1987…McCaffrey…admitted he resumed molesting underage boys within months of his release from the sexual-addiction treatment center in 1980. He said he had entered the center at the direction of the archdiocese. McCaffrey admitted molesting at least 12 to 14 boys during his years as a priest, but under cross-examination…acknowledged he really didn’t know how many he victimized because there were so many.”

$1 million penalty is at issue in church suit The Pa. Supreme Court heard lawyers in a closely watched negligence case against the Altoona-Johnstown Diocese. By Joseph A. Slobodzian 9/10/02 Pittsburgh “Eight years after a jury imposed an unprecedented $1 million in punitive damages against a Catholic diocese for not stopping a priest who sexually molested adolescent boys, the state Supreme Court yesterday took up whether that question should ever have been presented to the 12 jurors.”

from LMS Priest flouted ban, continued duties after child-porn case By Chris Gray 12/18/02 “Father DePaoli wasn’t allowed to preach (solo). The 57-year-old Roman Catholic priest had been convicted of receiving child pornography in 1986….Father DePaoli, a former teacher of ethics and morality at Bishop McDevitt High School in Cheltenham Township….In 1986, a federal judge placed Father DePaoli on a one-year probation after he was found guilty of receiving 111 copies of a Dutch magazine called “Joy Boy 33.” The illegal items, which also included 40 films and 11 videotapes of child pornography, had been seized by federal postal inspectors from Father DePaoli’s living quarters when he was assigned to Holy Martyr’s Catholic Church in Oreland in 1985.”

Fifteen sue seven priests from Oregon – The alleged abuse victims seek more than $70 Million. Alan Gustafson 11/19/02 “…sexual-abuse litigation against Roman Catholic clergy in Oregon of sexual abuse in lawsuits against the Portland archdiocese and the Diocese of Baker, which cover western and Eastern Oregon respectively…More than 300 priests (U.S.) have been removed from the ministry this year.”

Priest says paedophilia was good for children – 9/4/01 Aix-en-Provence, France – A Roman Catholic priest on trial in this southern French town for failing to disclose the sexual abuse of minors has argued that the paedophilic acts that took place in his parish were actually good for the children…. In his testimony, Barral defended the man accused of having sexually abused or raped two minor children, as well as a boy over the age of 18 who had psychological problems, describing the rapes as “moments when the children flowered”. The alleged crimes took place between 1986 and 1998….Investigators said Barral had also told one of the children that making love was a way of being in touch with God. – Sapa-AFP>=3&art_id=ct2001090417400733_1623670

Priest Database (allegations against named and unnamed priests)

Catholic activists compile Internet database listing hundreds of accused priests Richard N. Ostling, AP 11/12/02 Washington – “Roman Catholic activists said…they have compiled an Internet database listing the names of 573 U.S. priests who have faced public accusations of child sex abuse since 1996.”

Bishop cites 50 sex claims – Broadest account yet of abuse cases – by Joseph A. Reaves 11/10/02 “Bishop Thomas O’Brien…acknowledged for the first time publicly that about 50 priests, former priests and church employees have been accused of criminal sexual misconduct with minors in the Phoenix Diocese during the past 30 years. O’Brien also said the diocese has paid close to $2 million to settle “12 to 15″ lawsuits involving sexual abuse or sexual harassment since he became bishop in 1982.”

A list of Protestant clergy and news articles alleging child abuse are at :

from LMS Accused Baptist pastor is protected by elders In many churches, control stays local By Walter V. Robinson, 11/1/02 Winchester – “The American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts notified lay leaders of the First Baptist Church of Winchester that their pastor, the Rev. Lawrence French, had been found guilty by a church panel of sexually molesting three boys between 1960 and 1982. The penalty was the most severe TABCOM, as the governing body of churches is known, could impose: It withdrew recognition of French’s ordination….And so a dozen church elders decided unanimously that French, who says he is innocent, should remain as pastor. Convinced that the 72-year-old pastor could not have committed the alleged offenses, they also concluded that it would be unfair to French to notify other members of the church about the allegations.”

OC officials issue arrest warrant for missing priest – 10/29/02 Santa Ana, Calif. (AP) – “An arrest warrant has been issued for a Roman Catholic priest who is now a fugitive and accused of molesting boys from 1978 to 1985…Widera was moved from Milwaukee to Orange County in 1976 even though he had been convicted of child molestation three years prior…He was removed from the ministry in 1985 after allegations of sexual abuse surfaced. Widera was later sent to a New Mexico treatment center for eight months but remains a priest despite the accusations against him. Widera is the second priest in the 31-year history of the Orange diocese to face multiple felony molestation charges.”

Prosecutor: Phoenix bishop advised family not to talk of abuse Ananda Shorey 12/3/02 “Phoenix Bishop Thomas O’Brien once advised the family of a teenage boy who allegedly was sexually abused by a priest in 1979 and 1980 not to contact authorities, a prosecutor said…”

from LMS Ex-nun guilty of assault in spanking case – The Canadian Press – 10/25/02 – Charlottetown “Lucille Poulin, the 78-year-old former nun who said God told her it was right to beat children, was told by a judge…it was wrong. Justice David Jenkins of the P.E.I. Supreme Court found Poulin guilty on all five counts of assaulting children in her care at a religious commune near Summerside, P.E.I. …He said Poulin’s frequent use of a heavy wooden stick to punish the children and drive out demons was excessive.”{8EEEA56D-76F3-4712-B5FC-0D605F128AD5}

Priest probe here hits 6 states – Number of abuse claims stun Cuyahoga prosecutor “11/23/02 James F. McCarty “…Prosecutor William Mason mailed out about two dozen packets of information his staff collected from diocesan files and interviews with nearly 800 self-described victims of sex abuse over the past 50 years. The files contain evidence of child sex abuse in six states and 17 Ohio counties that Mason investigated….”

Priest, Miami diocese named in clergy sex abuse lawsuit By Knight Ridder, 11/10/02 Fort Lauderdale, Fla. – “A 14-year-old boy was taken from his home in Cuba 40 years ago, brought to South Florida under the protection of the Catholic Church and repeatedly raped by a priest, according to a lawsuit filed in Miami-Dade Circuit Court…The suit, which lists no monetary damages, names the Rev. Joaquin Guerrero and the Archdiocese of Miami as defendants, saying the archdiocese failed to protect the boy from sexual abuse….the alleged victim…came to the United States in 1962 under the Pedro Pan program, sponsored by the archdiocese to provide a better life for Cuban children.” Http://

Shame, Sin and Secrets by Michael Sallah, David Yonke “….Rev. Robert Thomas…his arrest reports disappeared, his record was expunged…was sent by the diocese to four more parishes…this spring that the Tucson diocese says it learned of his arrest…prompting the priest’s immediate suspension from the ministry – 17 1/2 years after his crime….for generations, the (Toledo) diocese engaged in a practice of covering up the rapes and sexual abuse of children…In every decade since the 1950s, there have been at least two examples of priests or others entrusted with the care of minors accused of forcing the youngsters into sex acts, but the diocese failed to notify police. Instead, the abusers were moved to new churches or schools – sometimes after therapy – and in some cases, only to rape and abuse again….Only three priests were ever criminally charged – though at least 12 admitted to sexually abusing children. In the three arrests, the police – not the church – initiated the investigations.”

Nation’s Leading Attorney for Clergy Sexual Abuse Victims To Begin Filing Cases in Milwaukee “Recently unsealed court documents have also shown that Weakland…had moved predatory priests around the archdiocese…Wisconsin has become the safest state in the nation for pedophile priests. Church leaders are not held accountable in courts. Priests are not required to be mandated reporters of abuse, as in other states. The state statutes for child abuse are weighed heavily against victims by time-barring prosecution and the filing of claims….” Jeffery Anderson, Attorney: 612-817-8665; St. Paul, MN Office 651-227-9990; Jim Smith, Attorney: 262-783-6633; Peter Isely (SNAP) cell: 414-429-7259; office 414-778-6020, ext. 3014

A Survivor’s Story by Maggie Mulvihill and Robin Washington “…John Allan Loftus and Robert Camargo at the Southdown Psychiatric Center in Waterloo, Ontario, in 1992, looked at the records of 1,300 Catholic priests and Brothers over 25 years, finding 2.7% had sex with children under 13 – a figure significantly lower than the 6% in the general population estimated by psychiatrist John Bradford…The Southdown study found a larger number of priests – 8.4% – molested teenagers, bringing the total of priests sexually abusing minors of all ages to 11%. Yet because Loftus and Camargo relied on self-reporting by their subjects, their data may have been skewed…psychotherapist and former priest A. W. Richard Sipe, puts the number of sexually abusive priests closer to 6% of all priests….Edward O. Laumann and other researchers whose work was published by the University of Chicago Press in 1994. They found 17% of women and 12% of men reported being abused before reaching puberty by an adolescent or adult. Of those, the abusers were most likely to be family members (52%) or persons known to the family (29%) rather than strangers, who comprised only 7%.” This may be heavy for survivors.

A Reckoning for Harm to Jews – The Vatican must repair damage from its hate By Daniel Jonah Goldhagen (Daniel Jonah Goldhagen, an affiliate of Harvard’s Center for European Studies, is the author of “A Moral Reckoning: The Role of the Catholic Church in the Holocaust and Its Unfulfilled Duty of Repair”” 11/18/02 “Although the church did not cause the Holocaust, Pope Pius XII and clergy across Europe inflicted catastrophic injuries on Jews. They spread the anti-Semitism from which Nazi anti-Semitism grew, and that led millions to support the Nazis’ criminal assault on the Jews. They supported the criminal race laws and policies of Germany and its allies. The Slovakian Catholic Church was complicit in the deportation of Jews to Auschwitz. In Croatia, priests murdered Jews. After the war, the Vatican helped Adolf Eichmann, Dr. Josef Mengele and many other Nazi mass murderers escape to South America. The future Pope Paul VI helped lead the effort.”,0,2587815.story

Chilling study blames Catholic Church for the Holocaust Reviewed by B. R. Boylan 12/1/02 review of “A Moral Reckoning: The Role of the Catholic Church in the Holocaust and Its Unfulfilled Duty of Repair” By D. Goldhagen “…German priests accompanied the killer SS Einsatzgruppen into Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Russia, hearing confessions and dispensing the sacraments to the Catholic killers.” “Throughout the Holocaust…the only time that church officials spoke out was to protest the persecution of Jews who had converted to Catholicism. Otherwise, they cheerfully released to the Nazis genealogical information regarding who had been a Jew in the past, which the Gestapo used with murderous efficiency.”

also see (from LMS) Holocaust Writer in Storm Over Role of Roman Catholic Church by Mark Landler Frankfurt, Nov. 13 –

Experts: Financier Was Murdered ROME (AP) – “Roberto Calvi, the Vatican-connected financier implicated in Italy’s biggest postwar banking scandal, was a murder victim and not a suicide, a panel of forensic experts reportedly has concluded 20 years after his death….Calvi’s body was found hanging under a London bridge in 1982 within days of the collapse of Banco Ambrosiano, of which he was president and in which the Vatican’s bank held a significant stake. The experts could not find any injuries to Calvi’s neck such as those normally associated with death by hanging, news reports said….Calvi was dubbed “God’s Banker,” because of his ties with the Vatican’s bank and its former top official, Archbishop Paul C. Marcinkus. When the Banco Ambrosiano collapsed following the disappearance of $1.3 billion, the Vatican’s bank eventually agreed to pay $250 million to the Italian bank’s creditors but denied any wrongdoing. Marcinkus also denied wrongdoing…” AOL 10/25/02

Cracking the Silent Citadel On the Trail of God’s Bankers by David Montero with the Center for Investigative Reporting – “Attorney Jonathan Levy is hoping he can pry open the books of the world’s most secretive bank – the Instituto Per Le Opere di Religione (IOR), or the Office of Religious Works….he hopes to break the bulletproof wall of diplomatic immunity that surrounds and protects the Vatican Bank. Levy’s case, Alperin v. Vatican Bank, filed in 1999 with the district court of San Francisco, involves some three hundred plaintiffs seeking restitution for assets allegedly stolen during World War II by the Ustasha dictatorship, Hitler’s Croatian puppet regime. In addition to slaughtering Jews, Serbs, and Ukranians in Nazi-style concentration camps, the Ustashi were also known to have drained millions’ worth of their victims’ personal holdings into the Croat treasury.”

2 get bail in child porn cases Lynn Moore The Gazette 12/14/02 “A Montreal man alleged to have sexually assaulted his 4-year-old daughter and distributed photographs of the perverse acts through the Internet…was among pedophiles in Canada and Europe who conducted business mainly through Internet chat rooms, a Sûreté du Quebec spokesmen said….arrests were being made in France and Switzerland and included men who allegedly assaulted their own children….The Montreal man’s four children – ranging in age from 6 years to 3 months – have been put in the care of youth-protection authorities, Ouellet said. Electronic gear and 74 disks containing thousands of images were seized…”{02A23778-4C78-4380-B156-78A8E6CA6BB3}

Portugal vows full investigation in child sex scandal 11/29/02 Lisbon, Portugal – “President Jorge Sampaio on Wednesday promised an exhaustive police investigation into allegations of decades-long sexual abuse by staff at a Lisbon boys’ home….The child sex scandal has snowballed over the last five days since former pupils began alleging widespread abuse at the home since the late 1970s. Also, a former president, several ex-government members and senior police officers faced public scrutiny over claims they knew of the allegations 20 years ago but ignored them….More than 100 boys suffered abuse, including alleged homosexual rape and pedophile prostitution, according to S.I.C. television channel. ”

Man Convicted of Sex Abuse Retains Custody of Two Girls Auburn, N.Y., 12/10/02 — “A family court judge ruled today that a man convicted of sexually abusing a child could keep custody of two young girls ”

Statute of Limitations for Civil Actions for Child Sexual Abuse – “Ca. Civ. Proc. Code 340.1… Civil claims must be filed within 8 years of the victim reaching the age of majority or “within three years of the date the plaintiff discovers or reasonably should have discovered that psychological injury or illness occurring after the age of majority was caused by the sexual abuse.” An amendment enacted (7/02)…provides “actions may be commenced on or after the plaintiff’s 26th birthday if the person or entity against whom the action is commenced knew, had reason to know, or was otherwise on notice, of any unlawful sexual conduct…The bill would revive a cause of action solely for those claims for a period of one year, except as specified.” Legislative Counsel’s Digest (SB 1779, Burton).”

Molest cases a test of statute of limitations Bob Egelko 12/3/02 “With dozens of California child molestation cases at stake, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed Monday to review the state’s law that allows criminal charges to be filed decades after the alleged sexual abuse occurred. The justices agreed to review a case involving Marion Stogner….The statute of limitations in California…was six years at the time and has since been extended to 10 years. But a 1994 state law, the first of its kind in the nation, allowed prosecutors to file charges up to a year after the time that an alleged molestation victim reports the crime to authorities, no matter how long ago the events occurred.”

from LMS Report slams Israel on sex slavery AP Jerusalem — “About 3,000 women, mainly from the former Soviet Union, are sold each year into Israel’s sex industry, which takes in about $1-billion (U.S.) annually, a parliamentary report said…slamming the country’s justice system for being lax on punishments.”

From LMS Sold into slavery – scandal of children smuggled into Britain Authorities caught on back foot as thousands of youngsters are forced into prostitution or domestic work – Giles Tremlett in Faro, southern Portugal, and Nick Hopkins 12/14/02 “It is impossible to say exactly how many children he smuggled. According to the Portuguese figures, he would have taken up to 50 into Britain in that eight-month period of 2000 alone. Over three years, the figure could have gone above 100….In the best of all worlds the children are being happily looked after by relatives, by aunts and uncles already established in Britain. In the worst cases, campaigners say, they join those handed over to child pimps, are put to work as domestic slaves, used for benefit fraud or have been privately “fostered” by abusers”,3858,4567324,00.html

Woman abused as child can sue state Court says 4-year limit doesn’t apply 11/28/02 Florida Times Union – Paul Pinkham “A Jacksonville woman who police said was beaten, burned and malnourished in foster care while state child welfare workers looked the other way can sue the state even though the abuse was reported 23 years ago, the Florida Supreme Court ruled yesterday. The ruling opens the door for other children abused in state care to sue for their injuries after they become adults, said victims rights attorney Jay Howell…”
from LMS Church Shocker Mormon Leader Excommunicated by Kevin Connor, Edmonton Sun 10/26/02 “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has excommunicated a long-time high-ranking member in the wake of multiple allegations of sexual abuse and a police probe….Pierson, a Patriarch with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Calgary, is being investigated by police over allegations he has had inappropriate sexual contact with young males in the church. Patriarchs are high-ranking church elders….In 1973, Snelling, now 57, says he complained to his stake president…of the Mormon church in Edmonton that Pierson had…”(The Stake president) swept it under the rug,” Snelling said…”

from LMS Mormon student may be excommunicated for articles By Patty Henetz Salt Lake City – 11/30/02 “A graduate student with Mormon family roots says he will probably be excommunicated next week for articles he has written questioning the validity of the Book of Mormon. Thomas W. Murphy, 35, published an article in the May Signature Books anthology, American Apocrypha, that uses genetic data to discredit the Book of Mormon claim that American Indians are heathen descendants of ancient Israel.”

Pitcairn Is child-sex trial debate – Claire Harvey 11/8/02 “…prosecutors say the tiny community is protecting men who have sexually abused children as young as three. Up to 20 men from the isolated South Pacific island…are facing a sexual assault trial in New Zealand for allegedly abusing young girls for years. Prosecutor Simon Moore revealed yesterday that the charges, which have so far remained secret, would involve toddlers as well as girls aged seven and 10.”,5744,5447156%255E2703,00.html

Indian Residential Schools abuse justice system – Turtle Island Native Network

Out-of-court settlements not enough, native school abuse lawyer says – Rick Pedersen – The Edmonton Journal 11/12/02 “Proposed out-of-court settlements for Indian residential school lawsuits will not do enough to help most victims of abuse, says a lawyer whose firm represents about half of the more than 12,000 claimants.”

Canada Caps Abuse Claims Against Anglicans by Reuters – Ottawa 11/20/02 “…caps the liability of the Anglican Church at $25 million (Canadian), or $16 million….Twelve thousand Indians, of the 90,000 former residential school pupils who are still alive, have filed claims against Ottawa and various churches, mostly alleging physical or sexual abuse. The schools were financed by the government but run by the Anglican, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian and United churches. New claims come in at 120 to 130 a month….many who attended the schools, often against their will, have said there was systematic physical and mental abuse at the institutions. Most were shut by the mid-1970’s, and the last closed in 1996. Five hundred sixty settlements have been reached, most often in cases where there have been criminal convictions….Most claims also charge loss of language or culture, where, for example, students were required to speak English only. The government has fought any compensation for such claims, preferring instead to implement programs to restore native culture and languages.”

from LMS Let the healing begin 12/16/02 “Editorials …the Presbyterian Church tentatively agreed to pay up to $2.1 million to settle abuse claims by former students at native residential schools…the Anglican Church settled on a deal which, if ratified by dioceses across Canada during the next three months, will see it pay up to $25 million for validated claims…The Presbyterian Church is involved in less than two per cent of total claims alleged by about 240 plaintiffs. The Anglican Church is named in about 18 per cent of the lawsuits, involving some 2,200 plaintiffs. The United Church is named in about eight per cent of claims, and cost-sharing talks with Ottawa are set to resume next month….Various Catholic groups are named in 72 per cent of lawsuits…”

from LMS Arbitration sought for native abuse – Federal cabinet to get plan to speed up settlements
By Sue Bailey Canadian Press – Ottawa – A plan to speed thousands of Indian residential school lawsuits
alleging abuse by moving them out of court and into adjudication…Ottawa would pay 70 per cent of validated claims which some estimates say could top $1 billion. Victims would have to look to the Catholic, Anglican, United and Presbyterian churches that ran the government schools for most of the past century for the rest….The hope is that adjudication could, within seven years, resolve 75 per cent of cases now jamming an already stressed legal system…Ottawa has paid more than $37 million in compensation for about 600 out-of-court settlements since 1996.”

Government to accept child abuse report recommendations (Waterhouse report) 6/29/00 “The government is expected to accept all of the recommendations made in the damning Waterhouse report into the sexual abuse of hundreds of children over two decades in North Wales children’s homes. The report published in February said that systematic abuse, a climate of violence and a culture of secrecy existed in dozens of children’s homes….Hundreds of children had been physically, sexually or emotionally abused in care homes in North Wales between 1974 and 1990. The inquiry heard from 240 people abused as children in 40 homes but there are thought to be hundreds more victims.”,3604,337768,00.html

from LMS – Old Wounds Reopened – Convicted Child Molester Returns to a Wary Roanoke By Leef Smith 11/24/02 “That man was Mario “Tony” Leyva, a self-ordained traveling evangelist who, in one of the most disturbing criminal cases that many here can recall, admitted in 1988 to molesting more than 100 boys over two decades in Virginia and several other states….In letters to supporters, he claimed to have witnessed CIA drug-smuggling while visiting relatives in Cuba. The molestation charges, he said, were part of a government conspiracy to silence him. Waering, the federal prosecutor, says: “I put him on the stand, and he admitted everything and apologized. Then he goes outside on the courthouse steps and denied the behavior.”

Mind Control and Experimentation

This may be very heavy for survivors. You may want to visit these sites with a support person. Program cues, both generic and specific – “Program cues are triggers that are deliberately set by perpetrators during controlled situations. Generic program cues are purposeful associations which initiate internal enactment of thoughts and feelings from past double-bind scenarios, so that we are bound by closed systems of thought and continue to be enslaved without the necessity of direct monitoring and control by those perpetrators. For example, words or symbols which cause thoughts and feelings that reinforce dogma or belief systems.” also see Fractal logic loops

The Science Behind the (Real) Matrix – “At any given moment, there is a sort of all pervading orthodoxy, a general tacit agreement not to discuss large and uncomfortable facts.” George Orwell…” in the 1940’s and 50’s by Solomon Asch’s experiments which created a contest between the real world and the social world. He had subjects judge lines of different lengths (which is longest or shortest) after hearing a number of “other subjects” (actually in on the experiment) give an incorrect answer. Although subjects were very upset by the discrepancy between their perceptions and those of others, only 29% of subjects never yielded to the bogus majority. Some people caved in because they thought they must be wrong. Others, because they wanted to be accepted by the group.” “The Asch experiments on group effects showed that group effects were greatly weakened when dissenters were present. Therefore, it is essential, if you wish to maximize group effects (and probably authority effects as well), to reduce or eliminate dissent. Dissent can be reduced by creating huge group pressures against it, and by directly disrupting the activities of the dissenters.” The graphics on this page may be heavy for survivors.

Coercion: Why We Listen to What “They” Say Douglas Rushkoff – pub by Riverhead Press, NYC 1999. The ISBN is 1-57322-115-5. This book has excellent information on the manipulative subliminal techniques used by salesman and the CIA. “The CIA’s “Kubark” manual, written in 1963, was designed to help their operatives elicit confessions and intelligence from detainees. There are no references to rubber hoses…Apparently the mind games of salesmen…work better than overt torture.” p. 33 – 34

Mind control: psychological reality or mindless rhetoric? “Mind control is the process by which individual or collective freedom of choice and action is compromised by agents or agencies that modify or distort perception, motivation, affect, cognition and/or behavioral outcomes. It is neither magical nor mystical, but a process that involves a set of basic social psychological principles. Conformity, compliance, persuasion, dissonance, reactance, guilt and fear arousal, modeling and identification are some of the staple social influence ingredients well studied in psychological experiments and field studies. In some combinations, they create a powerful crucible of extreme mental and behavioral manipulation when synthesized with several other real-world factors, such as charismatic, authoritarian leaders, dominant ideologies, social isolation, physical debilitation, induced phobias, and extreme threats or promised rewards that are typically deceptively orchestrated, over an extended time period in settings where they are applied intensively….has also been reported that the CIA put into practice nearly 150 projects–collectively termed MKULTRA–to develop various forms of exotic mind control, including the use of LSD and hypnosis.”

From LMS Sci-Fi’ Weapons Going to War – William M. Arkin “the antenna on the exotic new device was switched on and a high-powered beam of microwaves was fired at a nearby truck – the first field deployment of a “directed energy” weapon. It fried the truck’s ignition and air-fuel mixing system, bringing the hapless vehicle to a halt…Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico, field demonstrations were being wrapped up on another microwave weapon, this one mounted on a truck and designed to inflict intense pain on human skin….a guided cluster bomb that scatters 4,000 titanium rods capable of penetrating chemical and biological bunkers and storage tanks with lethal effect. Most promising is a new incendiary device that generates a firestorm so intense it cannot be quenched with water.” In this new age, there’s no such thing as a ‘nonlethal’ weapon By Barbara Hatch Rosenberg and Mark L. Wheelis 12/9/02 “The same technological revolution that is accelerating the development of new medical products is also making it possible for coercive regimes to manipulate human beings by altering their psychological processes, controlling their behavior, interfering with reproduction or tampering with inheritance – and even to do so without the knowledge of the victims.”

Remote Mind Control Technology – this page is fyi only –

Remote control brain sensor 11/17/02 “Scientists have developed a sensor that can record brainwaves without the need for electrodes to be inserted into the brain or even placed on the scalp. They believe the new sensor will lead to major advances in the collection and display of electrical information from the brain…”

“The Mind Has No Firewall” (Army article on psychotronic weapons…from the US military publication Parameters, subtitled “US Army War College Quarterly.”) by Timothy L. Thomas. Parameters, Spring 1998, pp. 84-92. “An entirely new arsenal of weapons, based on devices designed to introduce subliminal messages or to alter the body’s psychological and data-processing capabilities, might be used to incapacitate individuals. These weapons aim to control or alter the psyche, or to attack the various sensory and data-processing systems of the human organism. In both cases, the goal is to confuse or destroy the signals that normally keep the body in equilibrium.”

Brighthouse Institute for Thought Sciences Launches First “Neuromarketing” Research Company …Atlanta, GA – 6/3/02 – “…Thought Sciences bridges the gap between business and science and provides its clients with unprecedented insight into their consumers’ minds. The company plans to change the marketing world by using modern neuroscience methods to observe and understand the true drivers of consumer behavior. The Thought Sciences team uses functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), a safe and non-invasive technique, to observe patterns in brain activity that reveal how a person is processing and/or evaluating a product, object or advertisement. Thought Sciences neuroscientists and marketing analysts then use this information to more accurately measure consumer preference and determine whether it has been affected by a particular message campaign.”

from LMS Report Urges U.S. to Increase Its Efforts on Nonlethal Weapons by William J. Broad “The new report said that mind-altering or sleep-inducing chemical agents, which the military calls calmatives, offered “strong potential” as weapons meant to dissuade, temporarily inhibit, incapacitate or otherwise impede dangerous crowds and individuals.”

“…The U.S. Department of the Navy should move toward integrating non-lethal weapons – designed to incapacitate people or materiel while minimizing unintended death and damage.”
US tried to develop mood-altering weapons, science panel admits by Maxim Kniazkov, Washington, Agence France Presse – 11/5/02 “The US has made an attempt to develop mood-altering weapons similar to the gas used in a recent hostage crisis in Moscow but abandoned the program because it could not be reconciled with international law, a US government-sponsored scientific panel acknowledged. The disclosure is contained in a 250-page report issued Monday by the National Research Council, which urged the Pentagon to take another look at non-lethal weapons now that US forces face a greater chance of getting involved in urban combat.” Also see

This article is FYI only – John Fleming: the Shocking Menace of Satellite Surveillance 7/14/01 ” A spy satellite can monitor a person’s every movement, even when the “target” is indoors or deep in the interior of a building or traveling rapidly down the highway in a car, in any kind of weather (cloudy, rainy, stormy)….It takes just three satellites to blanket the world with detection capacity.”

Your brain may soon be used against you By Faye Flam 10/29/02 “Ruben Gur, a neuropsychologist at the U. of Penn., says new kinds of brain scans can reveal when a person recognizes a familiar face, no matter how hard he or she tries to conceal it. The scanning machine, called a functional MRI, takes pictures that highlight specific parts of the brain activated during certain tasks. Telltale parts of your brain “light up,” he said, when you are presented with a face you have seen before.”

International Movement for the Ban of Manipulation of Human Nervous System by Technical Means

from LMS Implantable Chip, On Sale Now By Julia Scheeres 10/25/02 “The maker of an implantable human ID chip has launched a national campaign to promote the device, offering $50 discounts to the first 100,000 people who register to get embedded with the microchip. Applied Digital Solutions has coined the tagline “Get Chipped” to market its product, VeriChip.”,1848,55999,00.html

Auto-ID: Tracking everything, everywhere Katherine Albrecht, CASPIAN [The following is an excerpt from the article, “Supermarket Cards: Tip of the Retail Surveillance Iceberg,” accepted for Pub. in the Denver University Law Review, June 2002] “A new consumer goods tracking system called Auto-ID is poised to enter all of our lives, with profound implications for consumer privacy. Auto-ID couples radio frequency (RF) identification technology with highly miniaturized computers that enable products to be identified and tracked at any point along the supply chain.”

Florida Firm Seeks to Microchip Americans 11/15/02 By Laura Macinnis – Washington (Reuters) – “A Washington forum debated…the benefits and hazards posed by a new way of identifying people with a microchip implanted under their skin to replace conventional paper identification. The heated debate at the National Academies, a non-profit think-tank advising the government on matters of technology and science, focused on the threat to individual privacy versus the convenience of switching to a chip.”

from LMS Surgical tags plan for sex offenders – Silicon chip to be inserted under skin Martin Bright, 11/17/02 “Britain is considering a controversial scheme to implant surgically electronic tags in convicted paedophiles amid fears that the extent of the abuse of children has been massively underestimated.”,12079,841963,00.html

This is fyi only – Africans Declare War on Freemasons – Thousands vow to eradicate shadowy cult by voxfux “….mainstream Anglican, Catholic and Presbyterian churches in Africa have joined with leaders of Kenya’s Mungiki youth movement in calling for the abolition of the Freemasons. The Parish Pastor of Nairobi’s St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA), one of the oldest traditional churches in Kenya, said recently that Freemasonry needs to be abolished, citing, “It has no moral standing in the wider community,”…The Mungiki movement with some 4 million followers, has accused the Freemasons of involvement in the disappearance of children and a mysterious string of murders that have recently rocked Nairobi. The pronouncement came after a consortium of churches, during an interdenominational conference, called for the total ban on Freemasonry in Kenya. The Nanyuki conference, attended by officials of the National Council of Churches, Evangelical Fellowship of Kenya, the Catholic Church and representatives of the Independent Churches of Kenya, lashed out at the Freemason society, accusing it of “engaging in undercurrent activities.” The churches pointed out that Freemasonry is a secretive society whose activities may not be good to the welfare of the human society.”

this may be very heavy for survivors – The force behind terror gangs Mugumo Munene – Nairobi, 3/13/02 “…Kariobangi North mayhem in which alleged Mungiki members unleashed terror on residents who did not satisfactorily answer their salutations, leaving more than 20 people dead, the Government outlawed 18 terror groups…. Mungiki: Of the 18 groups banned….The sect espouses a return to long-discarded Kikuyu practises and has aggressively pushed for female genital mutilation. It holds detailed initiation, oathing and baptism ceremonies. To attain full membership, one goes through a chain of secretive ceremonies.”,3,46281.jsp

Human Experimentation and other Intentional Exposures conducted by the Department of Defense “…U.S. Government researchers intentionally exposed Americans to potentially dangerous substances without their knowledge or consent….which I have been privileged to chair from 1993-94, has conducted a comprehensive analysis of the extent to which veterans participated in such research while they were serving in the U.S. military. This resulted in two hearings, on May 6, 1994, and August 5, 1994….John D. Rockefeller IV, Chairman. Committee on Veterans’ Affairs.” “These service members often unwittingly participated as human subjects in tests for drugs intended for mind-control or behavior modification, often without their knowledge or consent….these experiences put hundred of thousands of U.S. service members at risk, and may have caused lasting harm to many individuals.” graphics may be heavy for survivors

Suppressed Gov’t Documents on Chemical, Biological, and Nonlethal Weapons

from LMS New inquest on nerve gas death – Porton Down volunteer died after exposure to sarin – Owen Bowcott 11/19/02 “The high court yesterday ordered a fresh inquest on an airman who died nearly 50 years ago during secret experiments at Porton Down military research centre into the effects of the lethal nerve gas, sarin, on young servicemen…decades of campaigns by ex-servicemen who claim they were duped into taking part and given the impression they were helping research into the common cold. More than 300 volunteers believe they suffered disabilities ranging from breathing difficulties to kidney complaints as a result of the exposure tests, which also involved mustard gas, CS gas, and hallucinogens.”,11816,842880,00.html

Bioterrorism and Armageddon…by Alan Cantwell, Jr., M.D. “In Manchuria…the Japanese performed diabolic biologic experiments on prisoners….they established Unit 731, a b/w research and production facility in Pingfan, near the city of Harbin. In Gene Wars: Military Control Over the New Genetic Technologies (1988), Charles Pillar, Keith Yamamoto write: “At least 3000 Chinese, Korean, Soviet, American, British and Australian prisoners of war died horrific deaths at the hands of the Pingfan technicians.”In the b/w experiments the Japanese deliberately infected human beings with microbes causing cholera, dysentery, typhoid, syphilis, and other infectious diseases. “The work included trials of anthrax and gas gangrene bombs….The full details of all this are also recorded Factories of Death: Japanese Biological Warfare, 1932-1945, and the American Cover-up (1994), by Sheldon H Harris….During the post-war Japanese war crime trials, the U.S. Army feared the Russians might benefit from learning the results of these experiments. To thwart this possibility, the U.S. Army made a deal. The Japanese doctors would turn over their data to the Army b/w technicians, and in turn the U.S. government would not prosecute the Japanese perpetrators of these war crimes….8/02, six decades after these atrocities, a Japanese court acknowledged for the first time that biological weapons were used before and during World War 2, but the court rejected Chinese claims for compensation.” “pub in Nov 2002 issue of New Dawn Magazine, Melbourne, Aus. not on the website yet, people can get it from the author

DOD Releases Project Shad Fact Sheets 5/23/02 “The Department of Defense today released detailed fact sheets on six Cold War-era chemical and biological warfare tests….A DoD investigative team found that simulants were used in lieu of chemical and biological warfare agents in many of these tests, but a number did involve the use of actual chemical and biological warfare agents. Of the six tests detailed in today’s release, three used live nerve agents, one used a live biological agent, and one used a simulant that, while believed to be harmless at the time, has subsequently been found to be hazardous. The sixth test used a non-hazardous simulant.”

Code Name: Artichoke – The CIA’s Secret Experiments on Humans A film by Egmont R. Koch and Michael Wech “…Olson’s son Eric is convinced his father was murdered by agents of the American government because he wanted to leave the CIA. Dr. Frank Olson was an expert for anthrax and other biological weapons and had top security clearance. Forensic pathologists at George Washington University performed an autopsy and concluded that Olson probably was the victim of a violent crime.”

TV film on death of Frank Olson German documentary charges US used biological weapons in Korean War By Peter Schwarz 11/13/02 “…a documentary recently broadcast by the German state television channel, ARD, suggests that the US government is itself hiding biological warfare programs from the rest of the world, and actually employed such weapons in 1952 during the Korean War…And then Norman Cournoyer confirmed that the American Air Force had indeed tested biological weapons during the Korean War.”

The James Madison Project – Links to Other Important Freedom of Information, Privacy Act, Intelligence and Government Accountability Webpages –

Ritualistic Child Abuse and the Mormon Church – Mormon General Authority Warns That a Satanic Conspiracy May Be Functioning in the Church Salt Lake Messenger – #80 – Nov. 1991

This may be very heavy for survivors. The Network of Stolen Consciousness Part I and Part II Beth Goobie “I am a survivor of intelligence cults that operate across Canada and are connected internationally. In 1959, I was born into an intergenerational CIA-connected cult that continues to operate in central Ontario. I was first subjected to calculated torture sessions in the womb, and have been able to integrate fetal selves as an adult. I was an experienced dissociater at birth, an accomplished prostitute before kindergarten, and was being circulated on an elite international circuit by grade school. My programming involved fragmentation into alters who were trained as sex agents, couriers, computers, and cult alters…”

from LMS Richard Helms, former CIA director, dies at age 89 – 10/23/02 – Eun-Kyung Kim “Helms played a critical role in many of the CIA’s most controversial and troubling operations, from plotting the assassinations of foreign leaders such as Fidel Castro to overthrowing the Marxist government of Chilean President Salvador Allende Gossens.” This may be very heavy for survivors. You may want to watch this show with a support person. Alias – The TV Show – Episode 5 – The Indicator (ABC) “Sydney testifies before a CIA panel, claiming that Jack saved her from a trap engineered by Irina….she finds a man instructing young students how to assemble a gun. The weapons are children! Sloane explains that they’re being trained as sleeper agents. European standardized tests locate the brightest children, who are then given a month-long training program that’s erased from their memory and sent back home. Supposedly, the KGB was developing a similar program in the 80s.”

Journal Articles

Many of the journal abstract excerpts and quotes in this section of the newsletter came from the listed as BO For info. write

Website for book searches –

Abuser admits to ‘slick’ manipulation By Geri Nikolai, Rockford Register Star “Adults who molest children seldom kidnap a child off the street. They choose their victims based on the child’s age, gender and family. Then they go about “grooming” the child to do their bidding, says a Rockford man who served nearly 10 years in prison for sexual abuse.”

Damage from abuse can last a lifetime By Geri Nikolai “While some victims can deal with abuse on their own, others need counseling occasionally or steadily all their lives…One reason is that children can’t cope like emotionally-healthy adults. To numb the pain, they may turn to whatever works: withdrawal, drugs, alcohol, eating disorders. As they grow up, those habits lead to dysfunctional lives….Sexual abuse during childhood can scar a person in three ways: self-image, emotions and relationships.”

Convicting abusers tough when it’s only the child’s word By Geri Nikolai “Experts believe 99 percent of those children were telling the truth, yet only 17 percent of the people they named as abusers were prosecuted….Lee County: 32 cases reported. One physical abuse, 31 sexual abuse. Two cases determined false. Of remaining 29, charges brought in eight. Of 29 cases, all but one involved family friend or family member as perpetrator; only one was stranger.”

Infants Now Murdered As Often As Teens Actual Rate May Be Higher, Experts Say By Laura Sessions Stepp, Washington Post Staff Writer 12/10/02 “The homicide rate for U.S. infants is now virtually equal to the murder rate for teenagers, according to a new analysis of government data that revealed a surprising demographic milestone….a child is at greater risk of being murdered during the first year of life than in any other year until the age of 17, when guns become more accessible.” from BO Childhood sexual history of 20 male pedophiles vs. 24 male healthy control subjects. Cohen LJ, McGeoch PG, Gans SW, Nikiforov K, Cullen K, Galynker II J Nerv Ment Dis 2002 Nov; 190(11):757-766 “Sixty percent of pedophiles compared with 4% of control subjects reported adult sexual advances as a child. Seventy-five percent of pedophiles and 22% of control subjects reported a first sexual encounter before age 14 years. About 60% concordance was found between acts experienced as a child and perpetrated as an adult….The present findings replicate the elevated rate of childhood sexual abuse found among pedophiles and are consistent with the notion of a causative relationship between early childhood abuse and later pedophilic behavior.” Beth Israel Medical Center, 6 Karpas, 1st Ave. and 16th St., NY, NY 10003. Send reprint requests to Dr. Cohen.

No Expert Testimony Allowed on Eyewitness Identifications Tom Perrotta New York Law Journal 9/16/02 “A Manhattan judge has declined to allow expert testimony on eyewitness identifications in a murder trial, saying that such testimony has not been generally accepted by the scientific community.”

Repression in retrospect: Constructing history in the ‘memory debate.’History of the Human Sciences. Howard, Christina; Tuffin, Keith. Vol 15(3) Aug 2002, 75-93. “Analyzes how history is deployed in popular texts to strengthen the positions of both opponents and proponents of recovered memory (RM).”

from LMS Report: Abusive men gain custody of victims’ kids by Kevin Rothstein 11/26/02 “Abusive men are gaining custody of children of women they had battered despite a state law to the contrary, according to a report released yesterday by battered women advocates. The Wellesley College-based researchers decried the custody issue and other “human rights abuses” they said they found in Massachusetts family courts after three years of interviews with battered women, judges and other family court workers.”

The Dark Tunnels of McMartin Dr. Roland C. Summit – Journal of Psychohistory 21 (4) Spring 1994 “There is no other scenario that fits all of the facts except that the feature was indeed a tunnel. The date of the construction and use of the tunnel was not absolutely established, but an assessment of seven factors of data all indicate that it was probably constructed, used and completely filled back in after 1966 (the construction date of the preschool). This age assessment has also been corroborated by the consulting Geologist for the project, Dr. Don Michael…” Thorsten Becker and Patrick Felsner: Ritual abuse – Satanismus and ritual abuse – Current developments and consequences for the juvenile welfare service – Documentation of a trade conference

The German ISSD Study Group Ritual Abuse Statistics & Research

Victimology Research Database (contents of current victimology research database)

from LMS Report assails family courts By Patricia Wen, Globe Staff, 11/26/02 “A Wellesley College research group issued a sharp critique of the Massachusetts family court system yesterday, saying many judges have failed to protect battered women and their children from the tyranny of abusive men….condemned the study as skewed because it relied on testimony only from women with complaints about custody decisions, not from those satisfied with the rulings….Men who abused them were often given custody or liberal visitation of the couple’s children, a situation that often proved to be damaging to the youngsters and the women.”

Film star to portray ‘sex reformer’ Kinsey – Neeson urged to skip role as ‘infamous pedophile propagandist’ 12/9/02 “…Reisman, author of “Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences,” has sent an open letter of warning to Neeson, asserting that the film will place him in “a hideously inaccurate role…”…”Mr. Neeson, an appealing and respected actor like you surely does not wish to be known for celebrating a man who directed massive child sexual abuse.”…charging that the Kinsey Reports contained a record of human experiments conducted by pedophiles on hundreds, perhaps thousands, of children. The Kinsey study has been used to support the contention that sexual activity in children is natural and healthy and should not be repressed….pages 160-161 of Kinsey’s 1948 book “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male,” in which the children’s “screams,” their “convulsions,” their “hysterical weeping,” “fighting” and “striking the partner (adult)” are judged by Kinsey as reflecting “definite pleasure from the situation.”

from LMS Old records reveal Mass. sterilization plan by Michael Lasalandra 11/26/02 “In the early 1900s, Massachusetts state officials sterilized at least 26 boys, some as young as 14, in a bid to “purify” the population, according to…Boston Magazine. The article cites once-secret documents recording not only sterilizations of boys diagnosed with mental and behavioral problems, but also a plan to sterilize “defective” women.”

Sterilization program targeted women, blacks in later years – 12/8/02 Winston-Salem, N.C.(AP) – “North Carolina had one of the nation’s most aggressive and longest running eugenics programs, sterilizing 7,600 people, the third most of any state….Major eugenics research at Wake Forest University was paid for by a patron who had a racial agenda that included a visit to a 1935 Nazi eugenics conference and extensive efforts to overturn key civil-rights legislation…California led the nation with more than 20,000 sterilizations; Virginia was second with about 8,000…”

Eugenicists used Shutesbury in study on sterilization idea By Ellen Barry, 11/26/02 “Without revealing their purpose…eugenicists spent many months gathering information about families in the Western Massachusetts town, drawing genetic charts that showed “what may be expected when good pioneer stock is mixed with bad immigrant stock.” The families of Shutesbury were used as a case study in Leon Whitney’s 1934 book “The Case for Sterilization,” which argues that “the useless classes” should not be allowed to reproduce…..Historians estimate that as many as 60,000 Americans were sterilized without their consent in state institutions…In a landmark decision in 1927, Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes defended the practice, writing that “instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or letting them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind.”
Child abuse deaths are up Agency reports 53 fatalities last fiscal year, with 41 percent of victims under 1. By Shannon Tan 11/13/02 “The number of Indiana children who died from abuse and neglect has increased in the past four years…”

all five from BO Consistency in children’s reports of sexual and physical abuse. Ghetti S, Goodman GS, Eisen ML, Qin J, Davis SL Child Abuse Negl 2002 Sep; 26(9):977-95 “A group of 222 children, ages 3-16 years, participated…Older children were more consistent than younger children in their reports of sexual and physical abuse. Children were more consistent when reporting sexual abuse than physical abuse. Girls were more consistent than boys in sexual abuse reports. Consistency in sexual abuse reports was predicted by measures of memory, whereas consistency in physical abuse reports was not. Cognitive abilities did not predict consistency in sexual abuse or physical abuse reports.” Department of Psychology, University of California, Davis 95616, USA.

The Sexual and Physical Abuse Questionnaire (SPAQ). A screening instrument for adults to assess past and current experiences of abuse. Kooiman CG, Ouwehand AW, ter Kuile MM Child Abuse Negl 2002 Sep; 26(9):939-53 “The measures of agreement and the predictive measures of the questionnaire were satisfactory, in particular with respect to experiences of sexual abuse. Positive answering of the questionnaire increased the odds for sexual abuse by a factor of 12-17.5, and negative answering of the questionnaire reduced the odds by a third.” Department of Psychiatry, Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands.

The parental bonding experiences of sex offenders: A comparison between child molesters and rapists. Craissati J, McClurg G, Browne K Child Abuse Negl 2002 Sep; 26(9):909-21 “Affectionless control style of parental bonding was highly prevalent amongst the sex offenders. There was some suggestion that low parental care was associated with childhood abuse and disturbances, particularly for child molesters. High overprotection in mothers was linked with parental separation and sex play with male peers in childhood.” Department of Forensic Psychology, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, UK.

What happens when people disclose sexual or physical abuse to staff at a community mental health centre? Agar K, Read J Int J Ment Health Nurs 2002 Jun;11(2):70-9 “Only 36% of summary formulations and 33% of treatment plans for the abused clients mentioned the abuse. Only 22% of the abused clients received abuse-focused therapy.” Psychology Department, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand.

Intrafamilial sexual abuse: Brother-sister incest does not differ from father-daughter and stepfather-stepdaughter incest. Cyr M, Wright J, McDuff P, Perron A Child Abuse Negl 2002 Sep; 26(9):957-73 “Results suggested few differences in the characteristics of sexual abuse between the three groups. However, penetration was much more frequent in the sibling incest group (70.8%) than in the stepfather incest (27.3%) or father incest (34.8%) groups. Ninety percent of the victims of fathers and brothers manifested clinically-significant distress on at least one measure, whereas 63.6% of stepfather victims did. Compared with father and stepfather perpetrators, brothers were raised in families with more children and more alcohol abuse…The authors conclude that the characteristics of brother-sister incest and its associated psychosocial distress did not differ from the characteristics of father-daughter incest.” Departement de Psychologie, Universite de Montreal, Succursale Centre-Ville, Que., Canada. Introducing The Adoption and Child Welfare Law Reporter…source of the latest news and information on adoption and child welfare law from across the US. Important state and federal cases are analyzed from a legal and policy standpoint….Download a complementary issue at

From BO The nature of intrusive memories after trauma: The warning signal hypothesis. Ehlers A, Hackmann A, Steil R, Clohessy S, Wenninger K, Winter H Behav Res Ther 2002 Sep; 40(9):995-1002 “Visual intrusions were the most common, and thoughts were uncommon….Intrusive memories commonly consisted of stimuli that were present immediately before the traumatic event happened or shortly before the moments that had the largest emotional impact (i.e., when the meaning of the event became more traumatic). It is suggested that intrusive memories are about stimuli that through temporal association with the trauma acquired the status of warning signals, i.e., stimuli that if encountered again would indicate impending danger.” Dept. of Psychology, Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London, UK.

from LMS Pill to ease memory of trauma envisioned By Ellen Barry, 11/8/02 “Someday in the future, people may walk into an emergency room after a rape, or a car wreck, or a shooting, and be given a pill to protect them from the haunting memories that may follow.”

Researcher Unravels Biology of Induced Memory Montreal 12/10/02 (AScribe Newswire)- “…The day may come when the cure is recalling the trauma, and then erasing it with a shot,” mused Dallas Morning News reporter Tom Siegfried (Aug. 28, 2000) commenting on Dr Karim Nader’s discovery that a fear memory induced in a rat and reactivated after 1 to 12 days of storage in the outer part of the brain could be eradicated with a shot of anisomycin, a protein-synthesis inhibitor.” AScribe – 510-653-9400

from BO Childhood adversity and anxiety versus dysthymia co-morbidity in major depression. Harkness KL, Wildes JE Psychol Med 2002 Oct; 32(7):1239-49 “Severe sexual abuse and psychological abuse were significantly and preferentially associated with co-morbid anxiety, while severe physical abuse was significantly and preferentially associated with co-morbid dysthymia. Indifference and antipathy were significantly associated with both co-morbid anxiety and dysthymia. Multivariate analyses revealed that severe sexual abuse was the adverse childhood experience most strongly associated with co-morbid anxiety.” Department of Psychology, University of Oregon.

from BO Childhood abuse in patients with conversion disorder. Roelofs K, Keijsers GP, Hoogduin KA, Naring GW, Moene FC Am J Psychiatry 2002 Nov 1; 159(11):1908-1913 “Patients with conversion disorder reported a higher incidence of physical/sexual abuse, a larger number of different types of physical abuse, sexual abuse of longer duration, and incestuous experiences more often than comparison patients. ” both from BO Is a history of trauma associated with a reduced likelihood of cervical cancer screening? Farley M, Golding JM, Minkoff JR J Fam Pract 2002 Oct; 51(10):827-31 “These findings suggest that childhood sexual abuse may lead to decreased probability of screening for cervical cancer, potentially contributing to the poorer health seen in other studies of women who have been sexually abused.” Kaiser Permanente, Family Medicine Services, Div. of Endocrinology, 401 Bicentennial Way, Santa Rosa, CA 95403.

The prevalence of childhood sexual abuse, physical abuse and emotional neglect in Europe. Lampe A Z Psychosom Med Psychother 2002; 48(4):370-380 “Taking a broad view there is an incidence of sexual abuse experiences of 6-36 % in girls under the age of 16 years and of 1-15 % in boys under the age of 16. The incidence of physical abuse ranges from 5 to 50 % in Europe….These figures are in line with those found in North America. ” Universitatsklinik fur Medizinische Psychologie und Psychotherapie, Sonnenburgstrasse 9, A-6020 Innsbruck, Austria.

from LMS – Foster home numbers dwindle – 1,000 children in Ottawa need help, but only 278 offer care Bob Harvey 12/16/02 “A study of 3,053 reported cases of child abuse and neglect in Ontario between 1993 and 1998 shows a 90-per-cent increase in physical abuse, a doubling in maltreatment and neglect, and an 870-per-cent increase in emotional maltreatment, largely cases of children being exposed to domestic violence….there was a 44-per-cent decrease in reported sexual abuse.” Http://{E7D885DE-AD31-4933-BBF9-7AC8EA79FF73}

all three from BO Self-perceived effects of sexual trauma among women who smoke crack. Young AM, Boyd C, Hubbell A J Psychosoc Nurs Ment Health Serv 2002 Oct; 40(10):46-53 “The most commonly reported effects of sexual trauma were feeling dirty or ashamed or blaming self, having negative feelings toward the perpetrator, experiencing a general dislike of men or sex, and reporting a conscious reluctance to cope with the incident…conscious or unconscious denial of the effects of sexual trauma was associated with use of drugs to cope with intrapersonal and interpersonal feelings; inwardly directed responses to the trauma (e.g., self-blaming, feeling ashamed) were positively related to depression, and outwardly directed responses to the trauma (e.g., anger at the perpetrator) were positively related to self-esteem.” Substance Abuse Research Center, U. of Michigan, 475 Market Place, Suite D, Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Self-harm and substance use in a community sample of Black and White women with binge eating disorder or bulimia nervosa. Dohm FA, Striegel-Moore RH, Wilfley DE, Pike KM, Hook J, Fairburn CG Int J Eat Disord 2002 Dec; 32(4):389-400 “but rates of self-harm and substance use were elevated among women with a history of sexual or physical abuse relative to women without such a history.” Graduate School of Education and Allied Professions, Fairfield University, Fairfield, Connecticut.

Familial correlates of extreme weight control behaviors among adolescents. Fonseca H, Ireland M, Resnick MD Int J Eat Disord 2002 Dec; 32(4):441-8 “Nearly 7% of adolescents reported engaging in extreme weight control behaviors. Boys’ risk factors included high parental supervision/monitoring and sexual abuse history. Protective factors included high parental expectations, maternal presence, and connectedness with friends and other adults. The only significant risk factor for girls was sexual abuse history. Protective factors included family connectedness, positive family communication, parental supervision/monitoring, and maternal presence.” Adolescent Health Outpatient Clinic, Pediatric Division, Hospital de Santa Maria, Lisboa, Portugal.

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both from BO Relative contributions of parent substance use and childhood maltreatment to chronic homelessness, depression, and substance abuse problems among homeless women: Mediating roles of self-esteem and abuse in adulthood. Stein JA, Leslie MB, Nyamathi A, Child Abuse Negl 2002 Oct; 26(10):1011-27 “Childhood abuse directly predicted later physical abuse, chronic homelessness, depression, and less self-esteem. Parent substance use directly predicted later substance use problems among the women. Recent physical abuse predicted chronic homelessness, depression, and substance use problems. Greater self-esteem predicted less depression and fewer substance use problems. Childhood abuse also had significant indirect effects on depression, chronic homelessness, and drug and alcohol problems mediated through later physical abuse and self-esteem.” Dept. of Psych., U. of Cal., 1282 Franz Hall, 90095, LA, CA, USA

The impact of previous type of abuse and sibling adoption upon adoptive families. Erich S, Leung P Child Abuse Negl 2002 Oct; 26(10):1045-58 “Parents with adopted children who have histories of physical and sexual abuse reported lower family functioning than those parents with adopted children who only have histories of neglect.” Bachelor of Social Work Program, U. of Houston-Clear Lake, 2700 Bay Area Blvd, 77058, Houston, TX, USA