Healing from Ritual Abuse Torture and Mind Control:

Why Finding Your Voice Can Make a Difference to You and Others

This transcript is from a presentation by Carol Rutz at The Eighth Annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference, August 5 – 7, 2005 at the DoubleTree Hotel in Windsor Locks, CT. Some of the topics discussed may be heavy for survivors. Survivors may want to read this with a support person or therapist. The conference is educational and not intended as therapy or treatment. All accusations are alleged. Our providing the information below does not necessarily constitute our endorsement of it.

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Carol Rutz is a survivor of SRA and Government Mind Control Experiments. Her book “A Nation Betrayed” http://my.dmci.net/~casey/ tells the chilling true story of secret Cold War experiments performed on innocent children and unsuspecting adults. She continues to work at endeavors which help to provide validation and healing for the survivor community. Her topic is : “Healing from Ritual Abuse Torture and Mind Control: Why Finding Your Voice Can Make a Difference to You and Others.”

Thank you Neil and all the SMART sponsors for inviting me to speak again this year. I don’t know about you, but by this time of the day, I’m almost always brain dead, let alone today after listening to all these marvelous speakers. So many emotions, so much to think about and consider.

Since there are some people here who haven’t heard me speak before, I’ll briefly tell you a bit about my background. I am a survivor of ritual abuse, incest, and government mind control. I developed DID at a very young age in order to cope with this abuse.

In 1991 I awoke from my amnesiac state and discovered that I was a multiple. I have been working at healing ever since. I spoke of my healing journey in 2003 and that is available online at the SMART website for those who are interested in more details.

Two years into my memories and healing a couple of things happened that were to change my life forever. The first happened in January 1993 after remembering an illegal abortion performed on me when I was 12 in Canada by the notorious Dr. Black aka Josef Mengele.

During a memorial service held in my home for my unborn baby I made that precious little one a promise to continue the pain of remembering–however hard it was.

I also promised my baby that I would touch others with love, who had been hurt similarly, and to remember and cherish the innocents who had been slaughtered by this evil. Thank you Kathleen Sullivan for your wonderful garden!!

Finally I promised to hold fast to my belief in the Almighty God who created Good and continues to live within those of us who love and serve him.

That day, although I did not yet remember the government’s role in the torture of children I made the decision to not allow this horror to lay dormant in the shadows of secrecy any longer. I knew someday I would tell the world the truth.

The second thing that changed my life dramatically was seeing Schindler’s List later that year. Oskar Schindler, a member of the Nazi party, womanizer and war profiteer saved the lives of more than 1100 Jews during the Holocaust. This movie showed the triumph of one man during the darkest chapters in human history.

As the credits rolled and I saw all the living relatives of these 1100 people he rescued parade forth on the screen, I truly realized how one person can make a major difference in the lives of many.

I believe it was that day that a seed which had been planted decades before sprouted and I knew that if I were ever to make meaning out of living through and surviving my own private holocaust I had to tell my story–your story.

From that day on there never seemed to be a choice. It was as if everything I had ever said and done led to that point in my life where I made the decision to go public, to find my voice and write my book, A Nation Betrayed giving a voice to so many who couldn’t speak for themselves.

Just a few months ago I ordered a movie I remembered seeing when I was eleven in 1958. It starred Ingrid Bergman and although I didn’t remember what the movie was about, I knew that I must see it again.

That movie was The Inn of the Sixth Happiness.

Against all odds an English parlor maid Gladys Aylward, who believed she had a destiny, made her way to China to work as a missionary in an orphanage.

Over time and after losing her much beloved mentor and teacher to old age, she learns Chinese and wins the respect of the local authority and people. When Japan invaded China, Gladys was able to lead 100 orphans to safety across enemy-held terrain.

When this movie ended I wept. It was the same message that Schindler’s list conveyed to me 35 years earlier in 1993–ONE person can make a difference. I knew that during some of the darkest days of my life a spark of hope inside me remained lit.

It said HOLD ON. . . Hold on thru the INCEST. . . Hold on through the ritual abuse. . . hold on thru the torturous mind control experiments. Hold on Carol, Hold on. Don’t let that spark go out inside you. Keep the faith–as one day you too can make a difference.

You’re here today. Many of you survived the same as me and worse.

You held on, you didn’t let the spark inside you get snuffed out either. You tucked away the beauty of your soul waiting for the day that it could spring forth again and set you free.

Free from the bonds of those awful memories, free from the ugliness that sometimes threatened to swallow your very being.

You too can make a difference just by making the promise to yourself that you will find your voice if you haven’t already and that you will fight the fear–the fear that paralyzes you and keeps you from taking those steps necessary to help to heal your wounds.

I was privileged to join my voice recently with four other brave women from the community where I was born and raised. On Tuesday May 11, 2004 I made a Jane Doe statement to the police in my hometown of Toledo, Ohio.

I believe some of you are familiar with the murder trial that will start in October for Rev. Gerald Robinson accused of ritually murdering an elderly nun on a hospital altar 24 years ago. She had been strangled and repeatedly stabbed and her body posed to look like she was sexually assaulted.

After Father Robinsons’ arrest deeper issues began to surface over accusations of sexual abuse of children in churches and schools by priests and lay members. Four women told detectives about being abused between the late 1960s and 1986 during cult-like ceremonies involving altars and men dressed in robes.

When interviewed by the Toledo Blade one woman said, “I’ve had nightmares about this since I was a child, I didn’t think anyone would believe me.”

For those of us who have been ritually abused this statement says it all, doesn’t it? Who wants to hear or believe the horrors that we lived through? Who can believe that humans are capable of such heinous acts? Even some therapists would rather believe that dolls were actually what we remember being murdered. Just too hard to believe babies were sacrificed.

One of the victims who came forward in the Father Robinson case spoke of ritualistic sexual abuse beginning during her preschool years, by a group of priests who gathered in church basements and rectories in “cult-like ceremonies” where children were molested and ordered to watch other youngsters being abused.

In my statement to police I joined my voice with theirs by reporting not only my own ritual abuse by a priest at the Catholic Church I attended in the 50’s, but rituals that occurred in other places in and around the community.

Considering the fact that my perpetrators were deceased I hoped the police would take my testimony seriously since I was not looking for personal vindication in any of these matters.

As I told the police, my desire was to present the facts as I remembered them, in the event that they would fit into a larger picture that I was not aware of.

Was I validated by all of this coming out into the open? Yes most assuredly, but I wish I could say I was never able to be validated in such a way. My heart bled for these women. I wanted it to not be true. I wanted to be the only one, even though I remembered plenty of other children during the rituals I was subjected to.

You and I know that Toledo, Ohio is not the only place this has happened. It has and is still happening across the length and breadth of this land, this continent and every other continent of the world. Find your voice, won’t you? You can make a difference.

By the way, speaking of my home town, within the last week a newspaper investigation by the Toledo Blade revealed that law enforcement abetted the Catholic diocese repeatedly in covering up sexual abuse by priests as far back as 1958. That’s Fifty years of the police knowing about cases of priests molesting children and turning a blind eye to it.

According to the Blade, rather than prosecuting criminal acts by priests, police and other civil authorities quietly and systematically shuffled aside cases of abuse, leaving them to be dealt with by the church. Four former officers told The Blade that there was an unwritten order by then-Chief Anthony Bosch, a devout Catholic, not to arrest priests. Chief Bosch oddly enough was given a new Cadillac by a Catholic fraternal organization.

These revelations followed a 2002 Blade investigation that showed the diocese covered up the crimes of pedophile priests for decades, moving some from parish to parish without informing members of either church. Perhaps this will be the next big scandal across the country, finding quiet complicity by law enforcement in other cities?

I’ve spoken before of the Shadow Government headed by Sid Gottlieb, Allen Dulles and others who carried on covert activities under the cloak of secrecy code named MKULTRA.

Making us guinea pigs they split our minds apart and installed programming that would allow them to use us for their own deviant purposes. Moving behind the scenes they enlisted many of us here to fight their Cold War for them as hypnotized operatives, spies, assassins, and couriers. Partial funding of their cruel experiments came from using kids as sex slaves and in child pornography.

The insidious trauma we carry with us from these nightmarish experiences is shared by others many of whom will never feel safe enough to attend a conference like this. I continue to hear from these survivors who are shocked that they are not the only one with horrendous memories of being subjected to torturous experiments as children from electroshock, drugs, hypnosis, and sensory deprivation.

Many are still walking through these nightmares and are left impotent to understand or deal with them alone.  That is why it is so important that we continue to speak out and provide hope and scientific evidence that what we and they experienced was real.

One survivor wrote me and said, “I am slowly remembering the tortuous life I lived at the hands of our government operating through paying my parents and others to hurt the children in our family, 10 of us. My memories are like watching a horror film and I’m in it as a very little girl. I’m in therapy with a specialized therapist to deal with the abuse I endured. I wish I could meet you some day and visit with you.

She continues, “My mantra is I am never going to let those mother_ _ _ _ _ _ _ run my life ever again. It has taken me years to try and uncover the fact that I went through any of this in the first place. I am enraged that this went on for me starting in 1956. They started on me as a baby through a satanic cult that functioned as a front for much of the government’s evil torture. I am learning slowly how to cope with all of it. I still have more buried memories that come out in bits and pieces. It is so horrible to see the flashbacks!”

This letter is typical unfortunately of so many I receive.

The damage to the psyche of some survivors is such that many have not survived their journey of healing. Suicide programming layered in if they began to tell, took its toll on too many innocents before an understanding came of what they were truly dealing with.

Providing this personal validation for survivors has and will continue to be the most rewarding part of my healing. A counselor recently wrote to me and said,

“I look forward to reading your book, though sad at the reality of how you and many others were abused by our government. Working with survivors of ritual abuse has been a rude awakening. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that such evil acts could be committed by one human being against another, especially against children. Thank you for writing this book and sharing your life for the benefit of others.” Ashtabula, Ohio

Another letter which truly broke my heart came from a young lady who was close to my own daughters’ age. She wrote,

“I have been researching government experiments on children for several years, attempting to explain my own strange memories of very early childhood. I was born on an air force base in California in the 70’s, shortly after which my family was relocated to Grissom Air force base in Indiana. I went regularly to the base daycare center where a lady in uniform would come and take a group of children out of the building.

We would go around the back of the center and wind our way through several groups of buildings until we got to a low bungalow type building, sort of like a portable. Inside there were many rooms and small cubicles and each child was taken off in a different direction, left individually with a man who would guide the child to that day’s program.

We were taught that they were our masters and were there to teach and protect us. This was so deeply ingrained that I still feel that strong immovable loyalty today.” I related so much to what she said as I had that very same loyalty ingrained in me by Sidney Gottlieb of the CIA.

She continues, “We would proceed to either the ‘dream room’ or the ‘operating room.’ The dream room was a small room with low lighting. It had a chair that looked kind of like a dentist chair, a tweedy couch, and a two way mirror in the wall. As I sat in the chair I would be guided through various experiments, such as what I think were remote viewing sessions to places like south-east Asia, and simple exercises of mind control like pain control, loyalty, associations, and breaking down of family allegiances.

Sometimes I was given an injection. I was taught how to blank my mind completely, think like an animal, and momentarily erase my identity among many other things.

The operating room was where more serious things took place, such as sleep/dream experiments where I was not as aware of what was going on.

They took us late morning to early afternoon, for only 1 or 2 hours at a time. I never talked about what happened because it was drilled into us that it was our secret school, we were special and no one could know. The long term effects of these experiments have been depersonalization, slight depression, and derealization; though on the bright side I retained the remote viewing, energy and pain control methods I learned.

I know I am luckier than some survivors. I know that you probably get letters like this all the time and I apologize for assuming that you would care to hear my story. . . I’ve just never been able to tell anyone except in fragments.”

This letter writer gave much more detail about the buildings, rooms and even the name of her instructor. I have no reason to doubt its veracity. Let me assure you, the letter writer, if you’re listening today or reading this another time–I care and so do many others.

There seems to have been a much larger conspiracy of silence than the U.S governments’ use of kids thru the MKULTRA program. It appears evident to me that there was widespread use of children as guinea pigs wherever they were vulnerable and available. This included orphanages and hospitals across the U.S. and Canada.

In June of 2003, Kevin Annett who has been working to expose the Residential School Abuse and experiments in Canada on native children spoke of medical experimentation at the Charles Camsell Hospital in Edmonton. The Camsell Hospital operating with federal government funds and protection was a notorious place where native children from Alberta and northern British Columbia were surgically sterilized and subjected to involuntary experiments.

Kevin’s interviews of some of these unfortunate victims show us a picture of young children who were forced to carry bodies of dead kids out of the Camsell hospital to a secret burial site on the hospital grounds. Afterwards they were subjected to electric shocks to fog their memory of the dead children.

Kevin stated that a middle aged native woman referred to “the eye experiments” at a residential school. She said “they were trying to change our eye color from brown to blue”.

This particularly caught my attention since the change of eye color was a pet project of Auschwitz “doctor” Joseph Mengele aka Dr. Black as I knew him who I allege worked alongside Dr. Ewen Cameron, Sid Gottlieb and others.

In September of last year several brave survivors and I began working with Christine Hahn, a freelance journalist who also has some most important information on orphans in Canada, their abuse and experimentation and the part a mysterious Nazi acting doctor had in all this.

Until the articles are released, I can’t say more, but it will be another key in the larger conspiracy of using children as guinea pigs and the wide spread corruption and collusion by doctors and governments. Some of the very same doctors who experimented on MKULTRA victims were busy with these poor unfortunate Canadian orphans too. If any of you have information you feel would be pertinent to this orphans story, please let me know and I will be happy to pass it along to this journalist.

From the letters I receive I have to believe that this abuse and experimentation is ongoing. One survivor who wrote to me said, “I wanted to mention that the experimentation that you were referring to in regards to Bluebird and Paperclip  were still in effect in West Germany at USAREUR (Army) headquarters in 1985.”

Another letter which broke my heart was from a vet. He says,

“I can see where you don’t believe anything coming out of the government. I don’t. I am one of the 6720 enlisted soldiers used at Edgewood from 1955-1975.

I was there in 74 when they had just got there brand new lab, I am glad Congress investigated it in 75 and the Army shut the program down at least they won’t do it openly anymore. I was young and stupid when I volunteered, I was 18. I am now 49 and totally disabled, I have the body of a 70 year old and the VA says the Army didn’t do anything to me. I don’t believe them.

1/3 of the men that went thru Edgewood are already dead (2698) of the remaining 4022. 54% report very poor or disabling health. Yet the government continues to say nothing at Edgewood contributed to or caused this statistical anomaly, way to many men are dead or disabled.

Social Security says 3 out of 10 will be disabled by age 65, not dead. We were prescreened mentally and physically, we were the healthiest men the Army had and now they turn there backs on us.”

In 1993 the V.A. and Department of Defense told Congress they did not know how to find the veterans used in the cold war tests at Edgewood. They knew how to find us in 1985 when they did the first health study titled ‘Possible Long term Health Effects of Short Term Exposures to Chemical Agents’ Volume 3 Final Report.

They promised to find us then, they haven’t. I filed two claims in the past 3 years, all my claims have been denied and they have left out any mention of chemical or drug tests or Edgewood Arsenal, that way if they did a word search my claim would not show up. I am totally disabled and the VA is denying me compensation, and as many as 4000 other veterans used in these tests compensation.

When will they quit lying? If this is known how many men would join the service and trust the government to take care of them in the future? They have denied the tests took place, then they denied any link to out health problems, then they flat out lied and have worked to cover it up since 1993. Please help these vets!”

This letter speaks for itself. I’m so sorry our young men were so betrayed then and continue to be betrayed by the lack of accountability on the part of our government today. The only way I know to help these brave men is to speak publicly about it and hope somehow it will reach the right people.

Another current scandal is the Government-funded testing of AIDS drugs on hundreds of foster children over the past two decades. Several studies that enlisted foster children reported patients suffered side effects such as rashes, vomiting and sharp drops in infection-fighting blood cells as they tested antiretroviral drugs to suppress AIDS or other medicines to treat secondary infections.

In one study, researchers reported a “disturbing” higher death rate among children who took higher doses of a drug. That study was unable to determine a safe and effective dosage.

In 1983 the government required special advocates be appointed for any foster child enrolled in a narrow class of studies that involved greater than minimal risk and lacked the promise of direct benefit.

This basic protection afforded under federal law was repeatedly ignored. Illinois officials believe none of their nearly 200 foster children in AIDS studies got independent monitors even though researchers signed a document guaranteeing “the appointment of an advocate for each individual ward participating in the respective medical research.”

New York City could find records showing 142 – less than a third – of the 465 foster children in AIDS drug trials got such monitors even though city policy required them.

Likewise, research facilities including Chicago’s Children’s Memorial Hospital and Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore said they concluded they didn’t provide advocates for foster kids.

By the way, just a reminder that John Hopkins is where our beloved friend Karen Coleman Wiltshire endured ongoing experimentation as a child.

This proves to me that little has changed even though there are laws to protect such blatant use of children who cannot protect themselves.

In April and May of this year John Whitehead, President of the Rutherford Organization printed a series of articles exposing the horror that many of us endured. Prior to printing an interview that I did with him, he chose to write a series of articles exposing ritual abuse, Operation Paperclip and one entitled, “Mengele’s Legacy Lives On: Inhumane Experiments on Children in America.”

His credibility and prestige introduced these subjects to a different and broader readership. That’s the only reason I agreed to do the interview.

Here is a letter to the editor:

Dear Mr. Whitehead,

I applaud your effort to bring human rights abuses by our own government to light.  It amazes me that with all the evidence of the horrific experiments on innocents, the media has given so little attention to an issue of this magnitude. What can be more important if we are truly a free and democratic nation than to treat all citizens regardless of age, creed, health, etc., with the exact same rights, without exceptions or abuses. No single human being is dispensable. It is horrifying what our government can do in the name of “National Security” or our supposed best interests. These issues were first brought to light to me after reading, “A Nation Betrayed: The Chilling and True Story of Secret Cold War Experiments Performed on Our Children and Other Innocent People ” by Carol Rutz. Her story is an excellent example of the power and beauty of the human spirit to overcome atrocities.  Unspeakably, the horrors she experienced were perpetrated against her will by our own government, and as a small child.  My heart goes out to all of the survivors of mind control and other heinous experiments. Thank you again, for bringing this issue to light. Hopefully, with enough exposure the mainstream public will be educated about the truth.”

I want you all to know that I hate being in the public eye. I didn’t choose it for myself, it chose me. I was petrified when I spoke before Hal Pepinsky’s criminal justice class in 2003. I got physically ill before I spoke. I still did it.

I have turned down countless other interviews but even though I was terrified before, during and after my interview with John Whitehead, I did it because I felt I was led to–that there is that time and place when we have to put the fear aside and speak out for the greater good of society.

I truly believe that now is the time when more and more people will listen to the truth of what we endured. Again I urge you to find your voice.

Now I want to speak more of Joseph Mengele, aka Dr. Black, Dr. Green, Vaterchen, Father Joseph etc.

Last year I read Mindfield by Gordon Thomas. I encourage anyone who wants facts and a broader understanding of the CIA’s involvement in mind control during the Cold War to read this book.    Gordon Thomas brought to light many issues I never knew. What I read lends more credibility to my claim and others of Dr. Joseph Mengele’s complicity in experiments on children under the MKULTRA umbrella.

Thomas says, “Walter Schreiber had been the paymaster for all the doctors working the Nazi bio-chemical warfare programs. Under the cover of Paperclip he was brought to the United States.  By 1951 he was working at the Air Force School of Medicine in Texas. A year later, fearing that the media might discover his background, Schreiber was given a visa and found a job in Argentina where his daughter was living.  He arrived there in 1952 and met his old friend, Dr. Joseph Mengele.”

Well now isn’t that a cozy little coincidence. The exact date he went was May 22, 1952. I first had contact with Dr. Black, aka Joseph Mengele one month later in Mid July 1952 in what I believe was New York. I think this powerfully substantiates my claim. Why wouldn’t Mengele’s old friend tell him of the cozy arrangement so many Nazi scientists had with our government and put him in touch with good old Daddy Sid Gottlieb?

Thomas also states on page 128, “Ostensibly to track down Nazis who had fled to South America, White (he’s referring to George Hunter White) went there and developed contacts.”

To refresh your memories, White was an intimate part of MKULTRA and had contact with both Gottlieb and Ewen Cameron. He was in charge of the brothels in San Francisco for LSD testing among other things.

I see White as being the kind of despicable man who would bring Mengele into the U.S. and Canada to accomplish Sid Gottlieb’s goals.

Gordon says, “Back in Europe in 1952, White had become a member of a CIA driven operation centered in a compound outside the German city of Frankfurt. The building was known as “Hotel Himmler”. The experiments conducted there on “expendables” were part of a MKULTRA project known as “Artichoke.”

In 1992 the 600-page final report of the Mengele investigation was issued by the U.S. Justice Department. On page 169 it states, “It was learned that Karl-Heinz Mengele (Mengele’s nephew and stepson) and Hans Sedelmeier (the Mengele family attorney) met with Dr. Münch after the date of Mengele’s purported death in 1979. According to Münch, Sedelmeier and Karl-Heinz wanted to obtain his opinion concerning Mengele’s chances of acquittal if he were put on trial. Münch told Sedelmeier and Karl-Heinz that he had no doubt that Mengele would be found guilty.

Eva Mozes Kor, survivor of Auschwitz thought it was ridiculous that anyone would want to know if a corpse would be found guilty or innocent so she went to the home of Dr. Hans Münch an SS doctor from Auschwitz in August of 1993. They spoke about Dr. Josef Mengele and his experiments.

Munch again reiterated that Karl-Heinz Mengele and Hans Sedelmeier, came to him two times to ask if Josef Mengele would be found guilty for the selections (he made) and for the experiments. Munch told Eva that Sedelmeier kept telling him,’Do not worry; Mengele is alive and well but he is tired of hiding.’

Another mystery was brought to light when I read about Sid Gottlieb’s presence in Vietnam. Those of us who remember having our brains probed under MKULTRA experiments will relate to what Gordon Thomas documented from the famous William Buckley. Buckley was involved in overseeing some of Cameron’s work amongst other things while employed by the CIA.

According to Buckley Gottlieb knew there would be no shortage of “expendables” for his latest experiments. Buckley joined Gottlieb in the Operating Room at Bien Hoa Prison. They watched a surgeon open a skull and once the brain was exposed a neurologist implanted electrodes in different parts of the brain. Not unlike what I remember.

While another surgeon closed-up the opening, a second prisoner was on another table, undergoing similar surgery. Gordon White reports,

“Soon all the tables were occupied. Buckley would remember the scene: “Gottlieb was going from table to table, commenting and nodding approvingly. . . Each man was taken to an empty room adjoining the OR.  There he was placed on the floor and allowed to recover. By midnight the floor was littered with prisoners in various stages of recovery. Gottlieb moved among them, placing beside each man a bayonet.  Then he went to an adjoining room and began to manipulate switches on a black box to transmit signals to the electrode implants.  To a baffled Buckley, Gottlieb explained he wanted the electrodes to stimulate anger in the men to the point they would use their bayonets to attack one another. Gottlieb said if he could achieve that, he would have created assassins to order.”

“He was almost dancing a jig in his excitement. He said the black box could be developed to have a range of up to a mile.  At that distance it would be possible to infiltrate an assassin into the area of an unsuspecting target and signal him to kill. Gottlieb’s excitement did not last long.  The prisoners just sat there fingering their head wounds and showing no signs of violence. The scientist ordered the guards to remove them. The guinea pigs were later shot and their bodies burned,” Buckley would remember.

Over three days 84 prisoners suffered the same fate, according to Buckley.

I have heard several child survivors report crawling through caves in Vietnam. Perhaps this too will lend their stories some credibility.

In Mindfield, Gordon White also reports that Dr. Ewen Cameron of Montreal had told Buckley of his “search to successfully eradicate an identity or personality in order to reprogram it. Reportedly Cameron had said if the CIA would provide more funding, he could start a series of ‘clinical trials’ to see if it was possible, through electro shock to actually create new personalities that would “last for many years in a person.”

In closing I would like to speak briefly about Angel of Life, the screenplay that I co wrote with Dr. Wanda Karriker. It is based on my book and my life, so people will have a much larger picture of the experimentation on children, their lives before, during and after and what it takes to heal.

I was ever mindful during the writing that this would not only be my story before the world, but yours as well. For the first time, I wanted to show a multiple who not only recovered from horror but became victorious.

The victory is YOURS. Wanda and I have shown the world the reality of being used as human guinea pigs by our own government in such fear of communism that they would let any means justify their ends to protect National Security.

Each of us must choose how we best feel we can use our voice once we have found it. Robert Kennedy said,

“It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped.  Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”

Everyone you’ve heard today and will hear from throughout the rest of this conference has found their voice. You’re no different.

Finding your voice can be Liberating, invigorating, and be the means whereby you regain your own personal power.

As your inner voices are given that liberation to tell and be believed they begin to lose the fear that they have been trapped in.

As the healing continues to a new level and those parts who have been given voice join together, they can and will become the beautiful new being of your choice.

Think what it will feel like to not be trapped in fear and paralyzed by the past.

Think what it will be like to be able to choose how you want to live today free from guilt.

Hopefully there’s time for questions and or comments too on how you’ve found your own voice.

Thank you.