Issue 66 – January 2006

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Issue 66 – January 2006

The purpose of this newsletter is to help stop secretive organizations and groups from abusing others and to help those who allege they have been abused by such organizations and groups. This newsletter is not a substitute for other ways of recovering from ritual abuse. Readers should use caution while reading this newsletter. If necessary, make sure other support systems are available during and after reading this newsletter.

Important: The resources mentioned in this newsletter are for educational value only. Reading the books cited may or may not help your recovery process, so use caution when reading any book or contacting any resource mentioned in this newsletter. Some may have a religious or other agenda that may be separate from your own recovery process. Others may have valuable information on the Masons and other organizations, but have triggers or be somewhat sympathetic to those organizations. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the views expressed in this newsletter constitute expressions of opinion, and readers are cautioned to form their own opinions and draw their own conclusions by consulting a variety of sources, including this newsletter. Resources listed, quoted and individual articles, etc. and their writers do not necessarily support all or any of the views mentioned in this newsletter. Also, the views, facts and opinions mentioned in this newsletter are solely the opinions of the authors and are not necessarily the opinions of this newsletter or its editor.

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SMART wants to thank all those that have contributed resource information to the newsletter.

Resources and Information

Please note: Listing of these resources does not necessarily constitute our endorsement of them. They are for educational value only and some may be heavy for survivors to read. Some of the conferences listed may not necessarily be safe for all survivors. S.M.A.R.T. recommends always bringing a support person to all conferences. If you are a survivor of mind control and/or ritual abuse, S.M.A.R.T. recommends that you try to bring a support person that is familiar with mind control techniques. LMS: article from ACHES-MC (Advocacy Committee for Human Experimentation Survivors – Mind Control) for unconsentually federally funded mind control as children or adults Canada contact Lynne Moss-Sharman, 230 Miles St. E. #3, Thunder Bay, Ont. P7C 1J6,

Legal Information

Judge: Vatican Has Some Immune Protections By the Associated Press 10/7/05 Vatican City (AP) “A federal judge in Kentucky has ruled that the Holy See is a foreign state that enjoys certain immunity protections, placing restrictions on a lawsuit by three men who allege the Vatican covered up the sexual abuse of children by priests.”

Settlement talks on hold in church abuse payment dispute – Brett Barrouquere AP 11/4/05 Louisville, Ky. “Settlement talks are on hold in a lawsuit over how alleged victims of sexual abuse will be paid in a proposed $120 million class-action settlement with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Covington.”

from LMS – Toronto Star (http: Roberto Calvi, Vatican banker 10/7/05 “Why was ‘God’s banker’ killed? Was financier laundering money for Mafia, Vatican? After 25 years, trial of five seeks the answers – Bill Taylor “Even the Pope couldn’t help “God’s banker.” Roberto Calvi, an Italian financier with ties both to the Vatican – hence his nickname – and the Mafia, in 1982 begged John Paul II to step in and save his bank from collapse, The Times of London reports. But money was the least of Calvi’s problems. Two weeks later, on June 19, he was found hanging by an orange rope tied in a lover’s knot from scaffolding under one of the nine arches of Blackfriars Bridge in central London. The 300-metre, 18th century stone structure spans the River Thames. It was one of the showier crimes of the 20th century, originally ruled a suicide but revealed two years ago to be homicide, with all the ingredients of a good whodunit – organized crime, financial scandal, money laundering for the Mafia and the Vatican, and chicanery in the most confidential corridors of religious power and the equally secret affairs of freemasonry. It also never has been explained how someone could suspend a corpse in such a prominent place without being noticed.” ” The prosecution will argue the accused lured Calvi to London to kill him after he held onto millions of dollars he was laundering for the Mafia and also stole from financier Licio Gelli, head of the illegal Masonic lodge, P2.” “The defence, sticking to the original finding of suicide, is expected to embarrass the Roman Catholic church by calling former Vatican officials to testify. Among those anxious to see justice finally done are Calvi’s widow Carla and son Carlo, a Montreal banker. They believe he was the victim of a well-disguised Cosa Nostra hit to cover up the Vatican Bank’s involvement with the Mafia”

From the Los Angeles Times – THE STATE – Study Reveals Vast Scope of Priest Abuse – Clerics accused of molestation worked in three-fourths of the 288 parishes in the L.A. Archdiocese, a Times analysis finds. By Jean Guccione and Doug Smith – Times Staff Writers 10/13/05 “The clergy sexual abuse scandal reached far more broadly across the Los Angeles Archdiocese — and put far more children at risk — than has previously been known, according to a Times study that examined the records of hundreds of accused priests. Although the sexual abuse scandal has been the subject of more than 560 court claims and a report by the archdiocese, basic information on the dimensions of the problem have remained sketchy. The Times analysis is the first to quantify the breadth of the scandal in the archdiocese. Molestations have been alleged at roughly 100 parishes. But because the accused priests moved around the archdiocese on average every 4.5 years, the total number of parishes in which alleged abusers served is far larger — more than three-fourths of the 288 parishes, according to the study, which examined records back to 1950.”

Camden Diocese escapes scrutiny By Craig R. McCoy and Nancy Phillips – Inquirer Staff Writers – 10/16/05 “One priest in the Camden Diocese was accused of molesting a 14-year-old boy – but was left in place. He abused more young boys. Other priests passed teenage boys around in a “sex ring” that shuttled victims from South Jersey to Rhode Island. In another case, a priest was called in by his bishop and “did not deny” years of attacks on two brothers. In response, the bishop quietly transferred him to a new parish. In all, The Inquirer has identified by name 25 priests in the six-county Camden Diocese who have been accused of sexually abusing children and teenagers during the last five decades, most during the tenure of Bishop George H. Guilfoyle in 1970s and 1980s. Some were defrocked and sent to jail. Others escaped punishment because superiors kept the crimes quiet.”

Greek priest faces pimping charge after sting 101/4/05 “Athens – A Greek Orthodox priest was arrested on suspicion of accessory to prostitution by an undercover police officer posing as a client, the semi-state Athens News Agency reported on Friday….Greece’s powerful Orthodox Church is still recovering from a series of high-profile sex and corruption scandals earlier this year that tarnished its image. An investigation is currently ongoing into an alleged graft ring said to have included judges, lawyers and Greek Orthodox clerics. – Sapa-AFP”

New Info: Covington Diocese Sex Abuse Settlement 11/21/2005 “Almost 400 people applied to be part of a multi-million dollar Covington Diocese sex abuse settlement, Channel 9’s Tom McKee reported Monday. The 373 people who signed up, claiming to be victims of sex abuse at the hands of priests in the Covington Diocese, will soon fill out claim forms to determine how much settlement money they might receive. Each victim could get anywhere from $5 to $450,000, McKee reported. In all, the Covington Diocese has set aside $40 million for the settlement. Another $80 million might come from insurance carriers. Negotiations with the insurance companies are underway.”

Church fights plan to ease sex-suit filing – Allowing all victims, no matter how long ago the abuse occurred, to file suit would bring financial ruin, it said. 12/4/05 by Craig R. McCoy and Angela Couloumbis, Inquirer Staff Writers “The Catholic Church in Pennsylvania is lobbying against a proposal that would allow sexual-abuse victims from decades ago to file lawsuits, saying it could cause financial ruin for the church. Some Harrisburg lawmakers want the state to create a one-year “window” to allow victims to sue, regardless of when they were abused. This would relax a strict statute of limitations that has kept virtually all of those cases out of the courts.”

Sex-abuse suits embroil Jesuits in Northwest Lawsuits, The Oregon-based province faces scores of cases, many involving priests in Alaska 11/14/05 Ashbel S. Green – The Oregonian “In the last few years, as many as 100 people have filed sex-abuse lawsuits accusing more than a dozen priests and volunteers of the Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus, according to plaintiffs’ attorneys.”

Fugitive priest pleads guilty to sex abuse – He was deported from Samoa after being profiled by The News 10/27/05 by Reese Dunklin / The Dallas Morning News “A Catholic priest whose Australian superiors let him work overseas as a criminal fugitive pleaded guilty this week to 13 charges involving the sexual abuse of several teenage boys, the Australian Associated Press news service reported. The Rev. Frank Klep was profiled last year as part of The Dallas Morning News’ examination of Catholic priests moving from country to country to elude sex-abuse allegations and remain in ministry with access to children.”

Vatican in sex abuse cover-up “The Vatican was aware of a dark catalogue of child sex abuse in Ferns for nearly 40 years. The searing revelation that the highest levels in Rome knew of the litany of shame will rock the Church. But an inquiry into clerical misconduct in the diocese has found that not only did they know of the scandal, they did nothing to stop it. The Irish Independent has learned that the report highlights staggering inaction by the Church, several departments of state and the gardai.” Exclusive – Sarah Murphy

Dublin Archdiocese next for abuse inquiry 11/14/05 “Following the report into the response to allegations of clerical child sexual abuse in the Diocese of Ferns, a similar State-commissioned investigation into the Dublin Archdiocese is beginning. The 18-month inquiry will follow up on a representative sample of allegations made against 67 Dublin priests between 1975 and 2004.”

140 more priests are accused of sex abuse – Scandal-hit Church faces more claims – By Michael Lavery 11/1/05 “More than 140 priests in four dioceses have been accused of sex abuse but more revelations could be on the way as the scandal rocks the Catholic Church in Ireland. The Ferns inquiry involved 21 priests, but since the report’s publication, dozens more allegations have been confirmed by bishops. They include Dublin (67 priests), Derry (26) and Tuam (27).”

Irish report: Bishops, police did little to stop sex abuse 10/26/05 “Dublin, Ireland (AP) – Former bishops, police and state agencies did far too little to prevent the alleged sexual abuse of more than 100 children by Roman Catholic priests in southeast Ireland over a 36-year period, a report published yesterday charged. The 2½-year investigation, led by retired Irish Supreme Court Judge Frank Murphy, found that two former bishops of the Ferns diocese, Brendan Comiskey and Donal Herlihy, protected – and even helped to promote – abusers within the clergy.”

Irish bishops attacked over clerical sex abuse scandal By David McKittrick, Ireland Correspondent 10/26/05 “A horrific saga of clerical sexual abuse stretching back four decades has been exposed in damning detail in an official report published in Dublin. The report, the work of a former Supreme Court judge, strongly criticised two Catholic bishops as well as the Irish police for inadequately investigating complaints of abuse. It chronicled more than 100 allegations against 21 priests stretching back to 1966 in a single diocese, Ferns, centred on the east-coast town of Wexford.”

Ferns priests shamed in damning report 10/25/05 “Some 21 Catholic priests savagely sexually assaulted young boys and girls in parishes across Co Wexford in Ireland during the past 40 years, a scathing report into clerical abuse revealed today. A two-year investigation uncovered 100 complaints of abuse, with one priest responsible for 26 assaults. The report revealed Garda investigations were wholly inadequate, while bishops in the Diocese of Ferns failed to take basic precautions to protect children.”

Los Angeles Files Recount Decades of Priests’ Abuse By John M. Broder 10/12/05 Los Angeles Oct. 11 “The confidential personnel files of 126 clergymen in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles accused of sexual misconduct with children provide a numbing chronicle of 75 years of the church’s shame, revealing case after case in which the church was warned of abuse but failed to protect its parishioners. In some cases, Cardinal Roger M. Mahony and his predecessors quietly shuffled the priests off to counseling and then to new assignments. In others, parents were offered counseling for their children and were urged to remain silent.”

Court denies L.A. Archdiocese privacy bid AP Los Angeles 11/17/05 “The state Supreme Court has upheld an appeals court ruling that forces the nation’s largest Roman Catholic archdiocese to turn over the personnel files of two former priests accused of molestation. The ruling issued Wednesday is the latest development in a battle between the Los Angeles County district attorney, who subpoenaed the private files three years ago, and the archdiocese.”

Catholic school faces series of lawsuits over sexual abuse – Claims follow admissions by three monks of assaults on pupils over 30 years – Ian Cobain 11/19/05 The Guardian “Ampleforth College, the country’s most celebrated Roman Catholic public school, is facing a series of lawsuits after it emerged that dozens of boys were sexually abused there over a 30-year period.”,12505,1646345,00.html

Sex with trafficked women is rape, says minister – Mark Townsend 10/16/05 The Observer “Men who have sex with trafficked prostitutes should be charged with rape, ministers believe – a move that could see thousands prosecuted….Prostitution and the trafficking of women have become the third highest ‘black market’ income earner after drugs and the arms trade. Unofficial estimates suggest 10,000 illegal immigrants are working as prostitutes in Britain, with three-quarters of women in brothels hailing from the Baltic states, Africa and South East Asia.”,6903,1593227,00.html

School abuse victims getting $1.9B 11/23/05 “The Liberal government offered tens of thousands of survivors of abuse at native residential schools up to $30,000 each in a $1.9-billion compensation package announced Wednesday morning….About 12,000 survivors of residential school abuse are now suing Ottawa.”

Residential schools  12/5/05 by: Matt Ross / Indian Country Today – Abuse survivors finally to receive compensation “Ottawa – Almost $2 billion in Canadian funds will be paid to aboriginal survivors of the Canadian residential school system. The settlement was announced Nov. 23, one day before the First Ministers Meeting with national aboriginal leaders convened in Kelowna, British Columbia. Following six months of negotiations between the Assembly of First Nations and the federal government, an agreement-in-principle was signed that has resulted in the largest and most comprehensive settlement package in Canadian history. About 86,000 First Nations, Metis and Inuit are eligible to collect these payments, many of whom are more than 60 years old.”

from LMS Sexual abuse survivors seek closure “Members of the Ralph Rowe Survivor Network will gather in North Caribou Lake First Nation this November to demolish the old Anglican mission house where Rowe worked as a priest and scoutsmaster….The former Anglican minister and Boy Scout leader faces 38 counts of indecent assaults and 34 counts of sexual assault against a total of 28 victims in nine different settings, most of them northern First Nations. He has already served six years in prison after entering a guilty plea in 1994 to 28 charges of sexual abuse against 16 boys between 1976-1981.” Http://

Archdiocese settles with 24 accusers – 10/28/05 by Cathleen Falsani “The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago has reached an out-of-court settlement with two dozen men and women who say they were sexually abused as minors by priests of the archdiocese, lawyers for the victims and a spokesman for Cardinal Francis George said Thursday. The settlement involves 14 current or former priests, none of whom is in active ministry today.”

`I Just Start A Conversation’ – Judge In Sex-Abuse Case Had Trust Of Victims, Church By Lynne Tuohy – Courant Staff Writer 11/6/05 “Before the 43 victims of sexual abuse by priests settled their claims with the Archdiocese of Hartford for $22 million, they had to place their faith and trust in one man: U.S. Magistrate Judge William I. Garfinkel.”

Local diocese startled by suit By Mary Beth Smetzer 10/16/05 “Officials with the Fairbanks Catholic Diocese were surprised by the “new twist” in the most recent civil suit filed against a priest, diocese spokeswoman Ronnie Rosenberg said. The suit claims the Rev. James E. Jacobson, a Jesuit priest who served more than a decade in western Alaska, sexually assaulted two women, impregnated them and left two sons behind.” “”More than 80 complaints have been filed against the Fairbanks diocese as well as the Jesuits in the last few years, alleging sexual abuse of minors by priests and a brother affiliated with the diocese.”,1413,113~7244~3094627,00.html

More Lawsuits Claim Sexual Abuse At Pueblo School – Former Catholic Teacher Named In Suits 11/3/05 “Denver – The Catholic Church and a religious order were hit with a new barrage of sex-assault allegations Thursday after five men filed suit alleging they were molested three decades ago by a Catholic school teacher and that church officials failed to protect them. The lawsuits bring to eight the number of claims against the Diocese of Pueblo and The Marianist Province of the United States…”

Church not liable in sex assault case, top court rules – Victim abused at B.C. residential school By Richard Blackwell 10/29/05 “The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that a Roman Catholic order does not have to pay damages to a native man who was sexually assaulted by a baker at a British Columbia Indian residential school in the 1950s and 1960s. The decision says the church has no “vicarious liability” for the assault because the employee was not given direct responsibility for the care of the children at the school.”

from LMS – describes crimes – Churches liable in abuse cases – They must pay settlements to victims of residential school system, top court says by Richard Blackwell and Mark Hume 10/22/05 “Toronto and Vancouver – Churches that helped run aboriginal residential schools must share the liability for sexual abuse suffered in those institutions, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled yesterday. The top court overturned a B.C. Court of Appeal decision that said the federal government was responsible for all the financial damages awarded a man who suffered sexual abuse at the hands of a dormitory supervisor at the Alberni Indian Residential School on Vancouver Island in the 1960s….More than 10,000 residential-school compensation claims are still unresolved. About 2,200 have been settled through negotiations, and another 400 through legal processes.”

Ampleforth child abuse scandal hushed up by Basil Hume 11/18/05 – Decades of sexual assaults at top Yorkshire college revealed – Monk faces jail over 20 incidents by Mark Branagan “Pupils at a leading Roman Catholic school suffered decades of abuse from at least six paedophiles following a decision by former Abbot Basil Hume not to call in police at the beginning of the scandal. Hume, the future Cardinal and guiding light of Catholicism in Britain, was Abbot of Ampleforth Abbey in North Yorkshire when he received a complaint from parents in 1975 about Father Piers Grant-Ferris, the son of a Tory peer.”

Sex abuse in Brazil: Abuser priest provides checklist for selecting victims By John L. Allen Jr. NCR Rome correspondent 11/21/05 “A Brazilian newsmagazine has reported that two priests recently convicted for sexual abuse of minor boys kept diaries of their experiences, often featuring graphic sexual details, as well as in one instance a set of “rules” for selecting victims — such as that the target be a young male from a poor family and preferably without a father.”

Scandal of sexual abuse by priests shocks Brazil’s 125 million Catholics – 10% of country’s clergy are sex offenders, says Vatican – Paedophilia trial reveals vulnerability of the poor Tom Phillips in Rio de Janeiro and John Hooper in Rome 11/26/05 “A growing sex abuse scandal is rocking the world’s largest national congregation of Catholics. This week a Brazilian priest was given a lengthy jail sentence after a court heard extracts from a diary that read like a paedophile priest’s how-to manual. A magazine earlier published evidence that, according to estimates by Vatican investigators, one in 10 of Brazil’s priests was involved in some form of sexual misdemeanour.”,12462,1651313,00.html

Retired priest faces 36 charges By CP 11/15/05 “Chatham, Ont. – A retired southwestern Ontario priest is behind bars after 29 more women came forward with complaints of childhood sexual abuse. Chatham-Kent police yesterday laid 31 new counts against Charles Sylvestre, bringing the total sexual abuse charges the 82-year-old faces to 36.”

New molestation law – With broader limitations, fewer pedophiles will escape prosecution. Long Beach Press Telegram “A Long Beach ex-priest and admitted pedophile, Michael Baker, is free today because Cardinal Roger Mahony protected him from the law. By the time Baker was ready to stand trial, the state’s 10-year statute of limitations on such crimes had expired. Under the new California law, far fewer molestation victims will have to face such scenarios. The new law, which will go into effect Jan. 1, gives prosecutors until the victim’s 28th birthday to file charges.”

The Incest Loophole By Andrew Vachss 11/20/05 “What if I told you that a father who was regularly raping his 8-year-old daughter could reasonably expect to avoid prison if he were discovered? You’d be outraged, right? But this is a fact of life in New York, thanks to the “incest loophole.” And nobody in the Legislature is even trying to change this reprehensible law. Most citizens agree that child molesting is one of the foulest crimes imaginable. Yet New York’s law – much like that of most other states – allows the possibility of privileged treatment for a special class of offender: the perpetrator who is related to his prey. In other words, the penal code gives a discount to child rapists who grow their own victims.”

Jury awards $4.2 million in sex abuse case against Mormon Church 11/22/05 Associated Press “Two college-age sisters have been awarded $4.2 million in a lawsuit against the Mormon Church, a judgment prompted partly by the way a bishop dealt with sexual abuse committed by their stepfather while they were children.”

Fiasco for French justice as paedophile trial collapses – 12/1/05 “Five men and a woman who were convicted of child sex offences a year ago were cleared on appeal today at the end of one of France’s most embarrassing judicial fiascos. The acquittal at the Paris appeals court came a day after an unprecedented apology by a leading state prosecutor, who told the six that their trial had been a “veritable catastrophe”. “The appellants were among 17 people from the northern town of Outreau who were tried in May 2004 after a three-year investigation into an alleged paedophile ring. Charges against all but the two couples at the centre of the affair have now collapsed.”,,13509-1899502,00.html

43 teachers suspended over abuse claims in past 10 years 11/8/05 “Forty-three teachers have reportedly been suspended or put on “administrative leave” in the past 10 years in connection with allegations of abuse. Reports this morning said Department of Education figures showed that 24 of these teachers were working in primary schools and 19 in secondary schools. The allegations related to all forms of abuse, not just child sex abuse.”

Abuse is No. 1 reason teachers lose licenses in W.Va. by The Associated Press Charleston, W.VA. 10/17/05 “Sexual abuse of students is the No. 1 reason public school teachers have lost their licenses in West Virginia during the past five years. About 35 percent of those revocations were because of sexual assault or abuse of a student.” “Sexual misdeeds by teachers remains a dirty little secret in schools across the nation even though nearly one in 10 students will be abused by a teacher before they graduate, according to studies conducted by Dr. Charol Shakeshaft, a professor at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y. “There are about 4.5 million kids who right now would say they have been the target of physical sexual misconduct. And only about 10 percent of the sexual exploitation going on ever gets reported,” Shakeshaft said. While most parents regard schools as sanctuaries, roughly 290,000 students nationwide experienced some sort of physical sexual abuse by a public school employee from 1991 to 2000.”

Mind Control and Experimentation

Michigan Ritual Abuse Task Force – In 1997 a statewide group called the Michigan Ritual Abuse Task Force attempted to get legislation in Michigan that defined ritual abuse and increased the punishment for criminal acts done to a child or adult as a part of ritual abuse. Our bill was introduced and presented in a partial hearing before the Judiciary Committee in the Michigan House of Representatives. We got no further than the partial hearing. We feel that it is time to try again. The Michigan Ritual Abuse Task Force is made up of people who have encountered ritual abuse in their own lives or have witnessed it in the lives of clients, family members or friends. It is our belief that ritual abuse is horrible, that it occurs in many forms and contexts and that it must be recognized and stopped. We are hoping legislation will establish recognition and support for victims of ritual abuse in the same way that domestic violence legislation increased support for victims of domestic violence. We need as many people as possible to join effort. Currently, we need help convincing Michigan Legislators that ritual abuse occurs in Michigan and that legislation is necessary. If you are willing to help us in any way, please let us know by contacting us at: or The Michigan Ritual Abuse Task Force, PO Box 7697, Ann Arbor, MI 48107

Information on Nazi Triggers and Dates is at:

Xtreme Defense – Lightning guns, heat rays, weapons that can make you hear the voice of God. This is what happens when the war on terror meets the entrepreneurial spirit By Sharon Weinberger 8/28/05

all accusations are alleged – American Leviathan (Part Two) 11/12/05 “”You may be familiar with the case of attorney Richard Hamlin, who claims his life was threatened by a generational Satanic cult to which his wife Susan belonged. If you only know it from corporate journalism, then something like this, which appeared October 26 in the Sacramento Bee, must be close to the sum of your knowledge: A well-known veteran defense attorney and former Sacramento County prosecutor, Richard Hamlin is charged with 18 felony counts of torture, spousal abuse, making death threats, negligent discharge of a handgun and child endangerment. If convicted, the 45-year-old faces a life term in prison.” “The case against Richard Hamlin follows upon a retraction by wife Susan of her February, 2004 confession to police of having sexually abused three of her four children and conspiring with members of a Satanic cult, including her father…to ritually murder her husband. ” Http://

also see in regard to this :

Bethel killing linked to gangs By Karen Ali The News-Times – Danbury :A 17-year-old from Rhode Island shot and killed a man outside the Masonic Temple in Bethel in 2004 after confronting him for wearing a rival gang’s color, according to a court document.”

from LMS Prosecutor might quiz nun during priest’s trial – Sister could be called to refute good image By Robin Erb “A Toledo nun who has accused a former priest of abusing her when she was a girl may appear as a witness in a homicide trial involving another priest, the Rev. Gerald Robinson. Father Robinson, 67, is accused of killing a nun, Sister Margaret Ann Pahl, in the chapel at Mercy Hospital near downtown in 1980. The case went unsolved until last year when investigators said they took a new look at evidence and arrested Father Robinson. He has been charged with aggravated murder in the case, which has attracted international attention. Twice, the trial has been delayed and is now scheduled for April 17, nearly two years after his arrest. In court documents, prosecutors say they may call Sister Ann-Marie Borgess, a Notre Dame nun, to challenge any defense evidence about Father Gerald Robinson’s “good character.””

from LMS – 16-year-old male arrested in brutal Vitale slaying – Neighbor reportedly was involved in a credit-card theft scheme Demian Bulwa, Leslie Fulbright, Jim Herron Zamora and Marsha Ginsburg, Chronicle Staff Writers 10/20/05 VitaMartinez “Authorities have arrested a 16-year-old boy who lives near homicide victim Pamela Vitale, the wife of well-known defense attorney Daniel Horowitz, in connection with the killing, and sources told The Chronicle her slaying stemmed from a credit-card theft scheme….Authorities believe Dyleski killed Vitale, 52, on Saturday by striking her 39 times in the head with a piece of crown molding, then carved some kind of gothic signature into her back, the source said.”

Teen Arrested in Slaying of TV Lawyer’s Wife – 16-Year Old Reportedly Involved in Credit Card Scheme to Fund Marijuana Operation By Michelle Locke, AP “Martinez, Calif. (Oct. 21) – The teenager arrested in the slaying of a prominent defense attorney’s wife once drew a pentagram on the ground at school and told other students he was reading from the book of Satan, according to former classmates. Authorities would not identify the 16-year-old, but the boy’s name was widely publicized after his arrest late Wednesday. Police were still working to determine a motive for the beating death of Pamela Vitale, the wife of lawyer and TV legal pundit Daniel Horowitz.”

Pamela Vitale Murder: Satanic or Ritualistic Crime and Murder? by Jim Kouri 10/22/05 “The news coverage of the extraordinarily brutal murder of Pamela Vitale, wife of well-known California criminal defense attorney Daniel Horowitz, seems to have renewed interest in ritualistic crime. The 16-year old suspect is reported to have been involved in some kind of self-styled Satanism including the reading the Anton LeVay’s Satanic Bible and use of occult symbols at the crime scene. In spite of mankind’s advances in the arts and sciences, there remains a large number of people who have not been able to — or refuse to — shake-off the practices of pagan rituals, some of which date back thousands of years. Included within the broad spectrum of paganism are so-called Satanic cults which are suspect in a number of bizarre crimes throughout the United States. According to investigative journalist and author Maury Terry, there exists today a network of Satan-worshiping cults with members crisscrossing our nation.”

Vitale slaying suspect charged with murder – Teenager described as loner, will be tried as an adult – Martinez, California (CNN) 10/21/05 “A 16-year-old California boy was charged Friday with one count of murder in the beating death of Pamela Vitale, the wife of prominent defense attorney Daniel Horowitz. The suspect, Scott Edgar Dyleski, will be tried as an adult, according to Hal Jewett, Contra Costa County deputy district attorney. Bail was set at $1 million. Dyleski has been described by classmates as a goth loner who followed the occult and dressed in black from the polish on his fingernails to his trench coat…”

Mind Justice “at – Formerly Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse Renamed February 2004 – A human rights group working for the rights and protections of mental integrity and freedom from new technologies and weapons which target the mind and nervous system.”

Cause Opens for Religious Slain in Satanic Rite – Sister Maria Laura Mainetti Murdered by 3 Teen-age Girls – Chiavenna, Italy, 11/6/05 (”The cause of beatification has opened for Sister Maria Laura Mainetti, a 60-year-old religious murdered by three girls during a Satanic rite in 2000.”

describes crimes – Prosecutors: Teen abducted children for demonic ritual – Chicago, Illinois (AP) “An 18-year-old Chicago man was arrested after allegedly kidnapping two young children to perform a demonic ritual intended to get back his former girlfriend, authorities said. David Rodriguez was being held on $500,000 bond. Prosecutors said he and a 15-year-old companion snatched the children Friday outside a South Side library and planned to carve a pentagram in the girl’s chest.”

Cult leader says sex charges part of witch-hunt 10/28/05 “”An 83-year-old cult leader facing 22 sex charges says the accusations are part of a witch-hunt by disaffected former members who are trying to destroy him. Kenneth Emmanuel Dyers, co-founder of the self-styled spiritual healing group Kenja, was arrested yesterday at his house in Bundeena in Sydney’s south over the alleged aggravated sexual and indecent assault of two 12-year-old girls. He faces 17 aggravated indecent assault charges and one count of aggravated sexual assault in relation to the first girl. He also faces four aggravated indecent assault charges in relation to the other girl.”

Journal Articles

Many of the journal abstract excerpts and quotes in this section of the newsletter came from the listed as BO For info. write

from BO Relationships between trauma and psychosis: An exploration of cognitive and dissociative factors. Kilcommons AM, Morrison AP. Acta Psychiatr Scand. 2005 Nov; 112(5):351-9. “RESULTS: The prevalence of lifetime trauma was high (94% of the sample reported at least one traumatic event). The prevalence of current PTSD was 53%. Severity of trauma was associated with severity of PTSD and psychotic experiences. Physical abuse was associated with positive psychotic symptoms and sexual abuse was specifically related to hallucinations. Dissociative processes and negative beliefs formed as a result of trauma were associated with psychotic experiences (particularly hallucinations).” CONCLUSION: These findings are consistent with the suggestion that psychosis may be trauma-induced, and other implications are considered.” Department of Psychology, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK.

Relationships between trauma and psychosis: A review and integration – Anthony P. Morrison, Lucy Frame and Warren Larkin…”Objectives. This paper examines the research and theoretical literature on potential links between trauma and psychosis. Methods. Three main alternatives are considered; can psychosis cause PTSD, can trauma cause psychosis and could psychosis and PTSD both be part of a spectrum of responses to a traumatic event?….Results. Evidence is found in support of each of these relationships, and an integrative approach to conceptualizing the relationships is suggested.”

Review Concludes Child Abuse a Factor in Psychosis 10/31/05 Press Release: Dr John Read “The November edition of leading scientific journal, Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, includes several new research papers documenting the relationship between trauma and psychosis. Oliver James is referring to “Childhood trauma, psychosis and schizophrenia: A Literature review with theoretical and clinical implications”. Authors Dr John Read (Auckland, New Zealand), Professor Jim van Os (Maastricht), Professor Tony Morrison (Manchester) and Dr Colin Ross (Richardson, Texas), review 218 studies and conclude: “Symptoms considered indicative of psychosis and schizophrenia, particularly hallucinations, are at least as strongly related to childhood abuse and neglect as many other mental health problems. Recent large-scale general population studies indicate the relationship is a causal one.”

360 Vision Exclusive: Sexual abuse of women by priests a significant problem in Canada, VisionTV current affairs series reports 11/16/05 “More than a thousand Canadian women have been sexually abused by Roman Catholic priests in recent decades, according to estimates by one of North America’s leading experts on the subject.”

McMartin – A reluctant look back Dear ER: “….My wife and I didn’t want to believe any of this ever happened, either. But wishing it never happened doesn’t make it go away. Put yourselves in my wife’s and my shoes for a moment….When the medical report came back with positive confirmation that my son had been sodomized, I didn’t need to be persuaded further. The news was devastating. For this, we and the other parents were castigated by the media for expressing concern about the safety and well-being of our children. We were branded as “witch-hunting” parents because our children had been violated and we wanted justice….The strategy now is to discredit Children’s Institute therapist Kee MacFarlane, and all the therapists and medical specialists who were literally on the cutting edge of justice in child abuse cases. We were supportive of the therapists’ techniques of using hand puppets, of encouraging the children to draw their feelings, of encouraging, even prompting them to reveal their secrets. Without these tools, my son’s therapy would have been pointless. For Cody to suggest that “hundreds of children were virtually molested by the therapists and doctors who examined them” is absurd. How does one elicit the truth from a child who fears physical harm if he reveals his secrets? In retrospect, our son’s inexplicable night terrors, his panic over having his picture taken, his fear of going to school and being dropped off, of being dressed in other children’s clothing when we went to pick him up at the end of the day, would have made sense if only we had stopped in unannounced at Manhattan Ranch to observe. Instead, we assumed our son was safe in pre-school. Lesson learned.” Michael S. Simpson – San Pedro

Unspeakable Damage – The Effects of Clergy Sexual Abuse: A. W. Richard Sipe – 10/1/05 “There are severe and long-term consequences of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy. These results are so common either in combination or en toto that they are predictable in some form or other or to one degree or another in victims of clergy abuse. These elements been identified from extensive research and observations of men and women survivors who were abused as children. I validate my observations as a result of the experience of counseling over 1,500 adults who have been abused as children, 500 of them by Catholic clergy or religious.”

Sharing and Responding to Memories – by Hal Pepinsky “This article describes the evolution of a college seminar in which reports are presented of sexual assault arising in child custody cases and of ritual abuse and mind-control programming….The seminar has become a primary means by which the instructor himself learns and teaches about the nature of personal violence and of efforts at healing and peacemaking in response.” The article is part of “American Behavioral Scientist” – Volume 48/Number 10 – June 2005. The issue is dedicated to the sociology of memory. The issue can be gotten at or from Sage Publications 1-805-499-9774, E-mail:

No longer silent : a study of women’s help-seeking decisions and service responses to sexual assault – Denise Lievore ISBN 1920851976 Canberra: Commonwealth of Australia, June 2005

University of Oregon Scholars’ Bank – Dissociation – Community home page “The official journal of the International Society for the Study of Dissociation (ISSD), published between 1988 and 1997. The current official journal of ISSD is the Journal of Trauma & Dissociation.” Online issues are available at :

Journal of Traumatic Stress, Vol. 17, No. 1, February 2004, pp. 47-54 (2004) Relationships of Dissociation and Childhood Abuse and Neglect With Heart Rate in Delinquent Adolescents – Cheryl Koopman, Victor Carrion, Lisa D. Butler, Shiv Sudhakar,Laura Palmer, and Hans Steiner “Greater dissociative symptoms were associated with lower mean HR, whereas abuse and neglect, being a girl, and participating in the free association task were associated with higher mean HR. The finding that high levels of dissociative symptoms may be related to a suppression of autonomic physiological responses to stress support Bremner’s conceptualization (J. D. Bremner, 1999) that dissociative symptoms comprise one of two subtypes of the acute stress response, differing physiologically as well as subjectively from a predominantly hyperarousal or intrusive symptom response.” Full PDF article at:

The new Issue of *Harvard Mental Health Letter* (November) includes an article summarizing a study published in *Circulation*: “Childhood trauma is taken to heart” “Child abuse and traumatic experiences in early life raise the risk of heart disease many years later, according to a study reported in the American Heart Association journal Circulation….The more kinds of childhood trauma or abuse a person had experienced, the higher the likelihood of heart disease in middle age and later. With seven or more kinds, the odds more than tripled….Abuse, neglect, and disturbed family relations in childhood can cause stress with lasting effects on the developing brain and cardiovascular system, as well as depression and anger that may result in smoking, heavy drinking, or overeating. But even when these influences were statistically factored out, the effect of early experience persisted. For example, a person who emerged from a troubled childhood with low blood pressure and minimal depression was still at higher than average risk for heart disease later in life.” Dong, M, et al. ³Insights into Causal Pathways for Ischemic Heart Disease: Adverse Childhood Experiences Study,² Circulation (September 28, 2004): Vol. 110, No. 13, pp. 1761-66.

Largest Individual Judgment in Sex Abuse Case Nets Florida Man $10.9 Million Judgment – Re: Michael J. Powel vs Carlo D. Fabbozzi, Superior Court for the State of Connecticut, Judicial District of Fairfield at Bridgeport, CV02-0393364S “Bridgeport, Conn., Nov. 17 /PRNewswire/ — A 47-year-old Florida man, Michael J. Powel, won a $10.9 million dollar judgment in Connecticut Superior Court against a former maintenance worker for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport, Carlo D. Fabbozzi. The jury agreed Fabbozzi repeatedly molested Powel between the ages of 9 and 13. Fabbozzi, now 78, was in his mid-40s at the time. The abuse took place in the late 60s and early 1970s on church property. Powel repressed his painful memories of the abuse by Fabbozzi until year 2000, only to regain them while recuperating from removal of a life threatening malignant brain tumor. More than 68 scientific studies support the existence of full or partial repression, otherwise known as dissociative amnesia, following trauma like childhood sexual abuse. Powel’s account of the molestations was corroborated by the testimony of two other male victims.”

Abuse ‘triggers eating disorders’ Eating disorders often developed after childhood sex abuse “Childhood sex abuse increases the risk of women developing eating disorders – and can even impact on their children, a study says. Researchers found girls abused before the age of 16 were twice as likely to develop eating disorders later in life. The University of Bristol team also said these women were likely to have weight concerns while pregnant and that had a knock-on effect on the child. The findings were published in the British Journal of Psychiatry. The team studied 10,000 women – one in five of whom had being abused.”

Freyd, J.J., Klest, B., & Allard, C.B. (2005) Betrayal trauma: Relationship to physical health, psychological distress, and a written disclosure intervention. Journal of Trauma & Dissociation, 6(3), 83-104. “In the current study we sought, first, to distinguish associations with health arising from types of trauma as indicated by betrayal trauma theory (Freyd 1996, 2001), and, second, to investigate the impact of disclosing a trauma history in survey form and/or writing essays about betrayal traumas….Exposure to traumas with high betrayal was significantly correlated with number of physical illness, anxiety, dissociation, and depression symptoms. Amount of exposure to other types of traumas (low betrayal traumas) did not predict symptoms over and above exposure to betrayal trauma.” article is at

The Joshua Childrens Foundation was created for purpose of assisting victims of sexual child abuse. A very high percentage of persons with Bulimia and Eating Disorders, Alcoholism, and Addictions Have Been Sexually Abused as Children. We Are Here to Assist Both Adults and Children who have suffered from sexual child abuse. We also provide links to education and information for prevention of sexual child abuse.”

Project NoSpank – “A resource for parents, students, educators, education policymakers, healthcare providers, children’s advocates, and all others who are concerned with the safety and wellbeing of children.”

When the Victim Forgets – Trauma-Induced Amnesia and its Assessment in Holocaust Survivors – Onno Van Der Hart and Danny Brom “”People who went through the horrors of the Holocaust struggle with their memories in different ways. Many experience overwhelming and intrusive recollections accompanied by strong emotions, even more so fifty years after the end of the war than earlier. Others have tried to silence their memories by attempts to keep the memories away or by dissociating themselves from the memories. Not much has been written about this other side of the coping process, that is, to what extent do survivors of the Holocaust succeed to distance themselves from their experiences. Forgetting in the form of repression, denial, and dissociation is a common phenomenon in the aftermath of other traumatic instances (Kleber & Brom, 1992), and amnesia has also been demonstrated after combat experiences (Karon & Widener, 1997; Van der Hart et al., 1999). The purpose of this chapter is to present a systematic overview of the existing literature on the subject of trauma-induced amnesia in Holocaust survivors…..In the area of CSA, empirical evidence is accumulating that a significant proportion of adult survivors have amnesia (Pope, 1996) for all or parts of their abuse. Thus, Brown, Scheflin, and Whitfield (1999) reviewed 68 data-based studies, both retrospective and longitudinal, that demonstrate that such amnesia is a robust finding across all of these studies.”

Talking to The Demons – Schizophrenia is no longer seen as a genetically predetermined disease. By Tara Pepper Newsweek International 12/12/05 issue “”Now scientists are beginning to uncover evidence that schizophrenia is heavily influenced by environmental factors. Their research has huge implications for treatment. Doctors now believe that therapy and social work are the preferred method of treatment for most schizophrenics. “Patients really must have therapy in order to improve,” says University of Newcastle psychiatrist Dr. Douglas Turkington. “Medication alone will not do it.”….A review of 46 studies of schizophrenics by Auckland University psychologist John Read found that 59 percent of male inpatients and 69 percent of females had experienced childhood physical or sexual abuse. In a separate study, which included physical neglect and physical or emotional abuse, the level rose to 85 percent of males and 100 percent of women. Says Read: “We have around the world millions of people with a diagnosis that masks the true social causes, and therefore prevents people from getting help which would be more effective and humane.” Http://

Childhood sexual abuse linked to sexual dysfunction later in life for both men and women Category: Sexual Health/STDs News 10/12/05 “A new Queensland study has found a significant link between childhood sexual abuse and symptoms of sexual dysfunction in adult men and women. The study, conducted by scientists from UQ, QUT and QIMR, is published in the current edition of international journal Archives of Sex Research (Oct 2005). It found that the rate of sexual dysfunction for men who had experienced childhood sexual abuse was double that of those who had not experienced abuse. For women, similar differences were apparent, with women who had experienced penetrative abuse substantially more likely to report three or more symptoms of sexual dysfunction. Study lead author, Professor Jake Najman of UQ’s School of Population Health…”