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The following are letters to the editor of the Hartford Advocate, after the article “Speak of the Devil” by Patrick Rucker (9/3/03 – was published.

Some of our replies to this article were also published at “Hartford Advocate Unfair on Satanic Abuse 9/10/03 – Survivor advocate replies to “Speak of the Devil”” by Patrick Rucker (9/3/03) at

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The conference has a strict no media policy. Rarely are the media invited into the conference and everyone at the conference is told about them. There are no pictures, cameras or tape recorders allowed in the conference or any conference areas by any conference attendees at any time. All conference areas are closed to all nonparticipants at all times. This reporter (Mr. Rucker) was in a closed room separate from the rest of the conference in an off conference time with only a small group of people that knew he was there. He had promised before meeting with us to do a balanced article.

Permission was granted to SMART to put these letters on the web. Some of these letters may be edited for space or legal reasons.

I was very disappointed with the article, “Speak of the Devil” by Patrick Rucker (9/3/03). I felt that a great deal of information was left out of the article, to make one side of the debate (ours) look ridiculous. Mr. Rucker’s use of the word “crazy” is basically a slur and name calling. The article states that to a large extent these allegations came out during therapy. In my case, this was not true. Most of my memories came out outside of therapy.

Research that backs up the fact that most traumatic memories are not recalled in therapy includes : “Remarkably few patients recovered first memories in therapy with the help of hypnosis. This study places the percentage at 4%. Thus, in the direct study of patients who recovered memory of childhood sexual abuse, hypnosis was not an important factor in the emergence of sexual abuse memories. …The results do not support widespread implanting of novel memories of sexual abuse by therapists.” (Iatrogenic memory change. Examining the empirical evidence. Leavitt F Am J Forensic Psychol (19)2: 21-32, 2001) (SMART Issue #39 – July 2001 –

The reporter also failed to mention any data to counter Loftus’ assertions about recovered memory. “No study that has looked for evidence of traumatic or dissociative amnesia after child sexual abuse has failed to find it….Research has shown that the content of recovered memories are just as likely to be accurate as those of continuously held memories of trauma….Research shows that children rarely fabricate stories about being abused.” (

To the best of my knowledge, Loftus has no evidence whatsoever tying traumatic memory to suggestion and imagination. She has done studies on nontraumatic memory, which are stored in the brain differently than traumatic memories. These studies have been misapplied to traumatic memory.

I have recently written a paper on “The Neurological Bases for the Theory of Recovered Memory.” This paper shows the biological bases for the theory of recovered memory.

Loftus’ work and ethics have been critiqued many times by several professionals in the field. Data on Loftus was sent by me to Mr. Rucker, but Mr. Rucker decided not to print this. Recently, Loftus has been accused in a court document of violating the confidentiality of a research subject. Information on this and other possible ethical violations are at “The Alleged Ethical Violations of Elizabeth Loftus in the Case of Jane Doe” by Neil Brick

This is not the first time her ethics have been questioned.

Loftus mentions that issue of credibility and Mr. Rucker mentions credulity. However, there are numerous court cases and research articles proving the existence of ritual abuse that cite similar allegations to the ones mentioned at the conference. I sent Mr. Rucker many of these, but he decided not to include any of them in his article. They include (this is just a small sample of many articles) :

Satanism and Ritual Abuse Archives – legal cases about ritual abuse

Orlikow v. U.S. Cite as 682 F.S. 77 (D.D.C. 1988) Mrs. David Orlikow, et al., Plaintiffs, V. UNITED STATES of America, Defendant. Civ. A. No. 80-3163. U.S. District Court, District of Columbia. 1/19/88 “…the plaintiffs allege, (1) negligent failure of supervision and control over CIA employees, (2) negligent and reckless funding of hazardous experiments, (3) liability for CIA funding of medical malpractice.”

The book “A Nation Betrayed.” “Her book walks us through her horrifying journey of experimentation and training by her CIA torturers beginning at the age of four as part of the government sanctioned Bluebird/Artichoke and MKULTRA Projects.” It is extremely well documented The Preface can be read at

The book “Secret Weapons: Two Sisters’ Terrifying True Story of Sex, Spies and Sabotage,” “we find the horrific, yet, informative narratives of Cheryl and Lynn Hersha, as they describe tortuous programming beginning at the tender ages of four and six years, and continuing into adulthood.” Their harrowing accounts are supported by fact-finding and breakthrough research.

An Empirical Look at the Ritual Abuse Controversy – James Randall Noblitt, Ph.D. “Michael Newton (cited in Noblitt, 1998a) accumulated data on criminal convictions in the U.S. where allegations of ritual abuse of children were made. ( long url:

Lanning is quoted as an “authoritative” source by Mr. Rucker. Lanning claims that satanic abuse is a hoax. Let’s look at Lanning’s research. “To my surprise, [Lanning] admits he has never talked to a ritual abuse survivor”…(several weeks later, Lanning revised his story to say that he had spoken with ‘several dozen’ survivors on an unofficial basis.) (from “Nightmares on Main Street” by Leslie Bennetts, Vanity Fair, June, 1993, pp 42-62, quote from Pg. 62) How authorative can a source be that first admits it didn’t interview anyone alleging they were ritually abused and then revises their story to say they talked to a small sample size unofficially ?

Then Mr. Rucker presents data on the famous McMartin case. What Mr. Rucker failed to find out is this : Tunnels were definitely found corroborating the stories of abuse. Hundreds of kids disclosed to their parents and therapists that they were abused. Children’s medical reports and the tunnels corroborated the children’s stories. A plate with a pentagram drawn on it was found. One of the proponents of the theory that the McMartin story wasn’t true were former underground makers of tabloids for pedophiles (the Eberles). It appears Mr. Rucker missed a lot of data when writing this part of the story about McMartin. (SMART Issue #37 – March 2001

Mr. Rucker’s article even has the audacity to claim that recovered memories are false memories. He ignores a great deal of the data in the field, failing to counter balance anything Loftus says. There are so many sources backing up the veracity of recovered memories that I will only cite a few. These include :

The Validity of Recovered Memory: Decision of a US District Court” Judge Edward F. Harrington, Presentation by Jim Hopper, Ph.D. “Memory, Abuse, and Science: Questioning Claims about the False Memory Syndrome Epidemic” “It has archives of corroborated cases of recovered memory.”

“The recovery of memories in clinical practice: Experiences and beliefs of British Psychological Society practitioners” Andrews, Bernice; Morton, John; Bekerian, Debra A.; Brewin, Chris R.; Davis, Graham M.; Mollon, Phil The Psychologist 1995 May, Vol. 8, pp. 209-214 ” “…recovery from total amnesia of past traumatic material involving both CSA and non-CSA experiences is (not) uncommon”” … our large-scale survey confirms and extends previous research…. Memory recovery appears to be a robust and frequent phenomenon.”

“Recall of childhood trauma: A prospective study of women’s memories of child sexual abuse.” Williams, Linda Meyer U New Hampshire, Family Research Lab, Durham, US Journal of Consulting & Clinical Psychology 1994 Dec Vol 62(6) 1167-1176 In a study of 129 women “with previously documented histories of sexual victimization” A large proportion of the women (38%) did not recall the abuse that had been reported 17 years earlier.” Women younger in age when abused and women “molested by someone they knew were more likely to have no recall of the abuse…Long periods with no memory of abuse should not be regarded as evidence that the abuse did not occur.”

“Recovered memories of abuse among therapy patients: A national survey.” Pope, Kenneth S.; Tabachnick, Barbara G.  Independent practice, Norwalk, CT, US Ethics & Behavior 1995 Vol 5(3) 237-248, “According to the therapists, about 50% of the patients who claimed to have recovered the memories had found external validation, a percentage that coincides with that obtained in the Feldman-Summers & Pope, 1994 study” (also see

I also wanted to clarify a misstatement in the article in a quote attributed to me. What I meant was that I believe that part of my original involvement in all this was due to financial reasons for my family.

Incredibly, Loftus claims (to the best of my knowledge without any empirical evidence whatsoever) states that survivors of ritual abuse use it as an “explanation for everything wrong in their lives. If you were so traumatized and forced to commit such awful acts, nothing is your fault. You get a free pass.” With all due respect, this is one of the most erroneous statements (I am being polite here) I have ever heard in my life. Many of the ritual abuse survivors I know try to live harm free lives to the extreme. Some feel a great deal of guilt whenever they hurt anyone. I am wondering if Loftus has ever even worked with any ritual abuse survivors. I have not read of any studies where she has. If it is true that she has no experience with ritual abuse survivors, why is she quoted so frequently in the article ? Why not find people that have worked with ritual abuse survivors.

Mr. Rucker called me before finishing this article and asked me if I had any comments on some of Loftus’ statements, and I told him that I believed she did not have any empirical evidence to back these statements up. Mr. Rucker left out my comments about this as well.

Mr. Rucker ends his article with a few comments from Loftus. She claims ritual abuse has been discredited. By whom ? Maybe by a few biased articles leaning to her side in the media, but certainly not in the field. Above I cited a few of the many studies on this topic. She mentions that accusers like me are a “menace to society.” Why ? Because I have worked hard to stop child abuse and ritual abuse. Because I have tried to help many survivors rebuild their lives. What has Loftus done ? She has been paid thousands of dollars to testify for defendants accused of child abuse. She testified for the defense in the case of Ted Bundy.

Then Loftus claims ritual abuse survivors are “perpetuating an unhealthy mental state.” Yet, year after year I see people at our conferences that are getting healthier and stronger. They have turned their lives around and now can live the lives they want to live.

All of these incredible, false, unproven statements by Loftus go unanswered in Mr. Rucker’s article. I hope the Hartford Advocate will have the courage to print this letter in its entirety to correct the misstatements in Mr. Rucker’s article.

Neil Brick (Ritual Abuse Conference Coordinator) SMART PO Box 1295 Easthampton, Mass.


The sad people I see in my office who are trying to put their lives back together as they attempt to recover from chronic childhood sexual and ritual abuse are a reality.

Inaccurate, incomplete reporting in the media must bear some of the responsibility for maintaining a social climate where this reality may safely continue to be ignored.

You want circulation? Tell the real story. It’ll knock your socks off.



Rev. Thomas M. Ball, Ed. D., D. Min. Emeritus Professor Spring Arbor University


Hello Mr. Highet,

We wanted to provide feedback on the article about the SMART conference, written by your reporter Patrick Rucker. It is our opinion that the article lacks any critical thinking and sensationalizes the human atrocity inflicted against children; thus disrespecting the suffering of children. This article totally dismisses the global reality of pedophilic behaviour generally, worldwide; and dismisses in particular pedophilic ritual abuse-torture (RAT) behaviours.

with regards,

Jeanne Sarson & Linda MacDonald Persons against ritual abuse-torture (RAT) & other non-political tortures: child/spousal torture – Jeanne Sarson RN, BScN, MEd Linda MacDonald RN, BN, MEd


Dear Mr. P. Rucker,

As a journalist you ought to know you should be informed before writing articles such as this one. Apparently you don’t know how to inform yourself on ritual abuse, government mind control and torture. Just go to Google and type in ‘ritual abuse’, ‘government mind control’ in combination with torture, also see ‘MK-ULTRA’, ‘Monarch’ , so if you ever write an article like this again, you’ll be informed. One can only have an opinion when you have informed yourself.

To speak of the devil, please show the public you did some research in advance, about Loftus and Lanning before making them the finishing topping of what you let them say in your article as a mirror of your own opinion. You as a writer leave the reader behind with a conclusion that’s even false.

It’s due to courageous survivor organizations like SMART and other survivor and advocacy groups with excellent web pages full of information that survivors of ritual abuse, government mind control and experimentation worldwide as myself, a Dutch survivor, help to heal and bringing out the truth.

We as survivors know to take responsibility for our own life’s, because we have seen and heard how perpetrators victimizing the victims with remarks as ‘fantasy’, ‘you’re crazy’. It’s out of responsibility we heal, in contradiction to perpetrators. They know what they are doing are criminal acts.

You see, it takes more courage to look at the truth and heal from the fear so many of us survivors went through than to deny it, as so many non-survivors in our society’s apparently do. It’s scary all right to realize that governments and secret services systematically mind control, torture and experiment on people, it’s even more so when you think this even going on today. If you would have done your homework, you would have known that through these governmental experiences victims get severely tortured and traumatized.

Who do you expect to provide you with, proof, when you don’t believe survivors and the perpetrators keep their mouths shut? How much proof do you need anyway?

Micha Maroescha

My letter to Patrick Rucker on his article, Speak of the Devil

Your easy dismissal of Smart and victims of RSA sounds remarkably familiar. It is the same old song we’ve heard before from general media when ‘reporting’ on crimes of the intelligence community; slight eye witness and victim accounts, and instead continue to cite ‘proofs’ which come from the very people the victims are accusing of wrongdoing. Media, like government, can never quite manage to see a conspiracy, much less talk about it openly. Rather, as you have elected, better to simply sweep it under the carpet as more ‘conspiracy theorists’ or, in this case, ‘schizophrenics.’

As a published author on topics of CIA crimes which include documented mind control research which specifically involved Satanic RSA… I object to your summary findings based largely on quotes from the very people who are descendants of that research. You apparently did not research THEM, or you would know that the CIA scattered its mind control research resources once Congressional scrutiny fell upon them in the 70s. Amid cries of ‘we won’t do it again,’ and ‘it didn’t really work,’ they scurried off to create whole new entities; whole new rocks underneath which they would continue their efforts.

One whole sector of those new entities were aimed at recruiting people who were good candidates for victimization by mind control tactics. Another sector (allegedly) established groups such as FMSF which essentially deny mind control or the claims of victims thereof. And yet another sector went on to capitalize upon the notion of mind control… as ‘defenders’ of victims, when in point of fact, they were knee deep in covering up any evidence of victimization (i.e., Jonestown and Waco, where few survived, and those who did were imprisoned to allow concealment of mind control involvement.)

So, continue to quote the bad guys in order to further punish and torture the victims. Deny them any real help or sympathy. That is easy for you, since you are, being anointed with saintly wisdom, above the din of victim’s cries of agony. Misdirect the public to insure they do not hear the cries, either. That way, we can all live safe and snug knowing there is no bogy man — until that day we discover more modern forms of mind control such as EEG entertainment are being broadcast to whole population centers on a regular basis.

Continue on your path… or is it a mission. Project Mockingbird, of course, was an early form of mind control inflicted upon us all; the infection of media with willing partners in disinformation peddling. This tactic continues, today. We were marshaled to war with the first war with Iraq by CIA sponsored lies about babies being removed from incubators and other atrocities which never took place. We believed and thus, we killed hundreds of thousands. So why wouldn’t we expect the public to believe you, now, and simply be marshaled off to blissful ignorance of the plight of mind control victims?  Why, indeed: your answer would appear to be, ‘We are stupid and will believe whatever you say.’

I, however, don’t believe what you say. I don’t believe in you, at all. You and all you say are probably only a figment of your own imagination. Thus, you may dismiss my letter, for you are only imagining I sent it. It is a mere false memory recovered by a bad mail room clerk.

H. Michael Sweeney – author – MC Realities, The Professional Paranoid


Mr. Highet,

It is evident that this article takes issue with survivors of ritual abuse  in a similar manner of those who denied that the holocaust  ever existed. It  is the pattern of either denying or vilifying  the victims of torture. Survivors of political, or ritual torture historically threaten  to remove  the mask  of illusion for an apathetic portion of society. There are many courageous people today that are speaking out a terrifying  truth, and for those who read or hear these words, can take a stand, or chose indifference, or hopefully, confront their own fears. It is obvious that Neil Brick, and those who spoke , or attended this conference, have chosen a path of demonstrating  the strength and fortitude  that healing brings about.

As a survivor of ritual torture and abuse, I find it sad that Mr. Rucker has missed an opportunity to get to really  know this segment of dedicated  people.

Ms. A. Hurt


Dear Mr. Highet,

I thought Patrick Rucker’s article on the recent SMART conference would have been more appropriately titled, “The FMSF Band Wagon and How To Jump On It.”

It seems instead of writing an unbiased account of a meeting of survivors of Ritual Abuse Torture, incest and government mind control, Mr. Rucker chose to use this as a forum for his own beliefs.  Many of the survivors of sexual abuse and torture at the hands of priests had repressed memories for years. Their final victory of having their memories proven in a court of law should highlight just how flawed Dr. Elizabeth Loftus thinking really is. Survivors voices have been silenced by their perpetrators for too long.

When an opportunity arises for education and communication, it is too bad a paper of your caliber chooses to revictimize both the survivors and the health professionals who treat them.

Carol Rutz – Grass Lake, MI


To the Editor:

As an attendee at the SMART conference, I am very distressed and dismayed at the article written. Rucker states “As one might expect, many doubt these survivor abuse tales which are often long on richly textured detail but short on hard, empirical evidence.” Many of the “tales” have solid evidence behind them; a number of survivors have written books with very extensive bibliographies detailing the existence of government mind control experiments, locations remembered by survivors that correlate with actual experiment sites.  Neil Brick has exhaustive research data solidly proving repressed memories exist and accurately return many years after the events.

Rucker says “others insist they are abuse survivors, skeptics say they are fantasists who have created an elaborate victimhood identity to deal with an otherwise unsatisfactory life.”  This statement contradicts reality. Survivors who tell what happened are usually ostracized, ridiculed, rejected by others, even subjected to harassment. Why would anyone “fantasize” these atrocities ?  Nothing can be gained by making up the events remembered.

The author contradicts himself.  In one paragraph he says “Only after straightening his (Neil’s) life out and seeking psychological help did he become aware of his past life.” I presume he means Neil has had significant healing (which is true); then in the last paragraph Rucker quotes Loftus referring to survivor groups: “In the end, they stay unwell and never get help.”; thus contradicting the earlier paragraph by saying that no survivors heal by recovering memories and then working on them with other survivors’ help.  Rucker and his Loftus quotations lump all of us together as unable to heal (not true) due to our working together with the memories and each other with Neil’s help; Rucker never defines what kind of “help” is needed to “cure” survivors of their memories. Only Loftus and Lanning are presented as “evidence”. Both persons appear to be biased against the mountain of evidence proving repressed memories exist as well as the existence of ritual abuse atrocities.

Rucker mocks the survivor Julaine regarding the source of child sacrifices. Within the last six months mainstream US media has reported that as many as 50,000 women and children are allegedly brought into the US annually and are not accounted for. Other recent articles have discussed human slaves worldwide, including some brought into the US. Obviously, there are sources of humans with no US ties-available to be murdered/sacrificed.

Name calling and sensationalism is used, without any empirical evidence to back it up:

“just plain crazy?”, in the article’s title. Is Rucker a credentialed mental health therapist ? I think not. Reputable therapists and even attorneys do not use the vague, inflammatory word “crazy”. The word is libelous.

“thankfully dwindling conspiracy mania”.  This appears to be an attempt to deflect attention away from actual SRA events that have had convictions in courts of law, over to denial of such atrocities going on in our country and worldwide.  See Neil Brick’s exhaustive research giving actual events, dates, locations and convictions obtained.

Labeling Neil as “menace to society”, even in diminishing terms, is grossly inflammatory and libelous.  Where is the proof of societal injury?  Family members are avoided due to the very frequent problem that they are involved with the abuse perpetrated and continue to pose harm to the survivor. Almost never do they admit to the events and make amends to the survivor.

One final word.  In summary, the author seems to be stating that SRA atrocities, incest, systematic rape do not exist.  I feel what was done to us are crimes, not fantasies and “false” memories to bury and let responsible parties off the hook.

Stephen Faulkner


It is unfortunate that you bought into the Ken Lanning/Elizabeth Loftus snow job. After fifteen years as a criminal justice trainer on occult related crimes and pedophile crimes, I was hoping THEY would go away. While I don’t subscribe to every ritual abuse/mind control story I hear, I have seen more than enough to convince me that those who say it’s all nonsense, or fairy tales, are just deluding themselves – and others.


It would behoove you to actually see if the allegations of satanic crime are real, instead of interviewing the two most obvious naysayers on the scene.

And, Mr. Lanning and Ms. Loftus, there are more of us out here exposing the occult crime and abuse cartels than you think. And WE are not going away.

Dr. Gregory R Reid, DD – Occult Research & Crime Consultants – El Paso, TX


The Hartford Advocate covered the recent local seminar of survivors of child abuse.

The reporter interviewed adults who “say” they were brutalized as children.  But aren’t these adults “just plain crazy” the article’s title asks? We’re told they’re “surprisingly chatty,” given what happened to them.

Two experts are interviewed.  Kenneth Lanning says that widespread satanic abuse is a hoax.  But he said in his 1992 report only that there’s little evidence for a large-scale, organized conspiracy. Elizabeth Loftus says these stories are not credible. But she testifies in courtrooms that only a videotape or photos meet her standard for proof of child abuse.

M. Scott Peck says that the ways in which children have been abused are beyond our imagination, beyond our comprehension. Perhaps the Advocate will consider this before covering next year’s seminar.

Lynn Crook – Editor Emeritus, Treating Abuse Today – Richland, WA


To the Editor

I am a South African therapist and have been working with a client for 9 years.  When I began to work with her, neither she nor I knew about her past and especially the first 10 years of her life some 47 years back. Some of her horrific memories that emerged were verified by others as being authentic. These sources included a woman who had been part of the cult who abused her and some other VERY reliable sources.

Neither of us had any knowledge at the start about mind control experimentation but as her memories emerged I began to do some research of my own.  For example she came up with names like Cameron and Orne who were both (alleged) perpetrators.

I wonder how Rucker accounts for this. Here is a victim living in a country very far away from America and clearly a victim who was taken to America and Canada where these dastardly deeds took place. Of course certain diabolical people in South Africa were trying to climb on the band wagon and “improve” on what people in other countries could do.

This is precisely how these horrors continue because the victims are not believed.



Patrick, you should be ashamed of yourself. Your article on the SMART conference was horrible.   Your analysis of the information you were given was completely irresponsible.  This statement:  “For having purportedly survived nearly unspeakable trauma, attendees of the SMART conference were surprisingly chatty.  ” What did you expect?  Survivors can’t be chatty.

How about the Central Park Jogger.. she has little or no memory of what actually happened, but it does not mean she will never remember? If she does remember will her memories then be “repressed or “been the result of suggestion and an active imagination,” ?  Who are you kidding?  Is her new book and TV interview “chatty” for a survivor of such unspeakable trauma?

Please get a life and I will be writing the editor of your misrepresentation of the conference.  You should be ashamed of yourself. You have mentioned many doctors and psychologists who are part or subscribe to the False Memories theories.  They are only THEORIES, not the truth. Please look up the definition of theory. Theories throughout time have been proven wrong.

Perhaps some day, sooner rather than later, you will eat your words. There are plenty of good trauma therapists out there. How about Dr. Richard Kluft out of Temple University?  He has authored many books. There are several in the Hartford area as well. UCONN Health Center can help you with that.  You can even look for the specialists on the website for therapists or information.  How about Dr. Colin Ross, he has plenty of FOIA documents in his office in Texas. How about doing your home work before you write a piece.

What happened to a literary review?  You are an embarrassment to writers.  I suppose all the survivors of sexual abuse by priests were repressed and suggestions of an active imaginations, that is why the Catholic church is paying out millions. Believe me, I will remember you and if I have the chance to say a good word about you in my professional circles I will. You won’t be writing for me or any professional friends in the future. Grow up.

Clarise Kloss


Mr. Highet,

Many thought provoking letters have been sent to you in response to your article Speak of the Devil: A look at the recent SMART conference at Windsor Locks by Patrick Rucker, September 4, 2003.

Over the past two weeks I have attempted to place a telephone call to either you or Mr. Rucker. It seems you are not taking any calls on this, as neither of you are ever at your desks and you both take long lunch breaks.

Frankly, I don’t blame you.

The piece was probably only meant to be a light human interest piece on a subject that has been a source amusement by much of the media, most of which are much more significant than your small paper.

Who could expect you to do any amount serious research on that seven year, $20 million McMartin trial that was obviously a hoax?

We already know that those authoritative….people….have done the research and they assure us there is not a shred of evidence that anything happened there.

Five hundred hysterical parents and evil memory planting therapists had nothing better to do than convince their children that evil Satanists molested them at their preschool.

It must be all a lie, the defense team told the jury it was. The media reported it. The McMartins even made an Emmy award winning move about it.

The media is our source of information, they must be believed.

I am just the Mom of one little girl who was molested and happened to attend the McMartin Preschool. It must be true that at age 2.4 years, I am told by reputable defense attorneys, those vaginal tears were caused by jumping over fences. Since 1989, every case of mass child molestation since has been compared to the McMartin case to prove that little children are, of course, liars.

If someone who was part of the case calls to try to set you straight on facts, by all means, ignore her and talk a longer lunch. You deserve it for all the hard investigative work you do.

Jackie McGauley