Harassment by false memory proponents

Harassment by false memory proponents

In the last 20 years, there have been many attacks on those that work in the child abuse protection and therapy field. We document a few of these attacks at:

Confessions of a Whistle-Blower: Lessons Learned by Anna C. Salter – Ethics & Behavior, Volume 8, Issue 2 June 1998 , pages 115 – 124 http://ritualabuse.us/research/memory-fms/confessions-of-a-whistle-blower-lessons-learned/

Calof, D.L. (1998). Notes from a practice under siege: Harassment, defamation, and intimidation in the name of science, Ethics and Behavior, 8(2) pp. 161-187. http://ritualabuse.us/research/memory-fms/notes-from-a-practice-under-siege/

False memory syndrome proponents tactics

We write about a more recent attack below.
In 2009, in an article called “Rebuttal to the Report from the SMART 2009 conference” we wrote about a vicious attack on our conference.

We recommend you read the page at this link before reading this page:
This will give readers the full background on this subject as well as a rebuttal to the comments below.

The person responsible for the article attacking the conference was Douglas Misicko, who attended the conference. He published a two part article about our conference under the alias “Douglas Mesner.” Internet web pages with his picture under the alias Douglas Mesner helped verify Douglas Misicko’s use of the alias Douglas Mesner. He stopped payment on the check he used to pay for the conference after the conference.

Our conference brochure, which all that register are required to read, states “Members of secret organizations, acting out perpetrators, and/or members of unsympathetic organizations are excluded from the conference. This is for the protection and safety of those in attendance.” Also, it is clearly announced at the beginning of the conference, “Please note that media people are not allowed in the conference at any time without the written permission of SMART.” This is also for the protection and safety of those in attendance.

We rebutted his attacks in his two part article at: http://ritualabuse.us/ritualabuse/rebuttal-to-the-report-from-the-smart-2009-conference/

Pages with information on Mesner are:

“The Doug Mesner Show”
Artist, commentator, and self-proclaimed “One Man Gang-Bang,” Douglas Mesner takes on the world armed with a tape recorder, police scanner, and sardonic wit.  An unscrupulous journalist of the Muckracker/Gonzo School, Doug takes his tape recorder everywhere it’s unwelcome.  Bringing pranking to the level of stone-faced professionalism, Mesner’s Show promises to revolutionize Rotten Radio and serve as the definitive audio documentary of the apocalypse. formerly at http://www.radiofreesatan.com/doug_mesner_show.html

He published his two part article attacking the SMART conference at a page called Process, which uses the same symbol as the Process Church did. The Process Church has been called Satanic by some, since they worshiped both Christ and Satan.

Douglas Mesner did the artwork for the book “Might is Right” which had an intro by Anton Lavey, who was the American founder and High Priest of the Church of Satan and the author of The Satanic Bible. The illustration Mesner drew has written under it in capitol letters “Hate Your Enemies with a Whole Heart and If a Man Smite You on One Cheek, Smash Him Down, Smite Him Hip and Thigh, for Self Preservation Is the Highest Law.”


Mesner writes about ritual abuse victims thinking they believe they have some sort of  status of privilege. Of course, this couldn’t be further from the truth. With the amount of social disbelief due to misinformation on ritual abuse, as well as the vicious attacks against them, it is impossible for ritual abuse survivors and those that help them to believe that anyone in the field would feel any sort of privilege.

Mesner also calls SMART cult-like, stating that SMART members are somehow able to ignore or avoid contrary opinions. Yet the opposite is true. Ritual abuse survivors are constantly bombarded by opinions from the other side that claim that ritual abuse does not exist. Yet, those with the scars, validation and memories know that ritual abuse clearly does exist.

Mesner’s vicious attacks against SMART, the conference coordinator and others in the child abuse and ritual abuse fields have continued after the original publication of his articles last year. His attacks have contained personal insults, personal attacks, name calling and even offline harassment.

Mesner uses the propaganda technique of Name Calling, the use of derogatory language or words that carry a negative connotation when describing their opponent. This technique is used to arouse prejudice in the reader by labeling the target with something that the reader dislikes.

These attacks by Mesner have actually helped increase the support SMART and other ritual abuse survivors have gotten, due to their vicious nature.

Comments attacking SMART and others.

Below we will list a small portion of the comments written by the name  “Douglas Mesner” and other names, deleting the names of the people attacked for their protection.

(Note: All comments below were written under the name “Douglas Mesner” unless otherwise stated.)

“The organizer _______ stands about 5′ 6″ with a greasy dark curly comb-over, large-thick glasses, and a voice that sounds exacly like Elmer Fudd (without the impediment of pronouncing his Rs as Ws).”

“whose lectures were startlingly candid accounts of how and why they came to manufacture their paranoid fictions.”

“the greatest blow to the SRA/MPD movement was the investigation into the irresponsible quack antics of an MPD therapist”

“As _____ wrote in an angry comment upon my first half of this article, “who are you to decide what people remember?”
(Note: the person Mesner states wrote this did not write this.)

“The conference is so self-evidently full of bullshit that exposing it may seem no more productive than pulling the false beard from a shopping mall Santa Claus.  But, absurd as the premise of the S.M.A.R.T. conference is, and deranged as the speaker’s tales clearly are…”

“It was the very stuff of paranoid delusion”

“Well ____ thank you for confirming that you are indeed a raving conspiracy theorist. Your ability to ignore inconvenient facts is staggering.”

Different name:
_______ says:
____ You should consult with ______ movie director of ______. To write a movie about how you scam people for their hard earned money that happen to have mental diseases to beguin with. The only molesting and raping going on is you directly taking form peoples wallets that are on medication and believe what you are saying is real…. Have fun…..

Different name:
____ is pedophile. Who makes $43,139 a year and owns a $245,000.00 House. Wow with all the money he takes for his conferences, he sure knows how to party. Go ____! GO ____

Moriah says:
_____ has no professional credentials. He has no training in
psychology. Go ahead, ask him where he works for a living. He is a sham  and a huckster and he exploits people with mental illnesses by feeding  their delusions.

Different name:
Reviewer: _____
Subject: Job’s a Job
Might as well give up on asking _____ to answer any
straight-forward questions. He’s probably the middle-aged bag boy at some grocer he can ride his bike to. Everybody needs to make a buck, and he probably gets an extra boost each time he has his little conferences. Nothing so wrong with that so long as they aren’t outright  accusing people of wrong-doing any more. But then I see where the  author of the article is coming from when you have to question what  these people really believe if they aren’t really willing to accuse  people they believe have really tortured them. On the one hand, maybe  let them have their fun, but on the other, it would be nice if they’d  blame the aliens like the other crack-pots.

Reviewer: critiquerre
Subject: ______
Wow! I didn’t know one could still find people who would claim ____’s story is true! It is intriguing to what lengths some people  will go to justify their insanity. I googled ____ and found that  he was an alcoholic train-wreck until he redefined himself _______. I feel sorry for him, and I feel sorry for
the people who gravitate to him with their own paranoid fantasies, but I think that the guy who wrote this article is right to show them that  they are wrong. Hopefully they will start to reevaluate themselves and  work to ween themselves from their delusions and reenter the real world  again. god bless…

Different name:
Reviewer: ______
Subject: ______ and Child Abuse
I am well aware of the effects the satanic panic had on many innocent people growing up in the early eighties. At first I felt this report  had the feel of a heavy-weight mercilessly pummeling away on a hapless  Special Olympics contender….So, I began to think about why I really found myself disliking _____, and I decided that maybe I had been sexually abused by him. I  worked to remember any possible abuse at his hand. After a while, I  could imagine his greasy comb-over dripping over my exposed loins,  shouting commands in his Elmer Fudd voice. These memories must be true.  By _____’s own standards of evidence, he is now convicted as a pedophile. Isn’t that right? If I said it, if I remember it, is it not true? If not, why not?

Reviewer: doug mesner
Subject: ____, the Exploiter
…._____ seems to believe that an argument is won in quantity rather than quality, and for this reason he posts all the superfluous and mostly irrelevant comments from other attendees and speakers at his conference who, of course, agree with his tall tales…..

Douglas Mesner says:
What kind of a “researcher” would attend under a false name? At a tin-foil hat satanic panic conspiracy conference? I would. Absolutely….

Douglas Mesner says:
….And, yes, I did attend pseudononymously….

Doug Mesner said…
See – this is the thing that disgusts me about ____: his delusional state seems entirely self-imposed, a failure of character more than disease of the brain. If _____ came on here talking about his life _____, babbling about satanic murderers, then I might feel sorry for him as somebody who is seriously distressed and doesn’t have the ability to distinguish fact from reality. But that’s not what we see…. Apparently, ____ knows how asinine his bullshit stories are. Why else would he deny them? Why else would he say that I “misrepresented” and took it “out of context”?….This is just a weakness of character and will. An astounding failure of responsible reasoning.

Folly of the Witch-Hunter
_____ is a disturbed carry-over from the Satanic Panic witch-hunts of the 80s – mid-90s. Though she likes to dress herself up as a victims’s advocate, her sick fantasies regarding sadistic child abuse are part of a broader conspiracy theory of occult crime with which she identifies. The ability of low-rate minds to attach imaginary crimes against groups of people – whether the group is real or imagined – is the very stuff of racism, genocides, and witch-burnings. _____, for all her blubbering righteousness, is really no better than neo-nazi.

Doug Mesner says:
….Those are the least professional, lowest ethical standards. They are the “ethical standards” of the witch-hunter. You know this_____. You who wrote a modern Malleus Mallficarum in your book on Ritual Abuse.