Issue 55 – March 2004

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Issue 55 – March 2004

The purpose of this newsletter is to help stop secretive organizations and groups from abusing others and to help those who allege they have been abused by such organizations and groups. This newsletter is not a substitute for other ways of recovering from ritual abuse. Readers should use caution while reading this newsletter. If necessary, make sure other support systems are available during and after reading this newsletter.

Important: The resources mentioned in this newsletter are for educational value only. Reading the books cited may or may not help your recovery process, so use caution when reading any book or contacting any resource mentioned in this newsletter. Some may have a religious or other agenda that may be separate from your own recovery process. Others may have valuable information on the Masons and other organizations, but have triggers or be somewhat sympathetic to those organizations. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the views expressed in this newsletter constitute expressions of opinion, and readers are cautioned to form their own opinions and draw their own conclusions by consulting a variety of sources, including this newsletter. Resources listed, quoted and individual articles, etc. and their writers do not necessarily support all or any of the views mentioned in this newsletter. Also, the views, facts and opinions mentioned in this newsletter are solely the opinions of the authors and are not necessarily the opinions of this newsletter or its editor.

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This issue of the smart newsletter was co-edited by Steve F. and others. SMART also wants to thank all those that have contributed resource information to the newsletter.

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Resources and Information

Please note: Listing of these resources does not necessarily constitute our endorsement of them. They are for educational value only and some may be heavy for survivors to read. Some of the conferences listed may not necessarily be safe for all survivors. S.M.A.R.T. recommends always bringing a support person to all conferences. If you are a survivor of mind control and/or ritual abuse, S.M.A.R.T. recommends that you try to bring a support person that is familiar with mind control techniques. LMS: article from ACHES-MC (Advocacy Committee for Human Experimentation Survivors – Mind Control) for unconsentually federally funded mind control as children or adults Canada contact Lynne Moss-Sharman, 230 Miles St. E. #3, Thunder Bay, Ont. P7C 1J6,

from LMS A priest, a boy, a mystery By Kevin Cullen, 12/14/03 “Danny Croteau was 13 when they found his body, floating face down in the Chicopee River, a few miles from his Springfield home. That was 31 years ago….It is not only the Croteaus who believe that the Rev. Richard R. Lavigne, a convicted child molester, murdered their son in 1972, crushing his skull with a rock and dumping his body in the river. Just about every law enforcement official who worked on the case believes Lavigne did it….Lavigne abused scores of children. In 1992 he was convicted of fondling two boys and sentenced to probation. In 1994 the diocese paid $1.4 million to settle claims brought by 17 people who said Lavigne abused them, and Lavigne now faces another 20 claims. The Massachusetts Sex Offenders Registry Board classified Lavigne as a Level 3 offender, meaning he is deemed a high risk to reoffend.”

from LMS Former S.F. priest pleads guilty to embezzlement – Molest case against him tossed in 2002 Jaxon Van Derbeken 1/7/04 “A former San Francisco Catholic priest – freed from jail in 2002 on multiple child molestation charges – pleaded guilty Tuesday to state tax evasion and embezzlement of church funds. But Patrick O’Shea, the former monsignor of St. Cecilia’s parish in San Francisco who spent two years behind bars, will most likely not serve any further time in jail, under the plea agreement….”Although O’Shea was originally charged with molestation in 1994, the case was dismissed and recharged repeatedly because the statute of limitations had expired.” “”The church paid $2.5 million in a civil settlement to 15 men who claimed they were molested as boys by O’Shea and two other Bay Area priests, Gary Timmons and Austin Patrick Keegan.”

from LMS Study reveals clergy abuse figures – 148 molest cases reported since 1950 in S.F. Archdiocese Glen Martin, Delfin Vigil, 2/2/04 “involving more than 50 priests over a five-decade period, according to a statistical study of U.S. archdioceses.” “The archdiocese paid $9.25 million to settle with the victims.”

Witness: Man staggered into home before being fatally hit by car driven by Phoenix bishop Anabelle Garay 2/4/04 “The man who was killed in a hit-and-run accident involving Catholic Bishop Thomas O’Brien had stumbled into an apartment minutes before, apparently drunk, a woman testified Wednesday at O’Brien’s trial.”

from LMS Accused priest’s future in limbo – Diocese handles old abuse allegations under new rules By Tara Dooley 1/31/04 “Less than a year after Roman Catholic bishops set out rules to rid the ranks of sexually abusive clergy, the Diocese of Galveston-Houston moved to reinstate a priest accused of molesting a teenage girl 22 years ago when she was a parishioner at St. John Vianney Catholic Church. In May, church officials announced that the Rev. Richard Edelin would join the staff of St. Laurence Catholic Church in Sugar Land. Only after Edelin’s accuser expressed outrage did the diocese reconsider his appointment. It reinvestigated her claims, which diocesan officials settled in 1996 with a $5,000 payment and a letter of apology from Bishop Joseph A. Fiorenza, and determined it could not substantiate her claim of sexual abuse.”

Boys Choir Leader Faces Ouster Over Failure to Act After Abuse by Alan Feuer, Robin Pogrebin 1/9/04 “It was the spring of 2001 when an employee of the Boys Choir of Harlem went to Walter J. Turnbull, the founder and director of the world-renowned group, with shocking news: a 14-year-old student in the choir’s academy had just accused the school’s chief counselor of having molested him repeatedly for years. The police were not called….(Later) The counselor was arrested, tried, convicted and sent to prison on a two-year term for sexual abuse.”

From lms Boys Choir Director Accused in Lawsuit of Hitting Students By Alan Feuer 1/11/04 “Corporal punishment was a common part of the rehearsal process for the Boys Choir of Harlem, and the choir’s founder and director, Walter J. Turnbull, sometimes struck choir members who performed poorly, lawyers for a former student at the choir’s academy said yesterday. The lawyers have filed a $30 million lawsuit against Dr. Turnbull on behalf of the former student, an 18-year-old who also accused the director of failing to report complaints that the academy’s chief counselor had sexually molested him for years.”

Sixty-Three Detroit Priests Accused of Sex Abuse 2/5/04 Detroit (Reuters) “More than 60 Roman Catholic clerics in Detroit have been accused of sexual abuse over the past half century, the city’s archdiocese said…in a report on the child sex scandal dogging the U.S. Catholic Church….He added that 116 abuse victims were known to the Detroit archdiocese and that nearly $1.4 million had been paid out in legal settlements and counseling so far.”

Roman Catholic Panel Wants R.I. Settlement AP 1/7/04 “Providence, R.I. – The Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence, under a proposal from an advisory board, would settle decades-old allegations of clergy abuse by offering lifetime counseling and $25,000 to each of about 40 claimants. Alleged victims would also have the chance to instead collect up to $90,000 through arbitration.” “The diocese in 2002 reached a $14.25 million settlement with 37 alleged victims of sexual abuse in Rhode Island who filed lawsuits.”,0,4422254.story?coll=sns-ap-nation-headlines

Boston Church in Deal Over Priest Who Fathered Kids 1/29/04 By Greg Frost – Boston (Reuters) “The Archdiocese of Boston will pay an undisclosed sum of money to settle….The church said it had reached a settlement in the case of the Rev. James D. Foley, who carried on a 13-year sexual relationship with Rita Perry, fathered two children with her and abandoned her as she was dying.”
From LMS Children fathered by priest settle suit…by Michael S. Rosenwald, Globe Staff, 1/30/04 “The Catholic Archdiocese of Boston reached a settlement yesterday in the case of a priest who fathered two children with one of his parishioners, a Needham woman, and then fled her home the night she died of a drug overdose. Church officials announced an agreement with the family of Rita Perry, who died in 1973, in the case against the Rev. James Foley. The priest acknowledged having a lengthy affair with Perry, and paternity tests eventually proved he was the father of two of her four children, Emily and James Perry.”

From LMS Abuse victims, Toronto Christian Brothers settle class action lawsuit Darcy Henton Canadian Press 1/8/04 “Lawyers have been unable to locate 54 men involved in a class action lawsuit filed against the Catholic religious order for failing to fulfil financial obligations set out in a 1992 abuse settlement. The class action was launched by Vancouver resident David McCann in 2002 in a bid to recover more than $1.7 million still owed to some victims of abuse at St. Joseph’s Training School in Alfred, Ont., east of Ottawa. McCann, who was sent to St. Joseph’s as a child, negotiated the original $16-million compensation package for 1,600 victims of abuse at that institution and at St. John’s at Uxbridge, Ont., near Toronto.”

also see Ruling clears way for sex-abuse suit – By Lisa Lisle, Ottawa Sun “An alleged victim in one of Canada’s biggest sexual-abuse scandals is getting a second chance to sue the men he claims caused his chronic depression. Eight years after filing his original lawsuit, Jean-Paul Larabie was granted the chance to have his case heard by Ontario’s highest court. He’s suing two religious brothers who worked at the St. Joseph’s Training School in Alfred during his four-year stay at the school in the early 1950s.” “An OPP investigation yielded hundreds of charges against more than 40 men and several convictions.”

from LMS Mount Cashel victims deserve $15.5M: court: Plan approved to distribute assets of defunct Christian Brothers order – The Ottawa Citizen – 2/5/04 by Richard Foot “An Ontario court has approved a controversial plan to distribute $15.5 million to the victims of Canada’s most infamous child-abuse scandal. The money comes from the Christian Brothers of Ireland in Canada, the defunct Catholic teaching order that ran the notorious Mount Cashel orphanage in St. John’s, Nfld., where dozens of boys were raped and beaten by a series of Christian Brothers between the 1960s and the late 1980s….a plan to distribute the Christian Brothers’ assets to 83 victims across Canada…”

from LMS Ex-students reach deal over sex abuse – Now they want an apology from the premier By Sean McKibbon, Ottawa Sun 1/31/04 “Former students who were sexually and physically abused at a Catholic reform school in Alfred have settled with the Catholic Christian Brothers of Ontario for $1.3 million. The deal was approved yesterday by Justice Bernard Manton. After legal fees, there will be about $780,000 to be split among more than 200 men who attended the St. Joseph’s Training Centre for Boys from 1950 to 1960.”

from LMS P.E.I. fighting victims’ lawsuit by CP 1/26/04 Charlottetown “The Prince Edward Island government is denying any responsibility in the case of 57 people who say they were abused at the Mount Herbert Orphanage. The former residents have filed a group action against the province and the Protestant Children’s Trust, which took over the orphanage’s assets when it closed in the 1970s. In their suit, the claimants said they endured physical, sexual and psychological abuse while living at the facility.”

Former orphanage resident creates group to help victims of abuse: Suing P.E.I. and Nova Scotia for their role in alleged mistreatment – Journal Pioneer (Summerside) 1/26/04 by Jim Brown “Longueepee is naming the Province as a co-defendent in his suit of the trust…The P.E.I. and Nova Scotia governments, he alleges, were complicit in allowing he and his twin brother, who was also a resident of the orphanage, to be exploited without their consent for the purposes of “a twin case study” conducted at Nova Scotia and P.E.I. medical facilities. None of the allegations in either of the cases have been proven in court. His lawyer, Richard Bureau, said Longueepee’s case against medical institutions would be the among the first of its kind in Canada. Longueepee said he and his brother were given drugs, including sedatives, and subjected to various tests to determine their resiliance to abuse they say they suffered at the orphanage.” “Longueepee referred to a March 2000 Law Commission of Canada report, in which 5,210 victims were estimated to have filed claims of physical, sexual and other forms of abuse, including sterilizations and genocide at 72 residential schools.”

This site includes the Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada, and the mounting evidence of crimes against humanity committed in Christian Residential Schools.

from LMS Court pondering liability of church and priest in sex abuse of 36 boys – Judges reserve judgment in the case of a priest who used position to exploit by Kirk Makin 1/15/04 “For 30 years, Father Kevin Bennett exploited his godlike status in rural Newfoundland to commit hundreds of sexual assaults on young boys who both feared and worshipped him. Yesterday, the Supreme Court of Canada finally heard arguments on the crucial question of whether civil damages to Father Bennett’s 36 victims should be paid by the priest, the western Newfoundland diocese where he worked, and/or the worldwide Roman Catholic Church.” “The court’s ruling in the Newfoundland case will directly affect its exposure in 11,500 outstanding lawsuits involving aboriginal residential schools. About 60 per cent of the schools were operated by the government in concert with the Roman Catholic Church.”

from LMS Time to stress abuse victims not to blame The StarPhoenix 1/13/04 “Rev. Norbert Dufault is not a large man. Just more than five-and-a-half-feet tall, thin and his body withered by age and illness, he is an unlikely poster boy for the evil that has caused the federal government to apologize and offer up $2 billion in compensation…this Manitoba Oblate missionary, who was sentenced last week to two years in prison for sexually assaulting children ”

CBC TV Show – Disclosure – Praying For Silence “John Swales and his brothers are suing the Diocese of London, Ontario, for abuse committed by one of its priests.”

Family gets $1.3 million over abuse by priest – London, Ont.”A family has been awarded more than $1.3 million in damages for pain and suffering inflicted by a sexually abusive Roman Catholic priest more than 30 years ago…found Rev. Barry Glendinning and the Roman Catholic Diocese of London, Ont., liable for damages suffered by the Swales family.” “Kerr found the diocese negligent because it failed to recognize and stop Glendinning’s abuse of the Swales brothers. He also found the diocese vicariously liable for the actions of Glendinning while he was in their employ.”

Calif. Church Abuse Suit Deadline Nears 12/30/03 By Gillian Flaccus LA (AP) “Californians are rushing to file hundreds of lawsuits against the Roman Catholic Church before the year-end deadline established under a state law that opened a window for old molestation claims….the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, the nation’s largest, will pay a colossal sum to settle as many as 500 cases. Ray Boucher, who represents 300 plaintiffs, said such a settlement could surpass the record-breaking $85 million the Archdiocese of Boston is paying.”

Catholic Church in Calif. Faces 800 Suits Los Angeles (AP) “About 800 people statewide took advantage of a one-year window in 2003 to sue the Roman Catholic Church.”

Proposed class-action sexual abuse lawsuit for Santa Rosa diocese AP Santa Rosa “12 lawsuits are pending against the diocese.”

From LMS 10 accused priests leave U.S. Church review shows that many retire, move from dioceses By Rachel Zoll AP 1/12/04 “The church review of whether Roman Catholic bishops are doing enough to prevent sex abuse showed that at least 150 credibly accused priests had moved out of their dioceses, raising worries that offenders are living unsupervised in places where most people know nothing about them.”

Ex-wife suspects Porter also abused their children By Robin Washington 1/14/04 “Witnesses at a dangerousness hearing to determine if convicted pedophile James R. Porter will be kept in custody after his sentence is completed at the end of the month may include the former wife of the one-time Diocese of Fall River priest….Gray said she suspected Porter abused three of their four children.”

Priest left US after admission in sex case By Stephen Kurkjian, John Ellement, 1/14/04 “A year after the Archdiocese of Boston adopted a new policy on handling allegations of clergy sexual abuse in the 1990s, an Australian priest who had admitted having sex with a teenager abruptly left the archdiocese and the country, short-circuiting a potential investigation by police and child welfare authorities, according to documents filed yesterday in Suffolk Superior Court….the Rev. John B. McCormack, then the archdiocese’s principal officer dealing with clergy sexual-abuse allegations, made no attempt to stop Robinson from making a quick departure from Boston, according to the Rev. Christopher J. Coyne, spokesman for the Boston Archdiocese.”

from LMS Clerics’ Sex Abuse Victims Say Lay Boards Ignore Them By Patrick Healy 1/6/04 “People who serve on the volunteer boards say they are dedicated to the work, but a national victims-advocacy group says that many abuse victims feel shut out after taking their cases to the boards…Some were able to tell their stories directly to the boards, while others said they were not allowed to.”

Some bishops release 50-year recaps of clergy sexual abuse By Catholic News Service Washington “Several U.S. bishops recently released summaries of clergy sexual abuse allegations in their dioceses since 1950.”

Sex-Abuse Panel Criticizes Irish Govt. 1/30/04 “Dublin, Ireland (AP) A commission investigating child abuse in Ireland’s Catholic Church-run institutions published a scathing report…accusing the government and most religious orders of obstructing its work. The mammoth report by the Commission to Inquire Into Child Abuse said its efforts to investigate abuse complaints by 1,712 individuals – many of them now more than 70 years old – were unreasonably on hold because of bureaucratic and legal delays.” “The total claims are estimated to exceed $600 million, of which the church has offered to pay $160 million – and mostly in donated properties, rather than cash.”

Diocese to pay victim $3 million 1/25/04 AP Oakland “The Roman Catholic Church agreed Friday to pay a record-setting $3 million to a woman who was raped repeatedly as a girl by her parish priest. Jennifer Chapin, 31, an Oakdale psychiatric nurse, said she was pleased to put the case filed against the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oakland behind her….Chapin said she was raped by Monsignor George Francis over a four-year period, starting when she was about 6 years old. The abuse included ritualistic assaults involving ropes and religious objects in hotel rooms, Chapin said….After the rapes, Chapin said Francis would sprinkle holy water on her.”

“ invites survivors of sexual abuse and non-survivors to join their voices and work together to bring justice to those abused by Roman Catholic priests, bishops and other sexual predators….Child sexual abuse is a worldwide epidemic. Child pornography has vastly expanded its accessibility via the Internet.”

Emma Davies: Children denied justice in court 12/29/03 “”The Otago study replicated and extended research that I conducted with Fred Seymour in 1996. We analysed 26 transcripts of children’s testimony in child sexual abuse trials. We found that child interviewers responsible for taking videotaped statements were sensitive and careful when interviewing children. Defence lawyers were not. If children are to communicate accurately in the court, they must be asked questions they can understand. Despite media attention on child interviewers’ practices, we found their questioning techniques were more appropriate to a child’s level of understanding. They helped children to tell their accounts more than lawyers. Defence lawyers ask more complicated questions than either prosecution lawyers or child interviewers. According to the most recent research, children’s age has no effect on the types of questions these lawyers ask. During cross-examination, lawyers muddle the order of questions, unwittingly or deliberately to confuse children. This is recommended practice in legal textbooks.”

“Thousands of women have been sexually assaulted in the United States military. Thousands more have been abused by their military husbands or boyfriends. And then they are victimized again. This time, the women are betrayed by the military itself. They are discouraged from reporting the crimes. Pressured to go easy on their attackers. Denied protection. Frustrated by a justice system that readily shields offenders from criminal punishment.”,0,36~30137~,00.html

Rumsfeld orders investigation into reports of sexual Assaults John J. Lumpkin, 2/6/04 Washington (AP) “…among troops stationed in Iraq and Kuwait…The reports consist of male soldiers accused of assaulting female counterparts….The (Denver) Post cited officials with the Miles Foundation…Some 37 women have told the Miles Foundation that they were assaulted by fellow military personnel while in Iraq or Kuwait during the last year…Of those, several said they did not receive thorough medical care, access to chaplains and lawyers, or information on their rights.”

from LMS This article has graphic descriptions of abuse. Pervs on the prowl – Internet porn has taken a criminal turn By Natalie Pona 2/1/04 “”Sex depicting consenting adults no longer sells, Cooper said. And that “vanilla-flavoured” porn is not the problem. “More graphic, more weird, more fetishistic,” he said. “A disturbing trend we’re seeing is towards children and violence.”

from LMS article has graphic details of abuse – Pedophile guilty of possessing porn – Richard Watts – Times Colonist 1/27/04 “Babysitting, dating single mothers with young kids and vacationing in Russia – all are pedophile hunting techniques traded online and revealed in court Monday. Larry Smith, a 54-year-old living with his mother in Sidney, was found guilty in B.C. Supreme Court in Victoria of possession of child pornography for the purpose of trafficking….The raid on Smith was part of an international investigation dubbed Operation Artus, where police moved in on an international child porno ring, arresting about 12 people around the world.”

Global Kiddie Porn Ring Busted Newark, N.J., 1/15/04 “(CBS/AP) Federal officials… announced they had cracked a Belarus-based international child pornography ring with arrests in France, Spain and the US. The cases stem from an Internet processor of Web site subscriptions in Minsk, Belarus, which collected fees for memberships to child pornography Web sites that brought in millions of dollars, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said. An executive with a Florida company has pleaded guilty in the case….About two dozen people in New Jersey and 20 others around the United States have been charged with downloading child pornography, including a doctor, a minister and a teacher, the office said.” “”Regpay Co. Inc. allegedly processed nearly $3 million in subscription fees by persons seeking pornography — much of it being child pornography,” Ashcroft said.” “The investigation is part of Operation Falcon, aimed at severing commercial support of child pornography. As of Tuesday, $800,000 in sales proceeds has been seized and 160 cases initiated, the Justice Department said.”

from LMS – 15 Arrested in New Jersey in Child Pornography Inquiry 1/16/04 Newark “The operators of a global Internet child pornography service that stretched from Eastern Europe to Mount Laurel, N.J.,…and federal and state authorities arrested 15 people in New Jersey who subscribed to the service. Law enforcement agencies in New Jersey, as well as immigration and postal service officials, collaborated for more than a year on an investigation that focused on a Belarus-based company, Regpay Ltd. The authorities said Regpay operated about 50 child pornography Web sites….Investigators traced the billings to 15 people in New Jersey who were charged with possession and receipt of child pornography. They include a retired Presbyterian priest, a campus chaplain, a family physician and three convicted sex offenders.”

Man gets 100 years for kid porn – Taped himself assaulting girl Aamer Madhani 1/13/04 “A man who collected more than 220,000 pornographic images of children and videotaped himself engaging in sexual acts with a young neighbor was sentenced to 100 years in prison… Howard Donath.”

from LMS Sex-abuse raps reinstated – Lawyer charged in Project Truth ordered to trial again By Bob Klager, Ottawa Sun “A Cornwall lawyer implicated in one of Canada’s most notorious investigations into sexual abuse must stand trial again on charges he molested boys, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled yesterday. During a rarely granted oral hearing, the high court “dismissed from the bench” Jacques Leduc’s application to appeal an Ontario court ruling last summer that overturned a third court’s decision to stay the charges against him and award him nearly $300,000 in damages. Leduc, the former legal counsel for the Archdiocese of Alexandria-Cornwall, was charged in 1998 with eight counts of sexual exploitation involving three teenage boys after Project Truth, a massive OPP probe into sex allegations, named him and several prominent Cornwall-area individuals as suspects.” “”Project Truth resulted in 114 charges against 15 high-profile men, including three Catholic priests, a doctor and a lawyer. Only one person, unconnected to the alleged sex ring, was ultimately convicted of sexual offences.”

from LMS Abuse probe a must: MPP By Donna Casey, Ottawa Sun 1/20/04 “Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty should make good on a pre-election vow and call an independent public inquiry into the sexual abuse of children in Cornwall, says the Liberal MPP of the area.”

Sex scandal divides conservative allies in Chile’s Congress By Hector Tobar, Andres D’Alessandro, LA Times, 1/10/04 “”The sex scandal…began Sept. 30 when Chilean police arrested 54-year-old entrepreneur Claudio Spiniak….A Catholic television station, a blackmailed judge, and the front-runner in the next presidential election have all, in one way or another, been touched by the controversy. Only Spiniak and six associates have been criminally charged in the case, on allegations ranging from rape to “inciting child prostitution.” At least two legislators have been questioned by the judge investigating the case but have not been charged.”

In Santiago, seamy politics By Robert Buckman 1/13/04 Santiago, Chile “Claudio Spiniak, was arrested and charged with operating a pedophile ring. Spiniak…admitted that he had organized parties at his mansion at which children of both sexes were sexually exploited. A few days later Congresswoman Pia Guzmán, a member of the center-right National Renewal, or RN, Party…jolted the country when she said unnamed sources had identified three senators as has having attended Spiniak’s parties.”

Portugal in paedophile ‘hell’ 1/7/04 Sinikka Tarvainen “Lisbon….Former Casa Pia employee Carlos Silvino is believed to have procured boys for wealthy and influential paedophiles for two decades. More than 100 children may have been raped or pressured into sexual activities with adults. Charges have been formally raised against 10 suspects including former labour minister Paulo Pedroso, a Socialist whizz kid and close friend of party leader Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues. Other suspects include two television personalities, one of the country’s most prominent ambassadors, a high-society doctor and a well-known lawyer….The paedophiles targeted the most defenceless children, such as orphans and deaf-and-dumb young boys. Many of the orgies apparently took place at ambassador Jorge Ritto’s villa near Lisbon. Reports of the abuse surfaced in the 1980s, but investigations were dropped and documents disappeared in what appears to have been an orchestrated cover-up. Former secretary of state for families, Teresa Costa Macedo, said she received death threats after telling police.”,,2-10-1462_1466601,00.html

Ten charged in Portuguese paedophile ring scandal By Peter Popham 12/31/03 “In November 2002, whistleblowers inside Casa Pia – a state-run institution that cares for 4,600 vulnerable children, many of them blind or deaf mute, in 10 homes – told Portuguese news media that children in the homes were being sexually abused by wealthy paedophiles…Mr Silvino went on trial in October on 35 charges of rape and abuse relating to four boys in the homes….Pedro Namora, a former Casa Pia child who is now a successful lawyer, said of Mr Silvino: “I know that he raped 11 children. He would come to their rooms, tie them to the beds, and assault them.”…Those arrested and detained for months include two television presenters, Carlo Cruz and Herman Jose, Portugal’s former ambassador to South Africa, Jorge Ritto, and a minister of employment in the last socialist government, Paulo Pedroso. Mr Pedroso, who claims that he is the victim of a smear campaign, insisted on having his parliamentary privilege lifted so that he could prove his innocence in court….The nine men are alleged to have abused as many as 100 children in a scandal that covered a number of decades.”

Child sexual abuse scandal enrages Portugal AFP , Lisbon 1/1/04

from LMS Strict discipline: Ex-member testifies cult beat children By Dave Wedge 1/23/04 “Attleboro cult leader Roland Robidoux taught his brainwashed minions to beat their children with paddles to “break their spirit” and encouraged spanking babies who were just a few months old as “training”….The allegations of systematic abuse of children in The Body religious sect were made by Mingo during the trial of Karen Robidoux, who is charged with second-degree murder for the 1999 starvation death of her 11-month-old son, Samuel. Prosecutors say Robidoux, 29, starved her son to death to fulfill a religious prophecy handed down by Michelle Mingo, who is Roland Robidoux’s daughter and Mingo’s ex-wife. She is awaiting trial on accessory charges. Karen Robidoux’s husband, Jacques, is serving a life sentence for their son’s killing….Children as young as 1 were made to stand at attention and remain quiet while adults held religious pow-wows in Mingo’s Seekonk home.”

also see 2 views of mother on trial in death – Cast as heartless and as helpless By John Ellement, Globe Staff, 1/23/04

Jury acquits sect mother of murdering infant son Karen E. Robidoux is convicted of assault and battery but is freed because of time already served. 2/4/04 by Michael P. McKinney “Taunton – A jury yesterday found Karen E. Robidoux not guilty of murdering her infant son, who starved to death as she followed a rigid Attleboro religious sect’s “vision” that it was God’s will that he be fed only breast milk. Superior Court jurors largely agreed with the defense that Robidoux was a frightened, mentally battered woman who was mind-controlled by the sect into denying the boy, 10-month-old Samuel, solid food….According to testimony, Robidoux was told God would kill a child she was pregnant with if she continued giving Samuel solid food.”

from LMS Bakker visited World Vision foster child – Agency will work to identify possible victims of sex abuse – Jeff Lee – Vancouver Sun 1/22/04 “Donald Bakker, 40, is accused of multiple sexual assaults against prostitutes and children. World Vision Canada and police are investigating whether a Vancouver man accused of sexually assaulting a large number of people had sexual relations with children he sponsored in a foreign country…the agency is cooperating with police in trying to identify nine children allegedly videotaped while being sexually assaulted by Bakker while he was abroad.”

This may be very heavy for survivors – Police uncover global cannibal network – Gruesome Diet: Investigators revealed two more people may have fallen prey to a worldwide network that has been linked to German maneater – Armin Meiwes, the Guardian, London 1/7/04 “Meiwes estimates that there are at least 800 active participants in cannibal forums, and says he was in contact with at least 400 of them. Experts say the real number is probably much higher.”

from LMS Polygamist heads to jail for incest By Stephen Hunt “With one of his three purported wives and four of his 17 children looking on, polygamist Jeremy Ortell Kingston was sentenced…to a year in jail for “marrying” and having sex with a 15-year-old cousin. …Kingston apologized profusely, said he accepted responsibility for committing incest.”

Cult leaders molestation trial could create circus AP – Eatonton, Ga. 1/3/04 “”…accused York of having sexual contact with as many as 13 girls and boys, including instances of sexual intercourse. York, 58, has maintained he’s being unfairly prosecuted because of a vendetta by small-town authorities who dislike the mostly black members of his cult for their unusual practices and a neo-Egyptian compound that includes pyramid-like structures complete with hieroglyphics. The Nuwaubians, who once claimed 5,000 members but now are down to a few hundred….At a Christmas parade in Brunswick, the Nuwaubians said they were a Masons group as they handed out literature and asked spectators about the guilt or innocence of York.”

Sect Leader Found Guilty of Child Molestation and Racketeering By Mark Niesse 1/23/04 “Brunswick, Ga. (AP) – The leader of a quasi-religious sect was convicted…of molesting boys and girls at the group’s ancient Egyptian-style compound. Malachi York, 58, could face up to 80 years in prison at sentencing…two dozen boys and girls at the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors said York molested them from 1998 through 2002, when federal agents raided the compound. The government charged that York recruited older girls to groom younger girls for sex with him, and that he used the cult for his own financial gain….He was found guilty on 10 counts of child molestation and racketeering. He was acquitted of transporting minors across state lines for unlawful sexual activity.”

this describes severe abuse – from lms Malvo’s Mother Defends Strict Parenting, Beatings By Serge F. Kovaleski 12/14/03 “Chesapeake, Va. “The defense claims that his mother’s beatings caused Malvo to emotionally disavow her, leaving him with no adult role model since he was already estranged from his father. Forlorn and longing for a parental figure, Malvo was ripe to be indoctrinated by Muhammad, a charismatic ex-soldier who eventually manipulated him into taking part in last fall’s sniper shootings, the defense contends….When Malvo was 12, James gave him a beating after finding out that he had prepared to commit suicide by hanging himself with a sheet tied to a tree limb, according to court testimony.”

from LMS Setting Precedent – Jeff Rud – Times Colonist 1/4/04 “During the next few months, 18 suspected members of the Serbian Mafia will go on trial in Sarajevo for allegedly trafficking in human sex slaves – forcing young girls from countries such as Moldavia, Ukraine and Hungary into service in the brothels and nightclubs of Bosnia.”

Dateline investigation Dateline’s Chris Hansen reports on the illegal sex industry that victimizes Cambodian children, and the efforts to stop it. [To purchase a VHS copy of this show, 1-866-NBC-TAPE.] Children for sale – Dateline goes undercover with a human rights group to expose sex trafficking in Cambodia – NBC News 1/30/04 “Inside the world of child sex trafficking, each year, by some estimates, hundreds of thousands of girls and boys are bought, sold or kidnapped and then forced to have sex with grown men. Dateline’s investigation leads to the troubled and distant land of Cambodia.”

The Girls Next Door By Peter Landesman 1/25/04 “U.S.-Mexico border…On both sides of the border, they are rented out for sex for as little as 15 minutes at a time, dozens of times a day. Sometimes they are sold outright to other traffickers and sex rings, victims and experts say. These sex slaves earn no money, there is nothing voluntary about what they do and if they try to escape they are often beaten and sometimes killed.”

Site has urls and information on Latina Sex Slavery

The modern slave trade: Forced prostitution…”Slavery is the best term to describe the situation of women, mainly from Eastern European countries, who are forced into prostitution the length and breadth of Greece. Young women are kidnapped, sold, imprisoned, raped and forced into prostitution after undergoing indescribable psychological and physical torments….The chronicle of shame.” By Fotini Kalliri Kathimerini….”Forced prostitution is the modern slave trade, a huge global industry with massive profits and countless women and children as victims. Over the past 30 years, according to UNICEF estimates, there have been 30 million victims of the modern slave trade in Asia and the countries of the Pacific Rim alone. Every year, over 1 million children are kidnapped, sold and forced into prostitution.” Http://

For Sale Age 3 1/25/04 By Graham Johnson “Incredibly, the head of a British-funded charity is at the centre of this despicable trade. The children, some as young as three, are snatched from their parents and sold for as little as £300. Some are feared to have been taken as child sex slaves. Others are put up for illegal adoptions by couples, including Britons, desperate to start a family. These three youngsters all live at a former UN refugee camp in Montenegro.” and

Couple guilty of sex abuse – Jury convicts Folsom pair of ritualistic crimes against their own children. By Mareva Brown 1/23/04 “…his children described him as a devil who raped and molested his girls for two decades…Allen Harrod’s children were freed from their powerless past by a jury that believed their stories and moved quickly to mete out justice. After just 10 hours of deliberation, jurors convicted Harrod of all 32 charges of child molestation against him, plus a special circumstance that makes him eligible to be sentenced to life in prison. His wife, Irene Hunt, was convicted of all 18 charges against her, which stemmed from the molestation of two of her sons and incidents in which she taught a daughter how to perform sex acts for Harrod.”

This has graphic descriptions of violence. Satanic Cult Probed in Monster of Florence Murders 1/23/04 Florence (Reuters) “Almost 20 years after the last murder blamed on the “Monster of Florence,” investigators have reopened the case because they suspect a Satanic cult ordered the killings and kept body parts as prizes. “The refrigerator of horror,” was Friday’s headline in Il Messaggero newspaper, referring to new witness reports of female genitalia and body parts in the fridge of a plush Tuscan villa. The villa was rented by a doctor, thought to have drowned in a Tuscan lake in 1985. But when authorities recently discovered he was a suspected Satanist and had actually been murdered, they reopened their files, a judicial source told Reuters. Investigators now suspect the doctor was part of a clan that ordered the “Monster” to kill eight couples. The victims were shot during romantic trysts in the picturesque Tuscan countryside between 1968 and 1985 and many suffered gruesome sexual mutilations.” …”The eight double homicides were carried out according to a criminal plan on two levels,” the source said, citing the search warrant issued by prosecutors. “The execution was entrusted to (Pacciani and his friends) but a group of people who celebrated rituals and black magic put the arms in their hands,” the warrant said.”

also see 35 years on, murders still bedevil Chianti’s rolling hills – Respectable professionals accused of belonging to satanist coven that masterminded 16 killings by illiterate farmer John Hooper in Rome 1/23/04 The Guardian,12576,1129565,00.html

BBC NEWS Europe Cult theory in Italy murder probe – Italian police are looking at the theory that Satanists may have been behind a series of gruesome murders….Farm worker Pietro Pacciani, dubbed the Monster of Florence, was convicted of the crimes in 1994 but later released on the basis of flaws in the evidence. Following new evidence, a pharmacist and three other Florentine professionals are being questioned.”

Note : the following articles may have graphic descriptions of abuse. The following articles on ritual abuse are linked to from :

Why Cults Terrorize and Kill Children – Lloyd Demause – The Journal of Psychohistory 21 (4) 1994

Denying Ritual Abuse of Children – Catherine Gould – The Journal of Psychohistory 22 (3) 1995 “The evidence is rapidly accumulating that the problem of ritual abuse is considerable in scope and extremely grave in its consequences Among 2,709 members of the American Psychological Association who responded to a poll, 2,292 cases of ritual abuse were reported (Bottoms, Shaver, & Goodman, 1993). In 1992 alone, Childhelp USA logged 1,741 calls pertaining to ritual abuse, Monarch Resources of Los Angeles logged approximately 5,000, Real Active Survivors tallied near-ly 3,600, Justus Unlimited of Colorado received almost 7,000, and Looking Up of Maine handled around 6,000.”

Believing Rachel – Jeanne Hill – The Journal of Psychohistory 24 (2) Fall 1996

Common Programs Observed in Survivors of Satanic Ritualistic Abuse – David W. Neswald, M.A. M.F.C.C. in collaboration with Catherine Gould, Ph.D. and Vicki Graham-Costain, Ph.D. The California Therapist, Sept./Oct. 1991, 47-50 “Increasingly, cases of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) and Satanic Ritualistic Abuse (SRA) are being reported in the psychotherapeutic community.”

The Dark Tunnels of McMartin – Dr. Roland C. Summit – Journal of Psychohistory 21 (4) Spring 1994 “The McMartin Tunnels are just one more example of the continuing uncovering of evidence of a bizarre and industrious dedication to deception. The tunnels should raise serious questions against the reassuring premise that no one would go to such elaborate lengths to entrap children into illicit control.”

Report of the Ritual Abuse Task Force – Los Angeles County Commission for Women

Witkin, G. “Through a glass very darkly.” U.S.News & World Report. Jan. 3, 1994 on the Finders and the CIA

Annotated Bibliography on “Capturing the Friedmans” “A careful review of the original evidence, however, shows that the case against the Friedmans was much stronger than the film suggests. The following annotated bibliography provides important background about the Friedman case along with educational information about sex abuse.” “In a 1989 interview with Geraldo Rivera, Jesse by phone from prison sobbed as he described how he was sexually abused by his father, and confessed to sexually abusing three children.  The interview is not mentioned in the film. For a transcript ($6.00) contact Burrelle’s Transcripts at 1-800-777-8398, or Burrelle’s Transcripts, Department I, P.O. Box 7, Livingston, NJ07039-0007.” “State of New York v. Arnold Friedman. – Motion for order requiring return of property seized from 17 Picadilly Road, Great Neck, Nassau County, New York, seized pursuant to search warrant of November 25, 1987. Motion #C-427, Indictment #67104 & 67430. September 14, 1990.

Judge Abbey L. Boklan approved Arnold Friedmans’ request for the return of all property seized at the Friedman home with the exception of pornographic materials listed in this document. Materials include such items as: 5 pornographic movies, assorted order forms for pornography, assorted pornographic magazine cutouts, 2 partially nude photos of children, 3 sheets advertising homosexuality with boys, 6 photos of naked people, 3 battery operated sex aids, 1 hypodermic needle, 9 pornographic computer games (with descriptions), list of names and phone numbers of 9 victims, 2 registration sheets with names of victims.” “”Capturing the Friedmans” provides a case study in the techniques and tactics used to minimize and deny sexual abuse. Societal acceptance of these myths and misconceptions may facilitate the further victimization of children.”

Detective Stands by Friedman Probe By Robin Topping, Denise M. Bonilla “Responding to charges of police coercion in the 1980s sex abuse case against Arnold and Jesse Friedman, the lead detective said children were never pressured into making accusations.” “Frances Galasso…Some of the boys talked very readily, and some did not, and that’s the way it goes in almost every sex abuse case,” she said…. “Galasso denied hypnosis was used and said detectives did not coerce statements from the victims. Some of the victims also were reluctant to talk because Friedman and his father — who killed himself in prison in the mid-to-late 1990s — had threatened them if they disclosed the abuse, she said. Galasso said it was sometimes necessary to conduct multiple interviews to get the child’s whole story, which was often given in pieces. Many children also were questioned by parents, therapists and prosecutors, she said, who were told the same versions of events….Galasso said Friedman gave police a detailed confession and also failed two polygraph tests, which are not admissible in court.”

‘Friedmans’ Captures Academy’s Attention By Víctor Manuel Ramos 1/28/04 “A controversial film about a Great Neck family in which a pedophile and his son pleaded guilty to the sexual abuse of at least a dozen children in the late 1980s has been nominated for an Oscar.” “”Law enforcement sources close to the case characterize the film as an inaccurate and incomplete version of events that takes the Friedmans’ side. For the most part, the victims have remained silent, with some families rejecting interview requests to protect their privacy….Abbey Boklan, the retired Nassau County Court judge who heard the Friedmans’ pleas, said the nomination doesn’t validate Jarecki’s views. “I have never questioned it is a very interesting movie. It’s just not accurate or fair.”

Convicted Molester Wants To Clear Name Cites evidence seen in film By Chau Lam 1/9/04 “Seeking to clear his name, a former Great Neck man filed court papers yesterday to vacate his 1988 sex abuse convictions…” “However, the judge who heard the Friedman case, the detectives who worked on it and Jesse Friedman’s attorney at the time said filmmaker Andrew Jarecki’s examination was incomplete and biased. Critics pointed out that Jarecki downplayed the fact that Jesse Friedman and his father pleaded guilty.” “”In one instance, Det. Wallene Jones, who was talking to a member of the team making the documentary in 2001, recalled that she and her partner, William Hatch, visited one student on 15 separate occasions before the child finally said he was sexually abused, according to the motion papers. However, Jones said the abuse caused the boy tremendous trauma and it took that many interviews for her and Hatch to get him to open up.”

State Supreme Court strikes down child sex law 1/1/04 (Honolulu-AP) “The high court voted three-to-two against the law aimed at those accused of repeated sexual crimes against children. The Supreme Court says it denies the accused the constitutional right to due process. The 1997 law made it a single criminal offense to repeatedly attack a child under the age of 14 if the offender lives with the victim or has recurring access to them.”

Closing the loopholes for incestuous offenders 5/18/03 “By Elizabeth Donald “If a person molests a child in Illinois, he faces up to 30 years in prison. If he molests his own child, he can get probation.” “National Association to Protect Children is going from state to state trying to eradicate these laws, and is pushing for a national law requiring that sentencing be no less severe for incest than any other form of sexual assault. Protect director Grier Weeks estimates that 40 out of the 50 states have some kind of incest exception in their criminal codes and sentencing guidelines.”

Mind Control and Experimentation

This has descriptions of abuse. Plea bargain reached in Falls ritual abuse AP Great Falls “a plea agreement with a man accused of sexually assaulting a 3-year-old boy and killing a cat in front of the boy as part of a Halloween ritual in 2001. Mark Sprague, 26, initially was charged with felony sexual assault and ritual abuse of a minor, but entered an Alford plea to misdemeanor negligent endangerment. In an Alford plea, a defendant admits only that the state has enough evidence against him to convict him at trial.”

All accusations are alleged. This has descriptions of violence. Unshackled : A Survivor’s Story of Mind Control by Kathleen Sullivan (Dandelion Publications, Tempe, AZ – 2003, ISBN 1-893302-35-0), – 1-800-861-7899. Kathleen Sullivan was once an assassin and human guinea pig for satanic rituals and “experiments.” A victim of mind control from childhood, until recently, when vivid flashbacks and nightmares started to leak the horrible truth, Sullivan had no recollection of any of these activities. Sullivan delivers a first-hand account of her experiences as part of an underground criminal network that includes Intelligence personnel, military personnel, doctors and mental health professionals contracted by the military and the CIA, criminal cult leaders and members, pedophiles, pornographers, drug dealers and Nazis. This network included her own father, who brutalized his daughter for years and even forced her to kill her own infant child.

Tuesday – January 20: MKultra Victim, Kathleen Sullivan details her personal experience in the government sponsored criminal world of mind control and sheds light on the making of a ‘Manchurian Candidate’. ( Book: “Unshackled: A Survivor’s Story of Mind Control”)

Mind Control Experiments on Children By Jon Rappoport “The CIA mind-control apparatus has been well known since 1975, when 10 large boxes of documents were released pursuant to Freedom of Information Act requests.” “made on March 15, 1995, in Washington, D.C., before the President’s Committee on Radiation, however. In unpublicized sessions, New Orleans therapist Valerie Wolf introduced two of her patients who had uncovered memories of being part of extensive CIA brainwashing programs as young children (in one case, starting at age seven). Their brainwashing included torture, rape, electroshock, powerful drugs, hypnosis and death threats. According to their testimony, the CIA then induced amnesia to prevent their recalling these terrifying sessions. Both Wolf and her patients stated that they recovered the memories of this CIA program without regression or hypnosis techniques…these patients spontaneously discovered this information about themselves and their pasts.”

This describes torture – The Face of Torture (The Ottawa Citizen) by Dan Gardner 2/3/04 “Two CIA interrogation manuals uncovered during the 1980s and 1990s emphasize psychological tactics ranging from simple trickery and manipulation to sensory deprivation and threats of physical torture. In 1988, a Honduran army officer who had tortured many prisoners told a New York Times reporter that he and other Latin American officers had received CIA and U.S. army training in Texas. “The Americans didn’t accept physical torture,” Florencio Cabellero said. Instead, the students were told to “make (the prisoner) stand up, don’t let him sleep, keep him naked and isolated, put rats and cockroaches in his cell, give him bad food, serve him dead animals, throw cold water on him, change the temperature.”

Department of medical history- History of medical involvement in torture–then and now Giovanni Maio, Lancet 2001; 357: 1609-11 Institute for the History of Medicine and Science, University of Luebeck, D-23552 Luebeck, Germany (G Maio PD)( “”Methods of torture have also changed; traditional methods mainly used physical pain, whereas modern torture also involves psychiatric-pharmacological and psychological techniques…Brain washing is the oldest form of psychological torture; other methods include further deprivation (eg, sleep deprivation), apparent execution, isolation, dark cells, personal threats, and forced observation of others being tortured. These techniques are used often because they leave no visible evidence of torture; torture today must be impossible to prove, which would not be possible without medical skills.”

has graphic details of torture – Torture Tales May Alter Holocaust History 1/26/04 by Larry Neumeister, AP NY “Their stories, told to Jewish groups dispersing money from Holocaust court settlements, prove that thousands more were tortured under the guise of scientific research than previously thought, according to an expert….So far, 1,778 Jewish victims of Nazi medical experiments from 33 countries have responded.”

also see Survivors of Nazi medical experiments identified, tell of suffering 1/26/04

Mind Control and the Secret State By Daniel Brandt (New Dawn No. 35, March-April 1996) “Last September [1995] the CIA confirmed the existence of a 20-year, $20 million research program in “remote viewing,” a subvariety of extrasensory perception. On October 29, a Jack Anderson column added more details, and Ted Koppel of ABC’s Nightline weighed in with a program on November 28, by which time many newspapers and wire services had picked up the story…”remote viewing” was an old story, first reported by Anderson himself on 23 April 1984. Other Anderson columns of U.S. and Soviet interest in psychic research date back to 1981. Anderson’s October 29 update reported that this project, which for a time was contracted out to the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), had been scaled back and put under Pentagon sponsorship, but nevertheless continued. Although the results of these experiments were reportedly mixed, the project retains its defenders in Congress: Sen. Claiborne Pell (D-RI) and Rep. Charlie Rose (D-NC)….On Nightline, former CIA director Robert Gates implied that pressure from members of Congress drove the CIA’s original involvement.” “”In 1973, former MKULTRA researcher Louis Jolyon “Jolly” West, from the Department of Psychiatry at UCLA, convinced California and federal officials to sponsor a Violence Center. Governor Ronald Reagan mentioned the proposed Center in glowing terms in a speech on January 11, and the federal Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA) approved a $750,000 grant. By this time the federal government, through LEAA, the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), the Bureau of Prisons, and the CIA, was operating or funding numerous behavior modification programs in prisons, schools, and hospitals. In response to protests from UCLA students and faculty, the LEAA announced that it would ban the use of its funds for “psychosurgery, medical research, behavior modification – including aversion therapy – and chemotherapy.”


Psychic spies knew of raid By Henry Cuningham ( “As Delta Force was trying to rescue U.S. hostages in Iran in 1980, a psychic spy monitoring the operation from the US reported an explosion….The National Security Council received the report 48 seconds before getting an electronic call about the fatal explosion at the site known as Desert One, said Joseph W. McMoneagle. He started working as a psychic spy in the 1970s. McMoneagle and Lyn Buchanan, who also worked on the once-secret project, describe the incident in books as “remote viewers.” The controversial $20 million CIA-military program was known as the Stargate Project. It ended in 1995. In a study of the project, Ray Hyman, a professor emeritus of psychology at the University of Oregon, questioned the reliability of the program’s results….McMoneagle, who retired from the Army as a chief warrant officer, wrote about his role in his 2002 book “The Stargate Chronicles.” He discussed his experiences during a lecture earlier this month at the Rhine Research Center in Durham.”

Satanic Rituals Reported Within Mormonism by Church Leader “on October 25, 1991, just in time to spoil Halloween, a secret, internal report from the Presiding Bishopric of the LDS Church surfaced. It alleged that satanic ritual child abuse (known as SRA) was being perpetrated by both members and leaders of the Mormon Church in Utah, Idaho, California, Mexico and elsewhere….According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the report, by Bishop Glenn L. Pace, states that such abuse was being done by officers of the church. Even temple workers and Tabernacle choir members stand implicated of SRA in church meetinghouses and perhaps even in the temples. At least 45 of the victims claim they were forced to observe or participate in human sacrifice. In the report, Pace testifies that “I have met with sixty victims. That number could be twice or three times as many if I did not discipline myself to only one meeting per week … I don’t pretend to know how prevalent the problem is…Assuming each [victim] comes from a coven of 13, we are talking about the involvement of 800 or so right here in the Wasatch Front. Obviously, I have seen only those coming forth to get help.” This page is religious in nature and we are forwarding this release for the info. above.

This may be heavy for survivors. Peruvian police investigate possible infant sacrifice to earth god 2/5/04 Lima, Peru (AP) “A decapitated baby boy found on a hilltop near Lake Titicaca may have been the victim of a centuries-old human sacrifice ritual meant to appease a pre-Columbian earth god, police said Wednesday. The remains of the infant, believed to have been seven months old, were discovered Tuesday on a peninsula in the Yunguyo region near the Bolivian border.”

Where Angels Fear and Who Dares Wins by Laurie Matthew are two good resource books on ritual abuse available from Eighteen and Under, 1 Victoria Rd. Dundee, Scotland DD1 1EL

The Risk of Being an Effective Anti-Violence Carer by Jeanne Sarson and Linda MacDonald

Speaking out against abuse, torture Truro educators will address UN to help raise awareness of problem By Mary Ellen MacIntyre/Truro Bureau “The women will be travelling to New York in March to help raise awareness. They will speak before the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations….Their collection of anecdotal evidence is beginning to grow, especially since last year, when they launched their website (

Ritual Abuse-Torture (RAT) Presentation at the United Nations (UN) March 1-12, 2004 The 48th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women – New York Headquarters, United Nations – On June 26, 1987, the United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment became international law. Our dream is to have acts of non-political torture-ritual abuse-torture-recognized by the UN as torture. 361 Prince Street, Truro, NS. B2N 1E4 Phone/Fax: 902-895-2255 E-mail: Web site:

The latest issue of MKzine is now out with articles on mind control and related issues. For more info, write : or MKzine, PMB 175, 1910 East 4th Ave, Olympia, WA 98506

from LMS Abused Boy Spurs Advocate to Sue State By Stacey Stowe 12/19/03 Hartford “The boy, now 17, known in court records as Boy Doe, became a ward of the state in 1996. His history included ritualized sexual and physical abuse by his mother’s boyfriends, including being shackled and locked in a basement, his head covered by a sheet, before he was 8 years old….He did not receive treatment for psychological disorders, including post-traumatic stress and traits of antisocial and borderline personality disorder.”

Finding Courage to Speak: Women’s Survival of Child Abuse by Paige Alisen (Northeastern University Press – – 617-373-5480) – “Haunted by their horrific pasts and suffering in silence, girls traumatized by severe child abuse often endure debilitating medical ailments and serious psychiatric problems well into adulthood. They withstand clinical depression, anorexia, post-traumatic stress disorder, alcoholism, and one of the most extreme conditions, dissociative identity disorder (DID), the development of multiple personalities. Paige Alisen, herself diagnosed with DID as a result of repeated sexual, ritual, and psychological abuse, skillfully blends her own painful experiences with the powerful testimonies of other survivors, to present a disturbing yet inspiring account of childhood trauma and its long-term consequences for women’s mental and physical well-being.”

From the book “People who develop alter personalities have had extreme, tortuous childhoods. Ninety-eight percent of the individuals diagnosed with DID have documented histories of “repetitive, overwhelming, and often life-threatening trauma at a sensitive developmental stage of childhood (usually before the age of 9).” “Sixty-eight percent of those diagnosed with DID have histories of severe childhood incest.” p. 9

Shine the Light – Sexual Abuse and Healing in the Jewish Community by Rachel Lev has a variety of contributing authors, exploring different contexts of abuse. This book also has information on memory “Important parts of the story may be missing, and survivors may have difficulty putting the pieces together to form a complete narrative with an accurate time sequence…although traumatic childhood memories are deeply engraved, they are not stored or retrieved in the same way as ordinary memories. Many survivors have a period of amnesia during which they have no recollection of having been abused. In a careful follow-up study of two hundred women with documented childhood histories of sexual abuse, one in three did not remember the abuse twenty years later.” p. 84 (Hermann, originally from “Backtalk” Mother Jones – March/April 1993 p.3-4) Northeastern University Press, Boston, Mass.

A New Day for Litigation in Mind Control/Ritual Abuse Child Abuse Cases: How to build a case for civil/criminal prosecution – Jeanette Westbrook’s ’03 Conference Presentation at The Sixth Annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference, August, 2003 in Connecticut

Survivorship’s Frequently Asked Questions about ritual abuse, multiplicity and mind control

Graphics at this site may heavy for child abuse survivors – Ritual Abuse and Mind Control “Cult activity has existed throughout human history. Most cults or cult leaders use forms of mind manipulation to control their members. Some intergenerational pedophilia-based cults perfected the art of manipulating dissociative reactions among their members, especially children. They learned how to create specific alters to perform specific tasks within the cult. They also learned how to impede or squelch other alters that might resist control on behalf of the host personality. Once trained, cult aligned alters may perform duties and remain loyal to the cult for years, all without the general knowledge of the host personality. In part, this explains how many of these cults continue to exist undetected within larger society. Although there are convictions for ritualistic murders and abuse every year, cults remain an unseen and terribly corrupting influence on society in general. Without the bright light of public awareness, they will continue to inflict harm on new generations of children.”

Behind the Playground Walls – sexual abuse in preschools – Jill Waterman, Robert J. Kelly, Mary Kay Oliveri, Jane McCord – The Guilford Press, 1993. NY, London – A 6 year study on sexual and ritualistic abuse and funded from a grant through the National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect (NCCAN) ISBN 0-89862-523-8 “Kelly, 1989….defined ritualistic abuse as “repetitive and systematic sexual abuse, physical and psychological abuse of children by adults as part of cult or satanic worship” (p. 503)….Kelley obtained data on 32 children involved in day care sexual abuse without ritualistic elements and 35 children involved in day care ritualistic sexual abuse. These were compared with 67 nonabused controls….The results of this study indicated that ritualistic abuse was associated with significantly more victims, abused by a significantly greater number of offenders per child….ritualistically abused children experienced more incidents of abuse, more types of abuse, more severe and intrusive sexual acts…more involvement in sexual activity with other children and pornography, more co-occurring physical abuse, and more terrorizing verbal abuse than did the children that were sexually abused without ritualistic elements. Verbal abuse was…violent death threats against the victims (86%) and/or their parents (94%) linked to disclosure of abuse…this study is in agreement with clinical presentations (Crewdson, 1988; Gould, 1987; Kagy, 1986; Strieff, 1988) and previously discussed studies (Faller, 1987; Finkelhor et al., 1988) in documenting ritualistic and Satanic abuse as being marked by a disturbing high level of the most traumatic forms of child maltreatment.” (P. 26 – 27)

“The Human Radiation Experiments Information Management System was originally commissioned by the Department of Energy….historical records on radiation experiment research. HREX currently contains over 250,000 pages of historical documents…”

Protections for human subjects of classified experiments still lacking By Cheryl Welsh “(11-10-03) Ten years have passed since unethical radiation experiments were publicly revealed in 1990s front page news and the Office for Human Subject Research, OHRP, recently confirmed that there have been no changes in federal regulations on human subjects of classified research since then….A 1998 Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) proposed rule on the Clinton memorandum has stalled and secret unethical experimentation could happen again.”

from LMS Data kept from victims of Cold War weapons tests By Robert Gehrke AP Washington “The Pentagon is continuing to withhold documents on Cold War chemical and biological weapons tests that used unsuspecting sailors as “human samplers” after telling Congress it had released all medically relevant information.” “”Project 112 and the Shipboard Hazard and Defense Project consisted of 50 tests conducted between 1962 and 1973….The secretive tests involved 5,842 soldiers and sailors – many of whom were unwitting guinea pigs. The experiments were designed to determine the effectiveness of biological and chemical agents in combat and methods to protect troops from attacks. In most cases, supposedly harmless simulants were used to mimic anthrax, E. coli or other agents, although in a number of cases potentially deadly nerve agents were used, including sarin and VX. Numerous veterans say they are now suffering from illnesses because of exposure, but the Veterans Affairs Administration has denied requests for health care coverage.”

Michigan Senate Democratic Caucus “House Bill 4513 would define a “harmful electronic or electromagnetic device” as a device that does, or that was designed to, emit or radiate an electronic or electromagnetic pulse, current, beam, signal, or microwave intended to cause harm to others or cause damage to, destroy, or disrupt any electronic or telecommunications system or device including, but not limited to, a computer, computer network, or computer system.”

Transforming Thoughts Into Deeds By Kristen Philipkoski 1/14/04 “Five quadriplegic patients might be months away from testing a brain-computer interface created by Cyberkinetics…The company’s system, called BrainGate.” “Anderson is using an electroencephalogram, or EEG, to study various mental tasks, including writing a letter, performing multiplication and visualizing writing numbers. He can determine which of these tasks a person is thinking about 70 percent of the time.”,1286,61889,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_2
Popular Science – Mind Over Machine “Some monkey business in a Duke University lab suggests we’ll soon be able to move artificial limbs, control robotic soldiers, and communicate across thousands of miles – using nothing but our thoughts. by Carl Zimmer February 2004”,12543,576464,00.html

Journal Articles Many of the journal abstract excerpts and quotes in this section of the newsletter came from the listed as BO For info. write

“Elizabeth Loftus, Sara Polonsky, and Mindy Fullilove (1994) reported that 54% of women in an outpatient substance abuse treatment group reported a history of childhood sexual abuse; of these, 19% reported that they had forgotten the abuse for a period of time and that later the memory returned. An additional 12% reported a period of partial forgetting. Thus 31% of the participants in this study reported some disruption in their memories for the sexual abuse.” p. 40, “Betrayal Trauma, The Logic of Forgetting Childhood Abuse” – Jennifer J. Freyd, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA , 1996

U.S. Tries to Combat Sexual Abuse of Kids By George Gedda – Washington (AP)….A State Department report in June estimated that 800,000 to 900,000 people worldwide every year are trafficked across borders into the sex trade or into forced labor situations. Up to 20,000 are trafficked into the US.”

Sex trafficking ruthless, lucrative – Brothels proliferate despite crackdowns Bill Wallace, Jim Herron Zamora, 1/24/04 “Recent federal raids on four alleged San Francisco brothels with ties to smugglers of undocumented Asian sex workers highlight the festering and vexing problems facing those trying to curtail the nation’s $9 billion-a-year trade in human flesh.”

Putting the Sex Trade on Notice 1/9/04 “Around the world, about one million women and children are seduced into leaving their homelands every year and forced into prostitution or menial work in other countries.”

Listings and links to pages with sex crimes are at

This has graphic descriptions of crimes. Nuns blow whistle on organ traffickers… Missionaries in Africa threatened with death after turning in child-killing ring 2/3/04 “Five missionary nuns in Mozambique say they’ve been threatened with death since telling authorities about an organ-trafficking scheme that allegedly kidnaps and kills children and youths, reports Catholic news service Zenit.”

This has graphic descriptions of abuse. Mystery of ritual killings and missing body parts 1/10/04 East African Standard “Children have disappeared only for them to be found dead and parts of their bodies missing. And this has given rise to a growing fear that these children are abducted and killed in ritual murders. Last July, three children had mysteriously gone missing in Nyeri District. Later, it emerged that they had been killed in what was suspected to be a ritual killing.”

from LMS Nigerian refugee claimant may have frozen to death 1/21/04 “A man found dead …was a Nigerian refugee claimant who came to Canada in 1999, allegedly to escape a cannibalistic death cult that terrorized his family. The body of Brown Nosakhare, 28…”

from BO Do childhood adversity and recent social stress predict health care use in patients presenting with upper abdominal or chest pain? Biggs AM, Aziz Q, Tomenson B, Creed F. Psychosom Med 2003 Nov-Dec; 65(6):1020-8. “Childhood adversity predicted health care use in patients with functional gastrointestinal disorders and recent social stress did so in patients with demonstrated pathological findings…After adjustment for demographic, physical, and psychological factors, childhood adversity, especially in severe form, is an independent predictor of health care use in patients with upper functional gastrointestinal disorders.” School of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences, Rawnsley Building, Manchester Royal Infirmary, Manchester, UK.

from BO Revictimization and self-harm in females who experienced childhood sexual abuse: Results from a prospective study. Noll JG, Horowitz LA, Bonanno GA, Trickett PK, Putnam FW. J Interpers Violence 2003 Dec; 18(12):1452-71. “Lifetime trauma histories were ascertained for females with confirmed histories of childhood sexual abuse and comparison females participating in a longitudinal, prospective study. Abused participants reported twice as many subsequent rapes or sexual assaults (p =.07), 1.6 times as many physical affronts including domestic violence (p =.01), almost four times as many incidences of self-inflicted harm (p =.002), and more than 20% more subsequent, significant lifetime traumas (p =.04) than did comparison participants. Sexual revictimization was positively correlated with posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms (PTSD), peritraumatic dissociation, and sexual preoccupation. Physical revictimization was positively correlated with PTSD symptoms, pathological dissociation, and sexually permissive attitudes. Self-harm was positively correlated with both peritraumatic and pathological dissociation.” University of Southern California

Cortisol has different effects on human memory for emotional and neutral stimuli. Rimmele U, Domes G, Mathiak K, Hautzinger M. Neuroreport 2003 Dec 19; 14(18):2485-8. “Adrenal stress hormones are considered to play a role in memory enhancement of emotionally arousing events. To investigate the effects of cortisol on human emotional memory, subjects were administered hydrocortisone (25 mg) or placebo and presented with either an emotionally arousing or a neutral story. Memory for the story was tested 1 week later. In all memory tests, subjects who viewed the emotional story scored better for the emotionally arousing story parts, indicating that arousal enhances memory. In memory of details, cortisol showed an interaction with story valence but no main effect: cortisol enhanced memory for details of the neutral story version, but impaired memory for details of the emotionally arousing version. We thus confirm a non-linear interaction between cortisol and arousal on memory formation.” Graduate School of Neural and Behavioural Sciences, International Max Planck Research School, University of Tubingen, Osterbergstrasse 3, 72074 Tubingen.

The Etymological Antecedents of and Scientific Evidence for the Existence of Dissociative Identity Disorder (This paper may be heavy for survivors.) This paper will delineate the etiological antecedents of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and enumerate upon the scientific evidence proving the existence of DID. It will explain the diagnostic criteria of DID, its incidence rates and cross-cultural characteristics, present arguments to counter the idea that suggestibility may be a factor in its misdiagnosis and delineate the data that shows a clear connection between traumatic wartime experiences and dissociation and trauma and DID….I will present the argument that the research on DID showing it to be a valid psychiatric diagnosis which robustly meets all the necessary validity requirements.

The Diagnosis and Assessment of Dissociative Identity Disorder (Note: This paper is not meant in any way to be therapy or advice.) This paper will describe the methods and criteria used for diagnosing and assessing Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). The symptoms and etiology of DID will be discussed.

This may be heavy for survivors. Unmaking Memories: Interview with James McGaugh – JR Minkel 12/22/03 “That kind of learning requires the hippocampus. If the hippocampus is blocked electrically or chemically within a few hours after animals have been trained to go that spot, they will not remember it the next day. So that would be an example of a place memory that could be influenced by discrete stimulation of a specific region of the brain.”

“A study has revealed characteristic activity in the brain that predicts whether a memory is accurate or false. The difference occurs at the time of recall, suggesting that a test for false memory might one day be possible… False Memories have Characteristic Brain Activity (November 2003) Daniel Schacter and Scott Slotnick, at Harvard University, Massachusetts, found that sensory areas of the brain, rather than the regions thought to deal specifically with memory, are more active when people recall information correctly.”

Genital Anatomy in Pregnant Adolescents: “Normal” Does Not Mean “Nothing Happened” Kellogg ND, Menard SW, Santos A. Pediatrics 2004 Jan; 113(1):E67-E69. “…A retrospective case review of 36 pregnant adolescent girls who presented for sexual abuse evaluations was performed to determine the presence or absence of genital findings that indicate penetrating trauma….Only 2 of the 36 subjects had definitive findings of penetration.” Departments of Pediatrics. Family Nursing Care, University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, Texas. Alamo Children’s Advocacy Center, San Antonio, Texas.

from BO One brain, two selves. Reinders AA, Nijenhuis ER, Paans AM, Korf J, Willemsen AT, den Boer JA. Neuroimage 2003 Dec; 20(4):2119-25. “The anatomical localization of self-awareness and the brain mechanisms involved in consciousness were investigated by functional neuroimaging different emotional mental states of core consciousness in patients with Multiple Personality Disorder (i.e., Dissociative Identity Disorder [DID]). We demonstrate specific changes in localized brain activity consistent with their ability to generate at least two distinct mental states of self-awareness, each with its own access to autobiographical trauma-related memory. Our findings reveal the existence of different regional cerebral blood flow patterns for different senses of self.” Department of Biological Psychiatry, Groningen University Hospital, The Netherlands

from BO A comparison of flashbacks and ordinary autobiographical memories of trauma: Content and language. Hellawell SJ, Brewin CR. Behav Res Ther 2004 Jan; 42(1):1-12. “We investigated hypotheses derived from the dual representation theory of posttraumatic stress disorder, which proposes that flashbacks and ordinary memories of trauma are supported by different types of representation. Sixty-two participants meeting diagnostic criteria for posttraumatic stress disorder completed a detailed written trauma narrative, and afterwards identified those sections in the narrative that had been written in flashback and ordinary memory periods. As predicted, flashback periods were characterised by greater use of detail, particularly perceptual detail, by more mentions of death, more use of the present tense, and more mention of fear, helplessness, and horror. In contrast, ordinary memory sections were characterised by more mention of secondary emotions such as guilt and anger.” Royal Holloway, University of London, UK

Developmental neurobiology of childhood stress and trauma. Teicher MH, Andersen SL, Polcari A, Anderson CM, Navalta CP. Psychiatr Clin North Am 2002 Jun; 25(2):397-426, vii-viii. “Severe early stress and maltreatment produces a cascade of events that have the potential to alter brain development….Major consequences include reduced size of the mid-portions of the corpus callosum; attenuated development of the left neocortex, hippocampus, and amygdala along with abnormal frontotemporal electrical activity; and reduced functional activity of the cerebellar vermis. These alterations, in turn, provide the neurobiological framework through which early abuse increases the risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity, borderline personality disorder, dissociative identity disorder, and substance abuse.” Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, 25 Shattuck Street, Boston, MA 02115, USA.

Would You Know if Your Child Was Being Sexually Abused? 3/35/99 “in many cases nothing changes and the abuse continues, sometimes for years. On Thursday Oprah met several survivors of sexual abuse to discover the clues a parent can look for to end their child’s nightmare.” “Kathy married a wonderful man with a beautiful step-daughter named Amber. For years, Kathy believed that hers was a perfect family, until the day she discovered a videotape of her husband having sex with Amber. The abuse had been happening since Amber was six years old, but without the video Kathy says she never would have suspected it.”

from BO Neural systems underlying the suppression of unwanted memories. Anderson MC, Ochsner KN, Kuhl B, Cooper J, Robertson E, Gabrieli SW, Glover GH, Gabrieli JD. Science 2004 Jan 9; 303(5655): 232-5. “We used functional magnetic resonance imaging to identify the neural systems involved in keeping unwanted memories out of awareness. Controlling unwanted memories was associated with increased dorsolateral prefrontal activation, reduced hippocampal activation, and impaired retention of those memories. Both prefrontal cortical and right hippocampal activations predicted the magnitude of forgetting. These results confirm the existence of an active forgetting process and establish a neurobiological model for guiding inquiry into motivated forgetting.” Department of Psychology, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403, USA.

Research Reveals Brain Has Biological Mechanism To Block Unwanted Memories 1/9/04 “For the first time, researchers at Stanford University and the University of Oregon have shown that a biological mechanism exists in the human brain to block unwanted memories. The findings, to be published Jan. 9 in the journal Science, reinforce Sigmund Freud’s controversial century-old thesis about the existence of voluntary memory suppression. “The big news is that we’ve shown how the human brain blocks an unwanted memory, that there is such a mechanism and it has a biological basis,” said Stanford psychology Professor John Gabrieli, a co-author of the paper titled “Neural Systems Underlying the Suppression of Unwanted Memories.” “It gets you past the possibility that there’s nothing in the brain that would suppress a memory – that it was all a misunderstood fiction.” The experiment showed that people are capable of repeatedly blocking thoughts of experiences they don’t want to remember until they can no longer retrieve the memory, even if they want to, Gabrieli explained.”

Professor uncovers the nature of memories – Associate Professor Michael Anderson recently published a new study of what the brain does when a person forgets By Caron Alarab 1/14/03 “With a team of Stanford researchers, Associate Professor of psychology Michael Anderson found people can use certain brain regions to block memories just as they do to control physical actions….For the experiment, Anderson recruited Stanford researcher John Gabrieli and the two co-wrote the Science article “Neural Systems Underlying the Suppression of Unwanted Memories.”

from LMS Brain May Be Able to Bury Unwanted Memories, Study Shows By Anahad O’Connor 1/9/04 “In the study, people who had memorized a pair of words were later shown one of them and asked to either recall the second word or to consciously avoid thinking about it. Brain images showed that the hippocampus, an area of the brain that usually lights up when people retrieve memories, was relatively quiet when subjects tried to suppress the words they had learned. But at the same time, another region associated with motor inhibition, called the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, showed increased activity. The scientists also found that the more the subjects were told to resist thinking about a word, the more likely they were to have trouble recalling it later. “This suggests a neurological basis for how people can actually shove something out of mind,” said Dr. Michael C. Anderson…”There’s no question that we’re tapping into something that’s relevant to the experiences of people who survive trauma and find the memories become less and less intrusive over time.”

Studies show how we remember and forget Jay Ingram 1/25/04 “One study was conducted at the University of Western Ontario, where scientists used magnetic resonance imaging to see what goes on in the brains of people with post-traumatic stress disorder. They compared the brains of people with PTSD to those who had suffered similar traumas but had not gone on to develop post-traumatic stress….Those with PTSD experienced those memories as flashbacks: vivid, uncontrollable replays of the incident that, within seconds of hearing the script, made them feel as if they were experiencing the trauma.” “Those who didn’t have stress disorder experienced their memories as the normal sort of autobiographical ones we all have of events in our past.” “In this study (University of Oregon), these frontal regions were apparently shutting down the hippocampus, preventing it from playing its usual role in the retrieval of memories. The effect was so robust that the experimenters could predict an individual’s degree of forgetting from his brain scan. It is possible that this sort of memory-inhibiting mechanism could play a role in voluntarily forgetting traumatic experiences. In support of this idea, the researchers cite the gradual fading of the intensity of traumatic memories in most people, wondering if it is the result of deliberate forgetting. Even if that’s true, it obviously doesn’t help those with PTSD, and that is where the Western Ontario study is so important. It reveals that the areas of the brain responsible for such traumatic memories are radically different from those underlying normal memory.”

“Wild Child”: How three principles of healing organized 12 years of psychotherapy. Terr, LC J Am Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry 42:12, 1401-9 (2003) “Methods of conducting psychotherapy in the most severe forms of childhood posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), especially in those traumas discovered very early in life, are rarely reported. This paper presents such a report and in the process emphasizes three elements of treatment: abreaction (full emotional expression of the traumatic experience), context (understanding and gaining perspective on the experience), and correction (finding ways personally or through society to prevent or repair such experiences). With traumatized children, all three elements may be inserted into their therapeutic play, art, and/or talk.” 450 Sutter Street, #2534, San Francisco, CA 94108, USA.

from BO The nature of traumatic memories: A 4-T FMRI functional connectivity analysis. Lanius RA, Williamson PC, Densmore M, Boksman K, Neufeld RW, Gati JS, Menon RS. Am J Psychiatry 2004 Jan; 161(1):36-44. “This study used functional connectivity analyses to assess interregional brain activity correlations during the recall of traumatic memories in traumatized subjects with and without posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)….Significant between-group differences in functional connectivity were found….The differences in brain connectivity between PTSD and comparison subjects may account for the nonverbal nature of traumatic memory recall in PTSD subjects, compared to a more verbal pattern of traumatic memory recall in comparison subjects.”

Fragment by Fragment – Feminist Perspectives on memory and Child Sexual Abuse – article by P. Anne Winter

Eternal Moments – article by P. Anne Winter importance of memory in the development of rage and shame.

Stockholm Syndrome Stockholm Syndrome and its Effects on Trauma Survivors “Stockholm Syndrome is a marvelous coping mechanism utilized subconsciously by many victims of humanly perpetrated traumas. These victims range from child victims of physical, mental and sexual abuse to battered spouses and partners to hostages of political terrorists…Once the trauma has ended, “Stockholming” can transform from a coping skill to a maladaptive behavior.”

Pedophilia “In a study of 232 sex offenders in the late 1980s, the child sexual molesters admitted “attempting more than fifty-five thousand incidents of molestation. They claimed to have been successful in 38,000 incidents and reported they had more than 17,000 total victims. Men who molested out-of-home female children averaged twenty victims…men who molested out-of-home male children…averaged 150 victims each…most of these offenses had never been detected.”

This has graphic descriptions of abuse. The Nurture and Care of the Future Master Race by Sigrid Chamberlain (The Journal of Psychohistory 31 (3) Winter 2004 “DeMause shows in his book, The Emotional Life of Nations that “a country’s propensity to go to war is unrelated to its economic development, its technological abilities, or even its military capabilities.” (p. 140) “At the end of the nineteenth century in Germany it was virtually impossible to find a person who had not been beaten as a child. These beatings often took place with canes, whips or sticks. German children were often beaten unconscious, as was the case with the child Adolf Hitler. (pp. 193f)” “DeMause also observes the following: Because those societies that have the harshest child-rearing practices have been shown to produce low-self esteem adults who have the highest incidence of murder, suicide and war, the study of human violence can most fruitfully begin with examining the findings of clinicians who have closely interviewed murderers and determined their motives. Both statistically and clinically, researchers have found that violent adults have only one thing in common “poor child-rearing.” (P. 142f) (article pages p 367 – 368) The Journal of Psychohistory, 140 Riverside Drive, Suite 14H, NY, NY 10024, e-mail :,

Protecting our Children: Clinical, Legal, and Scientific Perspectives on Child Maltreatment Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, FL 3/6-7/04 “Presenters will examine misinformation in the media, academia, and the courtroom about child maltreatment that may impede child protection goals and highlight scientific evidence concerning the physical and emotional consequences of child maltreatment.” Presenters include Stephanie Dallam, Lenore Walker, Ed.D., Paul Fink, M.D. and Joyanna Silberg, Ph.D. Registration: Fort Lauderdale March 6-7, 2004, Nova Southeastern University Maltz Psychology Building – 3301 College Avenue – Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33314-7796 Telephone: 800-541-6682, ext. 5780, or (954) 262-5780

Court worker faces new issues 12/2/03 By Justin Post, Tribune Chronicle – Warren “New charges were filed recently against a Trumbull County Family Court psychologist…The State Board of Psychology in Columbus has submitted 11 new allegations against Dr. Douglas C. Darnall. Those are in addition to five others that were filed last year by former clients. The charges stem from complaints filed by five people. Darnall is accused of negligence and other administrative violations. The most recent allegations accuse Darnall of “refusing to release records to the board” and “prohibiting the board from conducting an investigation into the content and consistency of his professional record.” Similar to the allegations filed in December, Darnall is accused of using a nonvalidated diagnosis to classify patients’ behavior, and that he used a nonpublished test – the “parental alienation scale” to form conclusions in psychological assessment, which the state says contradicts the standards for educational and psychological testing.” “Darnall, in denying the allegations, said he plans to fight them during his hearing. He believes the complaints are being filed by disgruntled parents who disagreed with his evaluations.”

Dealing With Shame – As You Work Toward Emotional Healing “Survivors of abuse often have to deal with feelings of shame. There is an important difference between shame and guilt, and that is the key to dealing with shame effectively.”

Update – Volume 16, Number 6, 2003 Parental Alienation Syndrome: What Professionals Need to Know Part 1 of 2 By Erika Rivera Ragland & Hope Fields “The late Dr. Richard Gardner, a clinical professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University, coined…(PAS) in 1985, after noticing a “disorder” among patients within his private practice.” “”The theory of PAS is based in part on the notion that, within custody disputes, there is a high incidence of false abuse allegations….To the contrary, the available research suggests that false allegation rates are not significantly high….a 1990 study by Thoennes and Tjaden (Thoennes & Tjaden, The Extent, Nature and Validity of Sexual Abuse Allegation in Custody/Visitation Disputes, Child Abuse and Neglect 1990, 14:151-163) evaluated 9,000 divorces in 12 states and found that sexual abuse allegations were made in less than 2 percent of the contested divorces involving child custody. Within this group, it appears false allegations occurred in approximately 5% to 8% of cases. This study is one of the most comprehensive and least subject to bias and sampling problems, since its sample is so large and representative of the population of those divorcing with custody and visitation disputes.” “”At best, PAS is a nondiagnostic “syndrome” that only explains the behavior of the child and the mother when there is a known false allegation.20…It is not capable of lending itself to hard data or inclusion in the forthcoming DSM-V. In short, PAS is an untested theory that, unchallenged, can have far-reaching consequences for children seeking protection and legal vindication in courts of law.”

Update – Volume 16, Number 7, 2003 Parental Alienation Syndrome: What Professionals Need to Know Part 2 of 2 By Hope Fields & Erika Rivera Ragland “In cases where PAS testimony is admitted, it is a prosecutor’s responsibility to educate the judge and jury about the shortfalls of this theory. As more criminal courts refuse to admit PAS evidence, more protection will be afforded to victims of sexual abuse in our court system.”

Abuse and neglect in childhood: Relationship to personality disorder diagnoses. Bierer LM, Yehuda R, Schmeidler J, Mitropoulou V, New AS, Silverman JM, Siever LJ. CNS Spectr 2003 Oct; 8(10): 737-54. “Childhood history of abuse and neglect has been associated with personality disorders and has been observed in subjects with lifetime histories of suicidality and self-injury. Most of these findings have been generated from inpatient clinical samples….Seventy-eight percent of subjects met dichotomous criteria for some form of childhood trauma; a majority reported emotional abuse and neglect….These results suggest that childhood emotional abuse and neglect are broadly represented among personality disorders, and associated with indices of clinical severity among patients with borderline personality disorder. Childhood sexual and physical abuse are highlighted as predictors of both paranoid and antisocial personality disorders.” Department of Psychiatry, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, New York, USA.

Downpour Resurfacing – The Film PBS “Unfortunately, the terrible events that happened to Hall while he was growing up are not isolated occurrences, but part of a larger social epidemic. One in four women and one in six men report having experienced sexual abuse.”

Why an expert witness is in the dock Tracey Lawson 1/24/04 “Professor Sir Roy Meadow wore the crown of the children’s champion.” “”Now it is Sir Roy who is in the dock of public and professional opinion: the existence of Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy is being questioned; Sir Roy is to be investigated by the General Medical Council, the doctors’ governing body, and Lord Goldsmith, the Attorney General, is to examine dozens, if not hundreds, of criminal convictions to see if more mothers have been wrongly convicted of killing their children.” “Munchausen’s syndrome sufferers fake symptoms of illness and will travel from hospital to hospital to secure surgical and medical procedures for illnesses they do not have, simply to get attention. Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy is a more sinister variant of Munchausen’s syndrome, in which parents – almost always the mother – replicate or even cause symptoms of illness in their children, simply to draw attention to themselves.” “I do not think you will find a paediatrician who does not believe MSbP exists. But it is rare, and over the years the term was used to describe a wider and wider range of things.”

Abuse victim finds hope, healing in speaking out 1/2/04 By Mary Johns “Marinette – Many, if not most of us, carry some sort of emotional baggage that can complicate our lives if we let it….As she moved on with her life, Gordon began speaking publicly about her childhood ordeal, often addressing groups of counselors and social workers. She recently wrote and self-published a book, “The Hider’s Story.”

The Limits of Talk – Bessel van der Kolk by Mary Sykes Wylie excerpts: “Preventing people from moving when something terrible happens, that’s one of the things that makes trauma a trauma.” Pondering this striking lesson, van der Kolk wondered if perhaps the most damaging aspect of trauma wasn’t necessarily the awfulness of it, but the feeling of powerlessness in the face of it, the experience of being unable to escape or fight or have any impact on what was happening.” “Talk is relevant–even vitally important–he says, for traumatized patients who don’t yet really know what’s happened to them, who were too young to understand what was happening, who weren’t listened to or believed, or who still can’t make sense of what happened.”

“During the scanning, the images actually showed dissociation happen in the brains of these PTSD patients. When they remembered a traumatic event, the left frontal cortex shut down-particularly Broca’s area, the center of speech. But areas of the right hemisphere associated with emotional states and autonomic arousal lit up, particularly the area around the amygdala, which might be called the “smoke detector” center of the brain. According to van der Kolk, what this suggested is that “when people relive their traumatic experiences, the frontal lobes become impaired and, as result, they have trouble thinking and speaking.”

Journal of Abnormal Psychology Volume 107, Issue 2, May 1998, P. 272-284 Identifying Dissociative Identity Disorder: A Self-Report and Projective Study – Joe C. Scroppo, Sanford L. Drobb, Joel L. Weinbergera and Paula Eaglec “This study compared 21 female adult psychiatric patients diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder (DID) with 21 female adult nondissociative psychiatric patients to determine whether DID patients exhibit a distinguishing set of clinical features, and perceptual, attentional, and cognitive processes….DID participants reported earlier and more severe childhood trauma, more dissociative symptoms, and a greater propensity for altered states of consciousness. The DID participants also exhibited increased projective and imaginative activity, a diminished ability to integrate mental contents, a complex and driven cognitive style, and a highly unconventional view of reality.” Gordon Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies, Adelphi University, Box 701, Garden City, NY 11530; email:

70 percent of child abuse carried out by family or friends By Ruth Sinai “Parents warn their children not to talk to strangers, but fail to protect them from a much greater danger lying in wait. According to figures revealed yesterday at a conference on child abuse, some 70 percent of abuse of children below the age of 14 is carried out by friends, family members and acquaintances.” “Orlev said he was astounded by the fact that 17 percent of child abusers are family members and another 50 percent are friends and acquaintances.”

Child Maltreatment “In 1998, more than 900,000 children in the United States experienced or were at risk for child abuse and/or neglect….Child Protective Services agencies received an estimated 2.8 million referrals alleging child maltreatment, two-thirds of which met criteria for investigation. Of the cases investigated, nearly one-third resulted in a finding of proven or probable maltreatment. Child maltreatment increases the risk of suicide and of becoming either a victim or perpetrator of intimate partner violence. Males who are abused or neglected or who witness violence between their parents in childhood are at increased risk of perpetrating intimate partner violence in adulthood. Studies have suggested links between child maltreatment and alcoholism, drug abuse, depression, smoking, sexual promiscuity, and certain chronic diseases. Women with a history of childhood sexual abuse are at higher risk than nonvictims of being sexually assaulted in adulthood.”

Children and Domestic Violence – Between 3.3 million and 25 million children experience domestic violence in their homes each year. The number is greatly under-reported. Between 50% and 75% of male batterers also abuse their children. 40% of suspected child abuse also includes a history of domestic violence.

Abuse And Fibromyalgia by Dr. Carol Burckhardt “Over the past two years, there has been increasing interest in the role of childhood physical and sexual abuse as a cause of fibromyalgia (FM).”