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Issue 97 – March 2011

The purpose of this newsletter is to help stop secretive organizations and groups from abusing others and to help those who allege they have been abused by such organizations and groups. This newsletter is not a substitute for other ways of recovering from ritual abuse. Readers should use caution while reading this newsletter. If necessary, make sure other support systems are available during and after reading this newsletter.

Important:The resources mentioned in this newsletter are for educational value only. Reading the books cited may or may not help your recovery process, so use caution when reading any book or contacting any resource mentioned in this newsletter. Some may have a religious or other agenda that may be separate from your own recovery process. Others may have valuable information on the Masons and other organizations, but have triggers or be somewhat sympathetic to those organizations.  Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the views expressed in this newsletter constitute expressions of opinion, and readers are cautioned to form their own opinions and draw their own conclusions by consulting a variety of sources, including this newsletter. Resources listed, quoted and individual articles, etc. and their writers do not necessarily support all or any of the views mentioned in this newsletter. Also, the views, facts and opinions mentioned in this newsletter are solely the opinions of the authors and are not necessarily the opinions of this newsletter or its editor.
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SMART wants to thank all those that have contributed resource information to the newsletter.

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Ritual Abuse And Extreme Abuse Clinician’s Conference 2011 – A one day conference preceding our regular conference will be open to licensed practitioners in related fields to discuss issues in working with clients suffering from ritual abuse and extreme abuse symptoms.  Students studying in related fields and retired licensed practitioners may write by e-mail for more information. Internet conference information is available at:

This issue contains information on the Pope and the Vatican, the Vatican and the Holocaust, The Vatican in Wikileaks cables, clergy abuse in the world, the Knights of Columbus, pedophile and porn rings, Jeffs’ bigamy case, Fundamentalist church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Author of ‘Pedophile’s Guide’, Salvation Army, CIA experiments, Operation Paperclip, Operation Artichoke, CIA’s MK/NAOMI Project, CIA Hypnosis Projects, Guatemala STD Study, the Bush Six, ritual abuse and mind control, DID movie (When the Devil Knocks), child abuse effects and cases, “Frankie and Alice” Halle Berry DID movie, human trafficking and the Ramona case.

Resources and Information

Please note: Listing of these resources does not necessarily constitute our endorsement of them. They are for educational value only and some may be heavy for survivors to read. Some of the conferences listed may not necessarily be safe for all survivors. S.M.A.R.T. recommends always bringing a support person to all conferences. If you are a survivor of mind control and/or ritual abuse, S.M.A.R.T. recommends that you try to bring a support person that is familiar with mind control techniques.

Legal Information

Pope’s comments on clerical abuse stir fury in victims By MOLLY MULDOON Staff Writer December 22, 2010 Clerical abuse victims around the world have reacted in fury to Pope Benedict’s claim yesterday that as recently as the 1970s pedophilia wasn’t considered an “absolute evil”. During his traditional Christmas address last Monday to cardinals and other religious officials in Rome, Pope Benedict XVI also said that child pornography was considered “normal” by society. “In the 1970s, paedophilia was theorised as something fully in conformity with man and even with children,” the Pope said. “It was maintained — even within the realm of Catholic theology — that there is no such thing as evil in itself or good in itself. There is only a ‘better than’ and a ‘worse than’. Nothing is good or bad in itself.” He added that clerical abuse allegations in the past year reached “an unimaginable dimension” which has required the Catholic church to accept the “humiliation”….”We cannot remain silent about the context of these times in which these events have come to light,” he said, citing the growth of child pornography “that seems in some way to be considered more and more normal by society,” he said.

Vatican warned Irish bishops not to report abuse (AP) 1/18/11 A 1997 letter from the Vatican warned Ireland’s Catholic bishops not to report all suspected child-abuse cases to police — a disclosure that victims’ groups described as “the smoking gun” needed to show that the church enforced a worldwide culture of covering up crimes by pedophile priests.
The newly revealed letter, obtained by Irish broadcasters RTE and provided to The Associated Press, documents the Vatican’s rejection of a 1996 Irish church initiative to begin helping police identify pedophile priests following Ireland’s first wave of publicly disclosed lawsuits.
The letter undermines persistent Vatican claims, particularly when seeking to defend itself in U.S. lawsuits, that Rome never instructed local bishops to withhold evidence or suspicion of crimes from police. It instead emphasizes the church’s right to handle all child-abuse allegations and determine punishments in house rather than give that power to civil authorities.
Signed by the late Archbishop Luciano Storero, Pope John Paul II’s diplomat to Ireland, the letter instructs Irish bishops that their new policy of making the reporting of suspected crimes mandatory “gives rise to serious reservations of both a moral and canonical nature.”
Storero wrote that canon law, which required abuse allegations and punishments to be handled within the church, “must be meticulously followed.” Any bishops who tried to impose punishments outside the confines of canon law would face the “highly embarrassing” position of having their actions overturned on appeal in Rome, he wrote….To this day, the Vatican has not endorsed any of the Irish church’s three major policy documents since 1996 on safeguarding children from clerical abuse. Irish taxpayers, rather than the church, have paid most of the euro1.5 billion ($2 billion) to more than 14,000 abuse claimants dating back to the 1940s….
Storero warned that bishops who followed the Irish child-protection policy and reported a priest’s suspected crimes to police risked having their in-house punishments of the priest overturned by the Congregation for the Clergy. The 2009 Dublin Archdiocese report found that this actually happened in the case of Tony Walsh, one of Dublin’s most notorious pedophiles, who used his role as an Elvis impersonator in a popular “All Priests Show” to get closer to kids.
Walsh was kicked out of the priesthood by a secret Dublin church court in 1993 but successfully appealed the punishment to a Vatican court, which reinstated him to the priesthood in 1994. He raped a boy in a pub restroom at his grandfather’s wake that year. Walsh since has received a series of prison sentences, most recently a 12-year term imposed last month. Investigators estimate he raped or molested more than 100 children.

Vatican Letter Warned Bishops on Abuse Policy By LAURIE GOODSTEIN January 18, 2011

Munich Abuse Case – Archbishop Ratzinger Failed to Deal with Suspected Pedophile Priest By Conny Neumann and Peter Wensierski 11/29/2010  New documents show how the former Archbishop Joseph Ratzinger — now Pope Benedict XVI — and his successor Reinhard Marx failed to properly deal with a suspected pedophile. Despite massive allegations of abuse, the archdiocese allowed the priest to continue working with children…..According to the allegations, during his tenure in Munich, Ratzinger did not give sufficient attention to the type of duties that were assigned to the alleged pedophile H. Despite massive allegations of abuse levied against the priest, the archdiocese led by Ratzinger allowed H. to continue to be involved in church work with children and young people. For months now, very little progress has been made in clearing up this case. This is partly because the current archbishop of Munich, Reinhard Marx, who the pope recently promoted to cardinal, swiftly decided that the matter was settled. H. was transferred to Munich in January 1980 after he had apparently sexually abused a number of boys in his home diocese of Essen. Under Ratzinger’s leadership, the Munich archdiocese expressly approved H.’s transfer on January 15, 1980. It was decided that the cleric was to undergo therapy.
No Doubt
Recently discovered documents now show that there could have been no doubt in Munich about the priest’s previous history. The head of personnel in Essen had informed Ratzinger’s head of personnel by phone and in writing that, in regard to H., “there is a risk which has prompted us to immediately remove him from the parish.” Furthermore, he said that “an official complaint has been lodged by members of the parish.” But his victims are still waiting in vain for a genuine clarification of the matter. Wilfried Fesselmann, for instance, who says that he was abused by H. in 1979, wrote to Pope Benedict XVI last May. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith replied: “Your request is being processed.” Since then, he has heard nothing from them. The archdiocese of Munich is also reticent to comment on the case, despite the fact that Marx has pledged: “We want to do everything to clear this up — we will not look away, play it down or point the finger at others.”…In spring 2010, the Munich affair caused an enormous stir. It initially looked as if the abuse scandal would engulf Ratzinger personally. After all, the pedophile who was accepted by him into the archdiocese in Munich was able to continue working there as a pastor for three decades and find new victims — despite the fact that he was charged a fine and given a suspended sentence in 1986 for abusing schoolchildren.,1518,731683,00.html

Sex abuse victims reject Church payout offer 27 Jan 11  Victims of sexual abuse at Jesuit schools in Germany said Thursday that the Catholic Church’s offer of €5,000 in compensation is too low. “This sum is not at all sufficient to compensate for the damages suffered or to signal a recognition of guilt,” leader of the Eckiger Tisch victim’s group Thomas Weiner told daily Frankfurter Rundshau. Weiner also said he found it incomprehensible that victims already known to the Church would have to file an application to receive the payment. On Monday Klaus Mertes, rector of Canisius College, the elite Jesuit school in Berlin at which the first allegations surfaced, told daily Berliner Zeitungthat the 205 known victims would share about €1 million in damages payments from the Jesuit order, meaning each would receive roughly €5,000….The onslaught of sexual and physical abuse revelations within the Catholic Church began in January 2010 when it emerged that priests at Canisius committed dozens of assaults on pupils in the 1970s and 1980s. Since then more than 200 cases of such abuse at Church institutions throughout the country have emerged.

Victims reveal their suffering at the hands of ‘singing priest’ The Irish Times – Tuesday, December 7, 2010….Yesterday, former priest Tony Walsh (57) was jailed for 16 years for abusing three young altar boys in Ballyfermot, Dublin. One of the boys was repeatedly raped over several years between the age of seven and 12; and he indecently assaulted the two other boys. Sentencing him yesterday, Judge Frank O’Donnell labelled Walsh a “serial offender” who had inflicted a “life sentence” on one of his victims….Through their dignified victim impact statements, the three men yesterday revealed how the abuse has scarred them and continues to damage their lives.
“Following the abuse, I turned to drink and drugs to numb the pain,” David said. “My trust was gone towards people . . . When I was around 16, I attempted suicide. It was the first of numerous attempts.” Another victim, “Noel”, told how his parents refused to believe him when he disclosed he was being abused. Their response devastated him. “My mother said: ‘How could you say that about a man of the cloth, a man of God?’ My father gave me a hiding which started in the kitchen and finished in the bedroom.” The third victim, “Tim”, said the abuse has left him distrustful of men and he freezes under pressure; he cannot rid himself of the memories….“I have been diagnosed as suffering from severe bouts of psychotic depression…” he said. (David said) “Because of all this, I will be on medication for the rest of my life.”

Vatican allowed pedophile to remain in priesthood, report says – Dublin leaders had attempted to dismiss abuser By Shawn Pogatchnik Associated Press  December 18, 2010 DUBLIN — The Vatican prevented Dublin church leaders from dismissing a particularly dangerous pedophile priest and relented only after he raped a boy in a pub restroom, an investigation reported yesterday. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin said he fully accepted the findings of the latest chapter in Ireland’s investigation into child abuse by Dublin priests who were shielded from the law by Catholic leaders. Martin called Tony Walsh an “extremely devious man’’ who should never have been ordained a priest and said the report highlighted how the church had grown too powerful and arrogant in 20th-century Ireland. A state-ordered investigation into Dublin Archdiocese coverups reported last year that Catholic officials had shielded scores of priests from criminal investigation over several decades and did not report any crimes to the police until the mid-1990s. A chapter dealing with Walsh was censored from the original report because he was still facing a criminal trial. The Department of Justice published the chapter yesterday, following the 56-year-old Walsh’s Dec. 6 conviction for raping three boys over a five-year period three decades ago. He received a 12-year prison sentence. The investigators concluded that Walsh raped and molested hundreds of boys and girls as a Dublin priest from 1978 to 1996, a reign of terror that church leaders never effectively stopped.

Newark archbishop shielded at least 4 priests accused of sexual abuse December 05, 2010  Jeff Diamant/The Star-Ledger Eight years ago, Newark Archbishop John J. Myers stood among the nation’s bishops at a landmark gathering in Dallas and helped craft a policy intended to cleanse the priesthood of pedophiles and restore trust among shaken American Catholics….Star-Ledger review of the archbishop’s record since 2002 shows Myers on at least four occasions has shielded priests accused of sexual abuse against minors and one adult. In the four instances, the priests have either admitted improper sexual contact, pleaded guilty to crimes stemming from accusations of sexual misconduct or been permanently barred from ministry by the archdiocese after allegations of sexual misconduct.
The archdiocese also wrote a letter of recommendation for one of the priests, a week after it learned he was accused of breaking into a woman’s home in Florida and possibly assaulting her. From one perspective, the newspaper’s findings suggest Myers continues to take a cautious hand in publicly naming priests. The findings, coupled with testimony from a 2009 deposition, show the issue weighs heavily on Myers. From another view, the archbishop has failed to live up to the guidelines and spirit of what was set forth in Dallas….Myers’ spokesman, James Goodness, said the archbishop has lived up to his promises of 2002 and that the archdiocese has carefully followed procedures meant to bar abusive priests from ministry.

New investigation into abuse cover-up  16 December 2010 Hundreds of children could have been saved from paedophile priest Father Brendan Smyth had the sex abuse scandal been dealt with properly by the Catholic Church, a new UTV Insight Special programme reveals. The Resurrection of Brendan Smyth – to be aired on Thursday – follows the trail of broken lives left behind by the sex predator who raped and assaulted children in Ireland, Britain and America as the Catholic Church covered up his crimes. Journalist Chris Moore….documentary in 1994 revealed Smyth’s history of serial child sex abuse and how the church admitted it had known about it and had moved him around, where he was able to continue to abuse other children. In a new investigation, he hears from some of the victims Fr Smyth abused in America….Father Smyth was later jailed and died, aged 70, in August 1997, a month into his 12-year prison sentence. Earlier this year, the head of the Catholic church in Ireland confirmed he was present at a 1975 meeting where two teenagers abused by Father Smyth were asked to take a vow of silence. Cardinal Sean Brady apologised for failing to alert the authorities about the serial abuser.

Lawsuits accuse Knights of Columbus of child abuse NEW HAVEN, Connecticut Dec 14, 2010 (Reuters) – The Knights of Columbus was sued on Tuesday by two men who said they were sexually abused as children by a leader of a youth group run by the Roman Catholic fraternal organization. The federal lawsuits allege that Knights of Columbus officials knew a leader of the Columbian Squires youth group in Texas was molesting children but did not make any effort to stop him or remove him from the position.
The suits are believed to be the first child sex abuse claims filed against the Catholic group, said Jeffrey Herman, the attorney representing the two alleged victims….”We emphatically deny the allegations that have been made,” said Patrick Korten, a spokesman for the Knights of Columbus.
With 1.8 million members worldwide, the Knight of Columbus is the world’s largest Catholic mens’ organization and is focused on charity work….In one of the lawsuits, an unnamed Kansas resident claims the Squires leader abused him from 1978, when he was 10 years old, until 1986. He claims the leader shared him with other youth counselors in the group and threatened to kill him if he told anyone, the lawsuit said. The second lawsuit came from Texas resident Jim Dennany, who said he alerted Knights of Columbus officials in 1986 to assaults he said he suffered in the 1970s when he was a young teenager.
He claimed the group took no action, concealed the allegations and told him to keep quiet, according to the lawsuit….The Knights of Columbus spokesman said the group first became aware of allegations of sexual abuse against Rivera in December 2009. “We acted immediately, removing him from any responsibility involving youth programs,” Korten said. The group also alerted local authorities in Brownsville, Texas…

Germany admits enslaving and abusing a generation of children – Government agrees up to €120m in compensation for three decades of post-war ‘Nazi-era’ brutality in foster homes  By Tony Paterson in Berlin  Tuesday, 14 December 2010 Germany has owned up to one of the most disturbing examples of mass child and youth abuse in its post-war history, some 60 years after the first teenagers started being locked away and mistreated by supposedly “caring” foster homes.  The country agreed yesterday to provide a €120m (£101m) compensation fund for the estimated 30,000 victims who were among the 800,000 children in German foster homes in the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies. Institutions that for decades meted out inhuman treatment – including ritual beatings, periods of solitary confinement, forced labour and sexual assaults – were not youth remand centres or borstals as might be expected, but homes run by nuns and priests in former West Germany’s Catholic and Protestant churches, as well as state-run homes.

Federal authorities say they broke up a global child porn ring By Michael Martinez, CNN December 15, 2010 Los Angeles (CNN) — Federal authorities announced Tuesday they dismantled an international child pornography ring that allowed its 35 male members to trade thousands of images and videos of boys in sexually explicit situations through a website. The announcement was made in the wake of Monday’s guilty plea by a Georgia man to transporting child pornography using a secret Internet bulletin board called “Lost Boy.” That website operated from September 2007 to January 2009, when authorities shut it down and began investigating the men who operated it, officials said….
The investigation has also led to the identification of 27 victims of child abuse in the United States, including some whose images were posted on the Lost Boy bulletin board, officials said….
The bulletin board also had a “Handbook Project,” where members contributed to a guide on how to find and groom boys to engage in sex and how to move on to other victims when the current victim grows too old to be attractive to the members, authorities said.

Australian police unearth global pedophile ring December 31, 2010  An Australian investigation has unearthed an international network of pedophile parents who abuse their own children and share images of the assaults. The operation by Queensland police, Task Force Argos, has led to the break-up of the major international pedophile ring of parents, with arrests in the US and Britain….
The UK website operator and his wife allegedly abused their young son and daughter, filmed the assaults and distributed the images to other pedophiles. A forensic examination of the couple’s computers recovered “chat logs” that led US authorities this week to two fathers who resided in Texas and Michigan. The men allegedly held Skype internet video sessions with each other and during the sessions abused their children. On Monday when US authorities executed a search warrant on the Texas man’s home, police say he admitted to assaulting his son just hours earlier during a Skype session with the Michigan man.

Trafficked Teen Girls Describe Life In ‘The Game’ by Youth Radio NPR December 6, 2010 Last month, the FBI announced the results of Operation Cross Country V, a 40-city investigation that led to the rescue of 69 children who were being victimized through prostitution. More than 800 people, including 99 pimps, were arrested. According to the FBI, more than 100,000 children are sold for sex in the U.S. each year. In a two-part series, Youth Radio takes a look at the problem of child prostitution in the U.S. Today, two young women who recently escaped what’s called “the game” share their stories….A History Of Violence
According to a recent survey of social service providers in Oakland and the rest of the county, 61 percent of the teen prostitutes they see say they were raped as children.

Nine arrested in child sex abuse investigation – Rochdale arrests made after a police inquiry into the sexual exploitation of teenage girls – Helen Carter 11 January 2011  Police investigating a group of men who allegedly groomed young girls for sex in Rochdale have made a series of arrests. Greater Manchester police said nine men had been arrested on suspicion of causing or inciting child prostitution, sexual activity with a child and paying for the sexual services of a child. The men, aged between 20 and 40 from Rochdale and Heywood, were arrested on 21 December.

57 men charged in international child porn ring Dec. 8, 2010 Twenty-five Canadians are among 57 men arrested after authorities shut down an international child-porn network , Toronto police announced Wednesday. Twenty-five children were rescued, 12 of whom are from Canada, in the year-long investigation into the online trading of child pornography. Det. Paul Krawczyk, from the child exploitation section of Toronto Police’s Sex Crimes Unit, said 57 people including 25 Canadians were arrested on charges of child pornography as part of a massive investigation known as Project Sanctuary.
A total of 218 charges were laid, ranging from making, possessing and distributing child pornography to luring a child under the age of 16 and sexual assault….
Krawczyk would not discuss the undercover operation beyond saying the suspects were connected by the way they shared the images online. He said there was “hundred of thousands, if not millions, of images.” Police said some the images showed children in their infancy. “There was a lot of very young child pornography,” Det. Const. Janelle Blackadar of the Toronto Police Sex Crimes Unit told CTV Toronto. “By young, I mean, infant, toddler abuse. We’ve seen images of children with an umbilical cord.” Over the past year, 26 U.S. men have been arrested on 56 charges, 25 Canadian men have been arrested and face 131 charges and six European men have been arrested and face 13 charges. The Canadian men who have been charged range from 20 to 68 years of age. They face a total of 131 charges after the execution of 31 search warrants across the country.

describes abuses
Abuses Found at Mexican Institutions for Disabled by Randal C. Archibold November 30, 2010  Mexico City — Ten years ago, a human rights group released a scathing, groundbreaking report on abusive, decrepit conditions in Mexican institutions for the mentally and physically disabled, moving the country to promise change and to take the lead in writing international agreements to protect the disabled. But in a new report released Tuesday, the group, Disability Rights International, working with a Mexican human rights organization, said a yearlong investigation revealed “atrocious and abusive conditions” that included lobotomies performed without consent, children missing from orphanages, widespread filth and squalor, and a lack of medical care….At orphanages, the team found that children were unaccounted for and interviewed residents who had said they had grown up in the facilities, though officials had no record of the names they came in with or arrival date.
Human rights officials and unnamed government officials told them there was no registry or tracking system for children placed in public or private institutions, leaving them prey to human traffickers. “Due to a failure to provide oversight, children have literally disappeared from institutions,” the report said. “Some of these children may have been subject to sex trafficking and forced labor.”

Abandoned & Disappeared: Mexico’s Segregation and Abuse of Children and Adults with Disabilities – A report, by Disability Rights International and the Comisión Méxicana de Defensa y Promoción de los Derechos Humanos, on the state of the Mexican mental health care system.

Warren Jeffs returned to Texas to face bigamy case By TERRI LANGFORD Copyright 2010 Houston Chronicle Dec. 1, 2010 Polygamist sect leader Warren Jeffs faced a Texas judge Wednesday more than two years after authorities discovered his followers married underage girls at an Eldorado ranch, prompting the removal of 438 children, the largest child custody case in U.S. history. A wan Jeffs, 54, appeared before state District Judge Barbara Walther in San Angelo where he was arraigned on three charges involving two underage brides, unidentified girls who were 12 and 14 at the time of the alleged crimes.
He’s accused of sexually assaulting one girl in 2005 and committing bigamy and aggravated sexual assault with the other girl in 2006. If Jeffs, the self-appointed leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a breakaway Mormon sect, is convicted on any one of the three  charges, he could face as little as five years or as much as life in prison. “This is a crime that occurred in the state of Texas and will be adjudicated here,” said Jerry Strickland, spokesman for Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbott, whose office has so far prosecuted seven FLDS men. An overturned Utah conviction for Jeffs, who had been serving a sentence of rape for his role in forcing two underage girls to marry there, opened the door for Abbott’s office to move on indictments filed here against Jeffs in 2008, the year of the Texas raid.

describes abuse
Babies often tortured by fundamentalist polygamists: Witness By Daphne Bramham, Postmedia News January 13, 2011  Water torture of babies is one way some members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints instil fear of authority, a former member testified Wednesday. “It’s quite common,” Carolyn Blackmore Jessop said. She was a witness for the B.C. government in the constitutional reference case to determine whether Canada’s polygamy law is valid….Jessop talked about the practice during her testimony in B.C. Supreme Court. Her assertions about water torture were not challenged by FLDS lawyer Robert Wickett during cross-examination.  Outside the courthouse, Jessop said water torture is common enough that there doesn’t seem to be any shame attached to the practice. In her cousin’s baby book, there’s a handwritten note by her mother noting that when her daughter was 18 months old, she was becoming quite a handful and, as a result, was being held under the tap on a regular basis….

WikiLeaks cables: Vatican vetoed Holocaust memorial over Pius XII row – Moves to beatify controversial wartime pope reveal tension between conservatives and liberals in Catholic church
Andrew Brown 21 December 2010 Pius XII has long been a controversial figure for his failure publicly to denounce the Holocaust in 1941 or 1942….The Vatican has withdrawn from a written agreement to join an international Holocaust memorial organisation because of tensions over the activity of Pope Pius XII, the pope during the second world war, American diplomatic cables show. Relations have become so frosty that the Vatican “rowed back on a prior written agreement” to take up observer status on an international organisation dedicated to remembering the Holocaust and transmitting its lessons to the future, according to Julieta Valls Noyes, the number two at the American embassy to the Holy See.


Leaked Cables Show Vatican Tensions and Diplomacy With U.S. By RACHEL DONADIO December 10, 2010   ROME – Recently released diplomatic cables show the Vatican fighting to shore up its eroding control over sexual abuse scandals in the United States and Ireland, highlighting complex tensions between the Vatican  hierarchy, local bishops and civil authorities. The cables were obtained by WikiLeaks and made available to The New York Times and other news organizations. They do not appear to contain any bombshells about the Vatican, but they provide a telling glimpse of how American diplomats often rely on the Roman Catholic Church’s worldwide network of prelates for intelligence.
Some cables read in part like thrillers, like when Opus Dei, the powerful religious order, took pains to distance itself from one of its members: Robert P. Hanssen, an F.B.I. agent who in a dramatic case in 2001 pleaded guilty to being a longtime Russian spy. Others reveal some of the complex diplomacy between the United States and the Vatican during the abuse scandal that hit the United States in 2002.

WikiLeaks cables: Vatican refused to engage with child sex abuse inquiry – Leaked cable lays bare how Irish government was forced to grant Vatican officials immunity from testifying to Murphy commission Heather Brooke The Guardian,  11 December 2010 The Vatican refused to allow its officials to testify before an Irish commission investigating the clerical abuse of children and was angered when they were summoned from Rome, US embassy cables released by WikiLeaks reveal. Requests for information from the 2009 Murphy commission into sexual and physical abuse by clergy “offended many in the Vatican” who felt that the Irish government had “failed to respect and protect Vatican sovereignty during the investigations”, a cable says. Despite the lack of co-operation from the Vatican, the commission was able to substantiate many of the claims and concluded that some bishops had tried to cover up abuse, putting the interests of the Catholic church ahead of those of the victims. Its report identified 320 people who complained of child sexual abuse between 1975 and 2004 in the Dublin archdiocese.

NY jury convicts pastor of sexual abuse JANUARY 28, 2011 Associated Press RIVERHEAD, N.Y. — A Long Island jury has convicted the pastor of a small congregation of sexually abusing two teenage brothers. Miguel Leon, who preached to a Santeria congregation out of his Medford home, was convicted of 37 counts, including criminal sex acts and endangering the welfare of a child. The jury in Riverhead, N.Y., deliberated for 11 hours over two days. Prosecutors say the brothers, 14 and 16, were abused from December 2008 to July 2009.

Author of ‘Pedophile’s Guide’ Arrested on Obscenity Charges Philip R. Greaves II Arrested After Mailing Book to Undercover Officers in Florida By KI MAE HEUSSNER Dec. 20, 2010  The Colorado man who sparked a firestorm of controversy with his self-published “pedophile’s guide” on Amazon has been arrested on obscenity charges. Officials with the Polk County, Florida, Sheriff’s Office said today that they worked with law enforcement in Pueblo, Colo. to arrest Philip R. Greaves II, 47, author of the electronic book, “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover’s Code of Conduct.” The book, which went on sale in late October, ignited intense online protests and was ultimately pulled by Amazon in November. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said his office obtained a warrant for Greaves’ arrest after the author mailed a signed copy of the book to undercover detectives, giving them jurisdiction. Greaves has been charged with distribution of obscene material depicting minors engaged in conduct harmful to minors. “I thought the book was outrageous,” Judd said. “That someone would pen a how-to manifesto to sexually batter very young children.” He said Florida has a very clear obscenity statute prohibiting the depiction of children engaged in sexual conduct and two real-life stories in Greaves’ book violated that statute.

Author of pedophile guide arrested on Florida obscenity charge By Craig Pittman, Times staff writer December 21, 2010 ….Greaves, 47, was not charged with distribution of child pornography because there were no pictures of children being molested, explained sheriff’s spokesman Scott Wilder. However, the book includes first-person descriptions of sexual encounters, purportedly written from a child’s point of view. In the book Greaves contends it is only a crime to act on sexual impulses toward children, and offers advice that purportedly allows pedophiles to abide by the law. The author, a retired nurse with no criminal record, told Fox News last month that his book does not promote pedophilia, although it’s “something that I have sympathy for because of my own childhood.” He told CNN at the time that he has not had sexual contact with a child as an adult, but he did when he was a teenager. He said an adult female introduced him to oral sex when he was 7. Greaves chose late Monday not to fight extradition. In a brief court appearance in Colorado, the author told a judge he would go face the charge in Florida.

Underage sex trade still flourishing online By Amber Lyon and Steve Turnham, CNN January 20, 2011 Editor’s note: Hundreds of thousands of girls under the age of 18 are sold as sex slaves in the U.S. In a yearlong investigation, CNN’s Amber Lyon reveals the devastating realities of the business of underage sex. Don’t miss CNN Presents “Selling the Girl Next Door” this Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on CNN.
* Selena, 13, was sold for sex on
* Advocacy groups have accused the website of facilitating the trafficking of underage girls
* Neither nor its owner would comment on those accusations….
According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, there are at least 100,000 underage girls being sex trafficked in America today. That’s a conservative estimate based on what little hard data currently exists; NCMEC believes the real number could be as high as 300,000. Most are runaways, suffering from psychological problems or drug dependence, picked up and sold by pimps for staggering profits. According to studies, pimps can make up to half a million dollars a year, and they frequently prey on the young and the vulnerable. The pimps ply their trade on the web, the new marketplace for underage sex trafficking. Last year, victims’ advocates called the internet classified site Craigslist’s Adult Service Section the “Walmart of child sex trafficking.”
CNN investigated Craigslist, posting an ad and receiving numerous calls from men seeking sex. That investigation helped spark a national conversation and outrage, as well as a call from 17 attorneys general around the country for Craigslist to shut down its adult services section. But when Craigslist shut down its section, the escort ads migrated to another site, We decided to investigate Backpage after advocacy groups accused the website, which is owned by the Village Voice Media Group, of facilitating the trafficking of underage girls. According to the AIM Group, an internet consulting firm, Backpage’s escort site earned an estimated $20 million in 2010. Its profits soared after Craigslist decided to pull the plug on its adult services section….Last fall, Backpage hired internet security advisor Hemu Nigam to implement “a holistic plan centered around preventing criminal activity on our site.” We wanted to know what that “holistic plan” was, but Nigam wouldn’t talk to us either. Full nudity appears to have disappeared from the site, but suspect ads with tag lines such as “Daddy’s Little Girl” are common.

Sex, Death and the Gods – video – Interview with filmmaker Beeban Kidron, plus exclusive clips from her new film. Sex, Death and the Gods explores the complex world of India’s devadasi, girls devoted to a goddess and then sold for sex at puberty – Beeban Kidron’s film about the devadasi, Storyville: Sex, Death and the Gods, will be shown on BBC4 on Monday 24 January at 10pm Lindsay Poulton and Joanna Moorhead, 21 January 2011

Salvation Army says sorry for abuse Susanna Dunkerley December 7, 2010 AAP The physical scars may have faded but the emotional ones remain raw for thousands of Australians who were abused while growing up inside children’s homes. So an apology by the Salvation Army for the abuse of children in its care up to the 1990s was welcome news for many of the survivors who gathered in Canberra on Tuesday….”Many children did not experience the gentleness of love that they needed,” the apology, later distributed to media, read. “Some children suffered abuse and deprivation. As a result their stories are full of hurt, rejection, discouragement and a failure to realise potential….” The support network for the half a million so-called forgotten Australians, who grew up inside orphanages and institutions, welcomed the apology….Brian Cherrie, 57, who was repeatedly raped inside the notorious Box Hill Boys’ Home, wants the churches and charities responsible for the abuse to sell assets to pay for compensation. “The children’s home where I grew up is still owned by the Salvation Army”….But survivors like Alfred Stirling, 70, say no amount of money will ever make up for the abuse suffered inside. “I’d get the crap beaten out of me, and then raped … it was hell,” he said of his time in Bayswater Boys’ Homes from 1954-57.

Organised child sex abuse ‘growing problem’ in Wales 17 January 2011 Children trafficked in Wales are being moved around the country and across the UK, says children’s charity Barnardo’s. They are moved along the M4 corridor in south Wales and the A55 in north Wales to places including London, Bristol, Birmingham and Liverpool, it says. Meanwhile, an AM says nearly 30 children in Wales’ social services system have been identified as victims of organised child sexual abuse….The charity says it is working with more than 1,000 abused children who are moved around British towns and cities. Dr Sam Clutton, lead policy officer for child sexual exploitation at Barnardo’s Cymru, said a “sophisticated grooming process” saw young people being tricked by abusers. She told BBC Radio Wales: “We know that this is becoming more organised and more tied into organised crime.

Paedophile ring leader Colin Blanchard jailed 10 January 2011 The leader of a paedophile ring which sexually abused young children and shared the images has been jailed. Colin Blanchard, 40, of Rochdale, admitted a string of sex offences. He received an indeterminate sentence and must spend at least nine years in jail. Two women were also sentenced. Tracy Lyons, 41, of Portsmouth, was jailed for seven years and Tracy Dawber, 44, of Southport, for four years. Plymouth nursery worker Vanessa George, 40, was jailed in 2009.

Ritual Abuse and Mind Control Information

THE GREENBAUM SPEECH Hypnosis in MPD: Ritual Abuse

CIA Tries Again to Duck Responsibility for Doing Drug Experiments on Veterans By MARIA DINZEO December 14, 2010 SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – The Central Intelligence Agency in January will argue for dismissal of Vietnam veterans’ claims that the CIA must provide them with information about the health effects of chemicals used on them during Cold War-era human experiments. The CIA also claims it is not obligated to provide the veterans with medical care for side effects of the drugs. It’s the CIA’s third attempt to get the case dismissed.
In a 2009 federal lawsuit, Vietnam Veterans of America claimed that the Army and CIA had used at least 7,800 soldiers as guinea pigs in “Project Paperclip.” They were given at least 250 and as many as 400 types of drugs, among them sarin, one of the most deadly drugs known to man, amphetamines, barbiturates, mustard gas, phosgene gas and LSD.
Among the project’s goals were to control human behavior, develop drugs that would cause confusion, promote weakness or temporarily cause loss of hearing or vision, create a drug to induce hypnosis and identify drugs that could enhance a person’s ability to withstand torture.
The veterans say that some of the soldiers died, and others suffered grand mal seizures, epileptic seizures and paranoia. The veterans say the CIA promised in the 1970s to compensate those who were made guinea pigs, but the 2009 complaint states that the government “never made a sincere effort to locate the survivors.”
In its 32-page motion to dismiss the group’s third amended complaint, the CIA claims it has no legal obligation under the Administrative Procedures Act to provide the veterans with notice of the drugs’ health effects and that the veterans’ notice claim “rests solely on state common-law duty.”
The CIA claims that the law on which the veterans base their claim for health care compensation stems from the Department of Defense and Army regulations, “which do not purport to have a binding affect on the CIA.” And it claims that the Defense Department “never intended nor committed to providing medical care for service member participants in the test programs.”



Operation Paperclip – CIA’s Denial of Protecting Nazis is Blatant Lie (Part 1) by Hank P. Albarelli Jr. Leaks or revelations are often more compelling because of what they don’t reveal. Through Operation Paperclip, the U.S. organized a monumental transfer of black technology by actively recruiting Nazi scientists guilty of war crimes for employment by U.S. intelligence. In his three-part investigation, author H. P. Albarelli dredges up the part that was omitted from the recently-outed official report: the U.S. pointedly chose fervent Nazi scientists with experience in chemical, biological and radioactive warfare to become the architects of the CIA’s darkest military experiments with human guinea pigs, reminiscent of Nazi Germany.
On 11 November 1954, thirty-nine of the German-born scientists who entered the United States through Project Paperclip were sworn in as U.S. citizens. Military Intelligence “cleansed” the files of Nazi references. By 1955, more than 760 German scientists had been granted citizenship in the U.S. and given prominent positions in the American scientific community. Many had been longtime members of the Nazi party and the Gestapo, had conducted experiments on humans at concentration camps, had used slave labor, and had committed other war crimes….
Written by reporter Eric Lichtblau, it was entitled “Nazi’s Were Given ’Safe Haven’ in U.S., Report Says”. (New York Times –
The article focused on a 600-page “secret report” that had been produced by the U.S. Justice Department. The report, which Justice Department officials had suppressed from public release for years, details the American government’s importation into the U.S., following the end of World War II, of countless numbers of Nazis.
Written in a dry, bureaucratic style, the report recounts a number of examples of well-known Nazis to whom both the CIA and Department of State had provided both shelter and employment to, including Adolph Eichman, Otto Von Bolschwing, Dr. Josef Mengele, and Arthur Rudolph. To the purposes of this article, it is important to underscore here that the long-concealed report makes no mention whatsoever of the many Nazi scientists who specialized in chemical, biological and radioactive warfare and who were secretly relocated in the United States between the years 1946 and 1958….
“Operation Paperclip” transferred to the U.S. over 1,600 Nazi scientists, largely escaping the Nuremberg trials. Men who were classified as ’ardent Nazis’ were chosen – just weeks after Hitler’s defeat – to become ’respectable’ U.S. citizens, some of whom are allegedly still working in places like Brookhaven labs, Cold Spring Harbor and Plum Island. Photo: Gen. Reinhard Gehlen (middle) and his SS united were hired, and swiftly became agents of the CIA when they revealed their massive records on the Soviet Union to the US….
In the U.S., Hoffmann (“Dr. Hoffmann” was German scientist Dr. Friedrich “Fritz” Hoffmann, who came to America in 1947 through the Paperclip pipeline) was initially posted at Camp Detrick and Edgewood Arsenal, where he continued his work with refining lethal sarin and tabun gases for warfare objectives, utilizing a specially built gas chamber, put together along with Edgewood Arsenal research chief Dr. Seymour Silver, within which countless animals were destroyed, and at least 25 alleged ‘volunteer’ American servicemen were experimented upon. Reports that several servicemen died in these experiments have persisted for decades, but the Pentagon refuses to release any documents concerning the experiments….
Project Paperclip brought Dr. Herbert Bruno Gerstner from Germany to the United States in 1949….Prior to coming to America, Gerstner had spent much of his professional career in Leipzig, Germany. There he worked for the University of Leipzig. Some readers may recall that the University employed a number of physicians who were quite prominent in the Nazi’s euthanasia program aimed at the mentally ill, including large numbers of children.

CIA FILES – Operation ARTICHOKE – BACM RESEARCH –  WWW.PAPERLESSARCHIVES.COM About BACM Research – BACM Research/ publishes documentary historical research collections….
Source material from Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), National Security Agency (NSA), Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Secret Service, National Security Council, Department of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Department of Justice, National Archive Records and Administration, and Presidential Libraries.
CIA ARTICHOKE FILES “Manchurian Candidate” ARTICHOKE CIA Files – ARTICHOKE was the CIA’S cryptonym for the study and/or use of special interrogation methods that have been known to included hypnosis, drugs and total isolation. It grew out of the Agency’s Operation BLACKBIRD and was a forerunner to the Agency’s MKULTRA. Project ARTICHOKE also known as Operation ARTICHOKE was run by the CIA’s Office of Scientific Intelligence. The project went deeper into interrogation methods studied in the CIA’s Project BLUEBIRD. ARTICHOKE offensive mind control techniques experiments attempted to induce amnesia and highly suggestive states in its subjects. ARTICHOKE focused on the use of hypnosis, forced morphine addiction, forced morphine addiction withdrawal, along with other drugs, chemicals, and techniques. The main focus of the program was summarized in a January 1952 CIA memo, “Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature, such as self-preservation?”
One program experiment attempted to see if it was possible to produce a “Manchurian Candidate.” In Richard Condon’s 1959 novel “The Manchurian Candidate” an American soldier, who has been placed into a hypnotic state by Communist forces, returns home to assassinate on command. Five years earlier the CIA considered the possibility. A January 1954 CIA report asks the question, “Can an individual of [redacted] descent be made to perform an act of attempted assassination involuntarily under the influence of ARTICHOKE?”

Morgellons and the CIA’s MK/NAOMI Project (Part 2) by Hank P. Albarelli Jr., Zoe Martell Why is it that the U.S. state apparatus is standing in the way of any serious medical investigation into Mogellons disease? For the simple reason that it would inexorably lead to the covert biological war programmes of the 1950’s. Hank Albarelli lifts the veil on a period – which may not necessarily be over – when the military-industrial complex proclaimed to safeguard the “free world” while testing new experiments on the civilian population that it purported to protect; a period when members of the medical profession – including the CDC – developed diseases that they should have been preventing but which they used instead to contaminate the very people they were supposed to protect….
One of the many pages from the MKNAOMI and MKULTRA declassified documents. MKNAOMI was the code name for a joint Department of Defense/CIA research program lasting from the 1950s through the 1970s. It is generally reported to be a successor to the MKDELTA project and to have focused on biological projects including biological warfare agents-specifically, to store materials that could either incapacitate or kill a test subject and to develop devices for the diffusion of such materials.
List of declassified MK-Ultra Project Documents
….MK/NAOMI was the cryptonym for an ultra-secret project instituted by the CIA for its partnership with the Special Operations Division (SOD) of the U.S. Army’s biological warfare center at Fort Detrick, Maryland. The general objectives of MK/NAOMI, as stated in contemporaneous CIA documents, were:
– To provide for a covert support base to meet clandestine operational requirements.
– To research, develop, and stockpile severely incapacitating and lethal materials for the specific use of CIA’s Technical Services Division.
– To maintain in operational readiness special and unique items for the dissemination of biological and chemical materials.
– To provide for the required surveillance, testing, upgrading, and evaluation of materials and items in order to assure absence of defects and complete predictability of results to be expected under operational conditions.
Recently obtained CIA documents reveal that in the mid-1950s, scientists at Fort Detrick’s SOD undertook intensive research and experimentation with a large number of “paralysis agents.” This phase of MK/NAOMI was referred to in-house at Fort Detrick as the “K Project” and the “K Problem.” According to CIA documents, K indicates both “knockout” and “kill”, depending upon the circumstances under which researched biological products were employed by CIA operatives in the field operations conducted under “Project Artichoke” and later programs.

Cryptome Exposes CIA Hypnosis Programs By Adam Weinstein Dec. 28, 2010….here’s a pair of memos, posted to the intelligence-secrets website, that show the CIA was all up in that Inception-type business in the Cold War: using deep hypnosis to create unwitting double agents and implant secret communications in their brains, where they can’t be intercepted….No surprises here to those who are well-acquainted both with science fiction and the CIA’s fondness for far-out mind experiments. Ackerman reminds us about Project MKULTRA and the crazy acid tests that comprised America’s war on commies until the ’70s, when Congress’ Church Commission put the kibosh on all that cloak-and-doctor intrigue. Even so, these two docs, dated from 1954 and 1955, are worth a good read.

CIA Hypnotism 1954 document        CIA-Hypnotism-1954

describes torture
Officials: CIA gave waterboarders $5M legal shield 12/18/2010 WASHINGTON (AP) — When the CIA decided to waterboard suspected terror detainees in overseas prisons, the agency turned to a pair of contractors. The men designed the CIA’s interrogation program and personally took part in the waterboarding sessions.
But to do the job, the CIA had to promise to cover at least $5 million in legal fees for them in case there was trouble down the road, former U.S. officials said. Turns out the contractors needed that secret agreement as taxpayers pay to defend the men in a federal investigation over an interrogation tactic the United States now says is torture. The deal is even more generous than the protections the agency typically provides its own officers, giving the two men access to more money to finance their defenses. It has long been known that psychologists Jim Mitchell and Bruce Jessen created the CIA’s interrogation program. But former U.S. intelligence officials said Mitchell and Jessen also repeatedly subjected terror suspects inside CIA-run secret prisons to waterboarding, a simulated drowning tactic. The revelation of the contractors’ involvement is the first known confirmation of any individuals who conducted waterboarding at the so-called black sites, underscoring just how much the agency relied on outside help in its most sensitive interrogations….After the terrorism attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, Mitchell and Jessen sold the government on an interrogation program for high-value al-Qaeda members. The two psychologists had spent years training military officials to resist interrogations and, in doing so, had subjected U.S. troops to techniques such as forced nudity, painful stress positions, sleep deprivation and waterboarding.


Scientists Claim CIA Misused Work on Sleep Deprivation By Michael Scherer  Washington  Apr. 21, 2009 German and French researchers whose work has been cited by the CIA and the Justice Department to help justify the legality of harsh interrogation techniques, including prolonged sleep deprivation, condemned the Bush Administration on Tuesday for misusing their scientific findings. “It is total nonsense to cite our study in this context,” said Dr. Bernd Kundermann, a professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the University of Marburg.
“I’m disappointed, upset, consternated and even hurt at seeing this,” said Dr. S. Hakki Onen, a sleep specialist and geriatrician with the Hôpital Gériatrique A. Charial, part of the Hospices Civils de Lyon in France. “To see [the research] used in this manner is upsetting because [the CIA’s] goals run counter to the therapeutic intent of our effort … In publishing clinical findings like this, you’re aware you lose control of them, because they can be read and even abused by people who may have other objectives in mind.” Kundermann and Onen are the second and third European sleep scientists to speak out this week against the CIA’s use of published academic literature on sleep deprivation. On Monday, James Horne, a British researcher who was also cited by CIA medical experts in recently declassified memos, called the agency’s medical reasoning “nonsense.”….
According to the Justice Department memos, the maximum allowable period of sleep deprivation allowed under the CIA interrogation program was 264 hours, though no detainee was deprived of sleep for more than 180 hours, or 7½ days. Only three detainees had been subjected to sleep deprivation for more than 96 hours. The detainees were kept awake by being forced to stand, sit or recline in uncomfortable positions, with shackled limbs. At the same time, detainees could undergo stressful treatments, including significant dietary restrictions and violence, like waterboarding and walling.,8599,1892897,00.html

Clip from Healing from Ritual Abuse and Mind Control DVD Trish Fotheringham
Ordering information for the full video is at:
Healing from Ritual Abuse and Mind Control: Survivor Trish Fotheringham Speaks Out – Interview by Ellen Lacter, Ph.D. This is a three-disc DVD set interview of Trish Fotheringham, survivor of ritual abuse and mind control.  In an interview of almost three hours with Dr. Ellen Lacter, Trish Fotheringham inspires hope and courage for extreme abuse survivors. She gives direction and guidance for the healing journey, not only to survivors but also to the people who help them, including psychotherapists, clergy, and loved ones.

Declassified Papers Show U.S. Recruited Ex-Nazis By SAM ROBERTS December 11, 2010 After World War II, American counterintelligence recruited former Gestapo officers, SS veterans and Nazi collaborators to an even greater extent than had been previously disclosed and helped many of them avoid prosecution or looked the other way when they escaped, according to thousands of newly declassified documents….
“When the Klaus Barbie story broke, about his escaping with American help to Bolivia, we thought there weren’t any more stories like that, that Barbie was an exception,” said Norman J. W. Goda, a University of Florida professor and co-author of the report with Professor Richard Breitman of American University. “What we found in the record is that there were a fair number, and that it seems more systematic.”….
The report, “Hitler’s Shadow: Nazi War Criminals, U.S. Intelligence and the Cold War,” ( HITLER’S SHADOW Nazi War Criminals, U.S. Intelligence, and the Cold War Richard Breitman and Norman J.W. Goda Published by the National Archives
) grew out of an interagency group created by Congress to identify, declassify and release federal records on Nazi war crimes and on Allied efforts to hold war criminals accountable. It is drawn from a sampling of 1,100 C.I.A files and 1.2 million Army counterintelligence files that were not declassified until after the group issued its final report in 2007.
“Hitler’s Shadow” adds a further dimension to a separate Justice Department history of American Nazi-hunting operations, which the government has refused to release since 2006 and which concluded that American intelligence officials created a “safe haven” in the United States for certain other former Nazis.

Barack Obama orders review of Guatemala STD study 24 Nov 2010 President Barack Obama has asked a bioethical committee to review federal guidelines for protecting humans during medical testing after a US study revealed that Guatemalans were intentionally infected with sexually transmitted diseases from 1946-1948. Mr Obama sent a letter to Amy Gutmann, director of the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues, asking her to convene a panel in January to determine “if federal regulations and international standards adequately guard the health and wellbeing of participants in scientific studies supported by the federal government.”….
The commission should wrap up its work in nine months and then deliver a report to him, he said. The Guatemalan study, which was never published, came to light this year after Wellesley College professor Susan Reverby stumbled upon archived documents outlining the 1940s experiment led by controversial US public health doctor John Cutler. Cutler and his fellow researchers enrolled people in Guatemala, including mental patients, for the study, which aimed to find out if penicillin, relatively new in the 1940s, could be used to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Cutler, was also involved in a highly controversial study known as the Tuskegee Experiment in which hundreds of African American men with late-stage syphilis were observed but given no treatment for 40 years, between 1932 and 1972. Initially, the researchers infected female Guatemalan commercial sex workers with gonorrhoea or syphilis, and then allowed them to have unprotected sex with soldiers or prison inmates. A total of some 1,500 people took part in the study.

U.S. Illegal Experiments Went Far Beyond Guatemala 14 December 2010 GUATEMALA – The illegal experiments conducted on human beings by a U.S. medical team in the 1940s went far beyond Guatemala, according to local news reports. The team headed by Dr. John Cutler did the same thing in the United States, India, and African nations, said Leon Arango, member of the commission in charge of investigating the experiments on Guatemalans, quoted in the Diario de Centro America newspaper on Monday. Cutler headed a team that from 1946 to 1948 intentionally infected 610 Guatemalans with venereal diseases, including prostitutes, prisoners, soldiers, and mentally disabled people, according to a report published by a U.S. investigator….Arango said he had information that showed the experiments were also conducted on U.S. prison inmates and citizens from a community in Alabama, as well in African countries and in India.

describes graphic crimes and rituals  Face to face with General Butt Naked – ‘the most evil man in the world’ By Edna Fernandes 28th November 2010 ….The initiation is complete and the priest is now one of the most powerful leaders in West Africa. The priest is 11 years old.  As prophesied, the boy priest grew up to become one of Liberia’s most notorious warlords: General Butt Naked. He and his boy soldiers would charge into battle naked apart from boots and machine guns. The initiation sacrifice that he carried out aged 11 was the first life he took out of the 20,000 deaths for which he now claims responsibility. His rivals dispute the number of deaths as impossible to prove. Yet what is indisputable is that during Liberia’s 14 years of civil war, the man became known as one of the most inhumane and ruthless guerrilla leaders in Africa’s history. After the former General Butt Naked confessed his past to Liberia’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) in 2008, one internet blogger asked: ‘Is this the most evil man who ever lived?’ His crimes included child sacrifice, cannibalism, the exploitation of child soldiers and trading blood diamonds for guns and cocaine, which he fed to boy soldiers as young as nine. Yet today he says he is a reformed man. In July 1996, the warlord had ‘an epiphany’. Having spent 14 years holding nightly conversations with the devil, he had a blinding vision of Christ who told him to end the killings and convert. This was a Damascene conversion like no other: the former tribal priest and warlord is now known as Pastor Joshua Milton Blahyi.

describes violence
Businessman linked to ritual murders DUMISANI SIBANDA – Dec 28 2010  Four women and a baby allegedly killed by a three-man gang in Stanmore near Gwanda a week ago could have been murdered for ritual purposes, as it emerged their bodies were reportedly mutilated, NewsDay can reveal. Sources told NewsDay, the three-man gang accused of killing Mthombani Moyo (81), Senzokuhle Moyo (44), Melgina Mahlangu (62) and Nothando Dziba (20) as well as her seven-month-old baby, whose name was not given, had implicated a local businessman as the mastermind of the operation. Although the businessman was not mentioned by the police last week, sources said he was also arrested and they believed it was in connection with the killings that are believed to have occurred between November 18 and December 8 this year.

Man beaten, cut up wants torture included in Criminal Code of Canada By Douglas Quan, Postmedia News December 27, 2010

The uncomfortable truth about mind control: Is free will simply a myth? In the Sixties, a groundbreaking series of experiments found that 65 per cent of us would kill if ordered to do so. By Michael Mosley 6 January 2011 We have vain brains; we see ourselves as better than we really are. We like to think that we exercise free will, that put into a situation where we were challenged to do something we thought unacceptable then we’d refuse. But, if you believe that, then you are probably deluded. I make this claim, based partly on the work of psychologist Stanley Milgram. Milgram devised and carried out ingenious experiments that exposed the frailty and self-delusion that are central to our lives. He showed how easy it is to make ordinary people do terrible things, that “evil” often happens for the most mundane of reasons….Milgram argued that far from being in any way fake, his experiment demonstrated in a very stark way something that we all know happens, but which we can’t bring ourselves to believe. It is more comfortable to imagine that there was something uniquely evil or weak about German prison guards than to believe that most of us would behave the same way when faced by the same set of circumstances. “One of the illusions about human behaviour is that it stems from personality or character, but social psychology shows us that often human behaviour is dominated by the roles that we are asked to play.”….Milgram once wrote that we are “puppets controlled by the strings of society”. Yet what is also true is that not all puppets jump when their strings are pulled. Many of the fast-food managers who were rung up the “policeman” refused to follow his orders. In Milgram’s own experiment, although 65 per cent of the volunteers were prepared to give apparently lethal electric shocks, that still left 35 per cent who would not.

Bringing the ‘Bush Six’ to justice – If those responsible for the Bush administration’s torture policy will not face charges in the US, then in Spain it must be Michael Ratner  7 January 2011 Today, the Centre for Constitutional Rights filed papers encouraging Judge Eloy Velasco and the Spanish national court to do what the United States will not: prosecute the “Bush Six”. These are the former senior administration legal advisors, headed by then US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, who violated international law by creating a legal framework that materially contributed to the torture of suspected terrorists at US-run facilities at Guantánamo and other overseas locations. Friday’s filing provides Judge Velasco with the legal framework for the prosecution of government lawyers – a prosecution that last took place during the Nuremberg trials, when Nazi lawyers who provided cover for the Third Reich’s war crimes and crimes against humanity were held accountable for their complicity. CCR would prefer to see American cases tried in American courts. But we have joined the effort to pursue the Bush Six overseas because two successive American presidents have made it clear that there will be no justice for the architects of the US torture programme, or any of their accomplices, on American soil.

The Spanish Investigation into U.S. Torture –  Synopsis – Seeking a venue in which to hold former high-ranking U.S. officials accountable for their individual roles in directing, implementing or planning the U.S. torture program, victims and human rights advocates filed criminal complaints in Spain in 2009.
Status – Currently, there are two investigations related to the U.S. torture program pending in the National Court of Spain. The Center for Constitutional Rights has made filings in both, in an effort to ensure that victims have their day in court and that the individuals behind the program that tortured and otherwise seriously abused detainees are prosecuted. (has pdfs of “Relevant Filings in U.S. Torture Program”)

Journal articles and child abuse and trauma information

When the Devil Knocks is – the intimate story of a woman suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as Multiple Personality. The film premieres at the 2010 Vancouver International Film Festival.

When the Devil Knocks is the intimate story of a woman suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as Multiple Personality. Hilary Stanton gave the filmmakers unlimited access to more than 40 hours of videotapes of her psychotherapy, filmed over 10 years. The therapy tapes reveal a cast of supporting characters, “alters”, who kept Hilary alive by taking over from her during times of crisis. As Hilary says, “For years, my alters went to therapy and I wasn’t there for more than five minutes.”
Until her mid-40s, Hilary Stanton lived with big gaps in her memory that she thought were normal. Then Hilary had a breakdown, started therapy, and gradually discovered that – during those gaps in memory that she thought were so normal – other personalities (“alters”) were taking over from her.

When the Devil Knocks January 23 at 10 pm ET/PT on CBC News Network HILARY STANTON was born Sept 16, 1950 in central Alberta, the middle child in a family of five. Her dad was a farmer, mom a war-bride from Liverpool. Hilary remembers her childhood as one of neglect and abuse and believes that is what made her the target for pedophiles and  ultimately led her personality to fracture into fragments – as a sufferer of Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as Multiple Personality….Throughout her life, Hilary suffered from blackouts and would find herself places that she didn’t remember going. But she thought that was normal, until she got herself into therapy and began getting in touch with the distinct personalities (“alters”) whom she’d created to help her survive childhood sexual abuse.

When the Devil Knocks  January 26, 2011 CBC News Network Until her mid-40s, Hilary Stanton lived with big gaps in her memory that she thought were normal. Then Hilary had a breakdown, started therapy, and gradually discovered that – during those gaps in memory that she thought were so normal – other personalities (“alters”) were taking over from her….Many of the therapy sessions were videotaped to train therapists in the treatment of Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder). Remarkably, Hilary has given Bountiful Films permission to use these videotaped therapy sessions in a documentary – When the Devil Knocks.

Documentary follows struggle of Devon woman with multiple personalities – Hilary Stanton died tragically after film’s premiere  By Ben Gelinas, January 25, 2011 EDMONTON — Hilary Stanton spent 12 years of therapy in front of a  camera while a psychologist coaxed out multiple, often-hostile personalities like demons….Stanton’s psychologist Cheryl Malmo of Edmonton counselled each of these “alters” as a whole person, a new client in the same woman. It took a lifetime to reconcile the pain and fear Stanton had suppressed with her multiple personality disorder, now known as dissociative identity disorder. But Stanton got better through therapy. Her session tapes became the backbone of a new documentary called When the Devil Knocks, which had its première at the Vancouver International Film Festival last fall to a standing ovation. Six weeks later, Stanton was on vacation in Mexico with her wife Debbie when they struck a dead animal on the road. Debbie survived, but Stanton was killed in the crash….The documentary, which airs Wednesday on CBC’s Passionate Eye, is her legacy, Malmo says. “The wonderful thing is that she has left this film behind, which can educate both professionals and the public about this condition. At the film festival, when she was asked why she had done this, she said: ‘If one person can be helped by seeing this film, if one therapist can understand that this is real and there is a way to help people, then it’s worth it’.”….Stanton suffered greatly as a child, through multiple kinds of abuse from multiple abusers. When the Devil Knocks focuses on one key trauma and a handful of important alters connected to it….When Stanton was a little girl, a man sexually assaulted her multiple times. Stanton remembered little about what happened. Her alters absorbed the memories.

Berry takes on multiple personalities in film  December 08, 2010 George Pennacchio  LOS ANGELES (KABC) — In “Frankie and Alice,” Halle Berry takes on several roles, even if she is playing the same person. The film is based on the true story of Frankie Murdoch, a woman coping with multiple personality disorder in early 1970s Los Angeles. One of her personalities is a racist white woman….”Frankie and Alice” hits theaters in limited release in Los Angeles on Dec. 10, then expands nationwide in February 2011.

Democracy Now! By Amy Goodman – Trauma: How We’ve Created a Nation Addicted to Shopping, Work, Drugs and Sex – Post-industrial capitalism has completely destroyed the conditions required for healthy childhood development. December 26, 2010  AMY GOODMAN: From disease to addiction, parenting to attention deficit disorder, Canadian physician and bestselling author Gabor Maté’s work focuses on the centrality of early childhood experiences to the development of the brain, and how those experiences can impact everything from behavioral patterns to physical and mental illness. While the relationship between emotional stress and disease, and mental and physical health more broadly, is often considered controversial within medical orthodoxy, Dr. Maté argues too many doctors seem to have forgotten what was once a commonplace assumption, that emotions are deeply implicated in both the development of illness, addictions and disorders, and in their healing….
DR. GABOR MATÉ: The hardcore drug addicts that I treat, are, without exception, people who have had extraordinarily difficult lives. And the commonality is childhood abuse. In other words, these people all enter life under extremely adverse circumstances. Not only did they not get what they need for healthy development, they actually got negative circumstances of neglect. I don’t have a single female patient in the Downtown Eastside who wasn’t sexually abused, for example, as were many of the men, or abused, neglected and abandoned serially, over and over again.
And that’s what sets up the brain biology of addiction. In other words, the addiction is related both psychologically, in terms of emotional pain relief, and neurobiological development to early adversity….
And what I mean by that is, is that most people who try most drugs never become addicted to them. And so, there has to be susceptibility there. And the susceptible people are the ones with these impaired brain circuits, and the impairment is caused by early adversity, rather than by genetics….
DR. GABOR MATÉ: Well, the first point to get there is that if people who become severe addicts, as shown by all the studies, were for the most part abused children, then we realize that the war on drugs is actually waged against people that were abused from the moment they were born, or from an early age on. In other words, we’re punishing people for having been abused.

Child/Teen Sexual and Physical Abuse Linked to Fibroids in Premenopausal Women ScienceDaily (Dec. 17, 2010) — Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) have found that both physical and sexual abuse history were positively associated with a higher incidence of uterine fibroids later in life. These findings currently appear on-line in the journal Epidemiology….A growing body of evidence indicates an association between early life social adversities and adult health. Physical, sexual and emotional abuse in childhood has been associated with increased mortality and morbidity in adulthood, and poor health behaviors. Participants in this study included 68,505 premenopausal US nurses, enrolled in the Nurses’ Health Study II. Sixty-five percent of these women reported physical or sexual abuse as a child or teen.
The researchers discovered 9,823 incident diagnoses of ultrasound- or hysterectomy confirmed uterine leiomyomas. A dose-response association between cumulative abuse and fibroid risk was found. Risk for fibroids increased from eight to 36 percent among those with the mildest to most severe cumulative abuse in childhood….Boynton-Jarrett, Renée; Rich-Edwards, Janet W.; Jun, Hee-Jin; Hibert, Eileen N.; Wright, Rosalind J. Abuse in Childhood and Risk of Uterine Leiomyoma: The Role of Emotional Support in Biologic Resilience. Epidemiology, 9 November 2010 DOI: 10.1097/EDE.0b013e3181ffb172

CDC: Majority of U.S. adults had troubled childhoods 12/17/10 By Steven Reinberg HealthDay Almost 60% of American adults say they had difficult childhoods featuring abusive or troubled family members or parents who were absent due to separation or divorce, federal health officials report. In fact, nearly 9% said that while growing up they underwent five or more “adverse childhood experiences” ranging from verbal, physical or sexual abuse to family dysfunction such as domestic violence, drug or alcohol abuse, or the absence of a parent, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). “Adverse childhood experiences are common,” said study coauthor Valerie J. Edwards, team lead for the Adverse Childhood Experiences Team at CDC’s National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. “We need to do a lot more to protect children and help families,” she said.
About a quarter of the more than 26,000 adults surveyed reported experiencing verbal abuse as children, nearly 15% had been physical abused, and more than 12% — more than one in 10 — had been sexually abused as a child.
Since the data are self-reported, Edwards believes that the real extent of child abuse may be still greater. “There is a tendency to under-report rather than over-report,” she said. The findings are published in the Dec. 17 issue of the CDC’s journal Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

Majority of U.S. Adults Had Troubled Childhoods: CDC – Study finds nearly 60 percent lived with abuse or other difficult family situations December 16, 2010  THURSDAY, Dec. 16 (HealthDay News) — Almost 60 percent of American adults say they had difficult childhoods featuring abusive or troubled family members or parents who were absent due to separation or divorce, federal health officials report. In fact, nearly 9 percent said that while growing up they underwent five or more “adverse childhood experiences” ranging from verbal, physical or sexual abuse to family dysfunction such as domestic violence, drug or alcohol abuse, or the absence of a parent, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). “Adverse childhood experiences are common,” said study coauthor Valerie J. Edwards, team lead for the Adverse Childhood Experiences Team at CDC’s National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. “We need to do a lot more to protect children and help families,” she said. About a quarter of the more than 26,000 adults surveyed reported experiencing verbal abuse as children, nearly 15 percent had been physical abused, and more than 12 percent — more than one in ten — had been sexually abused as a child. Since the data are self-reported, Edwards believes that the real extent of child abuse may be still greater. “There is a tendency to under-report rather than over-report,” she said. The findings are published in the Dec. 17 issue of the CDC’s journal Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

Children speaking up about crime, abuse: study (2011-01-03) CHICAGO (Reuters) – Children are increasingly stepping forward and telling school officials, doctors and the police when they have been the victims of crime or abuse, U.S. researchers said on Monday. A telephone survey of more than 4,500 U.S. children and teens done in 2008 found that nearly half who experienced violence, abuse or crime told someone at school, the police or a doctor or nurse. That compares with 25 percent of cases in a similar study done in 1992, David Finkelhor of the University of New Hampshire and colleagues reported in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine….More than 58 percent of the children and teens said they had been personally victimized at least once in the past year. This included bullying but did not include witnessing crime, such as domestic assault. Nearly 46 percent said they had informed authorities of the victimization. This was especially true of more serious problems. For example, authorities had been told about 69 percent of the cases of sexual abuse by a known adult. But children also spoke up about other problems, with 51.5 percent telling someone about emotional bullying, 48 percent telling someone about neglect and 47 percent telling authorities about a theft….”That 58.3 percent of the children and adolescents in the study sample reported at least one direct victimization incident within the past year speaks to the enormity of the problem of victimization experienced by children and adolescents in our society,” Drs. Andrea Gottsegen Asnes and John Leventhal of Yale University School of Medicine in Connecticut wrote in a commentary in the same journal. (Reporting by Julie Steenhuysen; Editing by Eric Beech)

Out of the Shadows: Global Human Trafficking Out of the Shadows: Global Human Trafficking – Testimony – Luis CdeBaca – Ambassador-at-Large, Office To Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons – Statement Before the House Foreign Affairs Committee – Washington, DC September 30, 2010
As we all know, modern slavery comes in many forms. People are held in involuntary servitude in factories, farms, and homes; bought and sold in prostitution; and captured to serve as child soldiers. This is a crime that impairs human rights, degrades public health, corrupts government officials, and weakens rule of law. Modern slavery is a fluid phenomenon that responds to market demand and operates in zones of impunity that are created by vulnerabilities in laws, weak penalties, natural disasters, and economic instability. It is a crime that is not limited to one gender, faith, or geographic area but impacts individuals and societies across the globe. And the universality of this crime is reflected in the bipartisan consensus around this issue.
This is not a new crime. What is new is our ability to recognize it, and our determination to wage a sustained fight against it. Since the passage of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) of 2000 a decade ago, we have seen both appreciable progress and new trends. For instance, we have come to understand that men comprise a significant number of trafficking victims. Yet, we have also seen the feminization of modern slavery, with women making up a majority of those trapped in commercial sex as well as in forced labor situations….
One hundred and forty countries have become parties to the Palermo Protocol and 116 countries have enacted legislation prohibiting all forms of trafficking in persons. In the last year alone, 33 countries have enacted or updated anti-trafficking legislation. As a result, there has been a global increase in rescues and perpetrators brought to justice, with convictions for sex and labor trafficking up from 2,983 in 2008 to 4,166 in 2009 with labor trafficking convictions increasing significantly. New analysis of victim identification data also shows a 59 percent increase over the 30,961 victims indentified in 2008.

The Impact of Early Life Trauma on Health and Disease – The Hidden Epidemic – There is now ample evidence from the preclinical and clinical fields that early life trauma has both dramatic and long-lasting effects on neurobiological systems and functions that are involved in different forms of psychopathology as well as on health in general. Edited by: Ruth A. Lanius, University of Western Ontario
Edited by: Eric Vermetten, Universiteit Utrecht, The Netherlands
Edited by: Clare Pain, University of Toronto
ISBN: 9780511771484 Publication date: August 2010

Remembering the Case of Wayne B. Sargent, Jr. December 31, 2010 Recovered Memory Project – Sargent earned an uncritical mention in the “Legal Corner” section of this FMS. newsletter….after he successfully appealed his criminal conviction for sexually assaulting his two minor step-children and one of their friends. See, State v. Sargent (1999). The court ruled that Sargent should have been allowed to present a “false memory” expert to the jury. But the FMS. never reported the rest of the story. Sargent was convicted by a jury after a second trial that included a “false memory” expert for the defense. That conviction was upheld by the New Hampshire Supreme Court….But the second appellate decision, State v. Sargent (2002), was never mentioned in the FMS. newsletter. Neither were the remarkable events that unfolded after his second trial. Before being sentenced, Sargent admitted that his “false memory” defense was a ruse. He confessed his guilt, apologized to the children, and, as reported by the Associated Press, told the judge: “I wasn’t in denial for what I had done, but I just didn’t want to pay the consequences.” Judge Smukler, mindful of the fact that Sargent put three children through two separate trials before admitting the truth, sentenced him to 21 to 54 years in prison.

Featured Post: The Misrepresentation of the Case of Billy Banks October 31, 2010 The False Memory Syndrome Foundation claims to condemn the sexual abuse of children. In their words, “Child sexual abuse is a reprehensible crime….Every effort should be made to help victims of sexual abuse and to create a social climate in which such mistreatment does not continue to take place.” So why did they sympathize with Billy Banks, a serial child molester?
This is the first in a series of occasional posts that will highlight and document cases in which the FMSF has taken the side of someone charged with child sexual abuse without apparent regard for the evidence of guilt.
The Case against Billy Banks – Billy Banks was convicted in 2005 on 10 counts of sexual battery on a child under 12 years of age. (Three counts were overturned on appeal—two on double jeopardy, and one was outside the statute.) The charges included acts of rape, forced oral sex, and fondling of his daughter and his adoptive niece from 1965 to 1970. Banks was also facing two charges of lewd, lascivious or indecent acts on a child under 16 for sexually abusing his two granddaughters 20 years later, in 1990-1. After being convicted on the first counts, Banks pled no contest to one of these later counts. He was sentenced to life on the sexual battery charges and three and a half years for the charge to which he pled no contest.

Stepfather confesses to child molestation LACONIA, N.H. AP 7/6/00 After five years of denying he raped his two stepchildren and one of their friends, Wayne Sargent Jr. admitted to the crimes Wednesday. Sargent, 33, was convicted in Belknap County Superior Court in May on nine counts of aggravated felonious sexual assault and felonious sexual assault for molesting the children between 1995 and 1996. He had been convicted in 1997 for the same crimes and sentenced to 21 to 54 years in prison. But the state Supreme Court overturned the verdict last year because Judge Larry Smukler did not allow a defense expert to testify about how “false memories” can be implanted in children through suggestive questioning. At Sargent’s sentencing Wednesday, Smukler handed down the same sentence – 21 to 54 years in prison. “I wasn’t in denial for what I had done, but I just didn’t want to pay the consequences,” Sargent told the judge. “Now I don’t think there’s anything I could ever do or say to my children that would convince them of how sorry I am.”

DID Art Show in Seattle: DIDiva & The Mirror Looks – New Work by Lynn Schirmer – Curator:  Joseph C. Roberts February 8 – March 6, 2011 Artist’s Reception, Thursday, February 10, 6 – 9 pm  CoCA Ballard, 6413 Seaview Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107 On View Weekdays 10 am – 5 pm, February 8 – March 6, 2011
Schirmer says: “DID is greatly misunderstood and overly sensationalized. Hollywood and the media are major culprits. A recent example is Showtime’s appalling The United States of Tara. I have seen editors of prestigious news outlets conflate DID with schizophrenia. The clinical community might be of assistance but complex political and social processes hamstring it and the disorder is unfairly labeled “controversial”. So the lay public remains woefully misinformed and anyone with the condition lives in unnecessary isolation or faces painful stigma. In answer to these outrages, I brought DIDiva to life.” More information:

A House Divided  1994 Jun 26   By Katy Butler Los Angeles Times On May 13, Ramona won the public war but lost his most important private battle. The jury, in a complex 10-to-2 decision, ruled that Holly’s memories were probably false. Her therapists, they said, had not implanted them but had reinforced them. But they awarded Ramona only $475,000-far less than the $8 million he had sought, less than the $1 million he had spent on the trial….
But the jury verdict was ambiguous. Said jury foreman Thomas Dudum: “We all got rather disturbed when Mr. Ramona captured the headlines by claiming a victory of sorts, when we knew the case did not prove that he did not do it. I want to make it clear that we did not believe, as Gary indicates, that these therapists gave Holly a wonder drug and implanted these memories. It was an uneasy decision and there were a lot of unanswered questions.” On one point, Dudum was unequivocal: “It was apparent from the beginning that Mr. Ramona was a wonderful salesman for Mondavi, and he was selling us a story,” he said, referring to the improbably idyllic life Ramona had described. “A lot of it was very difficult to swallow, and we were not fooled for a minute by his convenient act of tearing up.”
As for the people who Ramona said mattered most-his ex-wife and three daughters-the verdict convinced them of nothing but the injustice of the legal system. “I don’t think he should have gotten a penny for raping his own daughter,” said Stephanie, weeping, outside the courtroom after the verdict. “You don’t know what I know. You don’t know what my children know. Nobody gets it.”….AFTER THE VERDICT, GARY Ramona felt vindicated. He says he’s ready to turn his attention to his new business, which imports wines from Chile and is a marketing consultant for small wineries. He says he hopes that someday his daughters will understand that he never did what he was accused of.

Listen to the Cry of the Child: The Deafening Silence of Sexual Abuse – Barbara J. Hansen
FREEDOM FOR PRISONERS OF SEXUAL ABUSE – The pain of sexual abuse is often concealed by those who carry its scars. Chained as prisoners of the past, many hide in secrecy afraid of the consequences of revealing the horrors of childhood experiences. On the surface they may seem carefree and happy, yet inside a festering wound exists. She states that it took her 38 years to talk about the trauma from PTSD after being abused from age 2-8.  ISBN-13: 9781579214937 7/2003 Winepress Publishing