PRESS RELEASE – Wikipedia “Satanic Ritual Abuse” article critique


Wikipedia “Satanic Ritual Abuse” article critique

For Immediate Release

Contact:    S.M.A.R.T.

November 8, 2008. Easthampton, MA:
Intimidation, bullying, sarcasm: such are the tactics used by the current editors of Wikipedia’s “Satanic Ritual Abuse” article (and other related articles): (1) discounting the existence of sexual crimes against children associated with true or staged satanic worship; and (2) undoing references in Wikipedia articles by editors who present findings from research and legal cases that support the existence of ritual/sexual crimes against children by organized groups of pedophiles.

The article describes Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) as “a moral panic.” References by persons associated with child pornography or false memory type organizations that have been known to defend accused and convicted pedophiles are used to back the argument that SRA does not exist.

Findings from the 2007 international online Extreme Abuse Survey ( indicate that satanic ritual abuse is widespread. Of 1471 respondents from 31 countries who reported extreme abuse in childhood, 543 reported that they were ritually abused in a satanic cult. This number of SRA reports cited from a highly credible source, Karnac Books, of London was among many findings supporting the existence of ritual abuse deleted by Wikipedia editors who consider such viewpoints as having a “fringe focus.”

When children disclose to trusted persons that they have been physically and sexually tortured by groups of pedophiles using satanic garb and accoutrements, it is reasonable to assume that those persons would turn to the Internet to learn more about such bizarre reports. Because of this entry’s heavily-biased portrayal against the reality of satanic ritual abuse, the bodies, minds, and souls of terrified children – who may be under threat of death and tell about the perverted acts of their perpetrators using satanic rituals – may be placed in jeopardy.

For a research-based rebuttal to Wikipedia’s article, “Satanic Ritual Abuse,” see The Truth about Satanic Ritual Abuse (