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Issue 103 – March 2012

The purpose of this newsletter is to help stop secretive organizations and groups from abusing others and to help those who allege they have been abused by such organizations and groups. This newsletter is not a substitute for other ways of recovering from ritual abuse. Readers should use caution while reading this newsletter. If necessary, make sure other support systems are available during and after reading this newsletter.

Important: The resources mentioned in this newsletter are for educational value only. Reading the books cited may or may not help your recovery process, so use caution when reading any book or contacting any resource mentioned in this newsletter. Some may have a religious or other agenda that may be separate from your own recovery process. Others may have valuable information on the Masons and other organizations, but have triggers or be somewhat sympathetic to those organizations. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the views expressed in this newsletter constitute expressions of opinion, and readers are cautioned to form their own opinions and draw their own conclusions by consulting a variety of sources, including this newsletter.

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This issue contains information on Jerry Sandusky – Penn State Abuse Scandal, Syracuse sex abuse scandal, Bobby Dodd Scandal: AAU CEO, President,  Bill Conlin sportswriter allegations, Cardinal Brady – Brendan Smyth, Orthodox sex abuse scandal, Casey Anthony, Afghanistan rape victim, Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Child Abuse 2012 Conference, West Memphis Three, Ritual abuse and race – UK, Sybil in Her Own Words by Patrick Suraci, Sybil Exposed, Sexual Abuse of Children in Hollywood, TAALK-A-THON to End Child Sexual Abuse,  Definition of Rape

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Please note: Listing of these resources does not necessarily constitute our endorsement of them. They are for educational value only and some may be heavy for survivors to read. Some of the conferences listed may not necessarily be safe for all survivors. S.M.A.R.T. recommends always bringing a support person to all conferences. If you are a survivor of mind control and/or ritual abuse, S.M.A.R.T. recommends that you try to bring a support person that is familiar with mind control techniques.

Legal Information

New Sex Abuse Suit Claims Sandusky Threatened Boy’s Family If He Told By Colleen Curry  ABC News 11/30/11
The latest person to accuse former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky of sexual abuse also claims that Sandusky threatened to hurt the boy’s family if he ever told anyone about the abuse. Sandusky’s newest accuser, who is now 29, had not told anyone about the abuse until he read about the grand jury presentment charging Sandusky with 40 counts of child molestation over 15 years, his lawyer Jeff Anderson said today. Until that time, he had thought he was the only victim.

The man, whose identity was not released, issued a statement that said, “I don’t want other kids to be abused by Jerry Sandusky or anybody like Penn State to allow people like him to do it-rape kids!  I never told anybody what he did to me over 100 times at all kinds of places until the newspapers reported that he had abused other kids.”

“I am hurting and have been for a long time because of what happened, but feel now even more tormented that I have learned of so many other kids were abused after me,” he said.
Anderson said the boy met Sandusky through the Second Mile foundation when the alleged victim was 10, and was abused by Sandusky from 1992 to 1994. He said that Sandusky threatened to harm the boy’s family if the boy told anyone about the abuse. Sandusky also paid for sports camps, plied the boy with gifts, and took him on trips, Anderson said.

The lawyer said during a press conference today that they had filed suit against Sandusky, Penn State and the Second Mile charity seeking reparations for over 100 acts of sexual abuse.
Anderson alleged that Sandusky had abused the boy at Penn State University, at Second Mile events, at his home, at a Penn State bowl game out of state, and in Philadelphia.

Jerry Sandusky talks about Joe Paterno, case, Times reports 12/3/11 Associated Press  NEW YORK – Former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky said Joe Paterno never spoke to him about any suspected misconduct with minors, The New York Times reported Saturday.

Sandusky has been charged with 40 counts of molesting eight boys over 15 years and is free on bail while awaiting a preliminary hearing on Dec. 13.

Why did Sandusky’s wife not come to help? Victim says he screamed knowing she was upstairs… as disgraced coach is hauled away in cuffs following new allegations
Alleged victim No. 9 said in sworn testimony that he screamed for help knowing coach’s wife was upstairs, but no one came to help
Sandusky being held on $250,000 bail but likely to be released after posting the money tomorrow
One accuser, now 19, said he was given liquor and abused at 12 in 2004
Both boys were ‘groomed’ for sexual assault when they went to Sandusky’s charity, attorney general says
Sandusky tried to get back into coaching with volunteer job at small college
By Daily Mail Reporter 8th December 2011

Jerry Sandusky was hauled away from his home in handcuffs this afternoon after prosecutors filed amid startling new testimony has emerged from one of his latest alleged victims. The ninth alleged victim said in sworn testimony that he suffered abuse at Sandusky’s hands for years, often in the basement of the coach’s house. The victim said Sandusky made him perform oral sex multiple times and tried to anally rape him at least 16 times and succeeded a number of times….

The two newest accusers say they met Sandusky through his charity, the Second Mile, when they were troubled young boys. ‘As in many of the other cases identified to date, the contact with Sandusky allegedly fit a pattern of “grooming” victims,’ Attorney General Linda Kelly said in a statement.
‘Beginning with outings to football games and gifts; they later included physical contact that escalated to sexual assaults.’

Alleged victim says cries for help from Sandusky basement went unheeded By M. Alex Johnson,   12/7/11  One of the new alleged victims in the sexual harassment case against former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky told a grand jury that Sandusky’s wife ignored his screams for help while Sandusky raped him in the basement of their home.

The young man, identified in the new complaint as Victim No. 9, who is now 18 years old, said in his testimony that Sandusky attempted to rape him at least 16 times, sometimes successfully.
“I took it at first he was just a nice guy, like he went to church every weekend, his kids come over every once in a while and stuff,” the young man testified. “And after a while, like, he got used to me and stuff and started getting further and further wanting — to touch feely.”
The presentment says the contacts eventually “escalated to sexual assaults.”

Sandusky New grand jury presentment (.pdf — includes graphic details)

Jerry Sandusky’s Wife Denies She Ignored Rapes By COLLEEN CURRY Dec. 8, 2011 Former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky’s wife has denied allegations that her husband sexually abused boys in their home and that she ignored cries for help.

Sandusky was arrested Wednesday on 10 new counts of child sex abuse charges based on the testimony of two new alleged victims. The new allegations bring to 10 the number of alleged sex abuse victims. Dottie Sandusky, who delivered a $50,000 check today to help bail her husband out of jail, was named in the testimony of one of the new alleged victims.
Mrs. Sandusky has been implicated in the alleged sex abuse crimes by three of the men who claim to have been assaulted by her husband….

The new allegations match a pattern of behavior described by many of the first eight accusers who said that Sandusky sexually assaulted them in the basement of his home during sleepovers. Victim 1 told the grand jury that Sandusky would come down to tell the child it was time to go bed, and then crack his back, blow on his stomach, and eventually sexually assault him.
Victim 9, in the testimony released Wednesday, said that he was told by Sandusky to stay in the basement, where his wife rarely went, and to never go upstairs unless specifically told to do so. He claimed Sandusky brought him all of his meals to eat in the basement. The new accuser noted that there were empty bedrooms on the second floor of the residence, but he was never allowed to stay in them.

Dottie Sandusky flatly denied all of the accusations….
Victim 7 may also implicate Mrs. Sandusky in his testimony during the hearing. In the grand jury presentment, the man testified that Dottie Sandusky tried to contact him in the weeks leading up to her husband’s arrest, leaving him a voicemail saying it was “very important” that he call her back. He did not return the call.

All Eight of Jerry Sandusky’s Alleged Victims Will Testify Against Him By COLLEEN CURRY Dec. 5, 2011 All eight of the boys allegedly sexually abused by former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky will testify against him when preliminary hearings in the case begin next week, according to people close to the case.
News that all eight victims will testify against Sandusky is a blow to his defense. Sandusky’s lawyer, Joe Amendola, previously told ABC News that at least one of the boys had denied that he was abused. Sandusky is accused of molesting eight boys over a 15-year period. A key allegation against the 67-year-old former coach was that he was seen raping a boy about the age of 10 in the showers in 2002.

The grand jury report said the identity of the boy, called Victim 2, was not known, but Amendola told ABC News that he believed the defense knew who the boy was and talked to him. “The kid is … now grown up, he’s in his 20s. He’s adamant that nothing sexual occurred,” Amendola said last month….

Dr. Michael Welner, an ABC News consultant and a forensic psychiatrist, said he finds the evidence against Sandusky compelling. “They had a discussion in this interview about barriers,” said Welner. “There are no barriers. Sexual assault is a process; it’s the end point of a process of grooming. It didn’t just happen, he orchestrated it, and yet to see that interview, you would think that it just happened, and it’s up to you as a jury or audience to see whether it’s illegal or not.”

McQueary: I saw Sandusky in a ‘wrong and sexual’ act with boy – Former, current Penn State officials ordered to trial – news services  12/16/2011

Editor’s note: This story contains graphic testimony.
HARRISBURG, Pa. — A Penn State assistant football coach testified Friday that he had no doubt he saw former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky in a sexual act with a boy in a university locker room in 2002. ..”I believe he was sexually molesting the boy,” Mike McQueary, a graduate assistant in the university’s football program in 2002, said at a court hearing, adding at a later point that he “has no doubt” he saw Sandusky in a sexual act.

McQueary, speaking for the first time in public about the 2002 encounter, said he saw Sandusky with his hands around the boy’s waist. McQueary also said he fully conveyed what he had seen to two Penn State administrators about what he told them. He testified that he reported the incident to longtime head coach Joe Paterno.
McQueary took the stand Friday morning in a Pennsylvania courtroom during a preliminary hearing for university officials Tim Curley and Gary Schultz, who are accused of lying to a grand jury about what McQueary told them.

At the conclusion of the hearing, District Judge William C. Wenner ruled that prosecutors have enough evidence to send their cases to trial. Their lawyers say the men are innocent and contest McQueary’s statements.

The Missing D. A. – Why did prosecutor in Sandusky Case disappear?

Penn State Officials Face Trial In Sex Abuse Case by Jeff Brady December 17, 2011
Accused of trying to cover up Penn State’s child sex abuse scandal, two former administrators will face a trial on perjury charges. A judge made that decision at a preliminary hearing on Friday, as NPR’s Jeff Brady reports. Warning: This segment contains language that may not be suitable for all audiences.

Penn State officials to stand trial in abuse case By Mark Shade HARRISBURG, Pa  Fri Dec 16, 2011
(Reuters) – A judge ruled on Friday that two former senior Penn State officials must stand trial on charges of lying to a grand jury about what they knew of sexual abuse allegations against former coach Jerry Sandusky.

District Judge William Wenner decided there was enough evidence against former Penn State athletic director Tim Curley and finance official Gary Schultz that they should be brought to trial. The ruling capped a court hearing where a key witness, Mike McQueary, testified in public for the first time that he saw Sandusky in a sex act with a 10-year-old boy in 2002.

The explosive allegations against Sandusky have shocked the university and the college-sports world, and focused national attention on the serious problem of child sex abuse. The story told by McQueary, a graduate assistant in the university’s football program at the time, is key to the case against the two Penn State officials and Sandusky.

This is because McQueary testified that he personally witnessed the abuse and then told his boss, former head coach Joe Paterno, who in turn told Curley. Even though McQueary’s account was passed up the line of authority at Penn State, no one told police and Sandusky’s alleged behavior continued for years.

Curley and Schultz deny that they lied to the grand jury and say that Paterno and McQueary only told them in general terms about the incident and not in graphic detail. Sandusky has been charged with 52 counts of child sexual abuse involving 10 victims over 15 years. The identity of two of the victims, including the boy in the shower, remains unknown, prosecutors said.

Sandusky has said he is innocent.
“I believe he was sexually molesting the boy,” McQueary testified at the hearing in the Dauphin County Courthouse on Friday.

Another Sandusky accuser comes forward – CBSNEWS online A twelfth man claims he was sexually abused by former Penn State assistant football coach Gerry Sandusky. The alleged victim has filed a civil law suit. Betty Nguyen reports


Teen Accuses Ex-Penn State Coach Sandusky of Raping Him at Charity Camp on Campus By Jana Winter December 30, 2011 A teenager says he was raped by Jerry Sandusky inside his office in Penn State University’s football building in 2004 — two years after the ex-football coach was said to have had his campus keys taken away and was banned from bringing children into the building, the boy’s lawyer told

The now-19-year-old says Sandusky sodomized him when he was 12 years old and attending a summer camp program on the Penn State campus run by Second Mile, Sandusky’s charity organization. The accuser has initiated a civil suit against Sandusky, Second Mile and Penn State University.
The Attorney General’s office is investigating the allegations, has learned, though a spokesman from the AG’s office declined to comment.

Syracuse sex abuse scandal – As Boeheim’s mind wanders, Syracuse players focus on winning Sean Deveney Sporting News 12/3/11

….”I have talked to some people today and yesterday about what I am going to say,” Boeheim said Friday night. “These are my thoughts. No one said, `This is what you should say.’ No one indicated that I had to say something. This is what I feel.
“I have to make three comments. The first one is, I believe I misspoke, very badly, in my response to the allegations that have been made. I shouldn’t have questioned what the accusers expressed or their motives. I am really sorry that I did that, and I regret any harm that I caused. It was insensitive to the individuals involved and especially to the issue of child abuse.”

District Attorney: Bernie Fine accuser Zach Tomaselli changed his story January 19, 2012 By Mike McAndrew / The Post-Standard  – Syracuse, N.Y. — One of Bernie Fine’s accusers initially told Syracuse police the former Syracuse University coach molested him in early 2002 while he was attending an away game against the University of Connecticut, Onondaga County District Attorney William Fitzpatrick said today. But Fitzpatrick said that after law enforcement authorities discovered that SU never played UConn during the 2001-02 season, Zach Tomaselli changed his story.

Tomaselli then told police that Fine sexually abused him in a Pittsburgh hotel room in January 2002, the night before SU played Pittsburgh, Fitzpatrick said, questioning Tomaselli’s credibility. Tomaselli fired back today that Fitzpatrick’s account is not true….Fine, 66, who was fired by SU in November after three men publicly accused him of molesting them as children, has not been charged with any crimes. Through his attorneys, Fine has maintained he did nothing wrong.

Men: AAU ex-CEO sexually abused them – Amateur Athletic Union announces investigation, contacts police about allegations By Tom Farrey  December 10, 2011

Memphis police are investigating allegations made by two former players that Amateur Athletic Union president and chief executive officer Robert “Bobby” Dodd molested them in the 1980s.
On Friday, the AAU announced that it had contacted Memphis police after AAU officials learned from ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” about allegations made by the two players. The AAU also announced its own investigation, that Dodd would not be returning to the organization after a medical leave, and named an interim leader.

“Outside the Lines” tried several times Thursday and Friday to
contact Dodd about various abuse allegations. Dodd, 63, the AAU’s top executive since 1992, did not respond to in-person visits at his home and AAU offices, telephone calls or email to answer questions about the allegations. The players allege a pattern of inappropriate touching of them by Dodd, masturbation by Dodd while they slept in hotel rooms during tournaments, and players younger than 16 being supplied alcohol….

The players alleging molestation said they also saw hundreds of photographs of the clothed backsides and crotches of AAU players in one of Dodd’s filing cabinets, and bags filled with dozens of pairs of teenage boys’ old underwear with names and dates on them. They said that he had a hair fetish and would keep in envelopes the boys’ hair that he had pulled out in impromptu wrestling matches where he would also grope them. They said he often used petroleum jelly to affix hair to the dashboard of his car.

Bobby Dodd Scandal: AAU CEO, President Accused Of Sex Abuse By Former Basketball Players (VIDEO) 12/9/11 ORLANDO, Fla. — Two former basketball players have accused ex-Amateur Athletic Union president Robert “Bobby” Dodd of molesting them as children, according to an ESPN report.
The AAU confirmed late Friday that it is investigating the claims, which reportedly date from the 1980s. One of the players, 43-year-old Ralph West, told ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” he was assaulted in Memphis in 1984.

Both West and a second unidentified man said news reports about the Penn State child sex abuse case prompted them to independently confront Dodd in November. The player, who spoke to ESPN on the condition of anonymity, said he called Dodd on Nov. 11 and that Dodd apologized for the alleged abuse. ESPN confirmed an eight-minute call to Dodd by examining telephone records.
Memphis police said in a statement that it had been contacted by the AAU and was looking into the allegations.

Sigh… AAU President Bobby Dodd Accused Of Sexually Abusing Former Players by Tom Lorenzo December 10th, 2011 On the heels of the Jerry Sandusky and Bernie Fine child molestation scandals, this latest news implicating AAU President and CEO Bobby Dodd of sexual abuse of two young boys only continues in the process of a complete numbing of my soul. According to ESPN’s “Outside The Lines,” Dodd is being accused of inappropriately touching and sexually abusing the two young men in a hotel room some decades ago.

One of the men who has stepped forward, 43-year-old Ralph West, told ESPN that he was 14 years old at the time of the alleged sexual abuse. West said he was a member of the Dodd-led AAU basketball team and that the abuse took place when the team was on the road, with Dodd sneaking into West’s hotel room late at night….
There was a second man who came froward, but who asked to remain anonymous. Like West, he accused Dodd of abuse  but claimed that he was supplied with alcohol by Dodd before being carried to a room where he was “touched.”

The AAU confirmed that they have contacted the Memphis Police Department about the allegations and they told ESPN that they are also conducting their own internal probe.

Conlin accused by 7th alleged victim Dec 24, 2011 Another woman came forward Friday to accuse Hall of Fame baseball writer Bill Conlin of sexually abusing her when she was a child, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported….
The latest accuser is the third person to come forward since Tuesday when The Inquirer first published a report detailing the alleged abuse of three women and one man, who claimed the long-time columnist molested them during the 1970s when they were aged between seven and 12….

The now mother-of-two said she decided to break her decades-long silence in light of the courage of the other victims. “When I read it, I started to cry,” she told the paper. “I just felt overwhelmed. The fact that I wasn’t the only one made me feel stronger.” The 77-year-old Conlin, a fixture in the Philadelphia sports scene for nearly 50 years, retired abruptly Tuesday from the Philadelphia Daily News, where he worked since 1965.
He has declined to comment publicly on the allegations, denying them through his attorney. Prosecutors in New Jersey, where the alleged abuses occurred, said no criminal charges would be filed against Conlin because the statute of limitations had passed. Conlin’s attorney, George Bochetto, said Tuesday his client was “obviously floored by these accusations, which supposedly happened 40 years ago. He has engaged me to do everything possible to bring the facts forward to vindicate his name.”

Slade McLaughlin, a lawyer for three of the female accusers, told WTXF-TV he thought his clients did the right thing by going public and said he believed they were telling the truth. “They are extremely believable . . . nothing about anything any of these women told me sounded at all like it was feigned, or made up, or twisted,” he said.
He added that there would be no lawsuits as his clients were not interested in money.

A Sportswriter’s Hall of Fame Tribute Is Out of Place to Some By ANDREW KEH January 5, 2012 COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. ….Four people, including Conlin’s niece, came forward last month and accused him of molesting them when they were children more than three decades ago. Their detailed stories were recounted in an article in The Philadelphia Inquirer. Shortly thereafter, three more people emerged with similar allegations.

The accusations precipitated Conlin’s immediate resignation from The Philadelphia Daily News. Because of the statute of limitations in New Jersey, where Conlin’s accusers say they were molested, he is not expected to face criminal charges, and he has not publicly addressed the allegations. His lawyer said last week that he and Conlin were working to clear his name.

describes allegations
Four say Philly Daily News writer Bill Conlin sexually abused them as children By Nancy Phillips INQUIRER STAFF WRITER Tue, Dec. 20, 2011  Three women and a man say they were molested as children by Bill Conlin, a Hall of Fame baseball writer and Philadelphia Daily News columnist.

In vivid accounts, the four say Conlin groped and fondled them and touched their genitals in assaults in the 1970s, when they were ages 7 to 12. “This is a tragedy,” said Kelley Blanchet, a niece of Conlin’s who said he molested her when she was a child. “People have kept his secret. It’s not just the victims, it’s the victims’ families. There were so many people who knew about this and did nothing.” Conlin retired Tuesday from the Daily News, where he had worked for more than four decades.

Through his lawyer, George Bochetto, Conlin declined to comment. “Mr. Conlin is obviously floored by these accusations, which supposedly happened 40 years ago,” Bochetto said. “He has engaged me to do everything possible to bring the facts forward to vindicate his name.”

Cardinal settles with abuse victim – Cardinal Brady dismissed several calls for resignation last year over his handling of abuse allegations PATSY McGARRY, Religious Affairs Correspondent November 30, 2011 A settlement has been agreed by Cardinal Seán Brady with a Co Louth man who was one of two teenagers he swore to secrecy in 1975 following his investigation into their allegations of abuse by Fr Brendan Smyth. Brendan Boland (50) sued Dr Brady, the diocese of Kilmore and Smyth’s Norbertine Order.
The settlement was concluded in the High Court this morning. Speaking after the settlement was announced, Mr Boland revealed that guilt plagued him when he heard Smyth, now dead, had continued to abuse children for years after he made a statement to three priests, including a then Fr Brady.

“I was devastated by this revelation,” he said in a handwritten statement given outside the court. “The fact that Fr Smyth has been allowed to prey upon and abuse other children, subsequent to the assurances having being given, was very hard to bear,” he said. “I felt I had not done enough. I felt responsible for the misery of Fr Smyth’s subsequent victims. My guilt plagued me.”

Mr Boland was sexually abused for two years by Smyth. It started in 1973 when he was just 12 years old. He said that after he confided in a young priest, he was interrogated by three clerics conducting an Ecclesiastical Court – including Fr Brady – without his father present, and was required to swear on oath that he would not talk about the interview with anyone but an authorised priest.

“My parents, who were good God-fearing people, and I were assured that Fr Brendan Smyth would not be allowed to associate with young boys and girls and that there would be no recurrence of the abuse which I and other victims had suffered,” he said.
“As a result of these assurances, I felt safer and I hoped that the assurances would mean that others would not suffer as I had.” It was not until 1994 that Smyth was convicted in a Belfast court of 17 counts of sexual abuse. Three years later in Dublin, he pleaded guilty to another 74 counts of child sexual abuse. Smyth died in prison in 1997.

Cardinal Brady settles latest claim by abuse victim he swore to secrecy – Brendan Boland wins settlement and apology by CATHAL DERVAN IrishCentral Staff Writer Wednesday, November 30, 2011
A leading Irish cardinal has reached a financial settlement with a victim of child abuse he swore to secrecy in 1975.  Cardinal Sean Brady has settled a case brought against him by Brendan Boland, one of two victims of infamous priest Fr Brendan Smyth.

The High Court in Dublin has been told that settlement has been reached in the case brought by Boland, now 50. The Cardinal settled a case with another victim Marie McCormack last year for a sum believed to be in the region of $350,000. Both Boland and McCormack sued the Bishop, the diocese of Kilmore and Smyth’s Norbertine Order over their abuse cases in the 1970s.

Boland is expected to make a lengthy public statement on the  scandal on Wednesday. Cardinal Brady was informed of the abuse by both the victims in 1975 but ordered them to keep it secret.
McCormack’s case against Brady, when she alleged he covered up her claims that she was abused by Smyth between 1970 and 1975, was settled without admission of liability and included apologies by the defendants.

Beyond the grave, Smyth’s evil acts have left his order with a huge cross to bear – With massive debt and dwindling numbers, the Norbertines have accepted their fate, writes Jerome Reilly Sunday December 04 2011

THERE is now a headstone over the grave of Fr Brendan Smyth but though he is dead now for 14 years, the convicted child rapist still casts a long shadow over his abbey and the innocent priests from his order. Now hideously in debt as a result of civil claims made against them, the Norbertine Order at Kilnacrott Abbey needs to sell the property — but prospective buyers want all trace of Smyth and his horrific legacy removed before they will buy the abbey, just outside Ballyjamesduff, Co Cavan.

Child sex abuse scandal rocks Orthodox Jewish community after 85 arrested – 117 alleged victims spoke out from tight-knit religious society by Daily Mail Reporter 12th December 2011
An Orthodox Jewish community has had to face up to claims of child sex abuse after 83 men and two women were arrested. An initiative was set up to encourage victims to come forward despite pressure from the close-knit religious society to hush up the crimes. Some 117 male and female victims have approached authorities in Brooklyn, New York since 2006. There were 89 accusers under the age of 17….

Assistant DA Rhonnie Jaus, head of the child sex abuse division, said 38 individuals had been prosecuted so far with 14 abusers jailed. Sentences varied from one month to 20 years for crimes including sex abuse, attempted kidnapping and sodomy. However 24 alleged paedophiles were not jailed. In some instances, the case against them collapsed when victims and their families backed out of giving evidence in court following pressure from the religious community, according to the assistant DA. Authorities have another 47 cases pending.

Orthodox sex abuse scandal – 117 kid victims and 85 arrests in Jewish enclave By SUSAN EDELMAN December 11, 2011….Andrew Goodman, 27, who worked for Jewish social-service agencies, is charged with sexually abusing two Orthodox boys for years in Flatbush — one from age 11 to 15, the other from age 13 to 16. Goodman filmed sex acts with the youngsters on a Web cam, according to the 144-count indictment, which alleges numerous violations since 2006. He has pleaded not guilty.

The handsome Goodman, who held parties in his home with liquor and child porn, also “threatened the life” of a boy who reported him to authorities, court papers and sources say.
He’s one of an astounding 85 accused Orthodox child molesters that Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes’ office says it has busted in the past three years in an initiative called Kol Tzedek, Hebrew for “voice of justice.” The cases involve 117 victims — a number that has the community reeling from the extent of the horrors of pedophilia….

Of the 38 cases closed so far, 14 perps got jail time, ranging from a month to 10-to-20 years for crimes that included sex abuse, attempted kidnapping, and sodomy, Jaus said….

In court papers obtained by The Post, the boy’s pediatrician said the sustained sexual and emotional trauma had “robbed him of his youth.”  The child suffers symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. Once “vibrant and energetic,” the doctor said, “that boy is no more.” The abuse “destroyed him.”

Casey Anthony’s psychological evaluations unsealed – Explosive accounts of Casey’s life and her version of what happened to her daughter Caylee Marie were revealed when a judge unsealed two never-before-seen depositions from doctors who conducted psychological evaluations before her murder trial.
Casey Anthony Latest News

Casey Anthony: What REALLY Happened to Caylee and Why Truth Matters by  Wendy Murphy, Charles Whitfield, Barbara Whitfield – Muse House Press – September 2011 Description from the website: This is an exceptional book. In the most compelling and comprehensive account of this trial, the authors go below the surface to explore what really happened to Caylee. Wendy Murphy JD gives us a gripping analysis of the trial that captured a nation. Filled with facts that were never discussed at trial, this new book raises important questions about evidence the jurors never heard, and which has been hidden from the public.

From Chapter 7 of the book: by Wendy Murphy JD – Was Evidence Placed “Under Seal” in the Case?

Casey Anthony Says She Became Pregnant After Passing Out At Party   MIKE SCHNEIDER   01/11/12 ORLANDO, Fla. — Casey Anthony told a psychiatrist that she became pregnant with her daughter, Caylee, after passing out at a party when she was 18 years old, according to depositions in which the doctor said tests gave no indication that Anthony was mentally ill as she faced her murder trial.

The 25-year-old Anthony was acquitted last July of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, in a trial that captured the nation’s attention. Anthony didn’t know who fathered Caylee, the psychiatrist, Jeff Danziger, recounted in a deposition that was unsealed by a Florida judge and released Wednesday. Danziger interviewed Anthony five times over two years but never testified at her murder trial.

“Two beers, possibly given another drug. Woke up passed out,” said Danziger, reading from notes he took during an interview with Anthony in November 2010. “Don’t remember anything at a party, age 18. This is how she said she got pregnant.”….
Anthony showed no evidence of mental illness and had normal results on a psychological test, Danziger said in the deposition. He described that as surprising, given her circumstances in the Orange County Jail as a suspect in her daughter’s slaying. Her temperament was calm, cooperative and pleasant, he said.

“You would expect that would provoke some measure of distress, whether someone genuinely did it, whether someone was falsely accused,” Danziger said. “If my child was missing and I was in jail being accused of it, I probably wouldn’t eat and wouldn’t be cheerful and wouldn’t be able to read.”….
Transcripts of the depositions had been sealed. But the Orlando Sentinel asked the court to make them public and Judge Belvin Perry agreed.

Casey Anthony claimed she got pregnant while passed out, says psychiatrist (CBS/AP) – ORLANDO, Fla. January 12, 2012 – Casey Anthony told a psychiatrist that she didn’t know who her daughter Caylee’s father was because she became pregnant after passing out at a party when she was 18, according to newly released depositions.
….Reading from his notes on a November 2010 interview with Anthony, psychiatrist Jeff Danzinger said, “Two beers, possibly given another drug. Woke up passed out…Don’t remember anything at a party, age 18. This is how she said she got pregnant.”

Danzinger, who interviewed Anthony five times over two years but did not testify at her trial, also reported that Anthony showed no evidence of mental illness and had normal results on a psychological test – a fact he found surprising.
“You would expect that would provoke some measure of distress, whether someone genuinely did it, whether someone was falsely accused,” Danziger said. “If my child was missing and I was in jail being accused of it, I probably wouldn’t eat and wouldn’t be cheerful and wouldn’t be able to read.”

Afghan president pardons imprisoned rape victim – after she agrees to marry attacker by The Associated Press Friday, December 2 2011
KABUL, Afghanistan — Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Thursday pardoned an Afghan woman serving a 12-year prison sentence for having sex out of wedlock after she was raped by a relative.
Karzai’s office said in a statement that the woman and her attacker have agreed to marry. That would reverse an earlier decision by the 19-year-old woman, who had previously refused a judge’s offer of freedom if she agreed to marry the rapist….

About half of the 300 to 400 women jailed in Afghanistan are imprisoned for so-called “moral crimes” such as sex outside marriage, or running away from their husbands, according to reports by the United Nations and research organizations. Fleeing husbands isn’t considered a crime in Afghanistan.
The EU welcomed the woman’s release. “Her case has served to highlight the plight of Afghan women, who 10 years after the overthrow of the Taliban regime often continue to suffer in unimaginable conditions, deprived of even the most basic human rights,” the European Union’s Ambassador and Special Representative to Afghanistan, Vygaudas Usackas, said….

Some of the most severe restrictions women faced under the Taliban, like a ban on attending schools and having to have a male escort to venture outside the home, were done away with when the radical Islamic movement was driven from power in 2001. But Afghanistan remains a deeply conservative and male-dominated society, meaning women are still sold to husbands and rights enshrined in law are often ignored in practice.

describes abuse
Pediatrician Accused Of Sexually Abusing, Videotaping Young Girls  By JENNIFER EVANS June 29 2011  MINEOLA, N.Y. (PIX11) — A Long Island pediatrician has been indicted by a grand jury on charges of sexual abuse of girls as young as 11-years old, Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice announced Wednesday.

Dr. Rakesh Punn, 53, of Bethpage was previously charged nearly a year ago for secretly videotaping young female patients while they were naked in his office. This week, Punn was charged with 28 counts of assault in the second degree,10 counts of sexual abuse in the first degree, 3 counts of promoting sexual performance by a child,1 count of possessing a sexual performance by a child, 6 counts of unlawful surveillance in the second degree, 7 counts of fraudulently obtaining a signature and 1 count of criminal possession of a forged instrument in the third degree.,0,5752292.story

describes abuse
When a Child Is Abused by a War Veteran  Wednesday 29 December 2011 David Swanson, War Is a Crime Report ….The treatment that Brown received as a girl, by her account, rivals in my estimation that meted out to prisoners of the CIA. She was starved, sleep-deprived, forced to stand endlessly, denied access to a bathroom, and beaten almost daily with all manner of objects. She was terrorized, physically damaged, cut, bruised, sight-impaired, brain injured, and of course denied medical care or pain killers. This girl grasped at every shred of possible explanation why, and the evidence pointed strongly in one direction: war
….How, year after year after year, was the constant beating of a wife and all of his children kept quiet? Brown’s grandmother knew. Brown’s grandfather and uncles knew:

“My mom said my dad put a knife up to her dad’s throat and said he would kill him if they didn’t get out of his home. My dad chased her brothers down the street.”
The author’s school knew, despite lots of lies about falling down, and lots of staying home until bruises healed:
“My father even came to my classroom at school and whipped me in front of all my friends. That made me so damn mad, because he was hitting me in public now.”

More lawsuits filed over sex abuse of Haitian boys By JOHN CHRISTOFFERSEN  AP 1/5/12
NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) — Seventeen Haitian men are suing Fairfield University in Connecticut, the Society of Jesus and others alleging they failed to protect them from a man who sexually abused them when they were poor children or young adults attending a school he founded in Haiti.

The lawsuits bring to 21 the number of alleged victims suing Douglas Perlitz and the others. Perlitz was sentenced in 2010 to nearly 20 years in prison for sexually abusing children at Project Pierre Toussaint. The victims ranged from ages 9 to 21 at the time of the abuse and are now 18 to 29.
The lawsuits seek $20 million for each victim. They contend Perlitz’s supervisors disregarded warning signs of inappropriate behavior with boys. The Rev. Paul Carrier, a Jesuit priest who was Fairfield University’s chaplain, saw Perlitz show a student a pornographic video and saw boys in his bedroom, according to the lawsuits. A school board member, Hope Carter, flew to Haiti in 2008 and removed Perlitz’s computer, according to the lawsuits.

Toward the Within – George Molho Author, ‘Scarred: A Memoir’ 1/3/12 In 1978, at the age of 7, I was kidnapped and tortured for a year, taken by my father from my home in Houston, Texas to the northern mountains of Greece. Born of my mother’s love and my father’s fury, I was his proof to the world that he could succeed at something. But the boy I was died in those mountains. I’ll never know what life he would have had….

Scarred, a Memoir – In 1978, seven-year-old George Molho was kidnapped by his own father. For a year, he survived mental and physical abuse to the point of torture. He found it easier to get used to hell, instead of hoping that heaven was around the corner. George eventually escaped, but surviving the  aftermath proved to be much more difficult.  describes abuse in detail

Daniel Montague Acker Jr., Longtime Alabama Teacher, Arrested On Sex Abuse Charges 1/5/12 ALABASTER, Ala. — An Alabama schoolteacher was jailed on charges of sexually abusing a fourth-grade female student, and police said Thursday the man told them he molested more than 20 other girls over his 25-year career. Alabaster police said Daniel Montague Acker Jr., 49, was charged with three counts of sexual abuse, and additional charges were possible.

“This is not a one-time event,” said Deputy Chief Curtis Rigney. “This happened over a period of 25 years.” Acker taught fourth grade at three schools and drove buses in the Shelby County school system from 1985 until he retired in 2009. He was investigated on similar allegations in 1992, but grand jurors did not return an indictment, said Rigney.

….Confronted by police, Acker admitted molesting the girl who went to officers. He also told investigators he had abused more than 20 other girls but did not name any alleged victims, Rigney said. Acker is no longer cooperating with investigators, he said.

Teacher, former pro golfer, and swim coach among those arrested in Fla. internet child sex sting By Crimesider Staff  January 18, 2012  (CBS/WKMG) KISSIMMEE, Fla. – A former pro golfer, a swim coach and an eighth grade teacher are among 40 people arrested in an undercover Internet child sex sting in Florida, reports CBS affiliate WKMG. During the so-called “Operation Red Cheeks,” undercover detectives posed as juveniles or the parent or guardian of a juvenile to talk with individuals in chat rooms and through instant messaging. During the chats, some of the suspects reportedly sent pornographic images to the undercover detectives….Suspects traveled to an undercover house or meeting location in Osceola County for the purpose of having sex with a child, authorities said. Some brought alcohol, drugs and other items to the meeting, said deputies.

Ritual Abuse and Mind Control Information

The Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Child Abuse 2012 Conference – Our Healing Journey: Past, Present, Future
Two days of survivor and professional workshops, a safe room, great price, good food, safe environment, a chance to mingle with others who share your experience, a chance to move the movement forward… On May 19 – 20, 2012 Survivorship will hold a conference at Executive Inn & Suite 1755 Embaracadero Oakland, CA 94606

The keynote speaker will be: Caryn Stardancer

Caryn Stardancer was a pioneer in establishing a grassroots network for survivors of sadistic ritualistic abuse. She co-founded Survivorship with Catherine Raggazzi, and served at the helm of that organization for a decade. During that time Caryn wrote and spoke both nationally and internationally, served as a mentor-counselor, taught professional service providers through UC Davis Entension classes and San Francisco General Hospital Grand Rounds, and exhibited her survivorship-inspired artwork in publications, galleries and exhibitions. She is currently retired to her rural home, where she is a proudly active grandma, homemaker and gardener….

Survivorship 2012 conference speaker application.
If possible, please write us by e-mail at
or mail to: Survivorship, Family Justice Center, 470 27th Street, Oakland, CA 94612 USA
To register for the conference email:
To cosponsor this conference email:
To link directly to this page:

Survivorship is one of the oldest and most respected organizations supporting survivors of extreme child abuse, including sadistic sexual abuse, ritualistic abuse, mind control, and torture.
Survivorship provides resources, healing, and community for survivors; training and education for professionals who may serve survivors; and support for survivors’ partners and other allies. The organization functions as a lifeline for survivors who may be isolated emotionally or geographically. Through community outreach and training, Survivorship also raises awareness about these difficult issues.

The purpose of the conference will be to help survivors of ritual abuse and their allies. The conference will be for survivors, cosurvivors, helping professionals and others interested in this topic.

Healing the Unimaginable – Treating Ritual Abuse and Mind Control by Alison Miller  – Healing the Unimaginable: Treating Ritual Abuse and Mind Control is a practical, task-oriented, instructional manual designed to help therapists provide effective treatment for survivors of these most extreme forms of child abuse and mental manipulation. Paperback: 978 1 85575 882 7 Published: October 2011 Publisher: Karnac Books
A preview of this book is available at:

Letter to AMPAS from victims’ parents
Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory received an Oscar nomination for Best Documentary Feature this morning. In response, four parents whose children were murdered by Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley wrote an open letter to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences January 24, 2012


….We are the parents and step-parent of Michael Moore and Stevie Branch, Jr. On May 5, 1993, our sons, along with their friend Christopher Byers, were brutally murdered. Three teenage boys, now men, were convicted of the crime: Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskelley. An HBO documentary film crew came to our town, West Memphis, Arkansas, to chronicle the aftermath of these murders and the trials of our sons’ killers. That film, Paradise Lost, was followed by two sequels – Paradise Lost II: Revelations and Paradise Lost III: Purgatory. We are writing to the Academy now to express our sadness, disappointment, and outrage over the decision to nominate the latest film, Purgatory, for an Academy Award in the documentary film category.

Despite the spin and controversy fabricated by defense attorneys, documentary filmmakers, and celebrities, certain aspects of the past 18 years are irrefutable. Three precious eight-year-old boys went for a bicycle ride on May 5, 1993, and never came home. They were murdered in a most vicious and horrifying manner. Jessie Misskelley has admitted to taking part in these terrible crimes three times on record and at least three additional times off the record

….While we were grieving for our children, the HBO film crew assured us that they only chronicled the events as they unfolded, and that they believed the defendants to be guilty. They earned our trust, and then they violated it. Director Joe Berlinger aptly referred to himself as a “storyteller first, a journalist second…” an accurate description given the fable he has conjured. Berlinger decided within “five minutes” of meeting Damien Echols that he was innocent and immediately set out upon a mission to prove it, truth and facts be damned. The fabricated innocence of the defendants made for a better “documentary” than the truth that these three teenagers killed our children for nothing more than a sick thrill.

….Directors Berlinger and Sinofsky lied to grieving parents. They have callously accused not one, but two, grieving parents of their own sons’ murders. They manipulated viewers into believing that these trials were a witchhunt, showing only very carefully selected snippets of trial testimony. The trials of our sons’ murderers lasted twenty-two days. Despite having over 140 hours of footage in their possession, Berlinger and Sinofsky ultimately showed viewers less than one hour of trial footage and led viewers to the false conclusion that there was no evidence produced that the three defendants were guilty. They neglected to include virtually all of the evidence against the defendants, regardless of the fact that two juries and the Arkansas Supreme Court deemed that sufficient evidence of their guilt existed.

Oscar nomination for Paradise Lost 3? Oscar nominations will be announced tomorrow morning (24 Jan 2012), and Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory is a frontrunner for a Best Documentary Feature nomination.

Todd and Dana Moore, parents of murder victim Michael Moore, wrote a public letter to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences urging them not to honor Paradise Lost 3. November 22, 2011
….We are horrified to learn that a documentary that glorifies Michael’s killers, Paradise Lost III: Purgatory, is among 15 documentaries being considered for an Academy Award.

Because of public pressure that exploded due to gross misrepresentations of fact in two previous documentaries, Michael’s killers were unjustly able to enter into a plea agreement, were released from prison, and now pose additional threats to society. This third documentary further insulted the families of these three boys and may lead to further injustice. We implore the Academy not to reward our child’s killers and the directors who have profited from one of the greatest frauds ever perpetrated under the guise of a “documentary film.”

….Consider what happened to John Mark Byers. He was Christopher Byers’ adoptive father. Confrontations between Mr. Byers and Echols’ supporters at hearings were staged. Of course, Berlinger and Sinofsky were there to film these episodes. Berlinger and Sinofsky would transport Mr. Byers to the hearings and wire him for sound beforehand. Furthermore, Berlinger and Sinofsky maneuvered Mr. Byers and Echols’ supporters in order to film the anticipated confrontations. Later, after the cameras were packed away, Mr. Byers acted like a different person. Instead of being belligerent, he was affable. When asked about his change in demeanor, Mr. Byers stated that he was supposed to act that way when the cameras were present. Mr. Byers was quoted as saying he received $500 per hour for “exclusive interviews.”

Victim’s Parents Say West Memphis Three Documentary Shouldn’t Receive an Oscar By DAVE ITZKOFF December 1, 2011 The parents of one of the children who was killed in the so-called West Memphis Three murder case have asked the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to refuse Oscar consideration for the documentary “Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory,” saying that it celebrates the three defendants in that case.

In a letter reported by The Associated Press, Todd and Dana Moore, whose 8-year-old son, Michael, was found murdered with two other boys in West Memphis, Ark., in 1993, told the academy that the defendants were “unjustly able to enter into a plea agreement” and obtain their freedom from prison because of “public pressure that exploded due to gross misrepresentations of fact” in the “Paradise Lost” films.

Nix West Memphis 3 doc from Oscar race, urge victim’s parents CBC News Dec 1, 2011  The parents of one of three West Memphis, Ark., boys found dead 18 years ago have appealed to Oscar organizers to withdraw from consideration a documentary about the men convicted in the murders.

In a letter sent Nov. 22, Todd and Dana Moore requested that Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory be removed from a list of documentaries members of the U.S. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences are viewing to determine the finalists for the Oscars….
“Because of public pressure that exploded due to gross misrepresentations of fact in the two previous documentaries, Michael’s killers were unjustly able to enter into a plea agreement, were released from prison and now pose additional threats to society,” the Moores write in their letter.
“We implore the academy not to reward our child’s killers and the directors who have profited from one of the greatest frauds ever perpetrated under the guise of a documentary film.”

Berlinger defended his film, saying he stands by his conclusion that the trio is innocent. He admitted that he started on the first documentary with the idea that the men had committed the crimes, but later concluded the justice system had erred.
The Moores granted an interview for the first film of the series, but claim in their letter to the academy that the filmmakers “misled” them. “We appeared solely in the first film because the directors lied and told us their purpose was to protect children,” the letter says.

Ritual abuse and race, Monday 23 January 2012
We were pleased to see your report (An abuse of faith, Social care, 18 January) outlining the evidence of the numbers of black children subjected to violence linked to witchcraft. This is extremely concerning and many of us have worked with such children and adults from the black communities who have experienced abusive aspects of juju, Santeria, witchcraft and possession in the UK. While our major religious institutions are now putting safeguarding procedures into place, children (and adults) from smaller religious groups do not have that safety. We are also concerned as individuals and as a committee that the ritual abuse of white children (and adults) is less easily acknowledged (the Kidwelly case in 2011).

It can be far easier, sometimes for racist reasons, to accept the ritual abuse of black children (witness the Adam Case known as “Torso in The Thames” in 2001), and especially from working-class backgrounds. The white middle-class children (and adults) and those who work with them and support them are subject to implications that such experiences, if the victim is not black, must be bizarre delusions. This makes it harder for disclosures to be made and for the police to help, and delays the understanding of the impact of ritual on all children and adults when used abusively.
Dr V Sinason, Rachel Wingfield, Prof Joseph Schwartz, Dr Sandra Buck, Dr Joan Coleman, Carole Mallard, Wilfred Wong, Deborah Briggs, Dr Pat Frankish, David Leevers, Orit Badouk-Epstein, Lynn Greenwood – Committee on Ritual Abuse, London

has graphic descriptions
Why is child abuse tied to witchcraft on the rise? Evidence is emerging that a growing number of children are being subjected to exorcism rituals. Louise Hunt finds out why     Louise Hunt     The Guardian, Tuesday 17 January 2012  Social workers are used to coping with the unexpected – it comes with the territory. But child-protection specialists are increasingly coming across a kind of case that few textbooks have prepared them for: abuse of children related to belief in witchcraft.

Child abuse linked to ideas of spirit possession and witchcraft branding is a growing phenomenon, according to evidence given to the Commons education select committee’s current inquiry into child protection. It is predominantly an issue in African communities, often fuelled by extreme religious conviction, and experts believe that its growth is a reaction to personal or family misfortune brought about by the economic downturn.

Child Abuse Linked to Accusations of ‘Possession’ and ‘Witchcraft’ Reference:RR750     Published:June 2006 The belief in “possession” and “witchcraft” is widespread. The UK is not alone in seeing cases of this nature; cases have been reported worldwide. The children discussed in this report came from a variety of backgrounds including African, South Asian and European.
This report is based on desk research and discussions with social workers, school teachers, police officers, voluntary workers and others who had knowledge of aspects of the subject. An important feature has been collecting and examining reports of cases that occurred since January 2000, analysing the often limited information recorded and drawing conclusions from this material.

Inquest hears of witches, adoption and ‘angel’ note DAN PROUDMAN 13 Dec, 2011 IT was about the time Leonie Hutchinson was turning two when her mother’s landlord last remembered seeing the fit and healthy toddler around her Scone home.
But it would be up to 2 years before authorities had any idea the little girl with the blonde hair and blue eyes was missing. A coronial inquest has heard that Leonie’s mother, Kate Hutchinson, who also goes by the name of ‘‘Rainbow’’, has given ‘‘similar but differing’’ versions of Leonie’s whereabouts to friends, family and investigators in the years since the child’s disappearance a decade ago.

Ms Hutchinson, diagnosed with schizophrenia, has said Leonie was staying with friends on a farm, with people on the Central Coast, on properties outside Byron Bay and Bellingen and in foster homes, Deputy State Coroner Hugh Dillon heard yesterday. But nothing has led investigators to finding Leonie, pictured, who would be aged 12 if she was still alive.
On the inquest’s opening day, a picture was painted of Ms Hutchinson’s alternative lifestyle, of ‘‘not someone who was deeply embedded in the community’’, of ‘‘satanic’’ matters and involvement in a witches’ coven in the 1990s. ‘‘

… It is a sad day when a two-year-old goes missing and cannot be found for years on end,’’ Counsel assisting the coroner, Warwick Hunt, told Muswellbrook Coroners Court.

from deJoly LaBrier – forwarded with permission
When I stayed at River Oaks Psychiatric Hospital in Metarie (New Orleans), LA, Mark Schwartz was there as a therapist, as was his wife at the time. My memories of abuse came to me long before I even got to River Oaks, and I only had contact with him on a few group sessions. The treatment I received from the staff and therapist I was assigned to, were highly respectful, helpful and compassionate. I did a huge amount of healing work at that time. I truly can say that my work with the people who were directly supervised by Mark Schwartz, was positive. Hypnosis wasn’t used, but journaling was. I’m grateful that my experience there lead me to greater healing.


There were a number of therapies used at River Oaks, such as music therapy, art, guided meditations, and movement therapy, as well as 12-Step programs.
The recent articles about Dr. Schwartz damage not only his reputation as a therapist, but it puts doubt in the minds of the general public about the existence of multiple personality disorder, satanic ritual abuse, and mind control. I am a survivor of all three and the healing process has made me more sane than most people I know. I’m aware that there are non-believers, who would like to bash any information on this topic, but the huge numbers of survivors who weren’t part of Schwartz’ therapy, would prove that these phenomena are real and present in our society’s past and present. If left uninvestigated and bashed, more victims will succumb to the harsh realities of our general inhumanity to children.

For those who would read articles about Dr. Schwartz and have doubts about the existence of MPD, Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) or mind control, I’d suggest that you do further research, visit S.M.A.R.T.’s Ritual Abuse Pages at and
Journal articles and child abuse and trauma information

Radio talk show host Keith Hansen interviews researcher and former therapist, Lynn Crook, M.Ed., on current issues related to child molesters.   Where do we find them?  How do they operate?  When should we decide what to do if our child is molested?

400,666 US Girls Under Ten Are Forcibly Raped By James R. Marsh on December 15, 2011
A recently released report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals some sobering numbers: nearly 1 in 5 women have been raped in their lifetime. This statistic is widely known and almost universally accepted. But what do these numbers say about children?

According to the study, approximately 80% of female victims experienced their first rape before the age of 25 and almost half experienced the first rape before age 18 (30% between 11-17 years old and 12% at or before the age of 10).
When you crunch the numbers even more, you discover that approximately 400,666 girls under ten have experienced “completed forced penetration, attempted forced penetration, or alcohol/drug facilitated completed penetration.”

Center for Disease Control and Prevention – The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS) On average, 24 people per minute are victims of rape, physical violence, or stalking by an intimate partner in the United States, based on a survey conducted in 2010. Over the course of a year, that equals more than 12 million women and men. Those numbers only tell part of the story—more than 1 million women are raped in a year and over 6 million women and men are victims of stalking in a year. These findings emphasize that sexual violence, stalking, and intimate partner violence are important and widespread public health problems in the United States.

Sybil in Her Own Words by Patrick Suraci, Psychologist 12/15/11
….I recently published Sybil In Her Own Words: The Untold Story of Shirley Mason, Her Multiple Personalities and Paintings. It is a follow-up to the case of a woman who had 16 personalities, then called Multiple Personality Disorder. Flora Schreiber wrote this story titled Sybil. The therapist, Dr. Cornelia Wilbur used unorthodox, but not unethical, treatment for ten years, such as, psychoanalysis, hypnosis and Sodium Pentothal which resulted in the complete integration of the 16 personalities.

Sybil was the pseudonym for Shirley Mason who was born on January 25, 1923, in Dodge Center, Minnesota. She was an artistically gifted and shy only child. Her family was well known in this little town; therefore, her mother’s bizarre behavior was overlooked. During Shirley’s treatment the alternate personalities emerged and told of the abuse by her mother. Whenever her mother committed an atrocious attack on Shirley, she would split and development another personality to cope with the trauma.

Attacking the veracity of Sybil published in 1973 did not begin until April 24,1997, when Dr. Herbert Spiegel gave an interview to the New York Review of Books. He stated that Sybil was not a multiple, but rather an hysteric. He claimed to have hypnotized her, performed regression studies and filmed her for the class he taught at Columbia University, thus, discovering that Sybil’s therapist,

Dr. Cornelia Wilbur, had been: “helping her (Sybil) identifying aspects of her life, or perspectives, that she then called by name. By naming them this way she was reifying a memory of some kind and converting it into a ‘personality’…” In fact, he accused Dr. Wilbur of implanting false memories….

When I asked Dr. Spiegel for the film hypnotizing Sybil, he said he could not find it. When asked why he hat waited 24 years to report this so-called fraudulent case, he said no one had ever asked him about Sybil….

After Ms. Nathan received many negative criticisms over her inaccuracies and fabrications in Sybil Exposed, a fact checker from the Times claimed she had verified the documents in the Schreiber archives in the Special Collections Library at John Jay College. The sign-in book, which is meticulously guarded, requires a person’s signature and date. There is no such entry from this fact checker.

While researching my book, Shirley’s cousin Naomi Rhode, found an audio cassette made by Shirley and Dr. Wilbur on February 18, 1977.They were discussion publishing a book about Sybil’s paintings. They spoke about the time Dr. Wilbur sent Shirley to Dr. Spiegel. Dr, Wilbur says, “I think that hysterics are people who are willing to enter into a contract with someone whom they trust.
Now if they don’t trust that individual to some extent, they may appear to enter into a contract, but they don’t really. And as an example of that, I would like to point out that, although Sybil was very readily hypnotizable by me…An expert used her as a demonstration subject, and she agreed to this and he was disagreeable to her.

As a consequence he could not really hypnotize her” Shirley added, “She (Sybil) didn’t trust him as much. He tried to make her make something special out of things in her life that weren’t special, like birthdays…”.

….Shirley gave me information, journals, art work, anything I wanted to make my book an accurate picture of her life. She wanted people to know the benefits of therapy and that she was cured and lived a productive life….

Patrick Suraci received his Ph.D. in psychology from the New School for Social Research. He taught at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and Baruch College, City University of New York. He worked as a staff psychologist for the New York Police Department and is now in private practice in Manhattan. His first book was Male Sexual Armor: Erotic Fantasies and Sexual Realities of the Cop on the Beat and the Man in the Street and recently published SYBIL in her own words: The Untold Story of Shirley Mason, Her Multiple Personalities and Paintings.

Authentication of Simon & Schuster’s legal department stating that they would delete the words “first person” from the dust jacket of Debbie Nathan’s book “Sybil Exposed”, giving the impression that Ms. Nathan was the first to discover something new proving the Sybil case a fraud, evidence on website below

describes graphic abuse – articles excerpts are the opinion of the author and not necessarily the opinion of this newsletter
Unequal – Melissa Farley August  30, 2005 (Coalition Against Trafficking in Women) This article was written in response to Debbie Nathan’s ‘Oversexed’ (Nation, August 29, 2005)….feminists think that women in prostitution deserve the right NOT to prostitute. That’s what almost all women in prostitution tell us they want: to get out. ‘Unequal’ criticizes the use of HIV prevention funds as a means to promote legalized prostitution….

Pedophilia and ritual abuse (highly organized groups of pedophiles who make a religion out of sexually torturing children yes they really exist) are described by Nathan as a “sex abuse panic.”   Public outcry against adults having sex with kids and taking pictures of that is penned by Nathan as “kiddy porn panic.” Now she writes about a “sex-slave panic.” She uses our own discomfort against us.  If we’re uncomfortable at witnessing sexual violence, at the renting or buying of people for sex, our discomfort is sneered at, labeled “panic.”  It’s fiendishly effective strategy that colludes with peoples’ stubborn refusal to know about the cruelty of sexual violence. Most people are relieved to avoid the painful awareness of one more instance of suffering in this world.  Violence against women and children is left in place, hidden in plain sight.

Claiming that Lourdes Portillo’s accounts of the murders of hundreds of women on the Juarez-El Paso border are exaggerated, Debbie Nathan worried that some people may think her analysis sounds  “like the nasty arithmetic of Holocaust deniers.“  She has a point there. Nathan’s modus operandi is to question the accuracy of numbers, focusing on the absolutely proven body count….

She questions the accuracy of numbers as a way of denying the roots of the problem.  She does this in Aug 29 2005 Nation by noting that accounts of the actual numbers of US trafficking victims vary from study to study.   Trafficking victims are under extreme duress, and they hide because they’re terrified of pimps, johns, families, police, and governments all of whom might once again betray them.  Yes there is difficulty in accurately counting them. It’s great that there are scholars who revise inaccurate or incomplete numbers whenever they can.

Nathan even suggests that some women consent to being trafficked: “I’ve never met a Thai woman smuggled in for sex work who didn’t know that’s what she’d be coming here to do.”….

It’s not sex trafficking, it’s ‘migration for sex work.’ ….Nathan considers “imprisonment in a sweatshop” just as severe as trafficking for prostitution.  Sweatshops are vicious but they don’t involve invasion of all your body’s orifices on a daily basis for years into the future – or having to smile and say you like it….

Recent Charges of Sexual Abuse of Children in Hollywood Just Tip of Iceberg, Experts Say By Meaghan Murphy December 05, 2011
If a spate of recent allegations proves true, Hollywood may have a hideous epidemic on its hands. The past two weeks have brought three separate reports of alleged child sexual abuse in the entertainment industry.

Martin Weiss, a 47-year-old Hollywood manager who represented child actors, was charged in Los Angeles on Dec. 1 with sexually abusing a former client. His accuser, who was under 12 years old during the time of the alleged abuse, reported to authorities that Weiss told him “what they were doing was common practice in the entertainment industry.” Weiss has pleaded not guilty.

On Nov. 21, Fernando Rivas, 59, an award-winning composer for “Sesame Street,” was arraigned on charges of coercing a child “to engage in sexually explicit conduct” in South Carolina. The Juilliard-trained composer was also charged with production and distribution of child pornography.

Registered sex offender Jason James Murphy, 35, worked as a casting agent in Hollywood for years before his past kidnapping and sexual abuse of a boy was revealed by the Los Angeles Times on Nov. 17. Murphy’s credits include placing young actors in kid-friendly fare like “Bad News Bears,” “The School of Rock,” “Cheaper by the Dozen 2” and the forthcoming “Three Stooges.”

Revelations of this sort come as no surprise to former child star Corey Feldman.
Feldman, 40, himself a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, unflinchingly warned of the world of pedophiles who are drawn to the entertainment industry last August. “I can tell you that the No. 1 problem in Hollywood was and is and always will be pedophilia,” Feldman told ABC’s Nightline. “That’s the biggest problem for children in this industry… It’s the big secret.”….
Arngrim, who revealed her own sexual abuse in her 2010 autobiography, “Confessions of a Prairie Bitch,” explains: “I’ve heard from victims from all over the country. Everyone tells the same kind of story, everyone is told to keep it secret, everyone is threatened with something. Corey Feldman may have opened a can of worms by speaking out, but yes, this does go on.”

Even though Feldman spoke candidly about the abuse, he hasn’t named the predator. “People don’t want to talk about this because they’re afraid for their careers,” says Peterson. “From my perspective, what Corey did was pretty brave. It would be really wonderful if his allegations reached through all of the protective layers and identified the real people who are a part of a worldwide child pornography ring, because it’s huge and it respects no borders, just as it does not respect the age of the children involved.”

Child sexual abuse cases in Hollywood attract attention – At least a dozen child molestation and child pornography prosecutions since 2000 have involved actors, managers, production assistants and others in the entertainment industry. By Dawn C. Chmielewski, Los Angeles Times January 8, 2012

….Advocates and professionals who work with victims of child sexual abuse say predators exploit the glittery lure of Hollywood to prey on aspiring actors or models. They assert that the problem is more widespread than the industry is willing to acknowledge and have called for tougher laws and better screening of those who represent or work with children.

“Unlike other settings, such as Little League, Scouts, day care and school volunteers, where adults who have unsupervised access to children are required to comply with fingerprinting requirements, there are no such standards in the entertainment industry,” said Paula Dorn, co-founder of the BizParentz Foundation, a nonprofit group for families of child actors.

….The recent arrests prompted a bill, expected to be filed this month with the California Assembly, that would require licensing and criminal background checks for those who work with actors under age 16. It would prohibit registered sex offenders from serving as child managers, photographers, career counselors or publicists.
“Under the existing law, talent agents are regulated; however, casting directors, managers and photographers are not. This loophole makes it very easy for a predator to gain access to children working within the entertainment industry,” said the bill’s sponsor, Assemblywoman Nora Campos (D-San Jose).

Supreme Court Grants Justice Dep’t Request to Reject Child Victims By James R. Marsh on December 6, 2011  Last week the United States Supreme Court ignored the extraordinary pleas of three nationally recognized child advocacy groups and granted the Justice Department’s request to dismiss a child sex abuse victim’s appeal for criminal restitution.

The case now returns to the district court which must follow the DC Circuit’s holding that the victim in this case, Amy, does not have a clear and indisputable right to full restitution, but must instead trace precisely how her losses were “proximately” caused by each of the thousands of child molesters and pedophiles who collect and trade her child sex abuse images.

The Supreme Court’s rejection means that a child pornography victim’s right to criminal restitution in the federal courts will continue to be limited and denied in sixteen states and territories, including California, New York and Washington, DC. Only in the Fifth Circuit—encompassing the states of Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi—is restitution still mandatory.
The Court’s denial—and the Justice Department’s stubborn refusal to abandon a legal standard which the influential Ninth Circuit concluded “present[s] serious obstacles for victims seeking restitution in these sorts of cases”—leaves child sex abuse victims like Amy with scant chance for justice in the federal courts.
Pedophiles, child molesters and the Justice Department are likely to seize on the high court’s rejection as a sign that criminal restitution for child sex abuse victims is all but impossible in the federal courts except under the most egregious circumstances.

2nd Bi-Annual 24hr TAALK-A-THON to End Child Sexual Abuse December 10th and 11th, 2011
We will host a 24 hour internet radio show with guest speakers each hour covering a variety of topics related to child sexual abuse awareness, prevention and support. Hear 40+ speakers from around the world with the brightest minds and the biggest hearts. It’s an event you won’t want to miss!
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TAALK – Break the Silence that Surrounds Child Sexual Abuse – The Single Biggest Barrier to Resolving the Child Sexual Abuse Epidemic is Silence
1 in 4 girls will be sexually abused before the age of 18
1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused before the age of 18
30-40% of victims are abused by a family member
Another 50% by someone they know and trust

Syracuse Child Abuse Cases Spur Calls To Reform New York Statutes Of Limitations  by John Rudolf 12/13/11 NEW YORK — On Dec. 7, William Fitzpatrick, district attorney for Onondaga County in upstate New York, said he found credible the allegations of two former Syracuse University basketball team ball boys that Bernie Fine, the team’s long-standing assistant coach, molested them in the 1980s.
“These two victims are believable,” Fitzpatrick said at a press conference.

But state prosecutors won’t be bringing any criminal charges against Fine for the alleged abuse, which the coach adamantly denies. The statute of limitations in both cases expired nearly two decades ago — just two years after his accusers, now in their late 30s, passed their 18th birthdays.
Fine can’t be sued either: under state law, the two men needed to file a civil suit against him before they turned 23. “There is no remedy,” said Jeff Dion, director of the National Crime Victim Bar Association. “Because of New York law, a child molester is going to get off scot-free.”

Fine would not have fared nearly as well elsewhere in the country. In a growing number of states, legal reforms now allow victims of childhood sexual abuse to seek civil damages and criminal charges against their alleged abusers many years after reaching adulthood. The reforms are an acknowledgement of substantial research demonstrating that abuse victims often require an extensive period of time before they are ready to confront their abusers.
People are so messed up that they don’t get the courage and the gumption to do anything until they’re in their 40s — if then,” said Thomas Neuberger, a Delaware attorney who has represented hundreds of victims of childhood abuse. “It takes a person decades before they get the courage to speak out.”….

In the last week, two lawmakers announced plans to introduce legislation extending the time period when victims of childhood abuse can seek criminal charges and civil restitution against their abusers. A previous bill to reform New York’s child abuse laws passed the Assembly three times, but was repeatedly stymied in the state Senate after heavy lobbying by Catholic bishops, who vigorously opposed a key provision to temporarily lift the civil statute of limitations for decades-old abuse.

Yet the intense publicity now surrounding the Syracuse and Penn State scandals may finally push the vote for a reform bill over the top in New York, according to Marci Hamilton, a law professor at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York and a long-time advocate for child sexual abuse victims.

“I do think in the next year or two or three, it’s going to be impossible for legislators to maintain statutes of limitations that favor predators,” Hamilton said. “The public outrage is building.” The proposed reforms would bring New York closer in line with many other states, which afford child abuse victims special rights not given to other crime victims or civil plaintiffs.
Delaware has no criminal statute of limitations at all for any sex crime against a child. In Pennsylvania, victims have until their 50th birthday to seek criminal prosecution against an abuser. Six other states, including Connecticut, Louisiana and Missouri, allow criminal prosecutions of child sex abuse for at least 20 years after victims turn 18.

Subcommittee Hearing – Breaking the Silence on Child Abuse: Protection, Prevention, Intervention, and Deterrence – Committee: Subcommittee on Children and Families
Tuesday, December 13 2011, 10:15 AM – video and pdf files

Crisis in Family Court – Dr. Phil Show – Stephanie, 17, wanted to speak out on behalf of the kids in the middle of custody battles and court rulings. She says because courts have ignored cries of abuse, some kids are left in the hands of their abusive parent. Stephanie fears this is happening with her younger sister.


U.S. to Expand Its Definition of Rape in Statistics By CHARLIE SAVAGE January 6, 2012
WASHINGTON — The federal government is changing its longstanding definition of “forcible rape” in compiling national crime statistics — expanding both the definition of victims, to include males, and the types of sexual assault that will be counted in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Report.
The new definition, which has been in the works for several months and was formally announced by the Obama administration on Friday, will replace a narrower definition of “forcible rape” with one that includes, among other things, forcible oral or anal penetration. The narrower definition, which is limited to vaginal penetration, has been used since the 1920s in tracking how often such crimes are reported around the country.

Victim advocacy groups have long criticized the old definition as outdated, saying it left out many crimes that were prosecuted as rape under state laws but that were not reflected in national statistics. Last year, an F.B.I. advisory committee of law enforcement agencies agreed to a Justice Department request to update the definition….

The old definition — “the carnal knowledge of a female, forcibly and against her will” — covered only forcible penetration of a woman’s vagina by a penis, and excluded many other kinds of sexual assaults that count as rape under more modern definitions.
For example, the outdated definition did not count forcible anal or oral penetration, the penetration of the vagina or anus with an object or other body part, the rape of a man, or the rape of a woman by another woman.

It also did not cover nonconsensual sex that does not involve physical force — like the rape of people who are unable to grant consent because they are drugged, very drunk or younger than the age of statutory consent in their state, a number that varies across the country.
The new definition, which was drafted with input from local and state law enforcement agencies based on more modernized rape laws, encompasses a broader range of such circumstances. Specifically, it covers the “penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.”

FBI changes definition of rape to add men as victims By Kevin Johnson, USA TODAY  1/6/2012
WASHINGTON — The FBI is changing its long-standing definition of rape for the first time to include sexual assaults on males following persistent calls from victims advocates who claim that the offense, as currently defined in the agency’s annual crime report, has been undercounted for decades.

Under the current definition, established 85 years ago, many of the sex crimes alleged in the ongoing prosecution of former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky would not be counted in the bureau’s Uniform Crime Report, one of the most reliable measures of crime in the United States.

Sandusky is accused in alleged assaults and sexual misconduct involving 10 male victims.
Rape is currently defined as the “carnal knowledge of a female forcibly and against her will.”
The new provision will define rape as any kind of penetration of another person, regardless of gender, without the victim’s consent. This long-awaited change to the definition of rape is a victory for women and men across the country whose suffering has gone unaccounted for over 80 years,” Vice President Biden, who has worked extensively on domestic-violence issues, said in a statement released Thursday.