Stopping Mind Control and Healing

This transcript is from a presentation by Neil Brick at The Sixth Annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference, August 8 – 10, 2003 at the DoubleTree Hotel in Windsor Locks, CT. Some of the topics discussed may be heavy for survivors. Survivors may want to read this with a support person or therapist. The conference is educational and not intended as therapy or treatment. All accusations are alleged. Our providing the information below does not necessarily constitute our endorsement of it.

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Neil Brick is a survivor of alleged Masonic Ritual Abuse and MK-ULTRA. He is the editor of S.M.A.R.T. – A Ritual Abuse Newsletter. He has published numerous articles on ritual abuse. His topic is: “Stopping Mind Control and Healing” The address for S.M.A.R.T. is P O Box 1295, Easthampton, MA 01027 USA, E-mail:

Please use caution while reading this transcript. It may be very triggering. All accusations are alleged. The conference is educational and not intended as therapy or treatment.

In a sense, stopping mind control and healing are the same. In 12 step programs, the 12th step is to help others. I believe that whenever we help other people, we also help ourselves. Some eastern philosophies call this doing service. By helping to stop mind control in our culture, we also help ourselves from being mind controlled. This increases our chances of healing. Many spiritual philosophies also state that we are all connected and that one’s actions may affect all. One’s healing may also affect everyone else as well.

So, to stop mind control, we must personally stop being mind controlled. Each person that is not controlled is one less for the cult and social controllers to manipulate and use. The process of stopping mc is not all that easy. Due to social indoctrination, it is fairly easy to use mc techniques on people and not be noticed.

1) First I will talk about the ways one can free oneself from mind control on a personal level.

A) The first step to stopping mc is to realize one is being mc’ed. This takes a lot of personal introspection and constant learning about how one’s psyche interacts with society.

Here’s an exercise people can do right now. Think about how you look, from your clothes, shoes, hair make-up, etc. Look at yourself and others in the audience. Think about the similarities and differences between yourself and others in terms of appearance. Think about how they may or may not be predetermined culturally by age or gender. Now, take half a minute to discuss this with your neighbor or think about this further.

Does anyone have any observations they would like to share with all of us ?

It is interesting how many aspects of something like our appearance are socially predetermined, though we are sometimes allowed personal variations. Think about the possible reasons why certain social norms may be socially promoted in terms of our appearance. Discuss this with a neighbor if you would like to. Would anyone like to share an observation ?

Possible reasons for certain norms may be to sell products, to promote sexism (especially with women’s items) and to develop a sense of uniformity so people will be less likely to think for themselves.

B) Now think in terms of where you shop and what movies and TV shows you watch. Do you watch the popular shows and movies, do you shop at chain stores or alternative local stores, etc. Think about this for a minute and see whether you are influenced by social norms or not. Truthfulness of self-introspection is important here. It is not necessarily bad or good to follow some social norms. The real problem occurs when people follow blindly without questioning and without having received adequate countering information. An example of this is how certain movies, like war movies, may be used for propaganda value, to promote destructive social policies.

These MC techniques and learning how to think about them can applied to any part of one’s life, choices, behaviors and social interactions.

2) The second step is a continuation of the first step. Obviously we are all mc’ed, albeit at different levels on different issues. For some it may be clothing, for others TV shows, for others our behavior, especially in terms of gender issues.

Which MC’ed things about ourselves we change depends on which ones we are able to change and which ones we feel we need to change.

A) Things we can change and why we might want to change them include :

clothes – wanting to not be confined in sex role patterns

shopping patterns – wanting to support small business, instead of right-wing corporations

religion – looking for a less constricting or alternative approach, not one you were brought up with or may have unwittingly fallen into at a time of crisis

Take a minute and think about which things you might and might not want to change about yourself, that may be socially determined that you weren’t conscious of. Then if you’d like to, discuss this with a neighbor for a minute.

If you decided to change something, think about why. If you decided not to change something about yourself, especially something that may be personally disadvantageous, think about why also.

3) The point is that social MC issues can be used as hooks for cult mc issues. A wariness and savviness of social MC issues can help free oneself from cult MC also. An example is religious programming, which can also be used by cults to control people. The Illuminati uses this kind of programming. Not to say that all religions involve programming, but many do involve some forms of mind control. William Sargant discusses conversion techniques used in religion, something I will discuss tomorrow during my lecture. Learning all one can about cult techniques can be very helpful in terms of avoiding additional program as well as freeing oneself from one’s old programming. Milleau control is a good example of cult programming. By eliminating alternative news sources, cults can control a person’s interpretations of events and thought processes. Then they can manipulate a person’s actions. Society of course does this as well. There are less and less sources of information in the media for the majority of people in the US. A technique used by the president to control popular opinion, such as the use of language, may also be used by cults as well. Eriksonian hypnosis also uses these linguistic techniques.

Cult ritual abuse mind control often uses less subtle, more severe techniques than more open social cults . This was partly done to cause more severe splits in a child’s psyche. But some of the same techniques were used, such as guilt, elitist mentality, manipulation of fear (in ritual abuse it was fear of death, in cults and some religions, it might be the devil), no way to leave the group (in cults exit phobias (like you will not be able to have children) in ritual abuse (the threat of death)).

Stopping mind control socially is obviously more difficult. I am assuming most people here (including myself) realize they need to change and heal, otherwise they wouldn’t be here. In society, many people have no idea they need to change to heal, and that our society as a whole needs to change to heal. So becoming a change agent may be part of a transformational process for those survivors that want to help stop mind control.

This would entail doing our own work and then thinking of ways to help society change. This is not a linear process. As I have done advocacy, I have also grown and changed greatly. Social advocacy for some might simply be stopping one’s supporting major corporations that hurt people in the US and throughout the world. Or it might be no longer following sexist socially defined sex roles, and freeing one’s own life. This can provide powerful examples for those around us as well.

I would like people to think about ways they could change their lives to become social change agents, or why you might not want to do this. Then discuss it briefly with a neighbor.

4) In the last two sections of this discussion I will be discussing how to stop ritual abuse mind control and how we can heal from it.

A) One way to look for things to change is to look at dysfunctional patterns in our lives. Ritual abuse changes almost every aspect of a person’s life and psyche. From trust issues, to social and cognitive issues to a variety of DSM disorders, ritual abuse has a major impact on a person’s life. This impact will probably carry over into physical issues as well, such as different manifestations of illness.

Ritual abuse survivors may be programmed to believe they can’t change the previously mentioned problems and may even be programmed to have these problems outside the cult, such as dysfunctional social programs, which are a stronger version of the more open cults’ exit phobias. These beliefs are false. Any program can be changed or undone.

I would like everyone to think of one way their ritual abuse programming has strongly affected their life. This may be in one area of your life or one thought or idea that protrudes into a variety of aspects of your life.

It may take a long time and a lot of work to change this programming. Part of the work is finding the programming and the messages we were given. Then realizing they were wrong. Then we may need to substitute them with another program.

An example of this may be :

The false program : That one is bad and evil. This was repeated and programmed in several rituals. Part of the work may be working through the memories and abreacting the feelings or the emotional components with a safe person. Once the emotional component is released, this may free up a lot of energy to work through the cognitive distortion.

The new statement, the true one might be : I am a good person and I do good things.

B) The second thing we need to do is to undo the subconscious mind control aspects of our ritual abuse programming, that may not clearly protrude into our daily lives, but definitely affect our daily lives.

This entails a similar process to the one I mentioned before, but also might entail working through DID and memory issues and researching how this kind of mind control works with a safe person or therapist. This might also entail working through and eventually changing coping mechanisms, such as addictions and other defense mechanisms.

Ritual abuse can affect one’s social interactions, trust levels, self-esteem, ability to focus on different issues, cognitive schemas and self-image. Survivors of ritual abuse probably did not have good models to learn basic social and coping skills in their childhood. On top of this there is the severe trauma, PTSD symptoms and severe dissociation. While working through the difficult issues, one can also work through the self-image and social issues, by seeing how one’s life has been affected by the abuse at all levels.

An example may be a ritual where one was beaten and spit on and told one was worthless and then left alone in the dirt. First, one might need to relive the memory and the feelings, process and reintegrate that into one’s psyche. Then, one would need to work through all the issues it may cause, including self-esteem, trust levels (especially if care givers participated) and social interactions (learning that the world can be a safe place).

C) Once sufficient healing has taken place, a survivor may be ready for public advocacy. This might be writing a letter to the editor when there is another pro-FMS article or an article questioning the guilt of the Friedmans. It might include helping advocacy organizations like SMART or Survivorship by volunteering. It might include helping promote this conference or other safe conferences like it. Advocacy might include starting your own newsletter, website or local support group for ritual abuse survivors. Or writing a book about your experiences or about healing from ritual abuse.

Stopping mind control and healing includes healing oneself and helping others heal. To stop mind control and ritual abuse everyone needs to help. We have made tremendous progress the last 15 years educating people about mind control and helping survivors heal. Now all of us need to do even more.

I wanted to ask people if they had any questions or advocacy ideas on how we can stop mind control and heal.