Evolving as a Movement – Taking a Step Forward

Evolving as a Movement – Taking a Step Forward

The survivor movement needs to take a step forward. No longer can it avoid public education and advocacy. Those that encourage non-promotion and non-education of the general public of survivor issues are only hurting the movement and survivors. We must fight the misinformation of child abuse “skeptics” who in reality are nonbelievers of well-researched and accurate accounts of child abuse crimes.

We can no longer tolerate attacks by survivors toward other survivors, including name calling, insults, personal attacks or blatant misinformation statements, due to the attacker’s perceived slights or being programmed or triggered by cult members.

Survivors that publicly attack other child or ritual abuse advocates are not helping others nor are they helping the movement move forward. The child abuse “skeptics” watch these attacks, promote and encourage them and benefit from them. Survivor resources are only destroyed more by these attacks.

Certain members of the survivor movement are sent to the movement to disable the movement in different ways. Some are programmed to attack others. Their goals (usually unknown to them) is to fragment the movement and destroy legitimate sources of education and support for survivors. This is obvious by their overt actions. These actions may be carried by their cult protector alters, who are used to viciously attack others. These protector alters often have no morals. They will claim to have high morals and may hide behind a religious agenda, yet their propose is to hurt others. They will lie and project their immorality onto the victims they attack. They may call others liars and perpetrators. The tone of their attacks and lack of evidence exposes their motives.

They may attend conferences or join online groups. When first joining these groups they will act normally and politely. They may offer to help in different areas. Once they have gained support, the cult will begin using them to disrupt the groups they have joined. They will start attacking people. Depending on the level of infiltration needed, the person may apologize, even going through a mediation period or whatever is necessary to return to the group. But without help, these people will continue to disrupt as many groups as they can. The only way they can get help is by working through their actual programming.

Some cult programmed survivors may start their own groups. These groups are used to access members that join them and then trigger their programming. Their groups will often be very dysfunctional. There will be repeated disruptions of their leadership committees and boards. These groups may also be used to divert support from legitimate groups. Their public events may be heavily infiltrated by cult members. These groups will often be designed to fail. Internal strife and attacks will be created by the leader and others asked to join by the leader.

Legitimate members that try to make these groups healthier and try to move these groups forward will be attacked and marginalized. This also happens in the survivor movement as a whole. Survivor advocates who attempt to move the movement forward through public education and educating others about programming techniques are removed from groups or attempts are made to disable the groups they work in.

S.M.A.R.T., Neil Brick and others that have worked hard to build survivor resources and help survivors have been attacked in manners similar to those above. Totally false, unproved statements have been made over the years against Neil Brick and S.M.A.R.T by those sent to disrupt and destroy the survivor movement. These statements are made with no evidence. Neil has worked hard to get along with members of all groups, but cult programmed members ignore these attempts. When they are no longer able to disrupt these groups or access others, they will attack legitimate members trying to move these groups forward, like Neil.

Neil Brick and S.M.A.R.T have worked hard to provide safe conferences for all attendees. Every year we look at ways to make the conferences safer. This may entail discouraging attendance by those who have active cult alters that may disrupt the conference or hurt others’ recoveries.

False statements have been made about Neil somehow trying to control the survivor movement, which is of course impossible. These statements are made to weaken the movement and S.M.A.R.T.’s work. Neil had only been a member of a few groups, so these statements have no reliability. Neil Brick would never want to do this anyway. He has repeatedly made statements that people need to learn how to think for themselves and undo their own programming.

More disinformation has been spread that S.M.A.R.T. and Survivorship are weaker now than they were in the past. None of this is true. The truth is that both organizations are safer and stronger now than they have ever been. There is more education about mind control techniques and ways to undo cult programming. This bothers the cult, so people that have not worked through their programming are used to divert people to less healthy groups, and to attack healthy groups that help support survivors. S.M.A.R.T. does not believe it is healthy for the survivor movement to publicly discuss specifics and has never participated in attacking other groups. This only helps child abuse “skeptics” and weakens the survivor movement as a whole.

How to Evolve?

When deciding if a source is valid, consider the following:

1) Is their data presented with factual information, or is there no data and just stream of consciousness statements interspersed with misinformation and insults? Just because a group says they are pro-survivor, it does not really mean they are. Cult members are trained to lie without knowing it.

2) How has the source helped the survivor movement? Do they promote legitimate strong sources of information?

3) Is there actual information presented by the group on how to undo programming and heal, or do they largely present disinformation meant to discredit the survivor movement?

4) If you are a survivor, ask inside. As you become more in touch with your alters, your gut feelings will be able to tell if a person is trying to help you and other survivors, or if they are just a cult alter or front presentation for the cult.

S.M.A.R.T. has had survivor conferences for almost two decades. Our Internet ritual abuse resources are the largest in the world. We do more public education and advocacy around ritual abuse issues than any other resource we know of. S.M.A.R.T. has been attacked by many “skeptical”and false memory organizations, yet continues to get stronger and healthier, helping more and more survivors get accurate information about ritual abuse.

With the help of your therapist and other healthy support people, we can evolve as a movement. We can promote and support healthy survivor organizations. We can all make the movement stronger.