The History of Survivorship and its Present Day Activities

The History of Survivorship and its Present Day Activities

This weekend’s conference is 2012 Annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference, August 2012 in Connecticut. Some of our goals are to help stop future occurrences of child abuse and ritual abuse, to help survivors of child abuse and ritual abuse, to name the groups that have participated in alleged illegal activities and to unite those working to stop child abuse and ritual abuse. This weekend, you will get to hear a variety of speakers talk about child abuse and ritual abuse, secretive organizations and mind control from different perspectives, showing the possible connections between them.

Please use caution while listening to this presentation.  It may be very triggering. All accusations are alleged. The conference is educational and not intended as therapy or treatment.

Survivorship Presentation

Survivorship is an international non-profit organization for survivors of sadistic sexual abuse, ritualistic abuse, mind control, and torture. A history of Survivorship’s last twenty plus years of work helping survivors will be presented with interviews from members of Survivorship. The presentation will include Survivorship’s present day activities and ways survivors can learn more about the organization and get involved. Survivorship, FJC,470 27th St., Oakland, Ca 94612

For Survivors of Ritual Abuse mind control torture and their allies

Serving the survivor community for almost 25 years

Membership in Survivorship is a powerful way to break the isolation and silence and to come together in community. It is a way for people to connect with each other, to validate each other’s feelings and experiences, to share information, and to offer each other support and understanding.

What is Survivorship?
Survivorship is one of the oldest and most respected organizations supporting survivors of extreme child abuse, including sadistic sexual abuse, ritualistic abuse, mind control, and torture.
Survivorship provides resources, healing, and community for survivors; training and education for professionals who may serve survivors; and support for survivors’ partners and other allies. The organization functions as a lifeline for survivors who may be isolated emotionally or geographically. Through community outreach and training, Survivorship also raises awareness about these difficult issues.

Our Mission
Survivorship is dedicated to improving the lives of survivors of ritualistic abuse. Our by-laws describe our goals in these words:
1). To provide publications which offer a forum for communication, information, validation, and peer support for survivors of ritualistic abuse, torture and mind control.
2). To disseminate information relating to issues in recovery.
3). To offer educational forums for survivors, partners, professionals and other concerned citizens.
4). To provide other needed services in support of the Mission, as determined by the Board of Directors of Survivorship.

What Do We Mean by Ritualistic Abuse?
We recognize ritualistic abuse as being any repeated, systematic abuse within a cult or other controlling group, or in the name of a belief or ideology. Ritualistic abuse frequently combines mental, physical, emotional and spiritual abuse in an attempt to condition every aspect of the victim’s humanity.

Survivorship welcomes and embraces men and women who are committed to end abuse, regardless of race, religion, political party, or sexual orientation. No matter what religion, political party, or social movement was used to rationalize the crimes committed against you, you are welcome here. No matter what psychological, social, or spiritual path you are following to reclaim your life, Survivorship celebrates your healing.

Who Belongs to Survivorship?
Members of survivorship come from all parts of the world, with the majority of members living in the United States and Canada. Survivors, their partners, and professionals (therapists, clergy, activists) all belong. We also have some members who are questioning whether they have been ritualistically abused and are seeking more information.

What Kinds of Support and Education Do We Offer?
We have two kinds of newsletters. The Notes contain short articles about dealing with the after-effects of ritualistic abuse and news about Survivorship. There is also a calendar of events and notices of new books, web sites, projects, and RA-related news.

The Survivorship Journal is more literary. It contains articles, first person stories, poetry, art work, and book and movie reviews.

We offer one-day workshops periodically as well as monthly webinars, provided for survivors, professionals, and support people.

Our web site offers a wide range of information on ritualistic abuse and healing to the general public. For members, there are password-protected message boards where people share their hopes and fears and are able to connect to others with similar backgrounds. The latest newsletters are posted in the members’ section and news items and notices are archived as well as most webinars.

We recently held the Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Child Abuse 2012 Conference in Oakland, California entitled Our Healing Journey: Past, Present, Future, where we had a diverse group of professional and lay presenters and a 2 track system, for both professionals and survivors

Caryn Stardancer
Caryn Stardancer was a pioneer in establishing a grassroots network for survivors of sadistic ritualistic abuse. She co-founded Survivorship with Catherine Raggazzi in 1989, and served at the helm of that organization for a decade. During that time Caryn wrote and spoke both nationally and internationally, served as a mentor-counselor, taught professional service providers through UC Davis Entension classes and San Francisco General Hospital Grand Rounds, and exhibited her survivorship-inspired artwork in publications, galleries and exhibitions. She is currently retired to her rural home, where she is a proudly active grandma, homemaker and gardener. She was the keynote speaker at our recent conference.

Survivorship History Timeline

• Late summer of 1989 – Catherine Ragazzi and Caryn Stardancer put together a first issue publication to speak to the specialized needs of ritualistic abuse at the request of Healing Hearts, a new group affiliated with Bay Area Women Against Rape (BAWAR).
• August 1989- The first newsletter was 8 pages of an 11×17 bi-fold
• October 1989- The second issue of Survivorship and final promotional edition of the publication.   Etc.

We are currently working on our 25th year anniversary history edition, which will include all of the information on the historical timeline which we presented.

We hope you will let us know, to include in that issue:
How has Survivorship touched your life?
What would you like others to know?
How did you find out about Survivorship?
What would you like to tell others about Survivorship??

Contact:  contact:  and/or

Board of Directors
The Survivorship Board of Directors is a group of dedicated volunteers who believe that helping, giving voice, and advocating for survivors of abuse is paramount. They make time in their busy schedules to oversee everything that Survivorship does, ensuring that you get your Notes, your Journal, your workshops, your webinars, your website, and all the other services that meet your needs.

The members currently serving on the board are:
Neil Brick
Jan White
John Trautman,
Dvora Gordon
Shamai Currim

How to Join Survivorship
The rates for Survivorship membership are on a sliding scale based on ability to pay: $25.00 to $50 for an electronic membership, $35.00 to $70 for a regular mail membership,with an extra $6.00 in Canada and $12.00 for countries other than the US and Canada, to cover added postage.

We suggest that health-care professionals contribute $35.00 toward gift memberships.
We truly appreciate donations so that we may offer support to survivors who are unable to work due to the after-effects of their abuse and to survivors who are imprisoned. All donations are tax deductible. We are a 501(C) corporation. Thank you for helping us to help the survivor community.

How you can help:
•    Make a commitment to serve on the Board of Directors.
•    Publish your articles, poems, and artwork in the Journal.   Copy-edit or proof read, or become a Guest Editor.
•    Research conferences and resources for the Notes. Write a short article.
•    Give a Webinar.
•    Give a training on ritual abuse to a hotline, school of social work, nursing or psychology, rape crisis center, or battered women’s shelter.
•    Organize a fund raising event.
•    Be creative and think of other ways you might help out!

How to Contact Us
Family Justice Center
470 27th Street
Oakland, CA 94612

General inquires, membership questions:

Submissions to the Journal (articles, art, poetry, reviews):

Webinar questions and registration:

Board of Directors: General or specific concerns