Douglas Mesner and the Lucien Greaves Satanic Temple Connection

Note: See important updates at the end of the article. Doug Mesner admits he is Lucien Greaves. According to the media, he performs a Satanic ritual over a grave.


At the beginning of the year, a group called “The Satanic Temple” Facebook page was created apparently to promote a movie. A few weeks later, this group convinced much of the US media, including TV networks, they would be supporting Florida Governor Rick Scott and his school prayer bill at a rally on January 25 at the Florida State Capitol.

In the article “Satanists to rally in support of Gov. Rick Scott”  at wbpf. com on Jan 14, 2013, it was stated “Neil Bricke, founder of The Satanic Temple, will speak at the rally, Greaves said.”  No “Neil Bricke” was reported to have spoken at or to have been at the very small rally.

The Satanic Temple’s website states:  In 2012, Neil Bricke, raised in a multigenerational Satanic Temple tradition of worship, decided, with the blessings of his fellow Satanic devotees, to officially found the Satanic Temple.

SMART believes that this was meant to be an attack on Neil Brick, the founder of SMART.  Neil Brick works to educate the public about the different types of child abuse and their existence.

Group Exposed

The Miami Herald Naked Politics blog in an article by Michael Van Sickler exposed the group.

“Greaves is listed as the casting director of a feature film called …wait for it…The Satanic Temple. A casting call was posted on the web site Actors Access on Jan. 7 seeking non-union actors for no pay.

“We are seeking people from all walks of life, goths, grandparents, soccer moms, etc to be the followers of a charismatic yet down to earth Satanic cult leader,” the post stated. “The shoot will be on January 25th in downtown Tallahassee. Actors will be required to wear tasteful Satanic garb.” The casting call said the movie was a mockumentary about the “nicest Satanic Cult in the world.” It was seeking actors for eight speaking roles “to play minions” and 10 featured extras….Greaves said he lives in Cambridge, Mass.” (It is believed that Mesner lives in Cambridge, Mass.)

An article at by Ken Shepherd, “MSNBC’s Bashir Falls for Hoax, Reports Satanists to Rally for Rick Scott; Turns Out It’s Part of Mockumentary” states:

“But alas, the Satanic Temple is not a real, well, Satanic temple. Bashir’s first clue might have been that there’s no physical address or even mailing address listed on’s website.”

Rally and Evidence

In the Miami Herald Naked Politics blog article about the rally on January 25,  “Satanists* for Rick Scott hold Old Capitol rally” posted by Aaron Sharockman has two videos, one  of the group’s approach to the rally of a few people and the second of the rally itself.  At the end of the first video, a person appears to be Douglas Mesner.  In the second video, Lucien Greaves speaks first. This appears to be Douglas Mesner also.

Doug’s picture appears at the website page “RadioFreeSatan . com Doug Mesner Show” which can be used to verify this.  From the web page:  “An unscrupulous journalist of the Muckracker/Gonzo School, Doug takes his tape recorder everywhere it’s unwelcome. ”

Further evidence that Doug Mesner is involved with the Satanic Temple movie project came from the press release company which originated what some in the media call a hoax.   His e-mail address was directly connected to the press release “Satanic Rally in Support of Florida Governor Rick Scott January 25 to Mark First Public Appearance of Satanic Temple Founder Neil Bricke.”

Additional evidence comes from the voice of “Lucien Greaves” whose voice is very similar to a recording of Doug Mesner’s voice.  A witness that has seen Doug Mesner in another setting states that the Lucien Greaves in the video at the rally is Doug Mesner.

Note: Live links have not been included in this article, because SMART does not want to promote this group or their work. Media personnel may write SMART at smartnews (at) aol (dot) com for the actual links and additional information.


SMART believes that Lucien Greaves is Doug Mesner.


In an article  discussing the “unmasking” of Lucien Greaves,  the “Leader of the Satanic Temple” at,  Doug Mesner admits to being Lucien Greaves. The article states this is the first time Doug Mesner has publicly admitted his involvement with The Satanic Temple. When first published, this article mentioned this connection before this was published by .

A part of the article also continues the attack on ritual abuse survivors beliefs. Without any evidence presented, it claims that clients are somehow indoctrinated into believing the horrific things that actually happened to them as children. This is unproven and false. The myth that survivors of severe childhood abuse are somehow encouraged to remember these memories in treatment is also false. There’s no evidence that a patient can be “indoctrinated” into believing a memory of abuse in a normal therapeutic setting.

Mesner/Greaves claims that there is a “cult-like therapy subculture.” However, no evidence is presented in the article that there are any cult or even cultlike dynamics present in these therapy settings. He goes on to state that these types of treatment can ruin the lives of innocent people.  However, how do we know these accused and sometimes convicted people are innocent? Because they say so? Often times, even with repeated appeals, these people are still found justly convicted. The article states that those that believe  in Satanic ritual crimes subscribe to a pseudoscientific belief in “dissociative amnesia.” Yet, dissociative amnesia is a well proven phenomenon in the research and scientific literature.

In another article at (also covered in other Internet articles) about  Satanists turning the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church’s deceased mother  “gay,” the article describes  “Lucien Greaves” performing a “Pink Mass” over the grave of the Westboro Baptist Church founder’s mother. The article states that the Pink Mass is a Satanic ritual performed after death that will turn a deceased person’s straight spirit into a homosexual one.  This event was covered on many other news pages also. The Satanic Temple states it eschews supernaturalism, yet performs rituals over a dead person’s grave. There were also pictures of Lucien Greaves on the Internet of him pulling his penis while rubbing his scrotum on the gravestone. In the state of Mississippi, where this ritual occurred, “Lucien Greaves” was charged by the police with desecration of a grave according to a article and other articles on the Internet.

For information about the connections between Douglas Mesner and the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF)  see:

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These pages will give readers the full background on this subject as well as a rebuttal to Mesner’s comments about ritual abuse and our conference. These pages list many of the comments posted by Douglas Mesner as well as other aliases. These pages will show connections between Mesner and websites like process, radiofreesatan. com and the book “Might is Right.”

Douglas Mesner has continued using insults and attacks against survivors of ritual abuse and the professionals that work with them.  He has followed survivors and survivor advocates around the Internet for the last several years.  Aliases have been used adding additional insults and name calling against survivors.

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