The World Will Know: Results of the 2007 International Survey For Adult Survivors of Extreme Abuse

This is a transcript from Carol Rutz’s presentation at The Tenth Annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference, August, 2007.

The World Will Know: Results of the 2007 International Survey For Adult Survivors of Extreme Abuse.

Carol Rutz is a survivor of SRA and Government Mind Control Experiments. Her book “A Nation Betrayed” tells the chilling true story of secret Cold War experiments performed on innocent children and unsuspecting adults. She continues to work at endeavors which help to provide validation and healing for the survivor community. Her topic is “The World Will Know: Results of the 2007 International Survey For Adult Survivors of Extreme Abuse.”

Please use caution while reading to this presentation. It may be very heavy for survivors. All accusations are alleged. The conference is educational and not intended as therapy or treatment.

Thank you, Neil.  And I’d like to thank all the SMART sponsors for inviting me to speak again this year.  This may be very triggering so I caution everyone to take personal care of themselves.

Let me assure all of you that I understand how dry and meaningless statistics can be if they are devoid of humanity.  I hope you will find my presentation full of the human spirit that allowed us all to survive and brought us together today.

As a ritual abuse and mind control survivor I was thrilled to join my esteemed colleagues, Wanda Karriker, Thorsten Becker and Bettina Overkamp and enlist my fellow survivors’ participation in the first ever “International Survey for Adult Survivors of Extreme Abuse.”

In an effort to show the world just how large our numbers were, 1471 survivors from 30+ countries responded.  They chose to make their voices count thereby lending credence to the reality of what they have truly endured.

Kel, a survivor wrote, “Since the media, the legal justice system, the scientific community, and the health provider industry have all failed spectacularly to comprehend and communicate the truth about the post-trauma experience and the atrocities that spawn “survivors,” the onus is on survivors themselves to enlighten society.”

SLIDE of country of residence.

As you can see from the overhead, every continent except Antarctica was represented.  Wanda and I joked that either they don’t have RA/MC or the penguins haven’t figured out how to email.

The primary objective of this study was to gather descriptive data on the nature and extent of the category of extreme abuse called RA/MC and to use the findings to give survivors voice, validation, and visibility.

For its limited purpose, we believe that our approach was consistent with acceptable descriptive social science research.  We believe it is a starting point from which other researchers can decide if further investigation is warranted.

We invited a panel of survivors to pretest the instrument to assure that the directions were clear and to point out confusing or ambiguous terms.

In addition to offering suggestions for additional items, the panel confirmed that all items had face validity, i.e., the questions made sense in regard to personal experiences that survivors have reported.

To accommodate survivors who did not feel comfortable taking the survey online, the instructions for the EAS gave them the option of printing it out and sending it to one of the researchers by postal mail or email.

A major limitation in anonymous surveys is the inability to control the sample.  We decided to place the issues of anonymity and confidentiality above a need to require each person who logged in to identify themselves with a pass word, therefore it was possible that participants could have taken the EAS (or parts of it) multiple times.

There are no widely accepted definitions in the academic or survivor literature for the terms ritual abuse, mind control, or extreme abuse. As a matter of fact, I was part of a panel last year who attempted to define ritual abuse for a study group.

After two months of dedicated efforts, none of the definitions we came up with were acceptable to a majority of members.

Instead of defining Ritual Abuse or Mind Control, we made the assumption that respondents would define the terms within their own frames of reference.

Slide of Self Selected Categories:

Of the 987 respondents

·        Ritual Abuse – 19%

•         Mind Control – 7%

•         Ritual Abuse and Mind Control – 52%

•         Other Extreme Abuse – 22%

In addition to this empirical study being posted on the world wide web, it will also be written up in journal form and published as a chapter in the forthcoming book edited by Pamela Perskin and Randy Noblitt, “Cult and Ritual Abuse: Its History, Anthropology, and Recent Discovery in Contemporary America.”

As a gift to you for your bravery in participating I have also prepared a handout containing preliminary statistics from the EAS.

Also included is a press release which you may mail to the appropriate person from your local paper if you are so inclined.  Your name will not appear on it, enabling you to remain anonymous while educating those around you.

These will be available at my table after the conclusion of my talk.

As developers of a preliminary survey designed to address one of the most controversial issues ever to engage the mental health field and spill over into the public arena, we expected to receive rigorous methodological scrutiny when we published the results.

We did not anticipate that less than two weeks after the EAS had gone online, we would be inundated with attacks on the validity of our results.

Without benefit of seeing the assumptions and limitations that we acknowledge in our research plan, self-appointed critics accused us of being both unethical and unscientific.  They judged our methodology as flawed, even before the majority of participants had entered their answers into our data base.

One clinician asked why a study like this was needed since there is no evidence that ritual abuse and mind control experimentation on children have ever occurred.

Criticisms centered on the risk that clients might take the EAS and unconsciously incorporate events that didn’t happen to them into their memory system.   This line of reasoning is similar to that touted by proponents of the “false memory” syndrome.  No scientific research has shown that therapists can implant false memories of RA/MC.

Another concern was fear that mere exposure to the items by fragile, unhealed clients might provoke intense anxiety, and cause them to decompensate.  Writing about the ethical aspects of surveys, Singer states, “Few, if any, surveys put respondents at physical or psychological risk in ways that psychological experiments or, particularly, medical research may do.”

In an effort to accommodate this concern, we provided a PDF file that survivors and their therapists could download if they felt they wished to have therapeutic assistance available while answering the survey. They then returned it by snail mail.

Many caring professionals including therapists, physicians, clergy, etc. who worked with survivors not only disseminated our announcement but some used the survey as a healing tool.  One survivor wrote, “I had to have help from my counselor to answer some of these questions, but I wanted a voice in this.  It’s good to know you are not alone.”

A few therapists refused to even tell survivors of the existence of the EAS for fear they could not tolerate taking the survey.  To make a decision like this for someone else is, in my opinion, not acceptable.  Survivors had no control over their lives during their abuse.  How can someone else possibly decide what is best for them now?

Addressing this issue, a trauma therapist said, “It seems to me that all this concern about ‘saving’ adult survivors of evil from a questionnaire that can validate their sanity is inappropriate.”

I would like to give you an idea of how fearful some people were that this survey would be successfully carried out.  The whole system we had in place online resisted a series of port scanning attacks which raised peak in the first week.  We were close to denial of service because we lost bandwidth due to ongoing attacks which were about 9,000 per hour.

Mid March we had an elaborate brute force attack to the Windows server.  Not being a techie, that is as much as I can explain.  Thank goodness we had a series of servers in place that protected all data.

Over the course of the last six years, I have become a public advocate for the silent masses of extreme abuse survivors.  Being able to provide validation and voice to Ritual Abuse/Mind Control survivors is one of the greatest gifts I will ever be given.

Male survivors I have communicated with feel very alone.  Our statistics proved otherwise.


18% of our 1440 respondents were males with 1% transgender.


The 36-50 age group represented the largest number of respondents with 40%.

7% –   18-21 YEARS OLD

•         23% –  22-35 YEARS OLD

•         40% –  36-50 YEARS OLD

•         27.5% -51-65 YEARS OLD

•          2.5% –      66+

If survey results generalize to all survivors of extreme abuse, we are a highly educated population.


Of 1446 Respondents 32% reported some college while 58% received a college or graduate degree.  It seems that the still small voice within each of us, which our perpetrators tried to silence, sought solace in knowledge.  Not surprising, as knowledge leads to power and that is something that all survivors had taken from them.

In announcing the survey I stated in part, “Thousands of persons who survived Ritual Abuse and/or Mind Control and as a result may have developed DID have been ignored too long and further injured by their inability to find quality mental health providers who will recognize and treat them.  The survey is your opportunity to prove that Ritual Abuse, Mind Control and Government Experimentation are not “Urban Legend,” fantasy or implanted memories.  We can show a skeptical public that our numbers are beyond their wildest imaginations and that regardless of their belief or non-belief we need recognition and respect for having survived the most atrocious events known to humankind, hidden behind a mask of secrecy and disbelief.  We also hope to make others more aware of the existence of RA/MC, the aftereffects of extreme child abuse, and the resiliency of the human spirit.  Your voice will not be silenced or altered by anyone who has tried to discredit your experiences.”

Breaking the silence imposed by their perpetrators is likely one of the most difficult things for an extreme abuse survivor.  I am well aware of the emotions, memories and trauma that have to be processed to get to a point where one feels safe enough to “TELL.”  Don’t tell programming was a powerful detriment to my moving forward in my early phase of healing.  I did find though, that the more I told the easier it became.  Seeing that all the horrible things my perpetrators promised would happen were just more lies, freed me to continue to tell and tell and tell.

In 1992 Dr. Corydon Hammond gave a lecture entitled Clinical hypnosis in the treatment of multiple personality disorder, (Cassette Recording No. 37-742-92c). Alexandria, VA: Audio Transcripts.)

Hammond noted that handlers want to make sure the victims don’t consciously remember their programming and will make suggestions of amnesia and self-destruction to them such as: “If you ever remember anything …you will go crazy.  You will become a vegetable and be locked up forever…. And it will be easier to just kill yourself than have that happen to you, if you ever remember it.”


Consistent with Hammond’s clinical observations,

·        57% of 997 respondents said they had self-destruct programming installed in the event they began to remember their programming.

·        77% of 1159 respondents were threatened with death if they even talked about the abuse.

What a testament to the human spirit that so many were able to step forward and break those bonds. This anonymous survey proved to be a safe way for survivors to be heard and believed.

Another difficult aspect for extreme abuse survivors to process involves memories of murder. 73% of respondents reported Survivors guilt.  Their suffering is so real and raw especially when faced with any of the following situations reported by survey respondents. (First number indicates number of participants who answered the question; second number is percentage who answered, “Yes”).


* Forced participation in murder by perpetrators  1095 – 46%
* Forced to murder (or made to think I had murdered) a baby 1111 – 50%
* Forced to participate in animal mutilations killings 1110 – 53%
* Witnessing murder by perpetrators 1102 – 54%
* My own child murdered by perpetrators 1088 –  24%

A recurrent theme in private emails to me was shock and amazement at seeing the types of abuse/violence/tortures they had been subjected to as a question on the survey.

Having no idea they shared commonalities with hundreds of others, many had believed for years their experiences were unique.  They had kept silent, fearing no one would believe them because of the very nature of the horror they endured.

In analyzing the results of the survivor’s memories I joined the “Shocked and Awe” group above.  I had believed I was the only survivor who had watched a person be flayed until I noted that 32% of 964 respondents who answered that question indicated they had witnessed the same thing.  That’s 307 people who will have this image burned into their brains for the rest of their lives.

SLIDE Experience of Extreme Abuse Survivors

The first number on the slide indicates number of participants who answered the question; second number is percentage who answered, “Yes”.

* Sexual abuse by multiple perpetrators            1125    79%
* Being caged                                                    1121    53%
* Starvation                                                        1098    48%
* Forced cannibalism                                         1109     44%
* Bestiality                                                         1122     52%
* Buried alive                                                     1118    45%
* Electroshock                                                   1119    50%
* Sensory deprivation                                        1099    61%
* Sleep deprivation                                            1118    69%
* Incest                                                              1122    70%
* Child pornography                                          1106    52%
* Child prostitution                                            1094    -46%

Imagine for a moment, that you are among this group of respondents and endured only one of these things, let alone the gamut of them.

Now imagine that no one believes you!

This is what it feels like to be an Extreme Abuse Survivor.

One survivor wrote, “Thank you for conducting the ritual abuse and mind control study. You made me cry with your kind words at the top.  Nobody wants to hear about it but silence is not helping the children who still suffer.”

In her article Human Rights Alert:  Ritual Torture, Vanessa Stone echoes that sentiment, “It’s hard to talk about something this horrific, but we need to look at it together for the love of humanity.”

One survivor was concerned about the lack of a question on our survey highlighting the following situation.

“How many survivors were aware of women being held prisoner only to be continually impregnated and have their children killed?  I do not believe that any of the women put in this position in the cult I was raised in were ever kept alive after they were no longer seen as useful for bearing children.  One of them was the mother of my first child, and there was nothing I could do to get her out.  I guess I just want to hear that others have seen this crime.  I personally witnessed one of these women being thrown into an incinerator alive.  It makes me very angry and I want their stories known because they cannot speak up for themselves.  Because they weren’t considered “members”, they were not allowed to live past their imprisonment.”


75% of 994 respondents reported having a spiritual belief system.  I find that remarkable after what they have endured especially when one considers 46% of 960 survivors reported at least one spiritual leader being involved in their RA MC abuse.  These are response rates regarding other spiritually-related memories.

* 55% of 986 report being ritually abused in a satanic cult.

Of those.67% went through the “Marriage to Satan” ritual.

* 14% of 969 report being ritually abused in a Gnostic cult.
* 23% of 971 report being ritually abused in a witchcraft cult.
*  7% of 966 report being ritually abused in voodooism.
* 48% of 977 report having memories of this abuse before seeking therapy or counseling.
* 53% of 996 report that perpetrators had on at least one occasion made them believe that external entities/spirits/demons had taken over their body.
* 40% of 957 report having at least one demon alter.

This spiritual aspect is difficult for many therapists to deal with.

Participants were given an opportunity to evaluate healing methods often associated with the concept of “cosmic evil.”


First number is of survivors who have used the method. Second number is percentage who found the method to be of some to great help.

·         Deliverance                                                     298      57%

·         Exorcism                                                         199      36%

·         Personal prayer/meditation                             766      83%

·         Spiritual guidance/counseling                         605      71%

·          Theophostic prayer                                         207      56%

I know without a shred of doubt that I stand here today by the Grace of God.  In the early phases of remembering, I questioned whether there even was a God.  How could there be if he allowed these horrors to take place?  I may have temporarily lost faith in God, but he didn’t lose faith in me.

Little by little I understood his intervention was the only reason I am alive today and that humanity chooses to do bad things and God cleans up their messes.

One definition of Theophostic prayer I found on the internet is, “Intentional and focused prayer with the desired outcome of an authentic encounter with the presence of Christ, resulting in mind renewal and subsequent transformed life.”  Another is a combination of Greek words which Ed Smith put together: Theo (God) phostic (Light). The idea was of God bringing His light to shine in the darkness.

I wasn’t aware I was using Theophostic prayer to help one of my alters.  I didn’t know what happened internally, in this situation even had a name.  My alter who was mute from witnessing unspeakable horrors was not only unable to communicate, but seemingly was unable to heal.

Perhaps my Catholic upbringing enabled me to reach out for help to Jesus.  This part climbed upon his lap and sat there bathed in love and compassion for probably two months.  At first this part simply laid her head on his shoulder and cried.  Every time I looked inside I saw and felt the indescribable love and the healing transformation that was taking place.  That part is now healed and integrated.

Besides spiritual healing, survivors found other helpful therapeutic tools. Individual Psychotherapy/Counseling topped the list with 75% of those who had been to therapy considering it from much to great help.

SLIDE Top Healing techniques

•         75%  Individual Psychotherapy/Counseling

•         66%  Supportive Friends

•         64%  Creative Writing

•         62%  Personal Prayer/Meditation

•         61%  Journaling

•         60%  Other Methods

•         57%  Art Therapy

•         56%  Drawing/Painting

•         55%  Abreactive Work

•         53%  Grounding Techniques

•         53%  Self-Care/Self-Soothing Techniques

•         51%  Spiritual Guidance/Counseling

•         51%  Formal Deprogramming

*Garnered over 50% in the great and much help category of those responding to healing methods

Other methods that proved to be the most effective garnering over 50% in the great and much help categories combined were supportive friends, creative writing, personal prayer meditation, journaling, art therapy, drawing painting, abreactive work, grounding techniques, self care self soothing techniques, formal deprogramming, and spiritual guidance counseling.

We are aware of no previous studies pertaining to the victims of government-sponsored mind control experiments. Because of the ever increasing number of survivors coming forward alleging this type of abuse, we felt it relevant to statistically analyze this aspect. Twenty-six percent of 1000 respondents who answered the related question alleged that secret government-sponsored mind control experiments were performed on them as children.

Further analysis indicates that 69% of 257 who said they had been used in government-mind control experiments also answered that they had been ritually abused in a satanic cult.

This lends support to the theory that during the Cold War the mind control doctors went to satanic cults to find already dissociative children for their experiments.

I must confess that I am biased in this regard as I survived satanic ritual abuse and government-sponsored mind control experiments as a child and detailed my experiences in my book “A Nation Betrayed.”

Pouring through thousands of declassified documents, I found evidence that our government had systematically experimented on those most incapable of defending and caring for themselves—children, orphans, mentally handicapped and prisoners.

In a misguided effort to learn the state of the art in behavior modification, the U.S. Government instituted top secret programs and defied the Nuremburg code by subjecting innocent people to so called “brainwashing experiments” in order to alter human behavior.

In February 2005 the National Security Archive posted documentation revealing extensive relationships between former Nazi war criminals and American intelligence organizations, including the CIA.( (

Many survivors have alleged some of these same war criminals, using aliases, were complicit in their extreme abuse.


From the survey sample, ten percent of 965 respondents reported that one of their perpetrators went by the name, Dr. Black; five percent of 962 reported a Dr. Swartz (Black in German); seven percent of 961 reported a Father Joseph; and six percent of 959 reported a Vaterchen (Father in German). These four aliases are names many survivors have independently reported to me as names that were used in their presence by Josef Mengele, the Angel of Death, the infamous Nazi-doctor who performed horrific experiments on the prisoners at Auschwitz.

I encourage anyone who wants facts and a broader understanding of the CIA’s involvement in mind control during the Cold War to read Mindfield by Gordon Thomas.  He brought to light many issues which lend credibility to my claim and others of Dr. Josef Mengele’s complicity in experiments on children under the MKULTRA umbrella.

Thomas says, “Walter Schreiber had been the paymaster for all the doctors working the Nazi bio-chemical warfare programs.  Under the cover of Paperclip he was brought to the United States.  By 1951 he was working at the Air Force School of Medicine in Texas.  A year later, fearing that the media might discover his background, Schreiber was given a visa and found a job in Argentina where his daughter was living.  He arrived there in 1952 and met his old friend, Dr. Joseph Mengele.”

The exact date Schreiber went to Argentina was May 22, 1952.  I first had contact with Dr. Black, aka Joseph Mengele one month later in Mid July 1952 in what I believe was New York.  I think this powerfully substantiates my claim.  Why wouldn’t Mengele’s old friend tell him of the cozy arrangement so many Nazi scientists had with our government

An independent investigation done in Canada by freelance journalist Christine Hahn uncovered Duplessis Orphans who alleged that during the ‘40s,‘50s, and early ‘60’s, thousands of them were labeled mentally deficient and placed in church-run institutions. They claim they were victims of “medical” experiments including brain damaging drugs, electro shock and lobotomies performed on them as part of human experiments.

Hahn and Thomas G. Whittle coauthored a special report for “Freedom Magazine”, The Dark Mystery of the Duplessis Orphans (Volume 38 Issue 1). They write, “Tens of thousands of disadvantaged children were transferred from orphanages into asylums in a corrupt ploy to divert funding into psychiatric coffers. Many simply vanished.  (

Orphaned at birth, Sylvio Albert Day described for the special report, one three-month period when he transported the bodies of 67 dead Orphans from operating and electric shock rooms at a Montreal institution to the basement where he washed the bodies — some as young as 5 — in preparation for sale to local universities.

Another orphan, Joseph Martin, reported that, “Three children each week were victims of operations during which vital organs such as hearts, lungs, kidneys and livers were cut out and sold in the U.S. A gray-and-black refrigerated vehicle transported the organs. . . What remained of the bodies would be buried in cardboard boxes, three children per box, in what was known as the “pigsty” cemetery — so named because it was where pigs were kept, and where the remains of dead swine and other animals were also disposed of.”

In 2002, 1,100 orphans received about 25 million dollars from the Canadian government for having been wrongfully placed in mental institutions.  Other orphans who claim that they were sexually abused are still seeking compensation.

I received a copy of a private interview conducted in October 2004 with one of these orphans.  He alleges during the 60’s when he was sixteen and confined to Saint-Jean-De-Dieu Hospital a psychiatric facility in Montreal, Father Joseph worked there and decided who would receive electro shock and brain operations based on whether or not they had parents.  He alleged hearing three people call Father Joseph by his real name—Josef Mengele.

Freedom Magazine discovered the name of the infamous “mind-control” psychiatrist Dr. Ewen Cameron from Montreal Neurological Institute in the medical files of some Orphans, implying involvement in their treatment.  It was Cameron who conducted mind control experiments for the CIA in Canada.

Freedom reported that a medical doctor who worked at St. Jean de Dieu hospital had seen Cameron at that institution on various occasions.  I wonder if he ran into the infamous Father Joseph that the orphan reported seeing at the same hospital?

One mind control survivor who took the survey wrote, “Continue your good and valuable work. I was a “gifted” child left unable to cope with life, struggling to survive on SSDI that the government did not want to pay me. They shattered our minds and left us to pick up the pieces.”

Another wrote, “Thank you for this opportunity to stand and be counted.  I finally connected with a psychiatrist who BELIEVES.  I have hope.  I am telling the truth.  I approached the psych community because I already “knew” that I had been a human guinea pig for the U.S. Government courtesy of my father.  The truth must be told, documented, and published for the world to see.  We continue to suffer.  There were cover stories for my absences, lies perpetrated to discredit me that I would not be a “reliable” witness.  I know the truth. The world needs to know.  I am a 51 year old female and at this time I feel I have nothing to lose.  Anything that I had, I lost, through my demeaning process through the Social Security Disability Insurance approval process.  I thank “God?” that I am still alive that I may live to see some sort of vindication.  I dream of admission, apology, just compensation from the U.S. Government for the atrocities perpetrated on their own civilians CHILDREN!”

Survivors not only have to live through their abuse, but face years of severe after effects.


Fifty-seven percent of 979 who responded to the related question are currently in psychotherapy/counseling for help with RA/MC issues.  Respondents report the following problems as possible aftereffects of the extreme abuse they experienced. (First number indicates number of participants who answered the question; second number is percentage who answered, “Yes”).

* Sleep problems                                                1118    90%
* Post-traumatic stress disorder                         1114    89%
* Survivor guilt                                                  1102    73%
* Substance abuse                                              1084    48%
* Self mutilating behavior                                  1095    65%
* Dissociative flashbacks with satanic themes  1085    68%
* Eating disorders                                              1105    70%

Survivors seeking help for their injuries are further penalized by many insurance carriers.  Mental health reimbursement is commonly only fifty percent of costs incurred.  Dissociative Identity Disorder carries a myriad of problems, not the least of which is the label because it is highly misunderstood by the lay person.  With 65% of 1007 respondents reporting D.I.D., it is not difficult to understand how costly treatment can be as answers to the section “time spent in talk therapy” by 1448 respondents illustrates.


•         0 years – 20%

•         Less than a year –  9%

•         1-4 years  – 21%

•         5- 9 years – 21%

10-19 years – 22%

20-29 years –  5%

30+ years  –   1%

Many ritual abuse and mind control survivors are still walking through their nightmares and memories, left impotent to understand or deal with them alone.  As they are given the liberation to tell and be believed, much as this survey has done, they will lose the fear they’ve been trapped in as evidenced by the words of these three persons who took the survey.

“I was a little afraid I would get triggered but I didn’t which is good. What I learned is that I had a lot of abuse in my life and I am still here to talk about it.”

“Thank you for your courage in “coming out” and in developing this survey.  Although it was mildly triggering, it was much more validating than triggering in the end.”

“All people who have been sexually abused should never be made to feel mentally ill.”

The results of this survey will challenge many to step out of their comfort zones and change their world views.

For those still in doubt I ask, “How can we envision the future without visiting the past?  Will we allow these heinous types of abuse to lie in the shadows, or do we have the courage to bring them into the light and face them?”

I will continue to encourage survivors to find and use their voice.  I believe it is our road to freedom.  It liberates, invigorates and is the means to regain our personal power.

Before I close I want to recognize Wanda Karriker for all of her behind the scenes work.  Wanda is a retired psychologist from the US who spent a career working with survivors of extreme abuse. Author of Morning Come Quickly, she not only spoke at the U.N. earlier this year, but works tirelessly to educate the public and spent countless hours working on the EAS, research plan and literature review.

The following are her words to be published soon, “True to our mission to provide voice, validation, and visibility for survivors of extreme abuse, we encourage survivors to examine the survey responses to compare with their own experiences; we encourage mental health clinicians to use our findings in ways that will help their survivor clients overcome the aftereffects of torture; we encourage interested social science researchers to analyze our raw data for significant findings and to use it for comparisons with other research.  Hopefully, responsible journalists will disseminate what survivors en masse have reported about these horrible crimes committed against them.

By presenting and publishing our results in a field of controversy; by exposing our findings about ritual abuse and its interplay with traumatic mind control, child pornography, clergy abuse, sex trafficking, and other forms of torture to a global community, we trust that the atrocities reported by survey participants will not only be validating to individual survivors but will also become socially validated reality.”

Thank you Wanda, and Thank you.  I’ll now take questions.