R & R (rest and relaxation)

Maria’s conference transcript from the 2013 Annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference: R&R (rest and relaxation)

Until age seven Maria was subject to satanic abuse. Maria experienced perverse worship, torturous brain programming, sexual violence, body dislocations and was drugged. Although relocated at age seven; molestation from random strangers and family members continued until she moved out. Since she was age 19 in 1991, she has been consistent in healing herself and reversing all the mind control experienced in her life. She lives well with profound awareness. She now experiences joy and peace. Her topic was: R&R (rest and relaxation)

Please use caution while read to this presentation. It may be very triggering. All accusations are alleged. The conference and this transcript are educational and not intended as therapy or treatment.

Click here to see a transcript of her presentation (Please be patient, this is a large page 57.5 MB):
http://ritualabuse.us/files/smart maria conference presentation 2013.doc